22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration

22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration

We first released this book in October 2009 and from the comments we have received we know that it has helped many find a way through their fear and anxiety.

Based upon the emails and calls I have been receiving, as well as my own experiences, I know that Now is proving to be a very challenging time for many – and so I wanted to bring this book back to our home page.

If you already have your copy – it’s worth taking another look.  And if you don’t yet have it – download it now and then let us know which techniques you have found most useful.  And also please let us know what you use to combat fear and anxiety that we haven’t covered.

And please share it with everyone you think may find it of value.  It’s a crazy wonderful time we are living in – and in many ways it is what we do for others that makes all the difference…..

Inspired by your Comments, 22 Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration is a compilation of techniques that you can use today to begin Living Your Highest and Best Life.

Within the pages of Evolution Ezine’s first ever Ebook you will discover…

*How to create effective affirmations to feel calm, centered and confident
*How to use journalling to explore inner blockages
* 3  Top Tips on how to connect with pure positive energy
* How to transcend overwhelming fear using The 3 Step Sedona method
* How to produce more Feel Good chemicals into your brain …naturally…
* 4 Powerful prayers and a wonderful meditation to soothe fearful thoughts
* How to release charged emotions through grounding
* 3 Simple ways to turn fear into gratitude
* How to use a Feel Good Trigger to instantly release fear and stress
* The Dale Carnegie technique, an Abraham/Hicks technique, and how to use them
* How to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to remove fear
* Free hypnosis script, free video and audio links, and much more
* PLUS 3 chapters that explain how fear affects our lives in so many way

And best of all the ebook is FREE… Right Click here to download your copy…

…and once you’ve read it, we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below…

PLUS – The ebook now comes with Free Giveaway Rights. So if you know anyone who will benefit from the ebook you can email the pdf directly …in fact feel free to spread the important information to everyone and anyone :)

22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration 4.00/5 (80.00%) 2 votes

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  • Thank you very much, I could download very easily, and it seems very intersting. Fear is a very important subject, thanks to help us in the realeasing direction!
    with gratitude
    Valérie from France

  • Hi. unfortunately the link is not working. Is there another link to download the book “22 Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration” ? Thanks.

    • Gia

      Hi Gascone…. I have tried both of the links in the article and they are both working. Are you right clicking and choosing the “save as” option? Perhaps you can try it in another browser. Much Joy, ~Gia~

  • Hi

    How can we download your gift?

    I also checkd in your store and I couldn’t find any prices or how to order your music.



    • Cyndi

      Hi Koby;

      Just click on the “click here” link in the post – and you can find all the music at http://mindpowermp3.com

      Sending Joy


  • Thank you AdminCyndi. the link you gave on Dec 13,2012 did work. the others just kept bringing up the page with the offer but not the item. Happy new year to you and everyone out there. May 2013 bring us all the good things we deserve.

  • The download unsuccessful – one gets encycled

  • [...] UPDATE – For more top tips on overcoming Fear, stress and anxiety – download our popular free ebook 22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration [...]

  • How does one go about downloading the book 22 Powerful Tools? Interested but find no way to get this FREE book.

  • I want to know more about the mind

  • I tried to dl this book, but clicking on the link just takes me to this page. One page came up asking me to link/open my facebook page. I dont want to link to my facebook page. is this the only way i can DL this book?

    BTW Why dont you tell people that joining the VIP club for $5.95 is actually a $27 a month fee for 12 months? Its finally there in the fine print when on the sign up page. A bit deceptive.

    • Hi Donne;

      I checked and the links in this post are still live and will allow you to download the ebook – I am not certain how you ended up where you did but if you just “click here” where it indicates within the post you will be able to access the book.

  • plz send me the free ebook

    • please just click the download link in the article and you can have the ebook immediately

  • Thank you so much for a Million Blessings. I can’t let one day pass without listening to this most beautiful song, I cannot get enough of it I’m quite sure I listen to it about 8-10 times per day with my headphones on. It’s just to wonderful for words!!

  • When I tried to download the book, a message appeared that the file was damaged and could not be downloaded. Is there another venue I could get it from?

  • These are the inspiring informations I have been searching for, until I managed to catch up with your web site. It’s assisting me a lot to live a positive life and it’s also improving my mind set to see the goodness of the living world.

    Thanks a lot for your inspiring programs.

    Papua New Guinea

  • hi i am now learning to love unconditial which has opened up a new way of life and love for me. There is more love in our home now and I am living a stress free life now. I love my life. Paddi

  • HI



  • This book is a treasure. Thank you so much for putting this material together. Ive been already using The Sedona Method for quite some time and I find it very helpful.
    Another technique that I use from time to time is that I try to think about fear in an unusual way – e.g. I try to find something fascinating or funny about it.

  • Thanks for your great work. I’ve been trying to say it all in a new book but cannot articulate it effectively. You’ve done it for me! Thanks. I find it easier to live it than write about it.

    My first book, “The Science of Living Better Forever”, is available in paperback from Amazon and an expanded edition through my Webpage.
    FYI: I’ve got some pretty good articles on my Blog: http://www.davisgoss.com

    Thanks again!!!!

  • dear friend,
    I am happy to get this ebook
    thank you very much ……………to all

  • Thanks for you so much for all the Inspirational Words of Wisdom compilation, 22 Powerful Tools to Transform fears, & Mind Surge the Consciousness Revolution this is a great privilege for me to be among the luck one that will have your gift.
    Thank once again more you all Evolution Ezine team grease to your elbows.

  • Thanks for your selfless act of distributing this valuable write-up and may you be rewarded in many fall. peace and blessing. Edi

  • Many thanks for allowing us to give it away.

  • this is great ..thanx for your positive efforts ..
    best regards

  • The book is interesting, I would like to translate this book into one of our Indian Language (Malayalam)where such books are very rare, provided you permit us.

    Thank you very much.

    Best regards.


    • Suresh;

      Please send me an email – cyndi(@)evolutionezine.com so we may discuss

  • powerful staff, many thanks.

  • Dear Iain, Cyndi, Phil, Jeff and the Evolution Team
    This is one of the best, life transforming books, I finished non stop. I recommend it for everyone I meet.
    I am so grateful to you all.

  • Where and how can i get this powerful book?

  • Dear Iain, Cyndi, Phil, Jeff and the Evolution Team
    Thank you very much for getting chance me to read like this most powerful e-book. I think this book can change a nation even world. I am so inspired and motivated after reading this e-book that, I would like to translate and publish as a printed book in Bangla. It will take time next few months and this job will be bit hardworking for me then I think that it will be very helpful for our 165 million country people.
    I will be very grateful to you if you authorize me to translate this e-book in Bangla. I am waiting for your kind answer regarding this matter. Please reply me in my e-mail address.

    Best regards
    Mozammel Kabir

    • We would be very pleased to have these teachings available to as many people as possible – we agree that they are quite transformative.

      We give our permission to have the material translated to be provided – free of charge – to those it can serve

      What Fun :-)

  • awsome read thanx a lot a lot and lot.

  • I was very touched that people care enough about other people/me moving ahead in life that they/you gave free information, which was funny , simplified things in an interesting way, and actually seemed fresh somehow giving a way to get a handle on things I already knew about , but had almost given up on … Thanks a lot. I felt really cared for… for some reason as I was reading it all ….

