We Need Your Help to Finish the School in Ghana and Eradicate Poverty!

With your help, today, we are going to change the world! 100% of your donations go to The Senase Project to help finish this school and eradicate poverty! Plus – get a fantastic free BWE audio download with ANY contribution! Every dollar helps!

A few week’s ago I learned about a group of college students who visited a village in Ghana while studying abroad, were very moved by what they saw, and decided to make a difference.

Watch the video to meet them and to learn what happened (amazing – right?)

So they created a charitable organization with the mission to eradicate poverty.  Then they connected with the Ghana Government and began building a school (can you believe it?).

They are almost done :-)  Only about $7,000 stands between them and the completion of their first project (the details are below – in Chris Toone’s (CEO of The Senase Project) own words).

By the way – 100% of the money they receive goes to Ghana – everyone involved with The Senase Project works 100% on a volunteer basis.

We were so moved by what a group of young people set out to do, and are doing, to eradicate poverty, that we decided to get involved.

So Iain put together a fabulous mix of Latin Dance Music and Jeff worked his magic and added brain wave entrainment designed to uplift, energize, and activate your brain (highly recommended that you listen at the beginning of your day to, well, just make everything better :-) )

The Price?  Pretty much whatever you want to pay – whether it is $3.00, $5.00, $15.00, or $50.00 or…

100% of what we receive will be given to the Senase Project

Our Goal?

To get the $7000.00 to Chris and his team as quickly as possible – to finish the school.

and then….

Do what we can to help them build the clinic (it’s all in Chris’s message below)

100% of the sales of this audio will go to Senase forever – this is not a limited time offer.

So pick your price, place your order, download, put on your headphones and hit play – then come back and read Chris’s message (or read the message first and then pick your price – it’s up to you :-) )

Brain Sparks to Eradicate PovertyEradicate Poverty By Clicking Here……

From Chris Toone……

First let me start by saying how grateful my team and I are for your support. We truly cannot accomplish anything we do without help from people like you.

Over the past two years we have solely been focused on the Akatim Village School. We hope to not just construct a building, but to transform the village’s view of education and give the people the opportunities they deserve. We fully believe that where you reside shouldn’t have an impact on your opportunities in life.

Eradicate Poverty - Original School
Original School

We first visited the villages of Senase and Akatim in September of 2010. We were moved by what we found there at the the school; no walls, no ceiling, and a complete lack of hope. Shortly after in January of 2011, the Ghanaian Government took note of our efforts and agreed to fund a four classroom school house that had originally been promised to the village years ago when the school first started. It then became The Senase Project’s responsibility to fund the final three classrooms in order to have a complete primary school constructed (Grades K-6). As the year continued, we ran a “Uniformed Hope” campaign to raise money for new school uniforms. The uniforms in Ghana are symbolic of status — it’s thought that if you have a uniform then you belong in school, if not, then you shouldn’t be there. We found many children in the village weren’t attending school simply because they couldn’t afford a uniform. With the support of Western Kentucky University, we were able to raise more than enough to purchase 120 brand new uniforms for the kids in the village.

New School 2013

On September 10th, 2012, we officially began construction of the final three classrooms at the school with the blessing of the church, village elders, and government. Over this past January I had the opportunity to return to Ghana and meet face to face with several key players in the development of the school. The first meeting was with the Director of Education for the Berekum District of Ghana and ended with his full support of what we are trying to accomplish. We also met with the teachers and parents of the school to bridge the gap and unify under the common goal of educating the children. With the Government’s backing, construction quickened and as of the end of June, the roof on the school is officially complete. All that remains are doors, windows, paint, and bags of cement.

We could not be happier with the progress and it is our hope that we are able to fully finish the school by the time the students return in September to begin the new year.

As I stated before, we want to go beyond just constructing a building. While visiting in January, it was hard to ignore the discontent on the teachers’ faces as they attempted to teach with no material, no textbooks, and a few pieces of chalk. After speaking with The Senase Project’s Board of Directors, we felt it necessary to not only focus on the students of the school, but also on the teachers as without teachers, the school would not exist. Our organization purchased new desks and chairs for each of the teachers in early July of this year and as a result we have been flooded with e-mails of gratitude. Something that seemed so insignificant at a time had made a world of difference and provided the little bit of motivation needed to keep pushing the students to be their best.

Eradicate Poverty - The Senase Project
The Senase Project Team

Our current estimated balance on the school is $7,065.57. As mentioned before, this cost is for the remaining necessities. I use the word estimated as prices fluctuate fairly regularly in Ghana, so we do our best to anticipate it where necessary. Anything beyond this cost would be used to maintain the school as well as make any improvements necessary as well as helping to provide the teachers with everything they need to provide the best education they possibly can. Beyond that, our next project is a medical clinic in Senase which we hope to partner with Ghana Health Services and the village of Senase on. After our meeting with both sides in January of this year, things are looking promising once our organization is comfortable with how stable things are at the Akatim Village School.The medical clinic would provide basic health care to an estimated 11,000 people within the community.

In addition to our accomplishments in Ghana, we have also been fortunate enough to be recognized by other organizations as well including two $500 grants from Do Something over the past two years and most recently being voted as one of the World’s Greatest Small Social Entrepreneurs (a link can be found on our website http://thesenaseproject.org).

The Senase Project’s mission is to eradicate poverty through community development, however we do not wish to do this solely through infrastructure. We specifically choose projects that will have a lasting impact. For a example, a school will not directly pull anyone out of poverty, rather an education will give them an opportunity to pull themselves out. Essentially we are helping people to help themselves. This point is further expressed through our strategic partnerships with areas of the Ghanaian Government; we are enabling them to help their own people with projects they would otherwise be unable to complete.

Brain Sparks to Eradicate Poverty

Eradicate Poverty by Clicking Here….



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  • A wonderful gift of love to build this school for these children. This is their right to have what other children all over the world take for granted. Many positive blessings for all that use it.

  • Just curious as to where the village is? If it is in the Central Region, I would be most interested in getting together with you…

  • Cool.

  • How can I donate on my phone? Is there capability to done by mobile phones? It would be such a help to me.


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