Million Dollar Mind Power Research Reveals Secrets For Free

Million Dollar Mind Power Research Reveals Secrets For Free

Cyndi’s note:  This is one of our first ever free mind power gifts and it’s been loved for years – and so, even though it’s no longer “brand new” it’s still really wonderful and if you haven’t read it yet there is no better time then right now :-)

Would love to know about your experience after you read it….

Isn’t life phenomenal?

The ground-breaking mind power ebook reveals secrets from the research that have never been released to the public for free before

  • Discover the Kahuna way to create your future in 5 steps.The powerful Hawaiian Kahuna priests were the keepers of occult secrets known only to a privileged few …until now. (Full technique given in Chapter 1)
  • Learn how to produce a specific dream to help change your physical reality e.g. improve your overall health. Learn about the dream universe and how to remember dreams and generate the dreams of your choice. (Full technique given in Chapter 2)
  • Learn how to access ALL knowledge …past, present and future… to create financial windfalls by tapping into the field. Learn how to use your mind to connect with …and influence… another person’s mind (Chapters 3 and 4)


Click here to download the mind power free ebook

…and if you’ve invested in the FULL research, we’d love to hear your feedback. Please leave a comment below…

Million Dollar Mind Power Research Reveals Secrets For Free 4.83/5 (96.67%) 6 votes

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  • I’ve been using this program for about 3 weeks now and my life is definitely changing.
    I feel a lot less stressed and my ability to deal with stress has improved.
    I think the trick is to not try and predict how positive events will unravel but to just simply believe and trust that they will.

  • Hi, I have been working on remote influencing business people before I have business meetings with them and all I can say is WOW! Success at 3 meetings in 3 weeks, I got one guy to completely change his already made up mind not to do what I was asking and to go along with my suggestion. How this stuff works blows me away, I have no exact idea of why it works, but it DOES. If you have a meeting coming up that is ultra important to you, you can influence a positive outcome before hand guaranteed. If you do not buy this stuff and work on it, shame on you, you do not deserve to win. This stuff gives you an advantage second to none. Regards, God Bless and good luck,
    Mike Gerriety

  • Loved the program…I have only used it for 2 weeks now but has really expanded my concepts of what is possible with the brain and how all these abilities can be activated within us. Thank you so much!

  • Hi! I have had the program for more than a year now, and although the circumstances in my life as well as my state of mind held me back for a long time from actually committing to doing any of the program(s) on a consistent basis, just the knowledge and a basic understanding of ‘what is out there’ on it’s own, adds to my life and is worth it’s weight in gold.

    I have done a lot of reading my whole life, and I can honestly say I’ve never read anything that is so concentrated in wisdom and powerful understanding as this collection of insights, teaching, and actual tools. The truth is I’ve only got a few other books that I now go to for insight and help, as this collection is now my ‘holy grail’ for help in sorting out what is going on for me. Knowing I’m not crazy, having been born sensitive or raised sensitive to matters of the psyche, is also an added bonus :) Feeling like I have found some similar thinkers, and feeding my mind and soul on other people’s findings.. also bonuses.

    But the mp3′s and the teaching on pendulums, our subconscious, our connections to others (both good and bad) all of these things are invaluable sources of hope for me, as it explains that which is unseen in life, and for me, gives me endless hope, comfort and the tools to transform my life. I can’t count the areas that I’ve applied this to, as for me, it feels like to everything.

    A thank you cannot possibly suffice, but thank I will :) and if you are reading this, and unsure about the program, I thoroughly suggest ‘giving it a try’. Firstly, they are honest and will refund you if you don’t like it. Secondly, what have you got to lose?? Just my 2 cents. :-)

  • I’m using it to counter the stress from the challenges that I’m going through rigth now… I’m glad I got these tools at the right time.

  • Most complete and comprehensive system around. Bought it 2 weeks ago and used it to great effect already!
    Thank you!

  • Thanks for the e-book. It looks an interesting read.

  • I am very pleased with all of the information that I received and am looking forward to exercising my way through it….A big thanks from Joel in Minnesota :).

  • It seems like a lot of material to digest at once. I have not really much time to experiment with the various tracks and pdf files but the few that I have seem interesting. Perhaps I will appreciate this product much more over time.

  • Interesting program,but I think if you shorten the time limit of the programs to half the time limit but would give the same effect it would be better for people who have families and limited time.

    • Relating to first comment I posted if it is possible to get the same effect in a shorter time I don’t know,only the developers know this and they would know referring to the Dream Programming.It would be very beneficial to people who don’t have much time for listening.It is a suggestion to think about.

  • Bought the Super Mind Evolution System 3 weeks ago and the information was so extensive it took me about 2 hours to download everything. Have been reading some of the more interesting (to me) pdf information and listening to the associated mp3. I have noticed my attitude toward things in general have changed for the better. I feel much more positive. I have an awful lot of reading and listening which will take me the better part of a year probably because I read some articles more than once to be sure I am getting the right perspective and the mp3′s definitely have to be listened many times to in bed the information into your mind. Very well done and informative information.

  • I’m extremely pleased with Super Mind. So far, it seems to be all that a person could need to get started in improving their own processes of thinking and being. Long way to go…but I Love it.!!!


  • I’ve never found a program like this that is so extensive with the reports and the MP3′s. I’ve been working with 2 other programs and haven’t really had the chance to delve deeper into The Super Mind Evolution System. I will be putting in more time checking out this system. I’ve seen this program years ago, and since I had the money, I bought the system to help where the other programs miss out on. I also love the DVD, it has more information and reports that are not included in the System itself. I know what this system can do for my future self, and everybody I come in contact with. It is a very powerful course if you take the time to realize what you can do with it and go through it. There are many different parts to really check out.. I love the System since I bought it, finally. To end up in life where I should have been a long time ago. Thanks for checking on me. Sometimes I get lost in all of the information that I have collected from lots of different programs through the years. Great job on the content of the System.

  • These products are amazing!!! I have noticed a shift in my overall state and energy and I just got started. I am glad I found this!! It is making a huge difference in my overall being!!!!!!

  • I have been asked…er….bribed(their words) to post a comment regarding ‘The Super Mind Evolution Sytem’. Well, I must be honest so I will admit that I have been very interested in Jeff Gignac’s technology for a while now. I’ve been using his ‘Passive Brain Fitness’ audio’s & VIDEO’s also for awhile. To be honest I may have made a mistake in purchasing the SME program. I was looking for & more interested in Super Mind Academy. But, I do enjoy the reports & audio’s I received. I have used over the last couple years, Equi-Sync, which in my opinion is a good value for the cost. HoloSync, which seems to be an excellent BWE program, but the cost is troubling, to me personally. I have also used some of the unexplainable store audio’s, mostly theta & delta which I seem to prefer. Passive Brain audio’s & video’s seem to be the best, FOR ME, at this time. I have been disabled & unable to work since 2007. I have alot of time on my hands. I was meditating, the old fashioned analog way, for around 4-5 Hours a day total. When I began to use brain entrainment, I used it for 3-31/2 hrs total per day along with a half hour of comtemplation and another half hour of ‘regular’ meditation. I DO believe it is important, in my opinion, to have the ability to ‘duplicate’ the results of BWE NATURALLY!! and I DO!! I have suffered NO ill effects form dedicating that ,much time to it. Except for maybe rushing the process. I did become very, very, sensitive to my/the ‘triggers’ though. It was rough for awhile, but I have mostly overcome that & raised my ‘tolerance/threshold’ level considerably. All in all, I AM pleased with the Super Mind Evolution System, as well as all of the others, ESPECIALLY JG”S PASSIVE BRAIN FITNESS, as I have a nice selection to fill my hours with considrable ‘diversity’. Thanks again for your fine product & keep up the good work. I think it is very, very important for humanity to ‘learn’ how to think better & DIFFERENTLY than in the past & your product IS helping!!!!

  • I am so grateful and thankful that I got this program!!!

  • Its been 3 weeks since I bought the program and even though you included the Read Me First document, it took me some time to figure out the order of priority that I would like to use the program going forward. I must admit however, that as I am reading more reports, that priority list is also changing :)

    I have started listening to the Alpha induction and am reading the reports which are to be read in the first month. What I realize is the first month’s material itself is so powerful that it maybe all you need! Even though the techniques may seem simple, they are not. It will take a while to master them to really generate great value from them to enrich one’s life.. But the feeling I get is once I master them, the first month’s techniques themselves will add so much value to my life. Suddenly it feels like I would be able to control my life and the outcome of various situations.

    Very pleased that I made the decision to go for the Super Mind Evolution System. I think this is the most powerful self development program ever created!

    I do have one question – how and when do I use the bonuses? Are they to be used after I master the SMES system? In what order? Guidelines on their use would be really helpful.

    Thank you so much.

    Warm regards,

    • Gia

      Hi Ranjjite, The bonuses are not part of the regular program and can be used whenever you’d like. Much joy ~Gia~

  • I am very impressed by the awesome wealth of information ,easy to digest and apply and I am already starting to notice a major improvement in my well being especially with the Luck programs .I would recommend the Super Mind package to anyone who is a fan of self development content and want to improve their lives.
    Thank you .

  • Hello .

    Thank you very much for your whole program. Nice, impressive and effective. Good and solid stuff.
    Keep up the good work. Thanks.



  • I’m really impressed by both the quality and breadth of material provided with the Supermind Evolution system. To my mind it has to be the best value system of its kind around. It’s clearly based on very extensive theoretical and practical research.

  • This stuff is simpy amazing! I’ve never seen anything like it before! :)

    I wish I found it earlier! I would avoid so many problems! :) Once again a huge thank you from me to you! :)


    Rafik Ennaoui

  • It WORKS!!!!! It works beautifully and effortlessly. I have benefited in many, many ways since I bought your programme. The biggest one is it healed my dearest child from a serious illness. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I found a perfect job since then using your programme. I absolutely love my job, it is everything I dreamed about. At the moment I am reaching my next goal of attracting amazing luck into my life. My huge and deep gratitude to you!!! Blessings and Good Luck!

  • this music is very powerful. i been training my mind since 18 years, started with yoga, mind power training,…nlp..i got a email to download free music, i listen to it. it is so powerful, i can feel it, thank you very much , you are not only making money helping other to improve the mind and make more money. i can tell to any one this trainig can tranform your life, dont belive me give a try for free.

