Time Machine Invented – How would you use it?

Take a look at this video above where a man claims to have designed the first ever time machine.

Here’s something to think about…

If you were living one hundred years in the future in 2109, and could send back a message to humanity now through this time machine, what would your message be? (in less than 100 words)

…Simply watch the video above and then write your message to humanity in a comment to this post  (we’re looking for inspirational and constructive messages!…

P.S. We complied some of your posts, condensed them into 15 KEY messages and created Messages of love and inspiration from the futuresubscribe for free here and you’ll get this ebook and much much more…

Time Machine Invented – How would you use it? 5.00/5 (100.00%) 3 votes

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  • I’ve thought about that question often over the years and my answer is always the same:

    I’d travel back to the day of my 17th birthday and warn myself not to marry until I knew what genuine, unconditional love was, to never have kids, and to stick with a career, or the consequences would be a life of constant misery and hardship.

  • Future? Why go there? Just to see that they never listened? The don’t listen now either. Mankind has’t changed in 10.000 years. We are still killing each other and spoiling every thing we have.
    I would go back to the time that the first man ever was born and kill him and the stam where he emerged from so that mankind would never exist. That would make this world a much better place.

    • We didn’t really start spoiling the world until a couple hundred years ago.

  • I only wanna borrow his time machine to go a day or 2 ahead, that’s all I need to get the winning lottery numbers for the next “Mega Millions” or better yet, the “Power Ball” ! ……..Just admit it, a lot of you would do this too! It’s not selfish, it would be the big break of a lifetime! How many of us hasn’t wished for that day where you wake up after a psychic dream w a strong compulsion to buy a set of numbers you remember upon awakening! Who doesn’t love the idea of living the rest of your life on “Easy Street” ……. and never again living in lack and stressing over money while you get older pinching pennies, being able to finally tell your control freak boss to “take this job and shove it!” …….But I wouldn’t want to go thousands of years into the future though. According to H.G. Welles those damn “Morlock’s” are a pretty nasty bunch to get mixed up with! ;-)

  • remember everything on earth is connected, humans, nature. when one stops or is dis-connected all the links breaks and something goes wrong, earth changes, sickness and dis- ease. all this can change If we start to come together. The wealthy wants more, instead of give n more back ( the more you give the more you get back ) live n a better and health conscious life for your self. this life stops on so many levels, you have to be more, not especially for your self but for others. just think, you do good for one( 1 ) they do it for another and so forth “. PAY IT FORWARD” see how fast you, the earth, and everyone else gets it back, So if you stay good ,good comes back, BUT if you fail, we all fail AND the earth, and the animals fail. keep it all positive, the earth will thank you, a million times over. BE GOOD, BE KIND,TO ALL. it all starts with Me, you and then them.

  • Hi to everyone,
    I am sending this message so that some of you might get support from mine words to do good in life. Since I am living in more advanced world than yours, I can tell you something worth listening. The world is changed in so many ways. The technology is different. And what we know today is that wasting our resources and not respecting others ( I mean humans and animals) were our biggest mistakes. After some years from the time in which you are living there will be discoveries which will fulfill the energy needs of people. But natural resources will be depleted a lot. We faced so many problems. There were incurable diseases, natural disasters and unrest in some areas. It was like hell on earth. But we solved our problems. It took so long. Some people had even lost the hope. It seemed like the end of the world. But we managed to save some people. The state of world today is like that of heaven except there is mortality. The life is good.
    So what you should do is take care of nature now. Don’t overuse resources. Don’t forget your human values. Love yourself, love other people and love all the animals and the the nature.
    Try to save the earth’s beauty today so that you don’t face the problems which we had to face. You can do better than we did.

    From the beginning of time, humankind has had a direct line to the Universal Mind. Each of us has a map to reach the treasure hidden in our inner self, to get the treasure lying in the Unity of in and out, because everything works, in reality, as an Unit. Sense of separation ends when we realize this: we do nothing. Everything is done through us, by the Life and Consciousness ever present, eternal, and all-pervading. This is the end of suffering caused by the sense of separation, too. And, then, we live in that “place” in which past and future doesn´t exist. Just eternal present. <3

  • Love is dynamic, potent and the most powerful force in the universe and fear is equally powerful. God is Love therefore, you must thirst after love to fully experience, power and life in its fullness. But let me remind you, power is not found anywhere else but in you. Search and quest after Him and you shall find him. Inquire within yourself and you shall discover Him and the benefits are hardly to be expressed in words.

  • Happiness is only real when shared. Togetherness has the real value. Possessions come and go, governments come and go, only togetherness, love and nurturing coming out of it stay. Don’t get fooled by media brainwashing you that it is more money, a better car, bigger house, thinner body that will make you happier. We learned to believe in this society that “having more things” and “faster” is an axiom of success. Being time deprived we fail to connect in a meaningful way, we have no time to feel deeply, we fall in and out of love as if it meant nothing. We go out there and spend our life force on fearing about loosing possessions or acquiring more possessions for the ones we love, yet we never take time to be with them.
    All of it is useless and has no meaning if you don’t share it with anyone. Start sharing it now. The time is the most precious commodity. You can’t trade it for anything else.

  • You are creator of your life!
    Love yourself, be oneness with creator.
    Universal creator is only a love and peace.
    With his love in your heart,
    you love everyone and everything.
    You will create with the mind of creator,
    it’s a light, in your mind of living thoughts.
    Where is love, there is no fear.
    Where are fear, there is no love.
    Fear are illusion and darkness in your mind,
    you do not see through illusions,
    will destroy you and everyone. Why?
    Becouse creator gives all to all, it’s your choice.
    With our love, we will all perish.
    I am Us.

  • Do it, if you can. For when we do, we do in the now. It takes a lot to do but until we do there is nothing. 100 years on and that’s what I have learned. To do. Whatever it takes, just put aside. Do it. LOVE. Just do it.

  • One thing and all things
    Every moment lived
    Correct decisions a must
    Truth in each second
    As Best We Can Try Harder
    Be at Peace Harmonize
    Live in Love Amen

  • my message would be: to all those who read this i have lived and seen many things in the hundred years i have lived. i was born from love and during the hundred years i learned what this love was, how to search for it, ask for it and be it. To do the same as i have done is wisdom and time then comes the keeper of love.