  • Amazing!!! Excellent ebook!!! BRAVO!!! I am deepley grateful! Thank you!!!! Rea

  • Thanks so much for the free ebook. I thank you very much for imparting such profound information.I didn’t finished to read all but what I alredy did it help me a lot. Thank you again.

  • I have just finished reading the 2-E-book. They are mind taken with such info that will keep you wondering for days. I am reading extra info. and gaining more understanding of the KNOWN AND UNKNOWN WORLD.

    I have not spent so much time on one person info in my life like I have yours. I am all about the TRUTH however way it may be.

    You Really got my Attention:

    I am hoping to invest in your products.


  • My interest in this area led me to buy the SMES, then i found out the VIP club and that led me to find out about Free From Fear. I like the content and accompanying music files are excellent and direct help. Would be nice to have all these related material in one spot as different products. It causes confusion. Also after i bought the system, there was another email (to my other mail) which offers same product set for lower price which is not a good thing.

    Having said this, the work is excellent, i recommend to everybody who has interest or in need of help to at least have a look at the site.

    • We agree that it would be nice to have all this material in one spot – and we have done that and call it “The Best Mind Power Offer Ever”. You can take a look at it here…. http://www.evolutionezine.com/BestOffer.html

  • Freedom From Fear truly expresses the power of words and changes a person’s perspective in life. It breaks one of man’s stummbling blocks to success – fear! To defeat fear we’ve first to knoow what’s it all about and what we’ll do about it. It’s just going to a great battle. We’ve to arm ourselves else we’re bound to lose and facea defeat. More power to you.

  • Hi. Many thanks.Am very grateful to you for this great gift (Free from fear )of life.After reading the first pages on the causes of fear I realized that what we fear of, in most occasions they do not happen. And that thinking about our failures in the past and thinking that we cant make it in any new venture (negative thoughts )are the major sources of fear.
    Now I am free from fear.I always think positively even in bad situations.

  • hi, it is great book which descibes lot of techniques to convert our fear into positivity. i m still reading this books. but i did practice of tapping the some area of our body points which gives good feeling to me. thanks to help me in this fear ful condition.

  • Pl use figures, diagrams for illustration which would be great leap for non-english speakers.Thx 4 book.

  • I appraciate you, because all information was greate and I think that this e-book very helpful and useful for me. thanks a lot…

  • very good book,can be very hard to follow if at times things get to bad for one’s self

  • I was awake at 2.30 in the morning experiencing the “night worries” … so I got up and began researching Neurolink, with which I am now having treatment with a practitioner. The New Zealand Neurolink site led me to your site and I downloaded the book. Three hours later I was still taking notes. I have come across many of these techniques before and it’s heartening to see them all working together towards helping people realise the universal oneness and wholeness we each have inside. It left me feeling quite energised throughout the day despite getting so little sleep that night. So thank you!

  • A very inspirational book. everyone should read it. Thanks

  • I have read the ebook you sent me. It is the first book I ever read that contains so many (22) practical techniques on self development put together in one book. I am familiar with some of them, but other techniques are completely new to me. I strongly recommend readers of the book (including myself) to apply the techniques consistently on day to day basis in order to reap benefits, since I believe that book is excellent. Thank you very much for making it available. Warm regards, Hero M, Jakarta, Indonesia

  • The ebook covers so many ways to overcome fear – this makes it a really valuable tool!
    Thank you so much!

  • I am amazed and most grateful for all the self-help information that is available today for free. I thank you very much for imparting such profound information.

    Your article on “Fear” is tremendous. There is a lot to think about, and I have to read the article again, and again, and several times more to get a good grasp of all that is written. I also have to implement all the directivess into my life only then will I be able to give you an informed opinion.

    Right now I would say that it is just an excellent article, full of promise for a better life, if the suggestions are practiced and implemented.

    Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing with us such tremendous information so freely.

    Yours very truly,

    Jennifer D’Costa

  • am so glad to have read a third of it,once am done i will let you know it is a wonderful gift

  • Still reading it again to absorb the full benefit from this document will comment again when finished
    thank you for making this e book available

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. By applying one or more of the 22 powerful tools, I’m sure I can transform any and all fears that has been kept in my subconscious into my wellbeing.

  • I am very excited to try the rest of your products. I appreciate your generosity and the fact that you offer a chance for people see if they connect well with your content before they are required to make a purchase. Because of this I will definitely be your “paying” customer as well.
    May I share this work with loved ones?
    Thanks so much.

    • Please share this ebook with everyone you think may find benefit :-)
      Thanks for all the kind words – reading them was a terrific way for me to start the day
      with Joy and In Celebration – Cyndi

  • Thanks so much for this powerful gift. its the best gift ever. it was so enlightening. God bless you.

  • Hi Iain,
    Thanks for this contribution,I found Ho’oponoopono attracting and i have practiced it, considering that it is easy and direct.I had a feeling that it will deliver.I also found symbolically destroying fear attractive, although I read it in a course i am having at belief buster from Aine Belton.Thanks for such a wonderful work you are doing.

  • I wanted to know if you can purchase the $37 program in hard form with cd and dvd and books rather than just downloading it for use.



    • Hi John,

      The Free From Fear System is currently only available as a Digital Download…

  • I love the Book. Now that I know the Truth, I’m FREE




  • thank you very much! this has been not only interesting but also very useful. I need to go back and re-read every section very carefully and also read the links. I surely buy the material st some point for hands on- experience!! thanks again.i think all topics are expremely useful

  • still studying it love it thanks so very much sent on to my brother for him to download will be is helping me heaps thanks again

  • Well, thanks so much for the free ebook. It is already transforming all my fears into happiness and peace. I have been wanting to do big and incredible things but something would come into me and i would ask myself if i could manage without money, etc. I realize that was fear and that it has been the one hindering me from becoming a great woman. After reading these tools, i see myself as a candidate of success. Thanks so much.

  • I hope to gain a lot from this. It sounds exciting. I’ll give my feedback in a week maybe.

  • Dear friends:
    Unfortunately I have not had the time yet to enjoy the reading; promise that as soon as I read I will let you know my feeling.
    I am sure will be a pleasant one and very helpful.
    Thanks a lot.
    Best wishes.

  • Your efforts are inspiring and the tools prove to be useful.
    Deep gratitude. Blessings

  • where is the BWE free download

  • The material is helpful and practical.

  • Thank you very much for this e-book. It has so many useful ways of dealing with fear, that surely there are various which will suit everyone. As it happens I was introduced to the Ho’oponono prayer a while ago, but not actually knowing, where it came from, although it “speaks” to me. EFT is another wonderful method, which also appeals to me, being very practical and not too theoretical. I am going to combine these two during my prayer time. You asked about, what we don’t like. Well, as a truly Believing Christian I cannot value the way, that you use the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ next to and on a level with Buddha and Krishna. But now I feel better, having had the opportunity to “voice” my faith. Anyway let me thank you for wanting to share this e-book for free. May you be blessed! But I am sure, you are….