  • I am astounded at the breath and depth of information and knowledge provided here. This is site is my ultimate favourite and you guys just keep on moving the goalpost further every year with each new product that comes out. Thank you for all that you do and your wonderful products which contain amazing teachings that will help with the rest of my life. May you prosper and thrive. This is truly being of service to humanity. Mwaaah!

    • Actually, sorry meant to edit it but not allowed to do, so am going to say it here. Your programme and package, totally outstanding. Nothing compares to it anywhere on the net. Thank you for making this available to the general public as there is a big shift taking place across the planet and people are awakening or needing to awaken at a much faster rate than ever before, and your site and your package can help to light the way.

  • This program is unbeatable. I have search online offline to compare,but until now,nothing else.

    I must commend Cyndi and co.

    Thank you,thank you thank you.

  • This program has been money well spent. The price is absolute terrific for all the program has to offer. Thank you for offering an incredible product at an affordable price.

  • I have been receiving emails from all Gurus in all over the world regarding the Mind Power and the techniques we should use to benefit from our mind for the last 10 years. I have tried most of them but since I purchased the Supper Mind Revolution System I even do not open the emails from those Gurus and experts because I have realised that other mind programs do not cover any information or tools to apply that can not be found in the Supper Mind Revolution System. In other words, the Supper Mind Revolution System alone equals all the mind programs in the internet. It contains every single information regarding the mind power and the techniques for using the mind power. I am very glad to have been able to purchase this system for my psychology collection ebooks.

  • Great program with mind awaking scripts that work on the sub-concious mind. thanks

  • The exciting tools for the mind and Conscious awareness. Thank you. – See more at:


  • Increasing my knowledge of the innate psychic ability in ALL of us has been a passion of mine for many years. I can’t quite believe the depth of the material of the Super Mind Evolution program and I must say that I can’t WAIT to get stuck in!
    I just KNOW that I will be able to retrieve lots of golden nuggets.
    Thank you so much!!

  • Hello… I finished downloading the Super Mind Evolution System on 16 August… I worked from 17 Aug to 30 Aug on the Alpha Mind Control (.mp3 and .pdf)…. The material is really awesome… From the day I started I am bombarded everyday with great ideas and I consider being an author as my number one option…. I wished I had found this information two or three years ago… I am inspired to uncover the whole system…. But true to say, the information in the SMES is overwhelming…
    At the price you are offering the SMES, I say it is a gift….
    Michael ZOUBA
    (Burkina Faso, West Africa)

  • Natural and Healthy. And Amazing!

    • this music makes me happy

    • I am so grateful i found Super Mind again and my life has changed in 10 days of using the techniques and ground breaking discovery of the powerful computer called brain and the software known as mind

  • There is a lot of content, a real value. I started with Alpha Mind Control, I am using it every day.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    • The mp3 are very powerful. The contents are so good and the BWE and hypnosis technology is simply amazing. Love it!!

  • The “Super Mind Evolution System” is the most incredible guide that opens up your eyes widely to the fascinating unknown world. I am so grateful to the creators of this amazing system and for the opportunity to learn about the true capabilities of human beings.
    Please keep it up – your work is priceless!

  • Having a few problems getting into the routine, but I will persevere, the results should be well worth the effort. Des.

  • The link will not work for me.

    • Cyndi

      Hi Christine;

      If you can tell me what link isnt working then we will get it resolved for you :-)

  • Thank you so much for this comprehensive system that has phenomenal value in life. There has been so much research and effort put into this amazing course. I love that it starts with a monthly planner so it makes navigating through the valuable info PLUS accountability to oneself – and great that we can put our priorities in order to cater the program for our personal value system. Thanks once again for your wonderful package at great value! Very happy with the results. Warmest regards

  • I’m fascinated with the Alpha Mind Control audio. I use it every day and I feel I can relax so easily and sink into a meditative state. I love the ebooks, as well. They are very informative. I think the system is well worth the money I spent on it. There are so many bonus materials but I don’t want to rush anything.I’m taking it slow. I’m still at the beginning but I would recommend it to everybody. Keep up the good work!

  • I Bought the Mind Power system back in 2010, I just read it through mostly and picked it up now and then since. I must say I got quite confused and undecided, as to where to start first, there is so much material.
    I just purchased the latest offer, 3 weeks ago, as there was so much more value being given, also the updated audio’s.
    What impressed me to invest again is that there is also a Quick Start Guide included and this has helped me to focus immensely, and with direction.
    I started listening to the Celestial Luck program the next night, after purchasing pillow speakers, the day after I noticed that I was more aware and was full of energy, so I carried on night after night to listen while falling asleep.
    At the end of the second week, a good friend of mine, unbeknown to me, gifted to me the sum of $500 in an investment program I wanted to join for a while, I was totally amazed by it.
    I am beginning to be more in tune with my intuition and acted on it this last weekend resulting in more luck
    Thank you for such a great system


  • I am a strong believer in meditation and hypnotherapy. It should be a must for everyone in this very busy, extremely speeded up life, especially when 24/7 information is pouring on to us non-stop. I listened to a few of them and I found them very interesting, calming and soothing. Even when we fall asleep during a session before it happens and we are in a meditative state that is very important ‘me time’. I started to listen two sessions daily. Altogether I’m very pleased with the program and surely recommend it to everybody.

  • I’ll take that Shameless bribe and return my deepest gratitude. The “Super Mind Evolution System” is a phenomenal collection in one place. There is so much information to go through, but very well laid out. I look forward to going through the whole program. Cu-do’s to you for everything. Per your recommendation I started with the “Brave-heart system”. Lots of me shows up every day and I’m totally amazed. Thanks again,


  • It’s a very intriguing course. A little confusing at first, and I would say not suitable for anyone with a gambling addiction. However, I have been getting into more of it. I love the hypnotic inductions, which are so good I often fall asleep during them. I have revived my interest in dowsing and started using a pendulum again – when I start to get good results I’ll move on to the “mental” pendulum. Very good the information about Seth – I’ll get some of the books, which are now available on Kindle. It covers a lot of ground, and I haven’t covered anywhere near all of it yet, but I do think it’s very good, especially for someone who can navigate their own way through it. Different bits will interest different people.

  • The material is great and effective too..Thank you for putting this together .. I am sure it will benefit so many people.

  • I am very impressed by it’s content. Listen to one or more tracks almost every day before going to work. I will listen to other music tracks while reading. I am already getting good results. – See more at:

  • This a wonderful program to listen to and bring out the true you. One can achieve all their goals by listen to the audio programs and reading the section that the audio is design to be used with. I truly enjoyed reading the programs and listen to the audio and video programs.



  • I must say after purchasing almost the whole super mind music library, this course was the next step, i really enjoy your music and your blog which has a lot of great info which has helped many. Will definitely stay in contact thru the blog and being a member of your super mind site is also pretty awesome with a lot of good material.

    Thank you Richard

  • I am grateful to have stumbled onto this great program, I will definitively take it very seriously and will post new comments as soon as something new comes up. Thanks

  • Wow I am very happy that I had the chance to purchase the Super Mind Evolution System and the added bonuses and I haven’t been disciplined with the practice lately but have seen results already with dream programming to relieve a personal dilemma, remote influencing to slow down a friend’s fast driving habit and more offers of things that I think of such as “would you like to stop to take some photos”? as we drove through a beautiful tropical area, and other synchronistic events like a meal delivered from a friend’s restaurant which was what I wanted to order. Also I am feeling an ability to communicate with some animals such as dogs that I care for and the birds near me (tropical birds in Phuket, Thailand) that whistle a beautiful tune outside my window at sunrise, and with me probably in an Alpha state, soon to wake up I ask them to “shhh” with a loving thought from my heart and they lower the volume considerably. The Alpha Mind Control BWE track is keeping me in Alpha more often during the day and the ebooks are very enlightening to what we are capable of and are also fun to read. Thank you again for all that you gave me here and for your shameless bribe to come.

  • A lot of info but so far so good

  • Did the luck and dream programming last night. I must say I had the most lucid and detailed dream that I have had in years. It was filled with color and so detailed. I moved from observer to a participant reality that I had to question to myself if it had actually happened. The best part of it all was that I remembered each and every detail, it was wonderful. Now all I need is some interpretation. I am looking forward to more of the same with the meaning behind it.
    Highly satisfied

  • Like some others I had been wanting to buy this for some time, so I couldn’t resist when it was recently on sale. I have only had it a few days but on the very first night of reading “Subjective Communication” I gave it a try. briefly my stepson was owed two hundred pounds for some cash in hand work that he had done for a friend of a friend but after two weeks of trying to get paid and many unanswered phone calls he had given up. So I gave Subjective Communication a try that first night after reading it. The next day I came home from work to hear that the guy who had owed the money had called to arrange to pay. Of course I kept quiet about my part. And my stepson gave myself and his mum a decent sum of money to go out for a meal, so I feel like I have already made the money I spent on the Evolution System back already, I Think the system IS worth the money. But if you buy it make sure to practice and use it.

  • Productivity increased, tolerance levels rose and my relationship with my family and friends improved a great deal. Thank you for an affordable, priceless program.

  • I have wanted this System for so very long and I finally took the plunge and bought it. I can’t describe how happy I am that I finally did it! It is like I’m a kid in a candy store! There’s SO MUCH INCREDIBLE information and the music, BWE, HYP, Subliminals and just ALL of it is truly amazing & blows my mind. The service is great & I’m proud to be part of a community of like-minded beautiful souls. I just purchased this a couple days ago and listened to the Intuition & Remote Viewing Hypnosis and the first night I already started to have lucid dreams & was very close to Astral Projection, which hasn’t happened in months! Very powerful stuff here. I am LOVING IT! Thank you for developing this phenomenal program & for a price I can afford. I know I’ll be attracting health & wealth into my life and consistently learning so much. I have told all my clients, friends and family about this & have urged them to try it out….Many Blessings to all of you….Sincerely, Michelle N. Lyons

  • Hi, Thank you for your prompt response and replacing my materials that got lost when my system crashed. Such good customer service hard to find these days.

  • Just downloaded the Best Mind Power Offer. Looks like a great amount of useful information and can’t wait to delve into it and start the learning process. Since it is almost 3 a.m. in Canada, it will wait until tomorrow morning.