  • Hello 2009
    I know you have had a rough year. But take heart because when the times get hard we tend to go back to our roots in ourselves. We start to find what really is important in our lives and it is not just stuff.
    So if you have read this and times are hard please just stay with in yourself and be happy that better things are to come I hope this message helps you to see what is really important bye from 2109 and thanks for finding your way so I could have the life that I have had.

  • Pl save water for us (those coming into existence in 2019)!

  • Change is the only constant, therefore change your mindset (attitude and actions) and you change your future (expectations and outcome). You cannot change the past, you can only alter the present so that your then won’t be a repeat of your now. Therefore live like this is your last day on earth, avoid regret rather strive for progress, above all treat everyone; young or old, rich or poor, black or white with courtesy, love and respect in this life’s greatest lessons are learned and it’s greatest riches unfold…

  • My Message:

    Do it, be it, live it, LOVE it!!!

  • Hello folks! This is Shell from the year 2109! I’ll bet your really surprised to hear from me today. I’m sending this message so you know the world has hope, that there is a future.
    There are a lot of you feeling desperate right now. Some of you are afraid the world is ending; others are afraid there job will soon end; yet others are just plain scared.
    This message is to tell you there is hope! BUT, you must look into yourselves. You need to slow down, so you can learn quicker! Meditate, pray to your higher being ( god for me), and follow your intuition. If you begin to do these things NOW you will find a new future opening up for you…a great future…
    2109 is beautiful. We have clean air, no worries, a great economy and abundant joyJOY. And all we did to get here was to: Relax, take your time, meditate and listen to your inner self. Learn to trust yourself and you will be better able to trust others in turn.

  • The universe has unlimited number of dimensions. The power of god is beyond our imagination. ‘Time’ is just a word defined by someone when god provided the opportunity to define it…..

  • To be gentle judges that seek the side of understanding and compromise with the word hope shining in their minds sometimes wishes do come true and if you travel with a heart that knows at that moment you are in everyone is doing what they think is best it is albout the bridges we build that make my best your best to.

  • “My era is grand and beautiful

    The world is peaceful and safe.
    Poverty is virtually eradicated.
    Middle Eastern issues were solved with the cultural explosion now called the Muslim renaissance.
    Amazing scientific and technological discoveries have been made.
    Humans live sustainably, harmoniously with nature.
    Love and joy are abundant.

    This is not only my world. You have a claim to it.
    You are part of the quest that gave rise to it.
    This journey will be long and sometimes trying; even now it isn’t yet over.
    Don’t lose hope.
    Don’t fear.
    Tomorrow is coming.
    You will create it.”

  • the only way to go back and forward in time is through very deep meditation. Enlighntend masters know their past and future. The opening of the third eye allows you to “travel” through time. Whatever happens is already there and you pick and choose. Time is defined withing the parameters of perception. So… get enlightened and KNOW everything there is to know. Beside; if I want to travel through time or in time, it is really my ego who wants to do it because of an issue of control. So, if I take care of my ego, through diligent discipline and meditation, I’ll “dominate” time, not by will, but because I AM.

  • The message I would send back is to have more people help others to realize that they indead do have a higher self(spirit if you like)and that if we all work together as one with unconditional love for humanity we can accomplish anything.

  • Everything is possible. Anything you can conceive of is possible. From a new pair of shoes to being a best selling author is achievable. Believe in yourself. Believe in your innate power. Know that every time you believe and really feel it, creation alters herself by bending to your will. Keep up the belief and soon the trees will bow in your presence. Ending war is possible if enough people truly believe it has already ended and hold onto this vision. A single person in every city and town of the world holding the same vision puts it into warp speed. Believe and reinvent the fine art of pretending as if it’s real. Children are masters at creation through their unbending belief that pretending long enough makes it so.

  • TO YOU
    Since ALL of The Absolute ONE has to be present at all time for Him to BE ABSOLUTE, all of Him is HERE, NOW forever, unchanging, immeasurable to His RELATIVES (us). All His variations have been created simultaneously from the beginning (just like a computer chess game contains ALL possible strategy, scenario, level and speed, before it is sold) and must be called into attention by us (pay attention, NOT money). The meaning of “time” is TRY (again), thus there cannot be a (single) time-LINE. It is an UNNECESSARY error to think so.

    A “time-machine” merely calls to attention a different “setting”, or variation of all there is.

    AS FOR ME – I live here and now (evening AND morning simultaneously).

  • Hang on kidddies this ride you’re on now is just preparing you for a much bigger ride. The present scary as it may seem will compare only as a kiddie ride after we’ve experienced the bigger ride we are sure to discover in our future.

  • If you have high self esteem, you can accomplish anything. There are many books and other products, such as subliminal CD’s that can help you accomplish this. Think and dream big, because with high self esteem, you can do it! Every person changes the world in some way. Make your contribution a big one that is highly satisfactory to you.

  • My message would read “You understood that you are responsible for your own life force, and when you understood that as truth you cleaned up the mess that not being aware of this responsibility created. You tended to that which supported your life force, fed it with truth and when you learned how to do this, you taught your children from the cradle, and they in turn taught theirs, thank you, we are here because you did this.

  • My personal message to the past:

    Father, please, don’t have children!

  • LIVE in JOY, LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY NOW!! The Ripple effect is amazing!!

  • Thank you for making it possible for all of us to be here, let say The only time machine is in our heads and mind, we can come back and change the lives we have hurt in our past lives and tell them how sorry we are and how much we care.

  • I would send back the following message:

    Endeavour to discover God (SELF), within, without and all around you!

  • Truth is,… We have all been to the future as we have all been to the past, I can say unequivocally that “now” is the time ever. Loving, healing,sharing,communicating,caring,simply being and so much more, are all only possible in the “living now” it is our real connection to everything. ‘without a doubt the time machine is a marvel of the ages, a work of genius in applied quantum mechanics,physics , electrical engineering and who knows what! It is interesting though, is it not, that anyone who has taken the so called “ride of the ages” is so much more appreciative of the now than those without the experience. Many a participant has stepped out of the machine looking both wide eyed and full of wonder like children . This being Christmas Eve allow me to share with you this “present” through which all change comes. Such is our manifest destiny. Have a good one.