  • I find this e-book very profound and helpful. It’s in click with very wise psychological sources an ancient philosophies, including Tibetan. I enjoy the high level of an intellectual approach to the topic and techniques that really help people to overcome fear. Fear is the main problem in our lives, and it’s so nice to have “weapon” against this insidious and powerful enemy. Thanks a lot for you free e-book on it!

  • The e-book is really great stuff.It emcompasses some really astoundingly powerful esoteric material of priceless value.It triggers your imagination and clearly challenges one to seriously consider matters of prayer and meditation at a time when man demonstrate so much hostility to man.

  • your work tis excellent and uplifting my role is to spread ze word to all the other sheeple am a practioner of occult science anyway the diamond light world sheeple had the right idea we suspect that thousands of years ago there was a genetic dumbing down of people by an advanced race these folks know me well they are worried about us folks who are psychic yuk yuk all those swiss mediums are sweating so you are on the right path i will tell sheeple about these things will have to get e new dell nezxt month though the uk has that damn dome and they crashed my cheep computer just because i was reading ellis c taylor stuff so do be wary out there mr capps keep on keeping on

  • I don’t know how appreciate you . it was very useful for me. as you know I live in Iran.
    I wish I could listen to them ( Audio book)
    as your writing we should ask then it will be given to us ……….now I’m trying to use it.because I believe whatever happened to us , it’s back our thought and emotion……without any inner resistance we can attract anythings we want with deliberating creation, that’s beautiful.
    of course it depends on many factors….be calm, happy ….and so on

    I love you and thank you so much for your generosity.
    farzaneh from Iran,Tehran

  • Hi there, I thought that this information was great, alot of the ideas I already implement or have read, but never before have I been given so much great advice for so little, and all in one package. Thanks a bunch!!

  • Thank you ever so much for allowing me to download “22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear”. Tiny as it is, its vastness is indisputable.

    This information is very enlightening in that it introduces a variety of subjects on which to expand my limited knowledge as to what is out there. The more I learn the more I realize that I know very little about myself and the people and the universe around me. This world is so fully rich in resources, it is amazing when we open up to it, how much is given to us. The most important of all is that while it is free for the taking, there is no reason for anybody to feel left out.

    The booklet introduces an aspect of “reality” and a glimpse of how we evolve around the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Galaxy, Space, Earth, Fire, Water and Air. It illumines our being to demand questions and answers from within as how to benefit and contribute in part and as a whole to each one of these aspects in the outer world.

    We ARE this conglomerate; and knowing more, we are sensitized to treat it with the love and respect it deserves; and, not only is it given to us freely, preserving and sustaining it for future generations to enjoy is the price we pay in return for this booklet. It is no coincidence that we are the right people to do the job; this is why we are put here in this time and space.

    A miracle of sorts this booklet allows light into us to be wakeful, to dare live a meaningful life, which that in itself, is power. We become more of ourselves to share with others and where oceans part, together, we connect these oceans. This thought, here and now, removes my fear in its entirety.

    Can we ask for a better blessing? Thank you…again.

  • I just finished reading the self confidence exercises and I already feel good, I am making this my morning regimen. I will report in 40 days

  • A practical and thorough guide to techniques that are really helpfup for releasing fear – many of which I have used before.

    I wanted it to pass to others – and that is what I have done.

    Thank you


  • First a wonderful new year to you and thank you for this great site. The book is full of good advice. Fear is not part of my life. I live in gratitude already. However, I had a health issue which caused fear and using EFT I have managed to turn it round. Also you introduced me to Jim Self. This man is wise. He stresses the necessity for not judging anything or anyone at all as a key to the times ahead.

  • Thanks for all. They are very interesting an amazing

  • I liked what I read and found it practical and helpful.
    I particularly like the generous and beneficial heart vibration
    that comes across.
    In my opinion this is the new paradigm (it is for the good of ALL) that access to tools for consciousness, awareness and ascension of each human life are made available – with little or no price tag.

    What is happening is Education – the liberation of the knowledge that is already present – as opposed to the memorization of words.
    This knowledge is not the property of anyone that it has been disclosed to, it is for all – “freely freely you have received, freely freely give”
    As soon as we receive the message we are designated “messengers” who is any of us to ignore the call? Let those that are hungry come and eat those not ready can wait till they are. As consciousness rises in any individual it becomes easier for everyone else to have a rise in consciousness – the effect is exponential – doing our personal inner work as a daily practice ensures this is an onward and upward ascent.

    Thank you for being at the forefront of this new paradigm – the work is priceless – beyond price (with an absence of usery).

  • It is funny how God gave us such a great gift > the gift of choice < Also it is funny how powerful our mind is, it can be our friend or our
    foe. Just like a computer and how we program it to make us better or hurt us. Little by little I am learning how powerful it can be and start
    programing it for good things. Your book has given me more insight to
    think about. Thanks for being people of integrity, something that is
    lacking in this day and age. May God bless you always.

  • Dear All at Evolution,
    Thank you for the recent E-book. I am familiar with the material, but I do like the way you present things. You have always provided rich resource material. I like your generous attitude, and the breadth of your vision, so please feel encouraged, and please continue. Thank you – as always,


  • very good book , I m a hypnotherpist from norway who have a lot of experience with fobias and fear i must say this book is very good.

    best regards
    Tanvir uL Hassan

  • This e-book just affirm and made me more aware about fear in and outside us, and to be awake.

    If the price of the Free From Fear System, we may ordered it in the new year.


  • Hello,I tank you with gratitude for the E-Book-, is GREAT!Now I will
    more persistent in my goals,for attracting abundance,etc.etc.!!!!
    Tanks you again for this Free OPPORTUNITY.God bless. Herminia Riera

  • Thanks for all of your educational and helpful E-Books.

  • Thanks for the free ebook on Freedom from Fear. I read these materials slowly .. and have taken time to read each chapter as a time as time for self learning allows. The materials seem basic and good .. clear and definitive as well as directional. I resonate with the statement … in love there is no space for fear; in love there is no space for worry … the question then is how does one dip into one’s depth and accept the reality that s/he is LOVE ENERGY AT THE CORE. This is going to be a real journey down deep! PRMT

  • As ‘Jack of All Trades’ I never fear anything life. Some how your book do give me some benefits in leading more challenging life in the IM world. Thanks.

  • will have a visa in two or three days will plan on ordering your program but wonder do you have cd format

    • At this time the program is only available as a digital download

  • I am currnetly preparing a workshop on “tools to free you from anxiety, panic attacks, worry and fear. Your ebook is a wonderful resource. Panic attacks,anxiety and general worry-thoughts have been part of my adult life for 20 years + and seeing many of the tools I have used listed was reassuring somehow! Perhaps knowing that they have worked for me while also working for many others all these years has something to do with it. I was curious to see what the top 22 techniques were. I am not even done reading them all!
    All the work, time and energy you put into this site is much appreciated. My plan is to have an online support site for folks in my workshops and retreats and I feel blessed that you have paved a path as I go forth in this new venture. Blogging, creating a website, workshops– it’s all new for me, so I am sure I will be practicing what I preach!
    Thanks again for providing such a rich resource!

  • Thank you so very much for your gift of the free e-book. It helped answer a lot of my questions on verious tecneques. I have been researching various methods to increase my awareness of co creation and although I would like to buy everything I see or hear about I am making myself investigate because I have purchased the sizzle at different times in my life. Thank you again for your wonderful gift.