  • I am far more relaxed, confident, and sure of myself since using these two programs Super Mind Evolution system and the Ultimate Mind Power system which has been a great challenge for me as I have Aspergers. Thoughts would continuously race through my mind causing my to feel very inadequate in social situations but now my mind has slowed down considerably and I am truly happy with the person I am today. I know longer feel it necessary to find love, or approval from my outside world because I now have it within myself to provide all that I thought I was without and missing in my life.

    Thank you for this awakening. I feel so liberated! :) Lori K

  • LOL. You guys! I just finished sending Cyndi a lengthy letter but I’ll take the
    bribe anyway and add a few more words. I’ve been following directions and have been
    listening to the Alpha once a day read the report and a couple of books that were
    suggested and I’ve also have listened to a couple of wake me ups and the PK. Now
    I’ll tell you; in the past when I’d get home I would jump into bed and become a
    potatoe, watching my shows. Then, just like that, I’m always researching studying
    attending webinars learning as much as I can. I, FINALLY, know what I want to be
    when I grow up. I’m going to become a Life Coach. And then on the side I want to
    learn how to be psychic, read tarot cards, palmistry, numerology, reiki, etc. lead
    in meditations, brain entrainmentions and find out about the other side. I’d like
    to be able to have a conversation with my Grandma. I could go on and on. So many
    fun ideas. So needless to add, my life is so interesting. I don’t have time for TV.
    Just like that! Of course I go to weekly meditations, my theatre rehearsals and I
    spend Time with my grandchildren. There’s just so much more I could tell you. But
    that’s enough for now.
    Pip, pip, Cheerio

  • I have been doing the 1st month on the SME mainly the brave heart system. I definitely have noticed a change. I feel better and look forward to listening to them every morning. Every time I do the alpha I tend to fall asleep and wake up just as it finishes. Then I can get up and do my studying and my mind just absorbs the information it is great. I am so chuffed to have found the SME system as It is something I have had questions about forever and everything Jim Francis says it what I have been believing and all my friends have been thinking I am loopy. Thanks to all the team who have put this together,

  • Hi there

    Just wanted to find out if the “Mind Power Secrets” can be bought on CD and shipped to my country South Africa?
    Please advice.
    Kindest Regards

    • Cyndi

      Hi Lesibana;

      The system cannot be purchased on CD’s – it is a Digital Download. There is a DVD that is offered – but this contains the links to download the product from the internet

  • I have used the Fear Removal and Feel Good Trigger audios and I felt every time wonderful. I listen to this audios even when I think that my head is full of negativity and it would not help, but it makes me free every time. I hear to this only within a day because the Fear Removal Machine has in his 2 part melody changing scary Melody that gives me fear of the Dark if I hear it before I fall asleep.

  • I’ve had this entire collection for quite awhile now, (several years), and really enjoy it.
    Very enlightening, and I would highly recommend it.

  • A lot of information to process. Time will tell.

  • Hi
    I have had the system for three weeks .There is a lot of material to digest and the only real way to know its worth for me is the second month .

  • Hi Cyndi, Ian, Phil

    I have purchased the SMES three weeks ago. i have only read the articles as lined out in the quick guide. i do find the material that i have read so far very fascinating as i am very interested in having some control if not total in certain areas of my life. The Mental pedulam, remote viewing among others are for me the programmes i would really like to master. At the moment i am just listening to the Alpha audio via my surround souns sytem as i do not have a player with earfones yet. i hope that i am really going to develope my intuition seriously. thas one of my interests and desires.

    Well as soon as i see any credible progress on my side i will let you know about it.

  • Lots of content. Love the programs. Listen to 1 before bed and usually one during the day. Feeling the stress melt away.

  • It is the best mind program I’ve bought to date!! Very good info and the dream programing every night. Will update in 30 days. Love the music listen while I work. Very good deal also. A+ in my book.

  • I am enjoying the wake up and feel happy program. I am commuting to work on the bus and listening to audios on remote viewing and luck subjects on my mp3 player. Having a good time. I plan to continue and progress to other topics.

  • I purchased the program 3 weeks ago. Still no results on anything yet but it is some great material. I will keep working with them and see if I have any positive results soon.

  • i just love the program ,THE BEST OF THE BEST.

  • I am totally in love with just listening every night. I am excited and anticipating results!

  • Just getting into it – will report more later.

  • I was blown-away by the generosity of this deal – so much valuable information to learn, and easy meditations to listen to. I’m following the instructions and so far have read the intro documents and chosen one area to focus on for a month, so every night I’m listening to meditations before I sleep. I’m confident that I will start seeing results soon, as it’s only been 3 weeks so for now I’m just enjoying learning, and putting all this great new information to good use. This program came as gift from the universe just after I requested it so it’s really exactly what I need right now, and is moving me closer to my purpose. Loving it! Highly recommend to anyone wishing to re-connect to their Higher-Self, the universe, love and peace – and to directly apply tools to increase prosperity, abundance, love, good health, luck – whatever you want, you can have with the Mind Power Program! ;oD

  • This is such an incredible deal! I can’t believe how much content there is to go through and at such a low price. I have started to use the amazing runs of luck program for the last few days and I already feel different. I just feel calmer and more confident that my luck is going to get better, but, more importantly, I am feeling a sense of inner peace that I didn’t have before. I highly recommend it and am very excited to see how things are going to get better as I continue to listen to the programs.

  • I’m reading every word and thoroughly enjoying the program. Right now I’m using the hypnosis MP3 for allergy relief and am also having fun tracking my “Luck” cycle! Thank you!

  • I have only been using the program a week , I am hoping the Visualization program will help me visualize more and will aid my manifestations . I am also trying out the pk problem solver , no results so far , but I am keeping my fingers crossed . When I can fit it into my schedule , I will also try out the Intuition and Remote Viewing thingee .

  • After listening to the ‘wake-up feeling happy and alert for ONE night, I woke up the next morning feeling wonderful. After two nights I had happy dreams that made me laugh out loud in my sleep. I feel refreshed and start my days with a smile on my face. Some nights I slip the earphones in my husbands ears whilst he is asleep….LOL…he snores terribly….and guess what? After several seconds he calms down and the snoring is GONE!!! Love this!!!

  • Overwhelming content…but that is a good thing. I have had ONE pretty extreme thing happen, but the detail of it I need to share it in another post where I can detail wording perfectly….I am a Numerologist, and have always been semi Intuitive so I felt this was a great way to enhance that even more. I know this program will give people a definite way to find out who they really are. This year is the BEST for all of US UNIQUE Individuals to shine and be leaders and re shape the world. Another great thing about the Super Mind is it is step by step and great advice in their literature and packed with more bonuses then EVER!!!!

  • I have purchased your Super Mind Evolution System and i still on the program of listening to the mp3 alpha mind control for 1 month…. just for 1 week my dream and recalling it and able to write in on my Dream journal is amazing… I seldom dream or most of the time i forget and cannot record it… this past February i have dream almost 4 Dreams that i recorded… most of them is very clear…. one amazing dream i got was last February 12, 2013…. In the dream was i was in the seminar of some sort like and an package arrived…. a food processor and 2 more kitchen gadget…. then… some how i told to myself that i should manifest the Reiki Book that i have ordered…. Only in the evening when i got home did i notice in my cellphone a message from the bookstore that may order has arrived…. wow… it’s just the Alphamindcontrol mp3… what more if i listen to the other mp3…

  • I’m really enjoying this learning system.It’s made a big impact in my life.I’m waking up feeling alert and happy,with a more positive outlook.Its definitively worth the money.I love everything I’ve purchased from you. I’ve bought most of your MP3′s. I’m more relaxed,and I’m getting my pain under control.And my doctor has lowered my Thyroid medication.Looking forward to a complete turn around of my ill health,and wealth issues.Meditating is so much easier,thanks to you guys

  • Ever since I got a taste of the free audio demo’s your company offers I have been waiting for the moment I can easily purchase your Supermind Evolution System to go with my VIP membership and I have to say I finally did it and I am ecstatic to finally own this system.
    Yours is the only system I’ve found to date that does not cause brain overload which I have found out can really happen. Just with your demo’s I’ve noticed a change in my life, my way of thinking and way of acting/reacting to certain events in my life. Many of the negative past I’ve lived with for so long is nearly gone. I rarely have a negative thought anymore. I love it! You guys rock!
    Thanks a bunch for all you do and for being you!
    Sincerely, Lori K

  • I purchased The Super Mind Evolution System three weeks ago, the third “system” I have recently purchased and the one that I am using daily. Although I am not one of the folks that has had amazing results in this short a time frame what I am having is a clearing where I have an understanding of how I have been holding myself back and I realize that until I overcome my own mind set I will never progress further. I am much more aware of what is happening around me and no matter how late my day is, I put the headphones on and cue up the programs. I didn’t create these blocks in my psyche in three weeks and to expect them gone in three weeks is probably too much to ask, but I’m much further along than I would have anticipated. My entire belief system in myself is changing, and that’s the first step towards any positive change happening in my life. It is without a doubt the best money I’ve ever spent!

  • Hi, I bought the progamm 2 yaeras ago, and enjoyed it very much. My old computer broke and i lost everything on it, I dont know hoe to get to the web page and download again (i know my ogin and password name), can you help me?

    • Hi Judy;

      I sent you an email – if you have any additional issues please send me an email at

  • Happy New Year Every One.

    I Love This System That Works Miracles.

  • Immediately, I noticed that I am able to sink into a meditative state more quickly and easily with the audios. After 3 weeks I notice a slightly enhanced sense of well-being and positivity. I still feel though that I have a lot of work to do before I notice a considerable change.
    I would have liked more information and a clearer explanation on how to use the audios and information in the best possible way.

  • I am into my second week of Alpha Mind Control and this has given me better mind and body relaxation than I have received from any past courses that I have taken. Buy the course now, before they stop selling it.

  • I begin with Alpha Mind Control and I notice better relaxation. Id like to begin with PK Problen Solving.
    I´m spanish native language, then it will be better to have the audios in spanish.
    Is it posible you send me the audios without voice to prepare my owns spanish audios.