  • My message:
    “Thank you for making it possible for us to be here! Continue to take care of your own DNA and that of your children, by eliminating toxins, relieving stress, and eating natural foods. Carry on the importance of love so that your great grandchildren will not destroy themselves, but instead prosper and become blessings to everyone else.”

  • Well, the message depends on how the future would be. If it would be a “good” future, ultra advanced humanity like in sci-fi movies I would deffinitely tell them back that it’s going to be cool, peaceful and I would kinda thank them(us, which I don’t think it’s going to happen). If it would be a “bad” future, like Earth’s going to blow or massive wars happening because of what we did in the past I would send a message telling them to stop being morons(as we really are) and instead of trying to exhaust the planet and be no1, get rich and all that we’d rather try communicate more, maintain the world-wide peace and “heal” the planet either by finding alternatives to all that makes damage to the planet or making it “green”. Now, I look forward to see the 2nd part happening because it’s a shame what became of the world.
    The matter if the machine is working or not it’s not important in this message because not the machine matters, but the message itself.

  • Each moment is full of unlimited possibilities. That which you believe is true of the world is but a perceptual illusion. That I am here is proof that the negativity spreaders were wrong. We, humanity, found a way through the crisis they portrayed us to have created. If you could step outside your perceptions for a moment you could see that the vastness of the Universe is teeming with possibilities and even the future that I come from can be changed now.

  • Message left to the future? Send me a list of the winning lottery numbers and I will tell you where half the money is buried.

    Regarding light/time. I don’t think we have proven that there truly is a limiting velocity in this universe since there is no way to actually test if light reacts differently in the absence of gravity. Thus it is possible that anything might be able to travel faster then the perceived velocity c if given enough power to do so.

    As for time, in the universe within which I live, it would appear that time is a factor. In a parallel universe, one that some of these readers appear to live in, it might not.

    And finally, as for the project in the video, I don’t hold out much hope for it’s success, any more then would I hold out much hope for it’s uninterrupted run into the future. No power outages or part failures? Get real.

  • The only time machine is in our heads.We perceive time as moments that have passed and moments that haven’t happened yet. This perception of time is a safety factor given/imposed? upon us by our Creator. If we all knew our true nature as Deliberate Creators,without the concept of “time” to consider what we would create,all our “wishes” would appear simultaneously. Would we create wisely? With possible harm to ourselves and to(the other parts of us)others? In my opinion,the 2012 phenomena is,at that point in “time”,our old concept of time will finally be revealed for what it is and the enlightened(those who know their true origin and purpose)will have the wisdom to responsibly create on this plane of existence.The Mayan Calendar stops on that date because there will be no need for clocks or calendars.Time will be THIS moment only,all at once.It’s hard to describe because we have all these words pertaining to past,present and future.We will just BE- As it was in the Beginning..there’s one of those time descriptive words again!The only moment there is,is THIS one.Make it the best one that you can.

  • Remember. Re-member yourselves to who you really are. You are being with infinite amounts of potential. Once you accept this truth, the world outside of you will just be a reflection of who you really are inside. Perceive and feel your own thoughts as your beloved, and I promise you things will only get better. Choose not to accept the human limitations and disempowering conditionings of your time. Choose to acknowledge what is, allow yourself to experience the moment, and appreciate every aspect of life that you create.This is what I call love. Remember to Re-member yourselves.

    note from Cyndi: yahya – thank you for the reminder to remember. Please check your email – it contains a special Thank you from us :)


  • With all do respect, this theory doesn’t add up and won’t work.

    Vladimir (previous poster) says time doesn’t exist “there” (mind). It does! Time exists on all levels, it is just “perceived” differently and behaves differently because it is governed by laws in a given dimension, like the speed of light is different under water than it is in a near vacuum environment.

    Take “dreaming” while sleeping for example. Time is totally different to perception. “time does not exist” is not a real assumption. Time does not exist AS WE KNOW IT, is a more real phrase. To the omniscients everything is ONE – all matter – all consciousness – and all time. To the omniscient the whole evolutionary process (process of cosmos) is happening at one single point of NOW, which includes past, present and future. But to say that time doesn’t exist in the other 48 dimensions of cosmos is an emotional assessment and a delusion.

    The experiment is not going to work, because physical space is limited in sense of “duration” (time) which “the speed of light” is an example of. The machine will most likely send particles to ANA-KATA (other dimensions). If he wishes to speak to himself in the future (higher self) he better start reading some “REAL” books and practice meditation.

  • I think the most important message anyone could send from the future is that there is one.

  • Well, I will use the time machine in a very negative way…In my exams, I will look into other student’s paper and when the invigilator catches me, I will reverse the time, And till that, I will get my answer without any problem..
    And apart from it, I will use that money to risk very highly in Casinos and Jackpots or Stock market, If I earn, It’s good but god forbid if I lose it then I will reverse the time :)
    And other than that, I will go to my future, and will see if any negative thing happen then I will start taking care of it very early :)
    That’s it :)

  • Time travel is possible at the level of the mind because outside this dualistic existence is a non-dualistic universe in which time does not exist. Everything is happening simultaneously including your past lives.

  • Hello. There are a few things I would like to share with you. First, the past does not have to determine your future. It can help to positively develope your future but it is not the only determinate; however, it is something to learn from. Past and future for each individual varies in length. Really the present is all that any of us have. It is the present that can greatly influence any future time for each of us. Make the most of the present. Fill it with faith, hope, and definitely love. Then the future will be one worth living when it arrives.

  • Hello. There are a few things I would like to share with you. First, the past does not have to determine your future. It can help to positively develope your future but it is not the only determinate but it is something to learn from. Past and future for each individual varies in length. Really the present is all that any of us have. It is the present that can greatly influence any future time for each of us. Make the most of the present. Fill it faith, hope, and definitely love. Then the future will be one worth living when it arrives.

  • We are ready to say goodbye to 2009.The past year has been a year of great illumination and enlightenement for many of us.More and more people have realised that in actuality we are all ONE.That we live in an abundant,benevolent,magnificent Universe and have allowed this friendly Universe to deliver as we stand back and affirm Love,Health,Light,Joy,Peace,Prosperity and Abundance for ourselves,our loved ones,our fellow human beings and all the future generations.We are whole,safe and protected and so it is now and so it shall be forever.