  • Thank You for the great free Ebook. Thank You

  • Thanks for the information in the book. It has helped me deal with situations I wouldn’t deal with, thus increasing my confidence level, and making what looked to be a bad situation end up a good ending.

  • Many thanks for making accessible such invaluable knowledge. I have already made printed out a copy for a friend of mine who is not computer
    literate and has no computer. Well done and thank you.


  • hello to everyone, fears and negative thoughts is very important to clear before creating beautiful future the way we want. it is still very important subject for me. once in my life i created things i want in my life, without clearing negative thoughts. in result i received both – positive and negative. the e-book provides few very good ideas how to release blocking negative thoughts and fears. i tried some but i didn’t continue with any of them. i don’t know what is the reason – maybe it is not my way how to release the negativity and limitations, maybe i am not ready or open for it. i don’t know it yet, but i know that one day i find answer to this question, because somewhere in my mind releasing fears and blocks is already included “in the agenda”. so, i know that one day it will see the daylight.
    thanks for the book. it is so amazing that someone writes articles about most important apsects of human mind and well being. and thanks for sharing it. i think it is up to everyone if he/she can use something of this book. i think there is no one universal tool good for everyone. it is up to us to find what works the best. thanks for valuable ideas and enthusiasm.

  • very informative and worth its weight in gold

  • I think you are absolutly right what you are righting about FEAR but
    I understood completly and perfectly the LAW OF ATTRACTION and since
    I am 10000% confident in the UNIVERSE and because the basic condition
    is to not have negative vibrations I became an egoist in the sence I
    can´t be negative (thinking, doing etc.) because I would mostly heart me!!!!
    Be egoists!!! and our planet will be beautiful und happy soon!!!!!!

  • Hi
    I did download your EBook which I thought was nice and straight forward and very interesting at the same time. I found it to be very helpful and a real awakening for me.

    I am now in a new cycle of my life and I am all about being positive and focussing on what it is I want out of life as I am in my forties with two grandchildren and one on the way, which for me is a new error in my life that i would like to get right.

    Thank you for the free E Book I am so positive it will definately be an awakening for others

    Te Aroha

  • The topic was very powerful but since the book was written with the intention of free therefore the writer only fulfil the pages with ineffective words and did no justice with the the topic. recently the book namely matrix of mind reality given free but you should see it this is a very fine helpful book and the Joe vitale has recently given two full books free. so please in the future do not waste our time because this is beyond your scope.

  • You have attribute a Nelson Mandella quote to Marianne Williamson.

    • Hi – after your comment I went and did some digging. I had always thought that the quote was written by Marianne Williamson and quoted by Nelson Mandella. According to this link http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/4564.htm – it is but an urban legend that Nelson Mandella ever used the quote. Each day another opportunity to learn something new :)

  • The book is life-changing and I can’t wait to share with my friends. I’ll be sending it on CD to my friends as a gift. Thanks a lot and God bless.

  • Dear Sirs,

    The book is nice to keep but it’s not a wonderful stuff!


  • This book is just wonderful. I personally use prayer and EFT, but I do know the rest of the stuff. They all work, but people being different will feel attracted to a different method than the ones I use. But like I said they all work so I highly recommend anybody to try all methods and see what works best for them.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • I appreciate your generosity of giving me your write-up

  • I appreciate sharing your work with us. With gratitude and love
    I thank you!

  • really made me focus on fear as a block to moving forward. THANK YOU !

  • simply too good, inspiring,motivating

  • just another same old same old
    nothing new

  • I found the ebook extremely helpful, especially the EFT videos. Each day I am feeling better and better. Thank you for this opportunity.

    God bless.

  • how does this compare to the Holosync approach?

  • I do like the ebook very much it did give you selfconfidence and the only fear is to fear your self it is diffrent from other book it tell you how to deal with your self on a higher level

    I was very intrested in read the ebook because I like to expand my mind

  • For some reason I cant download it so therefore I have not read it…Im very disappointed about that.

    • For anyone having trouble downloading from one of the links – please try a different download button. Each of the 14 buttons on the download page links to a different url. If you still have problems – please send an email to cyndi@evolutionezine.com and I will do whatever I can to assist

  • Congrats, you have done a great job with this book. I know most of the practices from my own personal practice. There was a time when life was so full of fear that my daily actions were simply reactions to the inside fear I felt. People could not understand my actions and or reactions and so I found myself quite alone and feeling alienated from the whole world.
    As the years passed I went from one technique to another getting results but stopping too soon. Any practice that made me feel even a little bit better was like finding gold.
    But then I would find that I slipped away from the practices and did not realize the benefits until I was again steeped in fear. The same practice did not work the second time I would try it so I would try something new. Another practice that you share in your book.
    A word to those who may be in the same or worse condition in their life. Keep on keeping on! Never give up to the fear and stop trying to be rid of it.
    Any of the techniques in this book will help but you must be ready to give it up. For some the ‘attention’ garnered by always being afraid, always getting that extra coddling from caring others is the crutch that keeps them in a fear state.
    I always trusted God but I didn’t always believe Him.
    My turning point was discovering A Course In Miracles and ‘working’ hard at it for 10 years. My life now is different, not from any external view but from the view behind my eyeballs and between my ears.
    I know this is getting rather long but what is not mentioned in your book is the healing power of tears. When it gets to be too much, indulge yourself and have a good cry. I had many and at times allowed them to become wails…contrary to what I learned as a child that ‘big boys don’t cry’. So, if need be, cry on and on and on until the day comes when the tears are no longer needed, then forgotten.
    Sometimes I just can’t help sharing and sharing and sharing…..

  • The book is great! First of all,I have to admit I’d been passing through a very difficult situation, I would say the toughest of my life for some time ,and the paragraphs about the fear and what it can do to us or those about fear and love seemed incredible and flabbergasting to me. They have really helped me to understand where I am and what I have to do next why I was losing my positive energy while being in love instead of gaining more, what had embarasssed me in fact and made me feel humiliated and how to overcome all that trouble that was threatening with transforming my life into a mess.The chapters about realising fear have also been extremely valuable. Without being aware they are techniques for realising fear I have practised Dale Carnegie technique or Sedona method or turning fear into gratitute. After reading about them in your book all the information presented in such a clear and organised way has helped me understand why i reacted the way i reacted. Now i have a better control over my emotions, i would say the control i had before experimenting my troubles,and people around me especially my students( and they are not lying for sure) say I am glowing. The fact is I really feel excellent now, and a great deal due to this wonderful book. Can I tell about it to my mentees and my colleagues? I am absolutely positive we all need it to some extent in our life for both personal and professional development.Personally i find it very resourceful and inspiring.

    • Hi – absolutely – please share the book with everyone you believe can benefit in any way

  • thank you for providing this ebook for free
    even if there was nothing new in it
    for me…
    it is a wonderful product to introduce some techniques to people
    who begin t work with their fear

    i talk with it and ask for the advice from that fear itself
    like with a friend

    and it is a friend who is with me
    because it wants to support me…

    so get the message directly and take
    then the fear can go where it belongs

    to you all

    i bless the world
    i bless you
    i bless me

  • Thank you for such an invaluable product! It really works for me.