  • Only 3 weeks into this program, started with Alpha Mind Control and am now blending into PK Problem Solving. The relaxation of body and stabilizing of a busy mind, this program has already paid for itself. And so much more to read and experience. Fantastic.

  • It took over 5 months to figure how to get someone pay for the program for me.(been in Paypal banned country) I only read the report and noticed a change in me. SUCH A GREAT PROGRAM thou would like that all the bonuses are taken of ( it may confuse people)
    I have read a lot about semiconscious mind and practiced it and it worked out perfectly. GREAT STUFF. cheers

  • I’m doing the recommendations but don’t have a great story to tell yet and have not seen a huge difference. Still waiting for the real thing.

  • I have invested in this program about two or almost three years ago. I have yet to claim my place in the sun. I am doing the Luck recommendations. Been visualising at present moving from Celestial Luck and Synchronicity Luck every 21 days and resting like for a week. Tried my luck in slot machines and joining raffles and lottery but how come I have not yet received anything like the others are sharing like winning this and that always. What is wrong with the way I am doing this exercise? Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I was skeptical at first, but.. WOW! This IS the system EVERYONE should get. The program in short is great, but just applying two suggestions, yes ONLY suggestions has already made a HUGE difference the way life has changed for the better. In three weeks I’ve accomplished more “repairs” on my way of thinking, acting, feeling and almost everyone I know has said something to me asking me if I’m on a new medicine or have I been abducted by aliens that have reprogrammed my brain and I say, nope, go to this website, read the information on it and BUY IT NOW! Just like I did and you’ll have enough stuff to keep you going for a long time. Just look at all the stuff you get.


    Marc Gendron

  • I just love this system. It’s Unbeatable.

  • Great Program

  • HI
    I have tried other mental and hypnosis training aids in the past, however I am most impressed with your subliminal solution,but especially with the Brave Heart Instant Happiness System.I listening Fear Removal Machine and I actually felt surprisingly relaxed!
    Thanks from the heart

  • This is a very complete system. I had problems downloading, have a mac and can’t get them into ITunes.
    So I play one at a time until I figure it out.
    Can’t wait to get them to play on loop but am enjoying as is for now.

  • Hi,

    It is surely a lot….AMAZING!….WORKING!….WOW!……WOOZA……

    I have a lot of experience with hypnosis but the total artist that perform their experience AND Knowledge is totally AWESOME – pure MIND BLOWING!!!

    So…..relax for a moment….now…….and set your mind free……

    And if you are willing, convince yourself to..relax….and want to go …deeper…and deeper….and deeper….as relaxed as U choose 2 go..

    Then this is your change and your way to achieve true potential!!



  • my finger pendulum is getting so accurate… its unbelievable!

    I am currently working on intuition and sending a receiving thoughtwaves. I love the dream prgramming so much.

    Thank you again

  • Great value, much appreciated. Thanks.

  • Have listened to some of these audios before and found them interesting, but stopped listening. I am looking forward to listening to the whole system.

  • Been listening to the Alpha Mind audio every morning before getting out of bed. Can’t really tell if there are any results yet…

  • another day of awesomness

    Thank you so much, I love this system

    getting better and better every day

  • I am one of your biggest fans since I found your site 3 years ago.

    I finished my 12 months of VIP SuperMindAcademy and loved every minute of it.

    I was so impatient to purchase the Super Mind Evolution System and all of its content. i had intended to buy it in Januaary and I am so glad I went ahead of schedule. It has been worth every penny.

    I started with month 1 and psychic development first.

    Thank you for all of your wonderful products

    Blessed Be

  • The better sleep system definitely improved my sleep quality.

  • Your music is so relaxing and peaceful to listen to. My mind is becoming more peaceful and l am not as stressed as l was. l still haven’t been able to download the The SUPER EVOLUTION SYSTEM yet as the user name and password won’t let me into the members area. Other than that thank you for the exhilarating music!

  • The music is just beautiful. The entire package just keeps on givivg. I am a healer, and must say The alpha, theta state is where I have to stay to achieve unbelieveable results. This program is a hugh benefit to me and my clients. Thank you for this program.

  • I am just at the end of Alpha and I have noticed that many changes in my life that is almost scary, it is like a dream (I do not want to wake up)first of all I do sleep better and longer, I wake up happy and cherfull,Things do not apset me that much any more, TV negative news do not have that depressing effect on me, I feel realy great and it is only 2 weeks, aha and I am getting more hours at work. Life is starting to look realy good!!!!!GREAT STUFF THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have dived straight in and having done other programs and being an advent meditater I have have this system great after a week I am already feeling more positive and seeing my future in a new light.


  • This is money well spent! It makes you feel good just listening to the different recordings. I, too, have been concentrating on luck and have noticed a lot of little things at first, like being able to find my car keys right away instead of looking for them for 20 minutes. Then, just the other day I had a winning lottery ticket, not millions mind you, but a winner just the same.

  • I had purchased this program previously, and lost it when my hard drive needed to be replaced, it was worth it to me to repurchase!

  • It is not been an easy time for me the last 2 years. There is a lot of material and I hope to use it to transform my life.

  • The whole system – Super Mind Evolution System is indeed awesome with so much to know from the varieties of PDFs and the Video/ MP3 included. The Planner for taking through the system is also terrific. It has been just more than a week since I started to download the initial PDFs. The PDFs in preparation for the course is amazing. Specially the Magic Story that I read from the PDF post which the dreams that night, I still remember clearly. Before this, I have dream, but never remembered nor bothered to. More miles to go before I finish the program completely. A big thank you to the system and the authors.

  • John D says:
    September 5, 2012 at 1:54 pm I am rather overwhelmed at how many hours of recorded material came wth this package … I downloaded the various titles and subect matter I became very excited about what I actually now have for supporting me …..this is an inspired collection of the wisdom of so many enlightened souls which I will find so very valuable as I journey along here on this dimension of experiences.

  • Great program.

  • Super Mind Evolution System has incredible amount of knowledge in the reports and pdf’s. The mp3 recordings are superb and targeted precisely. I am able to get inside my mind and be in another dimension to accomplish whatever inner work is desired to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

  • Abundant amount of excellent material MUCH more than I expected and so much to learn.

  • The sheer volume of material for such a reasonable price is astounding. With so many “systems” available in today’s market, one stands “head and shoulders” above the rest for value and ease of use. Thank you so much for the Super Mind Power and Brave Heart Systems.

    The results have been nothing short of spectacular in the 3 weeks I’ve used them. I look forward to more Metaphysical discoveries in my future and appreciate your efforts to provide a sure roadmap for success.

    Again, thank you.

  • I am rather overwhelmed at how many hours of recorded material came wth this package … I downloaded the various titles and subect matter I became very excited about what I actually now have for supporting me …..this is an inspired collection of the wisdom of so many enlightened souls which I will find so very valuable as I journey along here on this dimension of experiences.

  • I had bought many self development programs, Law of Attraction, Manifesting, Creating, Subconcious Mind, etc, etc and so far those programs lack the essentiels and I hadn’t achieved anything from them. Most of the time their programs and theories were incomprehensive. So when I read the Mind Power, there…!for the first time I came upon something that really explained everything in clear&logical way. There are no nonsenses or empty program camouflaged by incomprehensible phrases. The program is really a serious and a very compact one.I’m looking forward to finish studying this program and see the results. Thanks for your wonderful program!

    but competence must be applied to the material in order to maximize its potential
    for those of you reading I am a real man who has invested money in this program for the sake of my evolution!!! I suggest you do the same
    I recommend you have at least a basic competence of the subconscious mind so you can understand the audio programs,

  • I have been using the program for about a month to increase my memory, so far I have noticed better data retrieval. I am feeling more calm and relaxed. I am looking forward to new changes in my behavior.

  • I have been using the program for about two weeks now, nothing major has happened, although i am more calm and relaxed and have been communicating with others more effectively!

  • I just got this last night so this review is pretty fresh. I like what I am seeing (and listening to). This is pretty positive and already making me feel a lot better about a housing situation that recently became dreadfully negative. Getting a lot of strength from the material so far.

    I’m glad I got it and look forward to posting a follow up review with some of the positive results I anticipate (thanks to having the tools and encouragement to bring good into my life.

  • Great program that helps me enhance my spiritual abilities besides aiding in other areas of my life. Thanks, Lots of Light!

  • I have been using the alpha mind from the super mind evolution system for about 2 weeks, and find it quite relaxing. I find that my intuition is increasing too, I am more tune in my sixth sense. So far it’s good!

  • I have been using the books and audios for about 2.5 weeks now. I appear to be near the top of my luck cycle since the last 2 times(in this week)whenever I played slot machines, I have received payouts close to $90 each while playing with just $5. I don’t want to overdo it since I want to follow instructions and first plot my luck cycle(the synchronicity audio is helping me with this). I am also, on the weekends, practicing the Mental pendulum and I have started getting a tingling sensation in my thumbs. Before going to sleep on the weekends I say to my subconscious mind “My thumbs will twitch when I ask a yes/no question’ over and over and I think that’s helping too. I will keep on entering my comments as I experience more successes. Thanks Iain and team, and thanks James(Jim). Keep up the good work!

  • I’ve been using the PK and alpha mind control for twoo weeks now and im seeing massive result. I’m beginning to see changes and been able to to control my mind to go to alpha state more faster than before.

  • Hello
    It’s been 3 weeks since I purchased The Super Mind Evolution
    System. I think it’s good. I have hear it a lot. Some little things in my live are changing. Not many, not much, but slowly I think I will get there.

  • Best investment I ever made.

    So much to learn, I’m so excited to know how powerful our minds are and the fact that this program is designed to develop that power.

  • Abundant amount of excellent material MUCH more than I expected. Had a minor glitch with my order which Cyndie, Cliff and Marcus took care of immediately. Absolutely no reservations about purchasing more items from this fine outfit. Satisfied? U BETCHA….jim

  • Thanks! I feel more joyful and ecstatic (at times). It might take a while to see results, but you will get there!!!

  • just bought the program….

    The variety and quantity of contents astonished me. Much more is delivered than what we can see in the ad…

  • This is a new paradigm in consciousness raising. The music is transcendent at times and the reading materials are unique and informative. I have many favorites but I love the Solfeggio Harmonics and the Super Mind Library package and have used them daily for the past two weeks. They have enhanced my overall mood and opened my mind to new possibilities. Great value. Thanks Super Mind!