  • If this time machine were built I think on the whole it would be a good thing. Some people are able to remote view the future using the laws of quantum physics. If more people could do this they would understand more about the reality they are living in; cause and effect etc.. Science makes people take things seriously so I think the existence of a time machine would speed up man’s evolution by showing him the possibilities in our universe and that I am sure would be no bad thing.

  • Believe in yourself and in your potential
    Work towards discovering your own truth
    Your intention to be, will make your life be what you wish
    Be careful for what you wish, for you can make it happen

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  • As far as we are concerned – all the messages are winning messages – what wonderful, high vibrational messages being sent from our readers.

    CrystalQuest was chosen to receive a Copy of the Super Mind Evolution System for her post…

    There is no objective truth.
    Limits do not exist.
    Nothing can stop you but your own beliefs.
    An open, child-like mind is the ultimate tool for success.

    PS, the Lotto numbers for the draw on April 1, 2010, are…

  • So… which was the winning message?

  • Where is the comment I posted on the 16th?

    • Hi Chris -

      We have a spam filter set up that does a great job of catching spam – and rarely wrongly identifies high quality comments such as yours. Once in a while I go into the spam folder to look – but in all honesty most of the emails I find there are of such low energy that I tend to avoid it as much as possible. Please let us know whenever a comment doesn’t show up and I will go in and retrieve it. Thanks so much for taking the time to ask the question.

  • I am speaking to you from one of infinite number possible futures you are facing. In this one humanity unleashed the power of the heart and transformed the paradigm that formed the basis for all it social structures to one that acknowledged the truth of our interconnection and valued the wisdom of the heart. From this paradigm shift a sustainable global civilization emerged where everyone had heart felt commitment to the happiness and well being of everyone else. So please choose to live the awakened heart now and Become the change you want to see

  • I am sending this message to express how very grateful I am to everyone, who contributed largely to who i am as a human being now. True to it, I am living in a world, surrounded by positive, and negative forces, yet i was able to handle those unpleasant bits of life..You see, i pray God for this, and He led me to this what i would call an ‘obra-maestra’, beautifully orchestrated to help people achieve their desires. That’s why, I, one of the people living in the present, present myself as a living proof of how successful your works are. Next to God, i am sending you my deepest gratitude and love.

  • Greetings all,

    You are all doing superbly. Keep up the good work. All you do now is creating all you are in the future and its all perfect. The one thing to remember always is that no one is doing wrong, all are right on. Allow, allow, allow. There is no time like the present. I’ll see you there!

  • Always remember: If we live like there is no tomorrow, there won’t be. Anything we do that is not sustainable is better not done. Anything done out of fear, hate etc. is not sustainable. So always act from a position of love and compassion. The only way to solve the problems of your day is to work together freely for the common good. Not by mandate or coercion, but out of love. The beauty in our hearts transforms the world around us.

    Thank you for developing spiritually and excercising love. Doing so has made my present world possible.

  • Beloveds!
    You are so much more than you knew!
    You are a Benediction to my Universe. Release your Gifts in joyous ecstacy, and know that I am a grateful recipient of your Courage, your Hard work, and your Faith- and I am SO Proud of You!

  • To those of our past:

    Humanity needs to rise above the human conditions to think in a more pure manner. This means that much which consumes the mind presently is mind clogging to the point of not seeing the macro picture of human evolution. Evolution is eventual for all. But some will have a harder time of it because they are not learning to rise above the train of thought which dictates from need and want. Learn to put all need and want aside for meditation on your inner mind and what lies beneath the surface. Listen to your truth inside.

  • All possibilities exist. there’s nothign to fear. Choose what you would like. If you then find it’s not to your likeing. Choose again. You can’t do it wrong.

  • Dear Professor,
    100 years and your machine is still going strong. So are we. Gosh, how young we were. You are still our inspiration. The Now is everything you envisioned. Fabulous. This Earth Day marks another very special occasion – 50 years of worldwide peace. People are calmer these days. Less needy. More appreciative. Healthy. Kind. The arts flourish. The current architecture is stunning, practical. New technologies and transportation are quiet and efficient. Children have re-discovered the outdoors and the value of us elders as mentors.

    People have found together again. Let everyone know that was all it took.

  • A footnote. I never watched CNN. HA!

  • Well I guess that the message I would send back would be totally dependent on the the way things are in 100 yrs. If there is indeed 100 yrs, left. Thank you

    William Konupek

  • Believe that everything you do now will affect you in the future. We’ve seen and felt the effects of pollution and deforestation as a result of your actions.

    Believe that actions far surpass words. Now is the time to act. You’ve done nothing to ease the Earth’s burden unless you recycle and conserve.

    Believe that we are all connected. Across continents, across time, we are connected by the simple fact that we exist- whether in struggle or harmony-on Earth.

    Believe that love is the ultimate good. Love creates and nurtures. Give and receive love and work towards a better future.


    WORDS: 100

  • Set your efforts on developing a spiritual civilization.

  • Greetings from humanity of 2009. I am writing in hopes that there may be a saving grace or “will” to change the future. I am unsure of the reality in your time, but the reality in 2009 is a sad one. There is war, poverty, violence, crime and a dwindling hope within the human race.I personally have found that there is absolutely only ONE way to stop this, and unfortunately many do not see through my vision. LOVE. A very simple term with a huge definition.If you can display love and pass it on, perhaps change can occur. Through love came the greatest of commandments, ones that have at this point been forgotten. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Give respect and honor and truth and be just.help one another. Build one another up. Simply “Love” If we as a human race showed this type of love there would not rain forests ruined, murder, violence, parents killing children, children killing parents, drug abuse to your body, the selling of drugs to others, crime, starvation or war. Can you possibly take the chance to simply love one another unconditionally? Or has this lack of the greatest fruitages of the spirit already been lost and wasted and ruined humankind in your era? saving grace or changing

  • Do not fear, my name is Jeff and I have a message for you all from your future. I am energy in Human form as are you, but 100 years from now we are that much closer to God-conciousness.
    You are all part of the whole and are perfect energy. Your human experience is evolving as planned so please stop worrying and living in fear. Did you know that you are currently creating your experience through your thoughts and feelings? You have the choice of how you live this experience. Choose wisely and Be accordingly. I love you

  • It’s a bit confusing… I don’t know what to tell you and what to leave out.
    The years after September eleventh, 2001 were so turbulent… I’ve never visited your time, but I learned about it in school.