  • Awesome good stuff. Some I’d seen, most I hadn’t.
    The Ho‘oponopono resonates particularly with me. I’ve shared it with a number of friends.


  • The book was a nice summary of many of the self help techniques available today. However I was disappointed that there was nothing new. I have tried many of these techniques, investing years in some of them and lots of money hiring practitioners and going to seminars. Not much has worked for me or helped me alleviate my fear. I can tap and meditate all day, but I get no relief. Sorry guys. This stuff doesn’t releive fear, at least not for any long term. I’ve been fearful my whole life, for no apparent reason. I’m not sure how affirmations and moving up the Hicks scale work for others, but they have never worked for me.

  • What is the use to leave a comment when I tried twice to dl it and could not???????????????

  • it was fine, thank you

  • it was fine it did help me a lot, thank you

  • A work in progress, yet I become more optimistic with each read. Thanks for making this available!

    Best to you from Max

  • Very impresive tool to deal with the fear , I recomend to any person to get rid of fear and fell better every day in any situation

  • I love this book,is very clear and helpful.

  • Thank you for the opportunity to experience the 22 tools. The information and techniques are presented clearly.

  • i found this book very helpful and i know i can trust it because it has tactics in it that ive discovered in the past and that i know work…the EFT technique is my favorite…it is sooo helpful…it can actually release any negativity at all…its pretty amazing stuff…

  • I am writing to say that I find that you have discovered something extremely interesting & profound. And I am touched by your time & work, but especially by your generosity in sharing it, with everyone.

    All the above bring out in me, the desire to share what I know with you. I am a Caycedian Sophrologist & through my experience I will say that I agree with many things you say.

    However I am convinced that most people do not integrate new patterns or ways of thinking, which improve their’ existence, merely through reading something.

    In my practice, I guide people into getting in touch with their’ individual needs/lacks etc.. & together we discover & develop ways of coping with them. But, all the work is carried out on a deeper level, (core level) which allows transformation. Helen Ricco

  • Fear is only fear when unrecognized, when recognized, it becomes a tool by which we make this a better world and universe beyond.

  • I tried to dl your free book but it wont come down. Tried 2 different dl sites.

    • Hi Jim – when several people are downloading from the same link at the same time a problem occurs. It is for this reason we set up the ebook 14 different times. We very much want to get it into the hands of everyone it can serve.

  • Thank you for e-book. It is very helpful to realize and identify truth fears and getting more inspiration and courage. I think it is not possible to practice this book in few days. It is very good guide to personal freedom and fullfilment. Everyone can find the most suitable method to feel more free and better. Thank you for such great gift :)

  • Thank you for the book. I think it is simply wonderful. It is a valuable handbook. I am happy be in possession of a copy.

    Blessings and thank you for you gift.

  • The book explains simple, practical therefor is very usefull. It is not a novel, to just read it, we have to apply it! Thank you!

  • Iain, Phil, Cyndi and Jeff, I can’t thank you enough for the e-book “Free from fear”. It came to me from you after suffering of fear of everything, all my life, and not knowing the cause. Now I am reading the book slowly to sense every word and to understand myself to eliminate the fear. God bless you. Luisa Soldiuk

  • I really enjoyed reading the book. It makes total sense and made me think how easily we are made to fear things which are a figment of someone else’s imagination.

    thank you

  • Sir,

    The information in the ebook is absolutely incredible. Humanity will benefit tremendously from it.

    Many thanks

  • i think the book is awesome!!!!! it has help me understand why do i feel anxcious and nervous sometimes…. so i focused and see wut was the real prob and found out that i always got that feeling before goin to work, cuz its stressful and i dislike the boss. So i just use one of the tools to calm myself. one question i have is wuts the difference between tangiable goals and intangiable goals?

  • I did loke the contents of the “book”.Meanwhile,i’d appreciate if you focused on real examples;real life and experimental examples from people.I guess you get my point.

  • The write-up is well-thought out, well-researched, comprehensive and informative.

    It gives a fair idea about the possible fears one can confront, and the possible ways to del with them.

    Thank you very much!

  • Very helpful. A good guide to direct ones’ thinking towards outcomes one seeks to achieve.

  • thanks for ebook.it is a masterpiece for self developement.i read it several times and each reading gave me a new turn in consciousness.i have come to realise that when the various techniques are understood in light of reconstructing ones subconscious mind one begins to think positively.your thought your power!

  • Hello,

    Your products appear to be cutting edge & state of the art – kudos. I guess I was looking for something else… something missing? It’s certainly no fault of your situation… best of luck!

    Truth, Love & Courage,


  • It’s very very inspiring and easy to practice. Thanks a lot!!!!

  • Hi there

    Little did I know I will have to apply this book just a day after downlaoding it. On Sunday night I went through it and I read about death, I must tell you I was so relieved. When I arrived at work the next morning, my friend and colleague had tragically passed away on Sunday night. I must say, I delat better with the news knowing that it’s just a flesh that’s gone and her spirit lives on. I still spoke to her last night and told her I stil want us to continue being friends and she must visit often and guess what, I had a good time last night because she did visti me.

    I am continuing reading and yes, I am shutting myself off from bad news in the media, it’s helping.

    As I keep on reading, I will keep you posted.

    Thanks a millina.


  • Very well written and informative. I recognized many of the techniques and variations of others. I have been a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner myself for the past twenty years. I studied and received my certification in NLP and hypnosis at Silver Springs, MD in 1989 while I was finishing my Masters. I found the ebook an excellent use of some of the better NLP and Postive Thinking Techniques I use, and have taught my clients in the past. Though I am currently retired, I have thought about working again. Maybe someday.

  • What a gift you chose to share on this web sight. Thank you Thank you Thank you. So many different approaches and techniques that you have illuminated and shared.God Bless You . Funky momma in Toronto

  • Hi, and thank you for these helpful techniques. I already knew about some of them. I went to the link for raising your vibrational level…that is really a great audio.
    Thanks again,

  • very informative and motivating !

  • I don’t know how to start thanking you guys, other than to say where I was before I started using this information to where I am now, is truly unbelievable. The changes in my life are a 360 degree turn around. From no job into a job that I really love. And my home life is better than it has ever been before. Even though I haven’t received any unexpected sums of money yet I know that it is coming. And for this frame of mind gentlemen I thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart.

    Stephen G. Legard

  • I read few pages even though I found great facts that made me think more deeply of what I was always afraid of and see it as illusions.

    I am sure this e-book will help me to eliminate all the fear inside me when I go through the rest of it.

    Thanks a lot


  • Hello there,
    thanks for the e-book and making it available to us.
    It is definitely informative and very useful to me as I am very much
    interested in removing some of my fears. Your listing has given me
    some great ideas on how I can tackle my fears. One or two of the tools
    will be put into use right now.

    Again many thanks

  • I down loaded your e book but I have not read yet. Really am sorry, I have some visitor in our organization so that I have no time. Shore I will read it next week and will give you feed back. Any how you have been doing well and people needed job in the world.