  • The information is life changing. Just knowing you can train your mind to be successful gives hope.

  • I’m so glad I decided to buy the super mind evolution package and start putting it to use, i have been using this program for the past 3 months. i dint have any miraculouse events so far, but had some small things happen and i am looking forward for the big ones to happen in the future.

  • Absolutely incredible value for the money! I especially like the “Creating With Intentions” report – spot on accurate! I can’t say enough about it except to give it a shot and buy it. You have nothing to lose and a ton of stuff to gain!

  • Excellent! best product that I’ve ever bought. Everything I touches lately has turned to gold. I plan to intensify my usage in the coming weeks.
    Thank you Cyndi Ian and Phil.

  • I’m using AMC in the morning and have been alternating the PK problem solving and Amazing Runs of luck. Each one a week at a time. Definitely seeing a difference. I’m getting flashes of ideas and more info via dreaming.

  • I’ve used power mind for 3 weeks and have already win a 100000€ (I live in Paris) at the lottery. Thanks for this fabulous stuff!!!

    • Hi Franc, which of the systems you were using for those 3 weeks in order to win 100000€? Was is the Jackpot Mind power system , or the luck systems?

  • This stuff is powerful and exciting. I’m so glad I decided to buy the super mind evolution package and start putting it to use, thanks a million!

  • I for sure know the “POWER” of your materials to completely revolutionalize a persons entire life. This is “THE” kind of Breakthrough I need in my life, for a hope and a future, but I just got in Government housing and out of the Salvation Army.I am a Great welder but these days there is too many welders and not enoughg work. I am on food-stamps, and am AD-HD,Bi-polar, and Manic-deppressive.I was abused as a child physical,mental and emotional. The only good thing about the whole mess is, my AD-HD won’t let me give up and just quit life. I know if I could ever get my mind “Fixed,” there would be no stoping me,cause I want to help others by using my experiences, and referring to being tough and not giving up, as a teen-ager, I was an amatuer boxer,and a very competetive amateur bull-rider. Things are starting to turn around, some one from the church blessed me with this computer. For “Us All” keep up your “GREAT-WORK,” because you are “Saving” people’s lives!

  • I kept getting the message from different sources that I need to meditate so when a friend told me about these audios, I wanted to try them. I am really enjoying the Alpha Audio and PK Problem Solving audios. I really look forward listening to the audios daily and have been doing so for about 2 weeks now. This is one of the best and easiest ways to meditate. I have read some of the pdfs and found them very interesting. The Super Mind Evolution system was such a reasonable price and it is worth every penny.

  • I’ve been using the mind power progam for 3 weeks now, focusing on the luck series to increase the positive events that will occur thoughout my day. Haven’t had any mind blowing events yet, but my days are carefree without much stress or worry.

  • I am in my third week and am trying to figure out the sequence, I have listened to the perfectsleep audios as instructed for two weeks and nothing else, and I have just finished reading the 22 powerful tools ebook and Im not sure where to go from here, I know I’m only suppose to listen to one audio at a time, I quess I will start in the order in which I am downloading. Thank you for information.


    • Hi Suzy;

      There is a quickstart guide that does a good job of outlining some ways to go

  • I have found the info to be awesome. I have read almost all the e books n I’ve tried most of the mp3. The quality is amazing n I will continue to use these great products.

  • Since i got the course it has been marvelous!
    It has helped me and the lucky system how it works it just amazing!

  • About a week ago I purchased your product and WOW I am amazed at the wealth of material included in the basic package (not the VIP membership). So far, I have read all the ‘info’ e-reports and couple other reports, which I found really clear, concise and real! In addition I am listening to the alpha mp3 for the first month. I have found that I can fall off to sleep easier and have also noticed I am waking up much earlier (45mins before my alarm clock!), yet still feel as if I have had enough sleep. I am intrigued by the concepts of remote viewing/ influencing, so will be giving that a try. I also tried the projective thinking exercise on the train to test my brain for the remote influencing technique and was surprised by couple of the results! All I can say is that I am excited to apply the material and see what happens! Thank you!

  • Since being introduced to ezine tunes and reading super mind I find myself in a constant state of learning. There is certainly a lot about the mind I d/n know & I’m a biologists. Plus, some portals have been awakened like; when outside things are clearer, my sight seems to peer deeper. I sometimes am aware of perception by feeling vibration as well as seeing it occasionally….like a day of mushrooms many years ago when I didn’t know what it was about. I can only thank you all for producing these wonderful products. You know when I open my email I’m bombarded with offers to buy this system, buy that product whereas you all bend over backwards giving things away for free, that is catchy. Last night I downloaded a wonderful treat from Cyndi about changing a belief. Well I set my intention, picked my door and promptly fell into a black hole. Not what I would have expected, however the fear I first felt changed into realizing I d/n have to be sucked into the vortex, I had control, not only that I found myself flying around like a bird in complete control and wonderment. This program has opened up a door which was closed for much of this life, I’m 67. I can only say thanks and continue this fascinating adventure for all of us.

  • Hello,
    I just purchased the whole package yesterday and wow what a LARGE package of books, video and audio. Took me two days to get all the items downloaded. I watched the videos before going to sleep last night and played the Abundant wealth audio when I went to sleep. Tonight I will play two audios on abundant wealth, the first one to relax me and the second with all the programing. I’m looking forward to working with all this material each day. I will let you know how its going. So far I love all that you have.

  • Hi Guys,
    I have got the most out of your products than any other company EVER. I have been in the VIP for 4 months and that’s just AWESOME and all the BWE is like nothing i’ve ever heard before. Had the best mind offer for about 3 weeks and it is definitely something worth recommending to any of your family or friends who want more from themselves. I also got the mindpowermp3. I think what you are offering is GREAT. Keep up the good work!!!

  • the one thing that is annoying is that you would want to start with everything at the same time. Easy to do system with a lot of extra information/pdf’s

  • My curency country is not $$$, so it’s quite pricey for some people to have the program but if compare with product benefit, bonus and specially what you’ll gain in future after you practise, it’s so much worthy… and all I can say the supermind team is generous !!!!!
    so keep creative and share with the world.

  • I have just begun using the alpha mp3. Perfect for removing the constant mind chatter we all have and allows you to enjoy a peaceful experience of pure bliss.

  • Hi! I have been using this system for about a month now. All I can say is that I have made really astonishing changes in such a short time that I can hardly take it in. With my success I have become even more dedicated in using these materials. I listen as much as I can, and find that I feel wonderful, overcome difficult situations much more easily, and have made great progress towards achieving my goals. Wow! keep up the great work:)

  • I find the remote viewing fascinating and would love to hear more from Jim Francis and know more precisely just what is possible with his methods. Thanks

  • As far as I have read, this is real interesting stuff, but haven’t had time to really get into it yet. I didn’t know there was a time limit to download everything, and I don’t think I have it all downloaded yet. Is there a way to get the rest of it after the links expire, or do they?

  • since I have purchased the package, I went out and purchased a pillow that has speakers in it so I might listen to a track or two as I fall asleep. I have to admit, I am sleeping very soundly once again! I am waking and feeling refreshed in a manner I haven’t experienced since I was much younger. It is difficult not to race through all the recordings, but I am determined to benefit as much as possible from each track. Thank you. Tom

  • I have only started to sample some of things in this package an just can’t seem to get enough, it is truly incredible, have to try really hard to take it slow, but the changes iv’e noticed in just a couple of DAYS has been absolutely amazing, Thank You So Much

  • I have barely broken the surface of this exquisite package and I love what I have learned up to this point! I wish I could somehow upload all the information straight into the recesses of my brain.

  • What a super package this is. I listened to ‘Improve your Overall Health’ twice and the inflammation I have suffered in my left knee for several months has gone.Great!!

  • since i started with supermine evloution program well first my mind is calmer then it was my focus is more clear all in all i seen many resolt do to this program and i will keep going on with this i wil not stop thanks alot

  • Awesome package. Love it.

  • What A Totally Awesome Package, there is so much material that I cant even poke a stick at all of it at one given time. The amount of topic is MIND BLOWING. I cant wait to explore all that is possible from life with all this new enlightening INFORMATION. The personal power that comes with this knowledge is nothing short of “leading edge”!
    Thank you so much.

  • I have been focussing on just the Alpha Mind control and really enjoy the 7 minute high everyday. I am sure results will follow soon. Thank you.

  • Best Program for mind enhancement ever!

  • Wow, this is the best thing I have ever invested in. It goes right along with my spiritual studies and is helping me to achieve my goals faster and easier than I ever dreamed possible. Thanks so much to the team that has put this all together. We are so fortunate to be able to have this available at such a reasonable price! I learn something new everyday, and have wonderful new experiences every day also. I can hardly wait for what each day brings.

  • I am loving the new adventure I have taken with your program.
    Can’t wait to see where this will lead me, I had a bad habit of putting things off now after 2 weeks of listening to feeling confident and dynamic I am noticing changes can’t wait to see the outcome. I am sure it will be dynamic.Great thanks heaps the program is worth it weight in Gold

  • At first I felt overwhelmed for so many materials included in the package but after some days I decided to put them in order and start. I found all the audios and reports very useful and I am practicing slowly by straight. I am sure to have results in the near future! Thank you very much!

  • OMG This stuff is wonderful! I’m enjoying the free stuff immensely. Can’t wait till bank account catches up & I can order the whole system!!! TY for all you have so lovingly compiled here!

  • This is probably the beginning of week 3 and the Alpha Mind has made my focus and clarity sharper. I have been listening to Celestial Good Luck, and all I can say is I wish I had this years ago. Your pdfs continue to astound me, and the mp3s are unmatched in quality, and for the music itself. This is a comprehensive package, and it will enable ANYONE to change their life for the better. I started seeing changes after 3 days with the Alpha Mind Control. The 7 minute high is amazing as is mental refresher, both work fantastically when you are tired or sleep deprived. I have also bought other mp3s, like the albums which I have found invaluable in tuning my chakras, which then led me to the next level with Edwin Spina’s energy clearing system, which I would have bought without you guys recommending it. Amazing stuff. It will take me a year to discover and go through everything and I am going to feel like superwoman by the end of it, as the lessons are totally invaluable. Thanks so much for making this possible for the ordinary person.