    First of all, be brave. It will get worse before it gets better. Strangely, nobody seems to know how it got better. We all remember different things. Just something you’ll live through I suppose.

    Treasure your freedom, and don’t waste a second of the time you have. Pay attention to dreams and children, there is wisdom to be learned if you choose to see. Remember that all the teachers and gurus of your time were teaching you what was already yours, what you knew already in your deepest self

    do what you wish. Everything you can imagine is possible. the less you expect obstacles, the less you will find.


  • There is no objective truth.
    Limits do not exist.
    Nothing can stop you but your own beliefs.
    An open, child-like mind is the ultimate tool for success.

    PS, the Lotto numbers for the draw on April 1, 2010, are…

  • humanity should have banded together too put the auto,oil,pharmacutical,chemical companies under wraps,now they all have us were they want us powerless against the giants who say when and how we die.the earth is so polluted with thier lies,you allowed them to kill our air we breathe and water we drink,you could have done more by dumping the fed reserve,useless paper money backed by nothing,held auto companies accountable for crappy miles per gallon cars i keep hoping for a better tomorrow but i never know ther will be another tomorrow

  • Believe that everything you do now will affect you in the future. We’ve seen and felt the effects of pollution and deforestation as a result of your actions.

    Believe that actions far surpass words. Now is the time to act. You’ve done nothing to ease the Earth’s burden unless you recycle and conserve.

    Believe that we are all connected. Across continents, across time, we are connected by the simple fact that we exist- whether in struggle or harmony-on Earth.

    Believe that love is the ultimate good. Love creates and nurtures. Give and receive love and work towards a better future.

    ~doroteja perse
    WORDS: 100

  • Thank you people of 2009 for realizing that you could change the outcome of what seemed like disastrous events in your time. We are now living in a world of peace, in harmony with nature using our resources wisely. Based on what you learned we have created an economic system that sees money as an energy that continuously flows so that all benefit. Your wisdom and belief in the power of your thoughts and emotions for positive good have allowed us to live in this beautiful garden we call Mother Earth.

  • We are all 1 family! Every country, race & culture, lets start acting like it. A functional family.

  • All you have to do is change your perspective to see heaven on
    earth, abundence in the universe is contain it that “one verse”
    so change your perspective to “uni verse” you can look to the
    future or look to the past but you can only live and act in the

  • My Dearly Beloved Ancestors,
    I send this to you from the year 3009 in response to your time machine. Life is precious and full of opportunities. We are a resourceful and loving kind indeed. In your time you have remarkable knowledge, technologies and the potential that has led us to a clean earth and peaceful universal ties. However we have not reached this point without many consequences. In the year 2009, so many of you have the wonderful power of the mind that you use to create goodness while the quickly becoming minority is still using manipulation to rule those still unaware. The resources you have through media, schools, and political agendas have the perfect answer to spread the Truth. I encourage and dare all of you to not settle with the idea that things will finally come about in my time, but that they are already equal to my time for everyone in your time. Don’t make it about the elite if you have the potential to make it about the mass!We after all are all ONE!
    With Gratitude and Hopeful inspiration for those still seeking from the future! ~~~~~~~

  • One psychic in the past, broke through to the secret of the teachings of Jesus, thus preserving life for all to continue living in peace on earth. We now are living in peace with each other ever growing in the light of the ONE, thanks to the those truthseekers that took heed, and learned how to survive armageddon.-The illusion of “The battle of Armageddon or the “Apocalypse” that threatened our very existance failed as a result of your efforts in your time and place having recognized the Truth just in time. The once human beings are now the omnibeings.

  • I think it would have been wiser to ask what message to send 100 years backwards to 1909.
    To answer the question one is supposed to know what happened in the century ahead, which is not known.
    Anything we write we would not have to have time-travelled to 2109 to have written it.
    If you saw the movie The Fifth Element, my messages would be two:
    1) A mind movie with the content of the images of war and destruction shown to beautiful Milla Jovovic.
    2) Think globally, act locally, with love, peace and gratitude.

  • Inhabitants of earth year 2009;

    Procrastination is the thief of time, time which can never be replaced.
    Decide now to become one with universal consciousness in all human endeavors.
    Aspire to higher spirituality, greater awareness & peaceful serenity.
    Stop quibbling and bickering over triviality, time is at hand.
    You must use time as a tool, and not as a couch. Begin now.
    You cannot imagine the glory, beauty, and soulful freedom that await you.

    Heed my words as truth, and you shall truly know freedom,
    a freedom of un-imaginable bliss and comfort for ever more.

  • Life is too short !

    Have your own Dream,
    Believe it you can achieve it !

  • I once had an experience of going back in time and starting to give information about something that was going to happen in the future. I was accompanied by a guide who prevented me from transmitting the information because it would create a paradox. I was transported back to the 6 day war. We were in the Sinai Desert. There were Israeli officials there discussing the strategies being used and what the possible outcomes might lead to. I told Yitzak Shamir not to worry because he would some day become Prime Minister of Israel. At that point I was prevented from telling any more information. A riff was begining to open in the earth and my guide signalled the urgency to get out quickly. Three months after this experience, more than twenty years after the 6 day war, Yitzak Shamir became Prime Minister of Israel. I had no way of knowing this would happen. Time travel is possibe on the level of the mind because outside of this dualistic existence is a non-dualistic universe in which time does not exist. Everything is happening simultaneously. However, we may be prevented from transmitting information that would interfere with possible outcomes within our dualistic system if they would create paradoxes.

  • Life is too short !

    Have your own Dream,
    and believe it that you can achieve it !

  • Love is the answer. Love is all there ever was, is, and ever will be. Meditate on Love, peace, and goodwill to all species.

  • Thank you for you for your persuit of happiness, peace and wealth today in the future we enjoy the fruits and results to give us a better way of life. Thank you from all of us in the future.

  • Seems to me that credit is best where it is due. Take a for instance:
    A fellow solves a problem, creates a gadget, a pill, solves a DNA sequence, finds a new renewable energy source or the like. Now someone sends the solution to our time. What motivation does our original fellow have to come up with the idea since well for lack of better term his ideas uniquely channelled through his circumstance no longer come into being? Future ideas are stolen by the past. So the only message worth sending is …..”congratulations it works maybe you should turn it off now” sent on a piece of papyrus written with an old pencil.