    Thanking you sir,

    with warm regards,

    Swmy Mn

  • Read the book on Fear. The findings by Dr. Hawkins and development of Index for consciousness was interesting. There is a saying in India that when a good ‘Atma’(soul)visits a place, he brings rain (prosperity)Dr. Hawkin’s findings support this belief.
    While many techniques for overcoming fear etc are well known, it is the compilation as a docket that is useful. I for one have been practicing the Carnegie technique of asking ” What is the worst that could happen? / Is this a life threatening issue?”. I find this effective.

  • As a person searching for personal growth this is the remaining part of the puzzle to make it happen.it is close to Oxygen.

  • Your book is quite interesting. All aspects of material existence including human and animals are formed by combination of positive and negative energies for various purposes, the very essence of life. The direction of energy flow can effect change depends on the frequency of vibration or dimension. Fear is the lower end of negative energy inherent in human and animals. It can’t be removed completely, but can be surpressed or converted for useful purposes. However, law of attraction obeys the concept in your article. I am impressed to read your article.

  • As a Lifeskills Coach speaker and trainer much of the 22 tools here are taught in my workshop so I am delighted to see this resources available as I believe we all benefit from Life Skills tools. A lovely resource to add to my collection of freebies for my clients. Well done and thank you, Frances@lifeskillspractitioner.com

  • i want learning books in speaking english for arabs and in microsoft office

  • The book is fantastic. I have never read anything like it.

  • Hello and thanks for the e-book.
    Honestly I’ve not read it at all because I’ve never thought about that there are so many forms of fear. And I really don’t want to know. Fear is meaning and this is created by using imagination and when fear is created by imagination so how can we get rid of this “picture”? Simple: how does fear looks like? Can you see where it sitting right now? Can you see fear? NO?? OK: it does not exist. After you have learn this than you have only to understand how to belief in your self and trust you intuition – the first thought is always the right and that’s it. Do what you like and you will be happy at all.
    Everything around us is nothing more than content – smile and leave it where it is – by the people creating content.

  • I could not read the book, the printing is very small for me.
    Thank you, any way.

  • great work.Iwas looking for a simple and practical way to apply to deL WITH fear.Ihope I can make It work.

  • Hello there
    I think it is a great idea to put all the various methods and tools together – and I am grateful for your many efforts on behalf of peopel struggling with various things. However, it could be a little overwhelming for somebody who is new to this field.
    Also, on amother level different fears require different treatments -fears differ not just in content and intensity but also in depth. Things like agoraphobia or panick attacks are notably difficult to change.
    Thus I agree with one of the comments that it is not always useful to speak of FEARS – lump all fears together -
    Sometimes fears have profound meanings – they are grounded in very early beliefs or experiences.
    I am not sayinmg they cannot be changed – all I am saying is that sometimes people need more than a manual to help them – namely, another human being.
    Human beings (like all mammals) come as a minimum in twos: mother/child, baby/caretaker, without which they would not survive. Therefore, they cannot thrive in isolation – and there is much of that in our society – and isolation breeds and multiplies mental illnesses. The fear of the schizophrenic of his “voices” cannot be managed with any of these tools.
    At any rate, I still think it is a good compilation and it’s agood job. Thanks

  • It is really amazing to find out that it is possible to transform your fears into happiness. At first I thought it was one of the usual staff but believe it or not, it is working for me.

  • Thank you for the ebook on How to transform your fears, so much of it I have read before and even learnt!!! How soon we forget – thank you for such a lovely condenced book with such insightful information.

  • Sir ,

    Thanks very much for the e-book . It is thought provoking & powerful.
    Will help in transforming one’s life .

    One suggestion please :
    Please include a writeup about “Guilt” & “Low self esteem” & how to overcome them .

    keep up the good work.


  • The information and knowledge contained in the ebook are rich and interesting. Humanity will benefit tremediously from it. Thanks for the great work in the research/writing this book.

  • I read the E-book and it was great! Most of the methods were new to me! I think its great to be able to pick ones favorit! Of the 22 methods everybody could find the right one! I use “hooponopono” and some breathingmethods for the moment with great results!

  • The material in this e-book is thought provoking and helpful. I bookmarked it so I can return to it anytime I need or want to.
    Thank you.

  • This is very helpful. I thank from bottom of myheart for providing me a chance to read it.

  • This is a fantastic site and I liked just about all of the E book.
    I just don’t enjoy any metaphysical hype but otherwise found it very helpul.

  • The book has some incredible insights that are key to controling and using fear. The origins and features of fear are not something we can hope to understand in a day or two. The book is quite handy.
    Thanks for your wonderful book.

  • I’ve read about all this, but in different sources. It is really good idea to put all the methods in one book. We forget things very often, but when we have that kind of book, we always can look at it and chose whatever method is works for us. Thanks.

  • It lacks depth of the subject. It just rushes with 22 points without
    meaniful analysis. Many books have been written on positive thinking and this books has added nothing new. Prayers to the Super Divine power for Guidance- Everybody advocates and does it – What is new in your book.

  • thanks for the ebook.22 Powerful Tools to…. It sure is powerful Ive read it and even shared to my daughters. I love these kind of reading materials ,it taught me a lot. Yes, its true that if we are positive, positive energy comes back to us. Its natural to have fears but what is important is to recognize these fears and analyze if by giving in to these feelings would it help us. I think Not. Ive read similar books and they all convey the same message. We should trust in the Divine. We should think positive. What we give to the Universe is what the Universe will give back to us.
    Thanks and more power

  • Thank you for the work you are doing to help everyone that is ready to improve their lives and therefore that of those around them.
    I have been using EFT for about a year now and find it very useful for releving physical symptoms. Ho’oponopono for me is wonderful at a heart level now that I know that I am a reflection of my life; responsible for all of it in some way, it brings harmony to noise,order to chaos and calm to the storm. I am so grateful to have found and am able to use some of these tools. There are many more good things to come as my skills improve and new tools are tried. Thank you again
    Dayle Lambert in warm Edmonton, Alberta Canada

  • This book just might turn out to be the key that unlocks the door for me. I have been resisting fear for most of my life and it has taken its toll. I am so ready for change in my beliefs. I have read through it once and am now in the process of a more thorough study. A couple of the processes seem to be already taking effect. I find them very useful. Thank you all very much for putting this all together and offering it to me for free. I am making good use of it and hope that it will help enable me to attract better and better experiences. What a wonderful website too. I’ve bookmarked it for easy locating. You folks are a wonderful example for me to follow. You’ve contributed significantly to a great new start for me. I don’t have the words to thank you adequately.

  • I enjoyed reading the different tools.I especially liked rewriting your fears It is very practical.I also liked connecting with your source through prayer.I concluded that the things we fear most never happens.

  • I don’t have good access to a computer right now because I had surgery, so I down loaded the book and look forward to reading it later.

    Thank you

  • Greeting to all fellow travelers!!

    First of all: Thanks for the ebook. I, too, have tried many of the 22 transforming suggestions set forth in the book; and, over many years, have made many small gains toward peace and happiness. However, each small gain, “bits and pieces”, has strengthened my confidence and self-esteem. I urge each of you to: “Stay the course!!”

    I would also challenge my “fellow travelers” to evaluate “fear” or any other negative thought as CONFUSED IMAGINATION and enjoy the resulting feeling either before or after you try one of the transforming exercises.

    Thanks for caring and sharing!!