    • UPDATE: I have to say I am discovering more about myself and who I am and capable of which is quite astounding. I have still not been able to get through the whole package, as keep going back to stuff I have worked with as it is so phenomenal. With a lot of the music tracks, especially the classical tones, I find that when I go back after a few weeks the further results are more profound as if I am unlocking more and more as I go back, so have only listened to what I felt I immediately needed as an short on time most of my days, however, am going to make more time to get through the whole lot soon. The ALPHA MIND CONTROL has to be the cornerstone of the whole package as it is so multi-dimensional and multi-tasking that I am using it for everything from super accelerated learning and comprehension to confidence building and also programming myself to achieve faster and more profound results with all the other tracks mp3s etc that I utilise. The AMC enhances everything else, so that it completely in a way, blows all other accelerated learning programmes on the market out of the water. The best part of this is also that I am now a client and have been for the last 2 years of my fav brainwave entrainment expert, Jeff Gignac and am so chuffed that I got to speak to him twice. That is awesome for me and he really truly is a wonderful human being. We are blessed to have him around and to be able to work with the products he creates. I could write a bloody essay here, but I think I need to stop. One has to buy the package to understand fully what they are getting as the benefits are profound, deep and they open a person up like nothing else on the market. Amazing, astounding and I am still discovering more every day. Thank you Cyndi and Ian, you guys are true Gurus, for offering such wonderful works at such an affordable price. I would add that on top of buying the package I have also bought more ambient tracks and truly love them. They are so heart and consciousness expanding that it is hard to put some of the effects into words. Kudos to you both, to JG, to Chris Lloyd and others, for some astoundingly remarkable but very easily workable pieces. Thank you and god bless you guys. P xxx

  • A very good package with months of useful information to read and listen to. Get well organized to benefit from it!

  • One word Superfabulicious. I absolutely love the variety of resources in this package.

  • Amazing amount of material. The only request I would suggest is a longer time in which to download all this great material. Looking forward to studing and listening to all that is offered with this system.

  • Hi Cyndi, Iain and Phil,
    I’m enjoying listening to many of the music pieces I’ve ordered recently. While that is the case, I’m also having some difficulty trying to decide where to begin and how to proceed in some kind of an orderly fashion.
    It’s true that I’ve noticed some changes after listening to several choices, but I’d be hard-pressed to describe what those changes have been and whether or not they’ve been beneficial. Any possible changes would have to be best described as ‘subtle’!
    With such a volume of information available, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide some sort of ‘road map’ for how someone should begin and move through the material.
    Looking forward to more.

  • It am still going through it all,I found 2 different versions of a casino poker machine win, wish I did’nt come across that, made me feel a bit uneasy, as for the material I do belive that this will change your life, its not hard verify the power of a thought with water,and we are 98% water(Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto) on utube, this material will focus that power like a magnifing glass,

  • I have only bought the system 3 weeks ago, and as there is a lot of information to take in so its still to early for me to see any changes

  • after 3 weeks i have had no changes at all

  • What a great package, very good value. would reccomend to any one that who are looking for that special thing

  • I purchased the recordings around 3 weeks ago. I found them really confusing to download and get them onto my computer but luckily my husband managed to but still with diffuculty though.

    Once they eventually got on my ipod i have enjoyed going through the various tracks and although a little bit overwhelming i do find this system great value for money. I enjoy most of all, the Braveheart system especially the 7 min natural high and i find the energy shield very effective (probably for me the best of this type around). All the other tracks are positive and nice and easy to listen to appart from one the mental refresher (the little bird is too annoying – as it doesn’t change it’s tune throughout). i had to turn this one off.

    I would recomment this system to anybody wishing to improve areas in their lives. I enjoy the fact of having these tracks available to me to help me change or improve a mental state of mind.

  • Just purchased program. Seems more than overwhelming. I have started with the alpha wave entrainment since that seems to be the more comprehensive effect. Any recommendation on the sequence of trying the audios. THanks

  • An astounding body of work based on credable concepts of human ability, absolute value for money…….

  • To answer your question. From what I’ve been able to try out,
    your progams seem quite interesting. However, I’ve been trying
    to do two or more per day and they’ve been giving me a sick
    headache,so I’m going to have to give them up for a while, Sorry
    that I can’t give you anymore insight.

  • truely incredible value for money. Perfect gift to keep you busy for months.
    So glad I FOUND IT .

  • This is an incredible value for the money. So much valuable information. Have been studying brain research for years, and this deals with some very unique information. On the practical side, I have been listening to the pk hypnosis mp3 upon going to sleep every night, and really noticing fine tuning of intuition. Also remembering more of my dreams. Wonderful package!

  • I purchased this system about 3 weeks ago. I have been reading some of the reports, particularly those I found more appealing regarding the abilities I truly what to develop. I have found very interesting points of view that gave me new ideas. Very inspiring.
    In the other hand the system is delivered in a not very well order way. The audios and reports are like scattered and in that sense, I think it can be improve.
    The audios are great for sleeping relaxing you and making you feel really comfortable.
    I can’t confirm though that they have had a deep effect on me yet, but it is steel too early to say the contrary.
    Other point for improve is about the audios, I think they should have all same level and clarity (some are a little bit low and noisy [I could help with this particular one]) but the overall quality is not bad.
    In resume, some points to be improved but the overall price quality rate is great, a good tool for self growing and definitely worth the price.

  • I purchased this system yesterday and have started reading through the first part “Hidden Secrets of Mind Power Technology.” Wow! I am really enjoying it and can’t wait to progress and everything I am reading makes perfect sense. I am also impressed by the Quick Startup Guide. This is very useful too. I have no doubt in my mind that this system will improve my life in leaps and bounds. Very exciting material! Thank you:-)

  • I’ve only just started listening to some of the recordings and already I’ve noticed significant changes in how I perceive things.

  • Ever since I bought your product my life has changed. There are so much stuff that sometimes I find it difficult to make a choice or
    selection. After listening to the audios I have found that I have become sharper in my thinking and problem solving, relaxed and free from stress, increased memory power and the amazing healing power.
    Every day is a different and beautiful experience and now I am so much
    hooked to it that it has become a habit which is good and I am enjoying it very much. The credit goes to you and your team and I
    thank you very much for it, for creating such a wonderful product.

  • This is unreal,in a good way!so much stuff it will take me forever to get through.thank you all for this wonderful body of work.

  • I read the free material and was hooked. I can’t wait to really start studying the material. From all the downloads, I can see that a lot of love,time and care has gone into this. I look forward to going through the material and seeing my life improve drastically! Thank you.

  • Absolutely astounding. I cannot believe the amount of information and music/video files I have been given for the price charged. I am totally blown away by the quality of the mp3s, and the ebooks too. These are no ordinary ebooks. Most of the ebooks on the internet are completely blown away by the ebooks offered by you guys. I am so very glad I took the plunge and bought the system, and see myself having lots of fun trying of the mp3s and videos, for self-improvement. Thank you so much for giving an ordinary person the chance to purchase these.

  • exellent material I will utilise these methods to attain my gaols I am sure that they will exceed my expectations.
    thank you very much.

  • This is the most awesome collection of material I’ve ever found on the
    internet. This is after countless hours over months searching for value
    in the glut of inferior information out there. I’ll finally be on my to
    realizing my potential! Many Thanks, Tracy

  • I have had the program for about 3 weeks, and really love the mixture of information that has been provided. There is so much to go through and explore that in 3 weeks time I feel I have just begun. The program has so much to offer that anyone can find benefit from owning the product. I have made several recommendations to friends to visit this site and explore for themselves. This practical guide is easy to use, and it easy to recognize the impact and difference it provides.
    Combining the methods of the e-books with the audio BW recordings is a combination that cannot be found anywhere else at this reasonable price.

  • The best investment i’ve made so far,this program has a wealth of knowledge which i can use in everyday living thanks.

  • I purchased this program 3 weeks ago. I do agree that the wealth of information can be pretty overwhelming. I cannot blame anyone. who would not be anxious with all this information that appears to be quite logical to attain a better quality of life at such a minimal cost and I do not only speak of $$$ here. Although I am pretty anxious to get my financial and love life sorted and up to scratch,I have committed to following the guide provided for best results. I have read through the insightful PDFs remote control,Psychokinetic Problem solving, mental pendulum, Psychic Manifestation, subjective communication and contact.For the past three weeks I have been listening to the Alpha mind control and Psychokinetic problem solving daily and find that the brave waves do provoke some emotions in me. Like an earlier individual I have began to find that after looking for things a few times they just pop out at me. I am yet to experience any big break through but remain optimistic and committed that with patience and time things would happen. I would continue to update you as they do.

  • I bought this video 3 weeks ago and decided to follow the suggested guide as anxious as I am to get my financial and love life sorted and up to scratch. I have been listening daily; the Alpha Mind Control and the Psychokinetic problem solving. I have tried once or twice to do subjective communication but I am yet to see results. I am trying to be patient and keep my frame of mind optimistic. I truly agree that one can get overwhelm with this wealth of material which promises to drastically improve ones life with so minimal an investment. Which of us would not get anxious about that? I have however committed to remain focused and tackle one issue at a time. When the breaks come and the program becomes effective in my life I will further update.

  • I am so hooked with the system, I can’t wait to read everything, then start reading all over again!!!!

  • I have bought others products but most of them just have some mp3s to listen to and its easy to wonder if they work at all after a few tries.
    But with Supermind evolution series, it is very different since it comes with a good number of reports along with the brainwave entrainment mp3s. It is nice to have something you can read so that you can go back and refresh and also motivate to listening to the mp3s. It also helps in figuring out how, what and why you want to listen to the audios. Good product. Better stuff than so many others who charge more and give less.


  • I’ve been using the Alpha Mind Control to start with as suggested – for 3 weeks now. I like to listen to it as it is very relaxing and enables me to stay calm and focussed for the rest of the day.


  • i’ve had super mind for over a year. my life has changed radically. i use the dream programming technique every single night, subjective communication if i happen to wake up, plus i used the celestial programme daily for about 3 monthss. i use the other bits n pieces sporadically. i always win on lottery scratch cards. either i win my money back or around £40 each time. sometimes two tickets at a time. my relationships are better, mostly due to subjective communication. my health and happiness continue to improve daily. i am happy and content nearly all the time. if i do get in a slump, it lasts for about 2 minutes then i’m happy again. integration of all incoming data now happens seaml;essley and effortlessley. i learn quicker, remember better, am more aware, concentrate easier, manifest faster … i could go on and on. was it worth the money? hell yeah!