  • Thank you for working things out. Thank you for finally realizing that thoughts are things. Thank you for cleaning up the earth. Thank you for peace we now have. Thank you for this wonderful world you have given us here in your future. Just keep doing what you all are doing, it all works out.

  • First off, a caveat learned from much Star Trek & sequels watching…surely changing the future would affect the Now?

    Having said that here goes! I hope it wouldn’t be necessary, but I’d spread te word far & wide to watch Al Gore’s antique video , An Inconvenient Truth; & also Fahrenheit ? by Michael Moore.

    If I was allowed access, I’d love to read a couple of history books before my return – to see when we all got together & with one voice demanded changes in current crises.

  • Dont be afraid to dream, infact dream big! If something seems impossible today it will be a reality tomorrow, dont let anyone decide for you what is and is not possible. The dreams of today will be the reality of tomorow.

  • Life is a manifestation of what we truly believe in irregardless of our sprititual, ethnic, etc beliefs. It is us and who we are that makes the difference to this world and by focussing on the positive things (there is no bad things) and LOVE for humankind can we become as one and share the joy of living.

  • I am from Brazil, the world is living the worst moment of all.
    During all of our lives, we didn’t take care of the earth the way it should be done.
    The polution, the trash, the lack of responsibility killed the animals, the plants and now, many of us are dying.
    My message for you all around the world is: Start changing your habits, please, use the water correctly, stop killing the trees and avoid all kind of polution, because it is heating the planet and all of us are dying – start now – please or your grandsons won’t survive on this world.

  • Your “MIND” is a very powerful and sophisticated vehicle! Learn to use the rest of that untapped 90% of your mind that limits you from true freedom, knowledge and power to create a more positive YOU. Fix your mind and ALL problems will be fixed.

    Imagine if 6 Billion people had just one positive thought for just one second… :)

  • Greetings from April 10, 2009 from Mary!
    Just to let you know some of us really were conscious in this time.
    I’m working to stop irresponsible development near Los Angeles
    as a private attorney general (lawyer without a bar license). We
    really are creating more love, more peace, more beauty in the world
    and are hoping for a breakthrough of more people consciously doing the same. I pray you are well and wish you positive, loving, victorious successful vibrations. Today is Good Friday, and Sunday
    is Easter. Jesus Lives! Peace….

  • Individually Mankind must evolve and achieve full potential, they must learn to develop all of the God given gifts that they have been given which are locked in there minds.

    It is imperative that Mankind work together to create a better world. All differences that have kept people of the world apart must be put aside. The credit Crunch is an opportunity to work together, the need to repair the damage that has been done to the environment is an opportunity to wok together.

    You must offer the hand of friendship to all by sharing information and working together.

  • Hello Everyone, I just wanted to send you a message from the future. It is the year 2109 here and 2009 this day your reading this. In this year of 2009 we have our first Black President, young, smart and very innovated towards the future I now live in. It is a very hopeful time you live in and a scary one too. But, This to will Change. It took a while but peope like yourself have saved the planet from early destruction and save humanity also. You realized that the world must act as one and unit for peace. You don’t see it yet but because of you it has happened and the world is a beautiful and loving place I now live in. I want to thank you for spreading the word and doing what you know is right.

  • STOP, look, and really listen to each other. Find out what are the conflicts then work together forming workable solutions. You have to do something now before it’s too late. The planet is in danger and so are you. The “Age of Man” is ending rapidly. If your civilization is to continue, you must stop being selfish spoiled children! Learn to be responsible love each other work together end the wars and the extreme drain on natural resources. Be wise come up with ways of creating renewable clean energy sources. There is enough for everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed!

  • For every battle fought, every victory won, every life espired, every dream hoped for, for every bit of human sufferings, none were lost; only borrowed by God for this moment in time. Respect everything, and everybody, and there will be no more battles to fight, you’ll only know victory as completeness, you can work on living longer, live the dream as reality, and suffer no more. This is an act of God.

  • Look after today, tomorrowwill look after itself.

  • Dear My Fellow Humans,

    You are equipped with God-like power, so you can create your ‘own reality’. This God-like power lies in your mind. Use this power wisely, for the goodness of all life-form.

    Whatever the mind can concieve and believe, it can achieve (W. Clement Stone)

  • April 9, 2009

    A message from the future:

    “Those of the Light do not be discouraged – your heart filled diligence to spread the Great Love and awaken humanity to a passionate and joyful way of being transformed the world in ways you did imagine. The energies of Oneness, Peace, Love and Gratitude abound in a world where every Being is having a glorious grand adventure with conscious divine connection to the beautiful living planet that is our home, and in all dimensions. We love you.”

  • Be grateful and be kind

  • Hi,

    If I were living one hundred years in the future in 2109, and could send back a message to humanity now through this time machine, what would your message be?

    It is really funny…I am sorry I am using such a comment.

    We all must learn to Live in a day to day compartmentment.

    Live for each day with a real purpose and convey this message by your good deeds, and by leaving a good generation to the future.

    Why send/convey any message to the past which is past and dead?

    What ever we learn and invent should be useful to the man kind in the future and not for the people who are dead. What will you achieve by sending a message to the past. We should learn from the past and innovate for the future. That is the spirit of life.

    So conveying messages to the people who will live in the future, through a time machine, or through our day to day lfe sould be sensible.

    I totally disagree conveying any message to my grand grand parents.

    Is there any use to the humanity by such messages.

    Think ahead, Go ahead, Move ahead.

    Progress should be the mantra of the present and future generations.

    A.Mohamed Ali

  • Immerse yourself in the Bahai Writings while you still have the inestimable bounty of “free choice”. From where I stand now, in the year 2109ad. or B.E.175, as it is known at this time, you will understand why this single choice affects all of humanity for the next 500,000 yrs. Go in love .

  • Hey to the past!
    Just to let you know the future did take place without all the wasted fears and the thought that was placed on it by the people of the past.
    So don’t waste your time in fear of what will be. I am here and hundred years from now their will be more. Just look at nature of it’s beauty and power the same God that created the wind and the universe made you and made you greater than any of these. So live your life in the power that you are now and not in fear. You give up your power in fear. In far you loose control of the situation and so goes power. Be joyful and walk in power all if you do these things all else will follow.
    Just a note to say we are all fine a hundred years from now.
    Live in Love Charles

  • Fear not. The best is yet to come.