  • i have’nt had a chance to read it yet,but i will.and i will give you my honest oppinion.thank you raymond

  • I have only read the first 15 pages of releasing fear ,& i can already see the potential this can have for anyone wanting to rid themselves of fear ,this is a fantastic tool to add to your inner being and great for excelling oneself to new levels ,i reckon by the time ive masterd all the exerciseis i will turn into superman or batman & save the world
    far out man GEFF

  • thank-you for the offer of the free e-book but i do not have a personal computer at home so i use the public library computer and can not down load any files on it! this is a disapointment to me but there really isn’t anything i can do about it.

  • Hi -

    and first of all thank you very much for releasing so much valuable information for free – we definitely need such a thing in our difficult time.
    Although I had already known most of these techniques, compiling them in such a way has reminded me of the abundance and variety of methods to help oneself quickly and – in most cases – effectively.
    Sometimes I’m still having a hard time, however, especially with very profound and deep-rooted, existential fears concerning those “dark” happenings around us which nobody can prove or define correctly. It’s difficult to get past them because to eliminate them would mean to eliminate the things and activities which cause the fears. Unfortunately I think, there’s hardly a possibility of achieving that.
    But for the “simpler” fears and anxieties the book is just great. Thank you so much!

  • Hi there
    Thank you for your ebook, it is great¡¡¡¡
    I am new one in these stuffs, so le me introduce me and think about.

    Best regards¡
    A Mendoza

  • Thank you for the ebook! Fortunately, I had found a lot of these techniques on my journey. The most interesting thing that I learned was the information from the book “Power vs Force” and the levels of consciousness. It is absolutely fascinating to me! For those of you that are manifesting and are frustrated by the results, it may be because you have ‘unconsciouses beliefs’ that are operating in your life and you are unaware of them. I took a course called Avatar and it teaches people how to discover your unconscious beliefs. If you don’t know what beliefs you have, how can you change them? I wish everyone well on their path this time around. Dawn

  • I enjoyed reading the book. Explained simply and easy to understand and covering many techniques so that the reader is bound to find one that is suitable for them. Very useful and helpful in these rather trying times.

    Sincere best wishes

  • These tools are amazing. I am using them every day and I felt an amazing shift in my vibrations. Before I felt as if I am trying to jump onto a wall, but could only jump up and down,to get momentum, with these tools I am landing on the wall. Thank you.

  • You just covered about every technic on the market
    and show the vital points. Very well done. Thank you

  • The book was a real treat. Copied a lot of your free e-books and it is something new for me. Trying to change my old way of doing things and incorporating the stuff from your e-book. But all in all it was a great book.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enlighten myself.

  • Isn’t it amazing – all lessons in life stem somehow from the BIBLE.No wonder it is referred to as “Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” Even the lessons of Memory Skills (see the cleanliving website) that I wrote some years ago can be seen in teachings found in the Bible. All knowledge is based on some one else’s “discovery”. The “transform your fear” book is great and the many practicle pieces of advice really work.

  • Think this book was great, it summarises all techniques that are published in so many ways in so many books in a very clear and structured manner. To me this was like getting hold of the core of fear freedom techniques in one easy digestable form. In Ayurveda they talk about superfoods like ginger, this is the ginger of freedom from fear methods.

  • I am really amazed at this wonderful website and the E book you have so graciously offered to us!! I enjoyed reading through and it continues to resonate in so many ways!! Thanks and please keep doing what you are doing so well.

  • hi,
    it is a great stuff. the technique Ho’ponopono I learned earlier got real sense through this “22″ book.
    thanks again.

  • Hi there
    At this time I am sitting with information overload from personal development programmes because I have been so eager to get my life right that I requested all the stuff. Most of the time I scan through it quickly and try to assess whether it will help me, but sometimes you can never do that because of time constraints. But for the few times that I have actually printed out the information to thoroughly read later, I have actually printed out your E-book because the practical exercises seem so valuable. So yes, thank you very much I have started to read it and am already trying to put into practice some of the exercises. One needs to practice this stuff daily on a consistent basis – that is the key – persistence and daily focused practice – not more and more techniques that are just read and read and then shelved and forgotten. Maybe I will now follow my own advice and start getting my life in order. Thank you so much, Gary.

  • Thank you for this great book, which I never heard anything about before until I stumbled upon your web-site.
    Reading the first 3 chapters gave me a new meaning to life. It was one of the greatest “un-put-down-able” books I have ever read, from that night that I got the free-download.
    Thank you for getting me to wake up in a new glorious morning and a more-fulfilling future!

  • he there,
    thank you for the reminder of all the good things one can use to be positive.
    I have already passed it on to friends and family, it is great to have some articles to pass on to people to help them along.
    Thanks again
    Love and Blessings

  • Thank you for putting together this useful and practical handbook. From experience I know that most of these techniques are not only easy to implement, but also highly effective. Will share your link and recommend this thoughtfully put-together resource to others.

    Thanks again!

  • Thank you not only for the Free from fear book but also for all the other information you are sharing with the world. I am sure it is going a long way in changing the collective consciousness. I find that one way to overcome fear is to just practise being love.even if you do not have any time to practise other techniques, making an effort to be Love in each moment of your life naturally cleanses our system of fear.
    That being said it was an amazing coincidence that you spoke about the Sedona method the very day I first learnt about it.i think that method is just great.
    Thank you and wishing you all the best as you spread the light
    I AM

  • Thank you for the ebook. I am already pratising some of the techniques mentioned and feel very positive. I am now waiting to see results and will write again later when I actually see positive results in my life.

  • I am really grateful that I found your Website, you are so generous giving away so useful information. I had spend a mini fortune in many course,books, CD’s, etc.I started my search for spirituality when I was 40, now I am 60.I haven’t grow so much spirituality, but I really think that without the help of those courses my life would be a disaster and the reason is that I was raised in a SO VERY NEGATIVE ENVIRONMENT. I really believe in the saying “when the student is ready the Master will appear”.

    Thanks again,


  • Pretty insightful and a lot to think about. Thanks for all the tools and advice – I am sure a lot of it will be useful.

  • It was wonderful. Thank you for sharing it with all of us,I am looking foward to keep using it, and try some of the new technics/

  • Muchas gacias por este maravilloso libro.
    Creo que para estas ocasiones debería de haber una palabra que exprese
    mejor la gratitud.
    Gracias nuevamente.

  • I downloaded it but when i opened it all i saw was a lot of letters in some encryted code. Why did’nt it just read in simple english. I know there is a way to change this into english but why do this. I’m not very computer savy so when i see something like this i assume the person or persons that wrote it are not that interested in having everone be easily able to read it. If they were they would make it user friendly. So my answer is no. I have not read any of it because i did’nt know how to.

    • Hi Lawrence – it sounds like something got corrupted during the download. If you attempt it again I feel confident that you will have a different result. And if you still run into a problem – send me an email at cyndi@evolutionezine.com and I will do whatever necessary to get the book to you

  • Hi and thank you for sharing the 22 Powerful Tools to Transform Fear Into Happiness, Peace and Inspiration. It has helped me on so many different levels. I received the information at the right time in my life. Thank you and keep up the GREAT Work!! I appreciate all that you do!

    My very best to you!!

  • This is all the same stuff to sell your product… that has already been
    posted… To change anything about yourself you have to be willing…
    to really make a change you don’t have to buy anything!