  • Hi, I have had this program now for about 4 weeks. Unfortunately I was traveling a lot in the past few weeks and had very limited time to study the contents but I am very impressed with the material I have read. I was unable to download the mp3 files but got your DVD yesterday and now these files are on my computer. I wish to express my appreciation for your great work and for making it available to the general public for a very affordable price.

  • I have been using this program for three weeks now and I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, although I feel a little more positive and less stressed. I think I will have to keep using this program for a longer time to see results.

    Thanks for the compilation, and I can tell a lot of work has been put into it.

  • I want to say that after only a couple of weeks I have already experienced a more positive charged feeling most everyday. The only thing Im having trouble with is deciding whats best for me. There is alot to choose from in the packages!

    Im like a kid in a candy store! ! ! I recommend this to everyone!

  • I have some of these programs already and have had success with them. Now I’m looking forward to trying the ones I don’t have.

  • I have purchased other programs so expect this one to be, likewise, of excellent quality.

  • This program gives an amazing bang for the buck.

  • Hi

    I’ve just bought this program but am already
    overwhelmed with the content available to me.

    Some of which I have seen similar samples of
    before but nowhere near the value of what you offer.

    Thanks so much lokks like I’ll have a busy time


  • I bought this system 3weeks ago and initially had trouble downloading but was helped very courteously and efficiently by your customer service personnel. The amount of information is astounding and a bit overwhelming, but I am slowly sorting things out. Someone earlier asked about a way to have the mp3′s turn off after the desired track….I would like to know how to do that too because I have found myself waking up 3 or 4hrs after falling asleep and it is still playing, so I don’t know what I’ve been listening to while sleeping. I have experienced having more energy and doing things that I have been putting off for sometime.
    My sister however has been listening to the Luck ones and has had a few small, unexpected wins on lotto which she is very excited about.
    I am a bit busy at the moment …just starting a new business course, so will be in touch later when I have had more time to really start listening systematically to a specific program.
    Meanwhile, thank you for making this available at such an affordable price.
    Love and Blessings Claudette

  • Hi to all!
    First i would like to thank all the people involved in making all the pdf guides and all the videos and for all the time and labor creating the super mind eveloution system!I still can’t belive all the pdf’s and videos we get for such a small investment! I had to look over the presentation page several times before i ordered the system,because i couldn’t belive you were really actually giving over 5,000 dollars in valuefor such a small price! I there had to be some kind of a catch!But then i decided to order the system and sure enoughou delivered all you said!I was blown away! I have seen several other systems(not mentioning any names)and they cost more for one or two videos than you charge for your whole system!I would just like to say thank you,thank you,thank you.I am just taking things slow one step at a time! I am using the quick startup guide,and i don’t want to overload myself!The startup guide has helped me out a lot!I haven’t got any great positive results yet,but i know i will after a little time!I am not going to rush things and overload myself!I know with all my heart and intuition ,i am going to have tons of great sucess later,so long as i don’t die or anything that is!Your system is the best and greatest one i could ever find,and i am also an affiliate for your system and i have been promoting it! Thanks again for all the program,Best wishes,sincerly Hershel

  • Never ever found such a vast plethora of encouraging inspiring seriously based info anywhere! From the very beginning, provided a bit attention, practice makes waking and sleeping hours so interesting and useful as if a veil had dropped revealing new worlds of consciusness at a glance. As a little piece of wonder: I am personally even reviewing and resolving some ancient emotional issues regarding my beloved father (recently died) in a surprisingly favourable, almost automatic manner… as a teacher -and student- I’m enjoying more efficient concentration, focus and enhanced memory. Still sure there must be plenty more to benefit from! Heartfelt thanks!

  • There’s a lot of useful information, wonderful and amazing sessions and above all, customer service Rocks!!! Customer Service help me with my download problems. I also love the music program and for those who have not heard the music please go and check it out!!! Thanks a million!!!

  • I have been impressed by two aspects of the program I ordered.
    First, Customer support served me well. I had some issues w/ my downloads, due to my computer, and lost all of them about two weeks ago. C.S. quickly re-sent me the links – at no cost and no issues or questions. Thanks so much.
    Secondly, the material is overwhelming in it’s breadth and content. Amazing, the amount of information I received was phenominal. I am enjoying the info. and process very much. Thanks for everything.

  • Already making a difference and have had it only a short time.

  • Amazing collection of material.Maybe some order based on requirement of sorts would be halpful

  • my partner is so frustrated with me… I got the evolution system 3 days ago and she tells me that I have only come out of my office for meals ever since!!!!!
    This is seriously good stuff!

  • I’ve been using the Super Mind Evolution System for two days and I have already had the most extraordinary thing happen. I was in the kitchen and I needed to find the peeler for the carrots. I looked in the draw it’s usually in and couldn’t see it, so I closed the draw and had a look at the washing up. I then went back to the draw and had another look, this time rummaging a little deeper. I still couldn’t see it so I looked in the dishwasher. I then had a pang of very intense deja vu which disorientated me slightly. I decided to take one last look in the draw, and there was the peeler, right on top of everything, in its own space, completely obvious. I SWEAR it wasn’t there the other two times I looked. After reading about the lighter appearing at the casino, I fully believe that I just somehow manifested the peeler! Incredible! The Alpha track makes me so high too – I love it :D

  • ive been using the alpha & your luck programs for a month now & have been getting lotto wins 5 times in a row. nothing big just small wins. i’m a believer.thank you

  • Wife is using-encouraged me to and WOW double WOW. It’s been about a week and I am like seeing into another world. I am picking up what seems like movies from the past. People dressed in 50′s and 60′s styles-and my level of confidence is increasing also- I’ve noticed that I’m calmer and more positive-and I’m making wiser decisions. I particularly like the Long Alpha MP3.

  • I love the endless possibilities. The Braveheart program is just what I needed. It is so challenging in the world we live in today. It is good to know that I have been given an advantage. Thanks so much.

  • It has been 3 weeks since I bought this program. I have a medical situation currently so that I can’t use the BEW audios, but I has been reading the reports and using the HYP audios. Although I haven’t noticed any obvious changes in my life yet, this program truely make a lot of senses to me and I believe it will help eventually.

  • Can someone please tell me how a track can be automaticallly shut off after it is played on an mp3 player, (I have a $35. one, can’t afford an iPod/iPad) :( so when I’m unconcious, it won’t keep playing the other tracks after it? (do iPods have that capability even?)

  • Really cool, but I really want/need a partner to help me with what exactly to listen to when & how many times. Can’t afford to join a group I am alone in my own miind evolution here. I am hoping to work through my emotional and physical setbacks. I can’t physically walk, or write even, so I might be screwed with some of these journalling/writing down thoughts/goals pdf programs. Other than those things I luv it & am sharing.

  • I purchased the program 3 weeks ago. I love the Numinous accord audio. I have not noticed any changes but I am optimistic that it will help

  • i have been using this program for 3 weeks. i have noticed small changes but nothing drastic,overall im optimistic about the process looking forward to the future.

  • well i bought this package and so far it makes sense ive started the alpa mp3 and have used it many times and all the links work for the smes

  • The best program available today which provided immediate results for me! As I continue on my journey, I will rely on these wonderful life-changing “tools”….I am amazed at the quality and number of resources they offered for the price!

  • Hello, I purchased thei complete package 11/19 but have not as yet been able to

    really get into it ,(personal problems) But I have done some reading in the Brave -

    Heart book, it is very interesting and explains in great detaii the required studies.

    I am extremely anxious to lose myself in it’s knowledge. This has got to be the most

    in-depth work in this field , bar non. Mary

  • have been enjoy wonderful insight to what the mind is capable of in this journey

  • this is a great package. wish i had it sooner

  • hi, this is one of the best systems i bought so far. Im learning alot on how the brain works. Im using the alpha cd first, i love it so far. keep up the good work.

  • Many of the products were very inspirational in there content.

  • I have now the program for 3 weeks and I listen to it while working. I like the music very much and I discover more concentration and a more clear mind. I see much more things around me. This weekend I folowed a course and normaly I ‘m overwhelmed by the info at the end of the day. Now I keep my concentration and I could handle the stuf until the end. Thanks

  • I have done more than research in mind-power,but got nothing like the ones loaded here.The funnest thing about this system is,it works perfectly.I use it in everything that I do these days,and getting the full result needed.
    I’m grateful.

  • I’ve enjoyed using the mind power program, there are so many areas that are covered…it’s fun to just choose one randomly and see what happens…it is very relaxing to listen…sometimes I just listen to them while checking emails…and it blocks the noise from my husband watching tv.

  • I have had this program for 3 weeks now and am still busy downloading some of the amazing resources available. I absolutely love the dream programing

  • I love the diversity of the resources; it’s a very well-rounded package that’s been very well put together! I’m trying to take a topic at a time; but it’s so easy to get side-tracked…love the dream programming. This incredible resource was definitely a super value; I’m so happy I have it. I definitely recommend it. Thank you!

  • I’ve had this program for about three weeks. I haven’t noticed any major changes so far. Although I must say I feel more peaceful in general.

  • I just to stat to use this program and already I am seeing the changes in my life such as: streess free, atracting the opposite sex without doing a thing just to be polite with them. I hope very soon I will have bigg changes in my life. Rafael Pacheco

  • Hi, I’ve had this programme for about three and a half weeks now and have been using it daily. I must admit I haven’t as yet noticed any changes so far. I am opptomistic though and hope to see some denefits soon. I’ve also been reading seth material, funny it was on my to reads pile! I’ll comment more as and when I start to see results.

  • It is already three weeks since I bought this material. It is simply fascinating. I able to have a peaceful sleep and wake active in the morning.

    Thanks for the great program

  • I think your product is fantastic, I am still downloading
    all the material.
    I have not fully utilized the programme.

  • I love it! I started seeing some results after a week or so then I became extremely busy with work and a move in residence… now settling and will return to it… will comment later.

    Excellent work, and great presentation and explanation.

    Much gratitude!