  • You are doing fine. Everything is going just as it should. With Love

  • I believe we should send a good fart joke back in time so that the people in the past can see that we still are very funny. Everyone loves a good fart joke!

  • It has been proved beyond all doubt – Love Is The Law.

  • It has been proven – Love Is The Law

  • We are all infinite consciousness ~Life is only a dream, together humans can unite and look past all differences. This “reality” that we live in is only one dimension we experience through this reality called life. If my generation did not unite, we would live in a world prison ruled by elites. Keep revolution alive throughout generations in the present and future, continue to stand for unity, liberty and freedom. If you do not heed this message, corrupt elites will try to control planet Earth and us… Be Renegades…..for truth,justice and humanity

  • Learn to know yourself. The more you know about yourself the closer you are to the Creator. The creator gains knowledge through appreciation of Itself and you are the Its student and teacher. The summations of your experiences are unique as you learn you also teach. That is what you have to offer, it’s your present, and it’s the gift which the Creator deeply desires. You are an infinite collective vessel. You Are a love/light density striving for unity with the Creator. Throughout your journey keep searching, for the means to reach the next higher density level.

  • my message will be:

    enjoy the present as its really a present (gift) for you. don’t look at the future to be fruitful but make all the efforts to make today the best and enjoyable. the time lost for this anticipation process will always be regretted. BE HUMAN, BE SPONTANEOUS AND LIVE THE MOMENT.

  • Stop the new world order NOW!!! Ban central banking systems which only bring perpetual debt. Establish a resource based monetary system. Ban corporate farming and genetically altered food. Discover your omnipotence and treat yourself and all of humanity, and especially Mother Earth with the utmost respect. Human consciousness will win. Freedom, Peace, Prosperity, Health, Wealth and Abundance will reign on Earth for the rest of time!!!

  • If this message has reached you, then know this wisdom; look after our planet better; tell the politicians and bankers it’s time take responsibility for your errors and release the third world from debt completely! Humanity must take responsibility for its own actions and change the way it lives! I bid peace,light and Love!

  • Live your Life. Love one another and respect mother Earth. Enjoy laughter and children playing with their shadows in the grass. Extend a hand to an elder person, or a disabled person, show someone with Cancer how to laugh. Be supportive as there for the Grace of God go I. Live your Life in Peace.

  • to the wonderful people of 2009 this is a message to you from year 2109
    a. please take care of the earth, it is very important to our environment and our air quality

    b. please take care of your health, eat healthier, exercise your body and mind

    c. practice your faith daily and be kind and neighborly to all

    d. most important remember that we all are human beings not human doings and work together for the love of the world and the future generations

    with much love and compassion the future

  • My message: Understand that you are part of the “whole” – every living thing is part of the one “organism” that is the universe. You cannot damage another without damaging yourself. You are perfectly imperfect! The purpose of your life is to learn to love yourself unconditionally. Once you love yourself unconditionally it is then possible to love others. Until then, it is not real love. Once you understand and love yourself and thus others, it is not possible to do anything to damage youself, others or any other thing. This means that you will have a perfect body, perfect health, will not do anything that damages yourself [perfect self-esteem] or damages others. You will understand the interconnectedness of all things and will take care of the planet as you understand you are part of it. No longer will the pursuit of things and pleasure be important. Your life will be “love”, happiness is automatically yours [and thus permanent pleasure]. Capitalism as you know has disappeared as the neeed for pleasure via things is no longer necessary.

  • Time is a construct of human consciousness. We are here now.Listen.

  • Oh and as an afternote there are people who can see into the future but it’s still only one version of the future so nobody can truly go into our future even if we could go forward in time we would only go to a possible future, and we would need a computer to tell us what to do so we don’t you know, slap someone and create a new Hitler or something ….

  • Someone has been listening to David Icke, follow his advice though and make up our own damn mind, don’t just regurgitate what he or anyone else says…


    Lol ok Rly

    Think people you cannot say squat because you’re not in the future, your current reality is created by the future (in some weird complicated way I have yet to fully comprehend) and even if it wasn’t … you’re no in the future right so this entire excersize is pointless in that technical niche.

    I would say this though…

    Because of the prime directive we cannot give you any pertinent information however you’re all fantastic & good luck :)

  • The movie would not load so please take that into consideration, thanks.
    My message would be the same as I would tell you today, things are not only never as the seem, with our sences limited to 5 physical and then a mental sence witch we are granted use of somehow is all we really know for sure because reality and all that it seems to be just may be a total illusion and proof of anything within a dream seems to me not very hard evedence. SO the only thing important to understand is that anything may be possible but you may only have this moment to do it, so have as much fun as possible play nice and love your brothers an sisters.

  • Beyond what our undereasoning brains ever put together in our wildestdreams evenso,theyre real HERE

  • Greetings. What we have remembered about time is that it does not exist. It is an illusion that we humans created to make sense of what we could not understand. There is only NOW whether you choose to label it with a number or not. We have benefited from your willingness to understand and explore these concepts to enable us to take them further and we thank you.

  • dear bussiness ^parthners i wish to let you know that i will love to hear of building and lunching my projects and building my bussiness empires and others things i demanded to be done in umuofor akabor imo state nigeria west africa kindly respond to this urgent demands not that i will be repeating it always

  • In 2109, we have finally learned to understand that the very survival of the human race, depends upon–no–it demands that we show only love towards all of the inhabitants of earth and to the earth herself. Once you have learned this, there is nothing you cannot accomplish and the earth will give up it’s never ending yield to you.

  • I emplore all of you to increase your vibrations to that of earth. For in 2012 the earths increased vibration will enter it into the first degree of the fourth demention; leaving behind those who have not increased their virations. To you who have not, woe unto you.

    Practice your meditations. Learn to use your alpha and theta minds. Send out vibrations of peace and love. To those who have not; we who have will seem to have simply disapeared.

    All here have what ever we want for we simply create it.

  • If variety is the spice of life, then tolerance, respect, understanding and cooperation are its sustenance. Each particle of the universe is linked and necessary to the whole.