  • Hello and a big thank you for sharing this wonderful information to us all.
    I was excited to see that you had included EFT in your list!
    I have been using EFT for about a year and I’m having amazing results releasing some very long standing issues!!

    Keep up the good work at reaching the masses and sharing.

    Enjoy the journey you are on.

  • Have not read the material yet – but thank you. I look forward to seeing it. Just for your info though your link #9 does not work.

  • Thank you for this very important book.It must be read by many peoples,especially in this period the the FEAR for the “end of the world” by 2012 it is so great that it is really an “mass hystery” about.

    In my opinion,I believe that this fear it is induced to us for hidden purposes of the “Illuminati”,that peoples that want a New Age for their wish for having the most power in the world and especially for their material purposes, but not for the progress of the humanity to an a true “Illuminated age”.Their goals yhere are to induce this FEAR to all the humanity to disturb our subconciousness and not be interested to “what really happens ” in our wirld.

    This book,as many others bring to us many possibilities to discover our Divine Spirit by all these means published inside of the book,all these methods that are so simple to apply..

    Efor all of us ssentially it is to accept that “we all are the God’s children” but many dosen’t know yet “were to find the God” ..it is hidden in our heart,in our Love for ourselvss,for God and for all the humanity.The most important for me it is the FAITH in this power of Divine Energy which belong to us also…only to know to find this …

    We transit an Era when I am convinced that it will be possible to attend a new mode of life,not only by Love and Compassion,but if it will be also possible to find a way to unite all the religions as are doing now the phisicians that are trying to find a new theory to unite all the forces known till now.See for instance the theory of a controversial author,Nassim Haramein.

    Thank you again,this book open many possibilities to escape from not only that Fear but also from the most dark part of our Ego,knowing that in us it is this Other Ego,most spiritual and very closed to our internal God.

    Peace and Light,
    and God bless you,my friends and all the Humanity,


  • Hi there

    I just read your free e-book Freefromfear I downloaded and I must say it is an inspiration to me, it is just what I needed to be able to get on with my life in an easyer way.

    Thankyou, Thankyou. Thankyou.


  • Excellent book; very well done. There are a few things that i already use( sedona method and EFT) both of these are excellent and do really work. I am literally going to prison for multiple drunk drivings( no one hurt)I am going to loose everything I have and I have truly never felt better in my life. I have quit drinking for 9 months now and Im in a constant effort to improve myself and the lives of others. It is bittersweet because Im loosing so much and gaining sooo much at the same time. I dont have the cash now, but when I do; Im going to buy something from this site. very well organized and intelligent. Im going to try some of the hawian stuff ( love, thank you, forgive me, im sorry stuff). I feel even better! wooo hoo!. I would also like to turn everyone on to another EXCELLENT spiritual source that is mind blowing. THis is a man called GUY FINLEY and he has his own web site (guyfinley.com) that is jam packed with free stuff and is an encredibly intelligent amazing teacher of the soul.Tuly mind blowing good stuff, and anytjing he sells is dirt cheap. Im promoting him because he is where I started this journey into total transformation and I owe it to him and you to let the good folks know. Thank you all.

  • Looking forward to reading your material.

  • thanks for the e book. it inspires me much…

  • Great book. I was wondering if you might allow me to place a link or the book on my website. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

    • Thank you for your offer to help us get this powerful ebook to those that can benefit from it – we are very grateful. You can either use a link to the post on the Evolution Ezine – http://evolutionezine.com/transform-fear/ or you can use the link that will take your readers directly to the Free From Site – http://FreeFromFear.com

      Thanks again and Enjoy the Day

  • Hi,
    I just got through your e book (22 Powerfull Tools).Thanks this was a great read, as a few of the methods described like “EFT” SEDONA and other methods are familiar to me.I also discovered a while ago that if you look at FEAR carefully,its all about the unknown.What i am saying is that we always FEAR THE UNKNOWN.We do not know what is going to happen.This unfortunately has been indoctrinated into us from small.I do use EFT and Sedona quite frequently and found this greatly helps. I use a meditation tape that i found worked great for me while i was getting Anxiety attacks.
    To end i am greatlfull to find a few tools in your book which i would like to try.
    Much Appreciated
    Love and Light
    Giovanni (South Africa)

  • It would seem that Hal Jordan or Matt Murdock would have no need for this book, however, for the rest of us it is a good resource….

  • Hi Elize, Kim,

    I reckon the reason why you lost what you manifested is also due to fear. There was a time I was really interested in seeing if I can bend a spoon with my mind. :-) Then one day I thought – my goodness, imagine the thing bends all of a sudden, I would be totally freaked out!! (I stopped trying after that.)
    Was this maybe how you felt when all of a sudden everything was there even though you didn’t think you could do it….
    Why not try releasing some blockages by doing Fear Transformation Tool #21 – Diffusing Fear Through Journaling.

    To get your dog back I reckon doing the Fear Transformation Tool #14
    Clearing Negativity with Ho’oponopono. should work for that. I just used it and it was really powerful!

    Here’s to you getting your trust back soon!!!


  • I am an inspired customer and sharer of the Super Mind Evolution System. Some of the journeys that I have been on with your BWE audios are a real blessing – this ebook also provides wonderful information. I have learned that worrying is using your imagination to create something that you do not want! So I send a big thank you from the land down under – No worries mate! :)

  • The word FEAR appears at least 238 times on that products website. Thats going to create alot of FEAR.

  • I agree with Ismini that the ebook is one of the most complete and comprehensive book on fear and how to release it. Fear becomes the frame which designs the form which is self and thus you end up living a very limited life instead of a life which is bountiful and limitless.
    “There are no limitations except those you acknowledge. Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve”— Napoleon Hill
    Remember: FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real
    Thank you for the book. it was a great reading.

  • I can see that a lot of love and work have gone into the creation of this wonderful ebook; it’s complete, comprehensive, and extremely helpful, packed full of different types of techniques for releasing fear.I’m sure it will help a lot of people, as was your intention!

  • Thanks for the e-book. Fear seems to be behind a lot of the actions that we wish we could avoid so this e-book will be worth a read.

  • Elise, I know the feeling and I can sympathize with you. The same thing happened to me. I met someone who I thought fit what I thought I wanted, then BAM, he ruined my whole life, and I am still suffering years later because of what he did. Like they say, be careful what you ask for, you just might get it! I think there are hidden dangers that you have no way of seeing or knowing about, consequences that happen that you cannot anticipate. I also would like to know the secret ingredient! I second the motion!

  • Hi, Thanks for your Ebook. I have been on a spiritual path for several years and I understand all too well the powers we humans have and know I can manifest in my life and have done it a few times. However, the last time I used this power to manifest, a relationship, a job, and even a place to live, it worked. Within a few weeks, I met someone who offered me all of this, and even more, but within one month that same person, stole my dog, fired me and trew me out on the street and all this on Christmas day. So I must admit that I am very afraid to manifest anything else, you see what I mean. I know I am the only person responsible for this and I don’t know why. Also, I want my dog back, and the legal system is slow, it’s been over a year and I am still waiting for this to be resolved in court. So if you are aware of a secret ingredient I forgot to include in my manifestation recipe, write back and let me know.


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