    Learn and apply these maxims now, and ALL your children will enjoy peace and prosperity on our wonderful planet.

  • For the life of me I don’t understand this fascination with time traveling. I am very happy in the time and space I am in right now. I have no need to get messages from the future. If someone were to contact me and tell me what my life is like 100 years from now, where will the excitement be for living today, now.

    The main usefulness of time travel will probably be in space exploration and space travel. With distances so vast the only way to even consider travel to our nearest solar systems, even the outlying planets on our solar system, would be through time/space travel.

    This particular machine does not seem to answer that question. But if it does work, I am sure he or someone else will find a way to adapt it.

  • 1 — I would Plead with people to take responsibility for their own lives / health etc … LEARN to take care of their bodies and free up the MD-Dr. for when we REALLY need them, ie: emergency surgeries etc . — put the natural health practitioners onto the list of approved in the health care system so you can go to them for help in TAKING care of your own bodies — this will help with the shortage of MD’s problem. >> as well as teaching you healthy ways to look after your own body…
    ( i am NOT a natural health practitioner, just a concerned citizen )

    2 — they need to FIGHT for the LOVE that this world should consist of — not fight as in wars etc … but fight with all the love they have in them — No matter what — LOVE is the answer.
    Stop all the ‘so called’ progress as it has always been — go GREEN in all ways to save this wonderful planet we have inhabited and , unfortunately, have been working on destroying since the beginning of said ‘progress’ …
    We are all fighting the same battle called ‘life’– We NEED to just HELP ‘each other’ make it a wonderful experience !?!?!?!?
    There IS enough in this universe for everyone — feed your hungry and weak, if you have an abundance, share it with those who have none – in a respectful way — HELP each OTHER UP …
    When we have 1 person living in a 60,000 sq. ft. house and millions on the streets — there is something definitely wrong with the way people have been taught to think — or NOT to would be more like it …

    There is ONE God — no matter what you may call Him — there is but ONE — and we are ALL his children — we don’t need to be fighting for any differences in what His message is to us – if we ALL fight for ‘LOVE and caring’ for each other …. the world WILL be a much better place !!!

  • A message to the past. Please realize that the mind IS a powerful force and that THOUGHTS DO BECOME THINGS! You MUST eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and cynicism! Work as one to make this universe the paradise we all know it can be. Mankind MUST evolve and expand in peace from this Big Blue Marble we live on in order to survive. We must become enlightened beings that are willing to receive and help others on a Quantum level. You are all spiritual beings, so work on being enlightened enough to realize this.

  • You have a chance now to leave behind the waring selfish greedy nature of mankind, and evolve into the gods that you are. You need to embrace the spirit of man, to love your fellow souls, and work together to produce harmony and security for every individual on the planet, No longer will you live in fear with daily death and destruction, its time for the collective conscience to change say. (WE DON,T WANT THIS ANYMORE } take their power away NOW!!

  • Be Thankful

  • I would just say to ppl from future (ex. 2109) to take care of the mother Earth and make a better world out of what they possible will inherit from us today. Blessings.

  • Take good care of the future, you and others will spend the rest of their life their

  • IV sent this message to warn you,
    The direction your planet is moving in is not one of Love,
    Your leaders are & have been misguiding you from the truth,
    They are doing all they can to suppress your soul.
    There’s going to be manmade events in order for you to give up your freedom, for security.
    Present 2109, ¾ of the world population have been erased in order to more easily control us. They micro chipped 1,000,000s. The only form of money is on cards with all person history. You must wake up and take back responsibility for yourselves.

  • If I could leave a message for the future, I would say that it can be anything that we want it to be as long as we imagine it in a positive and pratical way. By positive and pratical I mean a future without war and one where everybody can live in peace.

    Raymond Day
    Mastermind Associates

  • Dear Cyndi, Iain, and Jules,

    Thank you for this lovely video. I have always been a great fan of Evolution and I have been on this mailing list for about two years and I just love it!

    Okay so here is the message I’d like to send:

    “My fellow humans. There is only one place where all your answers lie. Your mind and the collective minds of all other creatures (man, animals and plants). There is only one word that can fix all problems you face as individuals, societies and countries. LOVE. Here in 2109, technology has grown ten thousand times since 2009 and your science fiction has become our reality. Although the most remarkable progress we have made is that we have no borders or boundaries, no bombs or guns. We all live together as one. You must understand that we are all but one.”

    Thanks and I really really hope you like it! I’ve always wanted the SMES and I guess this competition is just for me!!!



    New Delhi, India.

  • “Dont loose Hope! Its the most beautiful thing in the world on which life survives…so hold on your hope tightly and pray for us..we are all here waiting to meet you!”

  • When you focus on your goal with intention you facilitate and create magic and transformation for everyone.

  • See I told you, do the yoga,, Jesus knew, Paracelsus knew, so did Pythagoras, Plato, Aristotle, Einstien, The Mayans, Wallace Wattles, H P Blaatsky and many more now we have Adrian P Cooper and Eckhart Tolle, They all know the Secrets of the Ancients, The Yogis and Moses,,

    With all due respect, it is dynamic work,,But,, Why All the fuss on any machine, when the Mind already knows it All,, Dec 21st 2012 will come and go leaving some of us using our Sixth Sense,, Then we shall really travel!!

  • This guy is Nuts. He has Nothing. I hope none of our money is going towards this!!!

  • Comment on the Time machine: this is one of my favorite concepts. If I were to be able to send 100 words of info back in time if would be:
    I am sending you a message from the future. Here is what I can tell you to hope for. First of all, build one of these machines yourself (give instructions). Make sure to archive all information you know about and put in underground where it can’t be destroyed by the elements. Here are the times where you will have challenges,,,, but you will persevere. After living through them myself, here is what I would do differently to minimize casualties. Here are the things you should start researching and developing now.

  • Make your own future…don’t let your mind limit your reach….don’t let the future hinder you!

  • I have’nt looked at the videos yet, but my message would be, “DO YOGA, DO YOGA, DO YOGA” It’s the Eternal “Thing” Now I will check all the videos!!

  • My message to the people of today is
    Look after your planet NOW!
    Do not borrow money from your banks. Live within your means.
    Live by the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
    Be very careful in your choice of leaders for your country.
    Look after your Young/Elderly and vulnerable.


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