  • Thanks so much for an amazing program. I have always been able to sleep well and have had some amazing dreams during my life course. I can remember dreams going back some 20 years or more and every day a new night brings new and spectacular dreams. I remember everything and am looking forward to using your dream programming advice to help me achieve more through my dreams.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Enjoying the BWE and hypnosis recordings, esp in the evening and morning…

  • i bought a lot of systems in the past but this is the best value i found. there is so much in the package. Im starting off with the luck series now. thanks for a great system

  • I only subscribed 3 weeks ago. Already I am noticing I am sleeping a lot better. Previously, had severe insomnia. Also I am remembering very vivid dreams. I never recalled my dreams before.
    Looking forward to seeing what else I create with this program.

  • Been slowly digging into the program with my hectic schedule. Very impressive and a little overwhelming with all the information. I’m sure its just a matter of time for everything to start coming together.

  • excited about the possibilities. working on improve health and have noticed that my mind is generally calmer.

  • The best personal growth, self-development/improvement, mind-empowering mix of audios/BWE/ebooks ever. I feel a totally different (much improved) person after listening to even just a few of the audios and reading the bonus ebooks on Mind Power. The material (the power of our thoughts) is not new to me at all but the way it is presented in the ebooks gave the material more impact. So much knowledge and valuable information for so little investment.

  • Wow! I can’t believe all the information contained in these programs. I can already see changes in me including improved mood, more energy and better sleep! Money well spent!

  • Since downloading several Mind Power MP3s, I’ve never been able to go about my work day without my headphones in; I’ve even gotten into the habit of sleeping with them in, putting the programs on infinite repeat. I awake feeling refreshed, confident, and grateful, happily ready to begin each new day. Thanks for such a great resource!!

  • [...] with over 300 glowing testimonials in the last year ….if you really want to improve your life – what are you waiting for?! [...]

  • I’m busy going through the text (pdf) and the audio (mp3) stuff. It’s early days yet but as soon as I notice a dramatic shift in any area of my life you’ll be the first to know about it.

  • Great stuff… still working on smoking and weight loss, will let you know..

  • WOW!!!!
    Not my first gig (starting 20 years ago at age 30, hypnosis background, master NLP, REIKE, etc.)
    This program I ordered 3 days ago and I have had an issue cleared up already and I am very greatful for that.
    I am just beginning, and I am looking forward to progress I know I will make.
    LOVE the bravehueart and Dream Programming!
    Thanks so much

  • ok,,where do i begin,,having purchased your program i am extremely pleased,,the articles on remote viewing and the other pdf articles are mind blowing.honestly i thought your program was good but having bought it,it has exceeded all expectations.i have acquired a mp3 player so i can listening to the audios. one thing when i listened to the alpha mind control audio i can hardly hear what is being said,,,however your program is fantastic i continue learn new things every day,,CHEERS!!!!!!!

  • I was introduced to subliminal messaging in 2007 when I suffered from Clinical Depression. I have used Mind Spa subliminal messaging programs and light goggles which I believe helped me “get off” the horrible medication. It honestly changed my life for the better.

    This program takes that to the next level. It’s informative, comprehensive, honest, easy to use, amazing value for money and it works. I believe everyone should use it because it’s like going to the gym for the brain. The more you use it the more benefits you will see.

  • I have started to use the MP3 audios lucid dreaming and celestial luck. I have already had Paul’s CD. My problem is I travel a lot and many times I could not systematically follow the instructions and spend enough time long enough to produce satisfactory results. But these will have no problems to be used as anywhere I will have to sleep and able to use this as it is used during bedtime. So I believe it can actually produce the result even if I expect it or not. I am exited as many of the programs are sold bits and pieces through different sites and differernt people for prices that people like us could not have afforded. But it is many products and a price which is not even the half price of many other single product out there. Thanks to all of you out there who gave us this opportunity to try to make a differece in our lives with these great products. I wish many otheres will make use of this offer and purchase this one for their own benefit.

  • This is GREAT STUFF! I am recommending you guys to family and friends. Keep up the good work!!!

  • I have recently purchased this system and I was astounded at the amazing body of work that I received for the relatively small amount of money paid. The instructions on how to download and use the system were extremely clear and very valuable. They gave me a methodical way of downloading the vast amount of content. As per the instructions, I have commenced with the Alpha training which I love. I saw quite a few changes from the very first day. I am having much better sleep at night and I am also a lot calmer and happier. I have ordered my priorites of study and I am really looking forward to the training and the wonderful transformations in my life that are to take place in the coming months. Thank you very much for releasing such a valuable product at such an affordable price.

  • OMG !! I have a darling grand daughter and we are very close. Her mom sometimes gets upset because she loves me so much. She wants to be with me all the time and usually cries when she has to go home to mom. The last time I took her home she was VERY upset because I had to take her to her mom’s boyfriend’s house. She threw quit a fit. Mom has not let me talk to her or see her for 2 weeks. I started using the Remote Influencing last night. Just focusing on sending love to both mom and Haley. I got an email from mom today. I feel sure that I will get to talk to Haley tomorrow and know that she must be feeling the love and hugs I have been sending her last night and today.
    What an incredible program. I have benefited so much from it and I have barely scratched the surface of all you have to offer.

  • This program is great. I am more confident and I sleep better. I have not manifested anything yet. I believe I will soon.

  • When I first bought this I figured it was another thrown together LOA gimmick. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount and quality of the content. I also bought the DVD and opted for the membership.

    Thanks for having a quality site !

  • Hi,

    I’ve now had the materials for about three weeks. I started out with the SMES as instructed. I absolutely LOVE the Alpha Mind Control Audio, and found Jim Francis’s report about the world of alpha to be fascinating. I’ve experimented with BWE for almost 7 years now, and I think the Alpha audio is AWESOME! I’ve found myself naturally relaxing throughout my day, and easily slipping into more of an alpha state without the audio when I’m just hanging out. Still been working on the mental pendulum with the thumb twitches. I’ve been practicing as instructed on and off for about 3 weeks now and still not getting automatic twitches. I am very interested in hearing other people’s experiences with this. I really want this to work. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase, and the material is very original, and exciting. I can’t wait to learn more over the next few months! Thank you for offering these resources, and at such a great price too.


  • Hi,

    Not sure if this is the right forum… but I wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to your great team. I bought a “bronze package” a couple of months ago – thanks for making it affordable for me on a special!!
    I’ve been listening as much as i can and am loving the results!
    Also – thanks to your team for the absolute brilliant support I got throughout. I had a number of interactions and they were all super and prompt. Thanks Cliff!

    Much love and gratitude!

  • Fascinating! I was originally interested in this system because of the Discovering Your Life Purpose component, but once I got it and started using the whole system I discovered there are SO many more applications. Excellent tools!

  • I have spent nearly 5 years searching the best mindpower trainings on the net and JIM’S research is indeeed one of the best.i used the SUBJECTIVE COMMUNICATION skills to find two right buyers for two apartments my sister was unable to sell for 4 years. the dream programming helped me and one of my student find my lost internet modem.i have a very active group of eager learners who are researching and trying to find all sorts of new uses for these tools…especially HOW TO CREATE latest need is to produce a nice house for my new wife and to launch my first ebook on GRAPHONOMY in October 2011.

  • finally bought your system and i am blown away!!! i have always been interested in the science of the mind and now i have been provided with information by you which i can practice discreetly.will be purchasing a mp3 player very soon so i can begin to program my mind for success.with your system i can truly be all that i want to be.i continue to read the pdf articles with utter fascination,,, I AM VERY PLEASED!!!!!!!!!!

  • very good however would like mp3′s of dreaming and alpha etc with no voices on them to add my own recorded voice through computer program. also want you to make mp3′s to enable physic abilities automatically and any predictions i want. also one for automatic telekinesis i’d really like to move objects with my mind. really want these abilities but have children and demanding job and wife he he… so have no time for meditation etc. cant even manage to remote view. want to use the FULL potential of my mind. mp3s mp3s please

  • I have to admit that I was skeptical at the beginning. What I found is that inadvertently I am better and better and just listening.I manage a lot of stress, as medical doctor in an emergency room at nights and doing an administrative job during the days, I noticed that wichever be the event I remain calm. Also I noticed certain clarity to see the things. I am very motivated to follow the recomendations to get the best of the material. Thank you !!

  • Working through and just love it.

  • Just started the program. I find the material and its implications fascinating. I’m operating in the first month as per your suggested itinerary. Have an open mind and will let you know how it goes. So far, love the program.

  • looking forward to using it all and being better for it

  • I am a therapist working with depressed seniors and I have to make a conscious effort to say positive. I have several subliminal albumns from others companies but I like listening to your positive messages at the end of the day. Helps with me self esteem. I’m about to go into promoting organic products so I am focusing on changing my beliefs about money. I’ve always been poor and thought money was a corrupting evil so I’m appreciating the literature I’ve been reading. I can now see that money can be a creative force rather than a competitive one. Can’t find this kind of literature on the shelves! wishing listeners love and success

  • its great stuff

  • This is one of my first experiences with meditation and tapping in to the true power of my mind. So far, it’s been an absolute blast! I’ve been learning so many things about myself and about the way I relate to the world, it’s certainly been an eye-opening — and heart-opening experience! Not only that, but it’s been a great adventure as well. Plus, the relaxation audio’s are just incredible; I’d been having troubles with insomnia for months and after just 2 nights of listening to these audio’s before bed, I was sleeping better than I had in ages!
    Thank you!

  • This is a continuation of my first post. I made i recording using the luck commands. After 18 days of listening, i dreamed that i was in a store buying scratch off tickets. In the dream there was a man in front of me wearing a white shirt buying also lottery tickets. I saw in the dream that i bought 4 tickets and left. The strange thing about all of this is, in the following day i whent to a store to buy lottery tickets. Every thing looks like what i saw in the dream. The man in from of me wearing a white shirt buying tickets. The atmostphere in the store, the counter, the man behind the counter… everthing looks like the dream. I went ahead and ordered one scrath off ticket.When i scratched it, i won 10 dollars. In the dream i bought 4 tickets, maybe if i bought 4 tickets just like i did in the dreams, i could have won more. Or it is just my Karma. I do not know. Somebody reading this will say:” well, it is only 10 dollars”. It is true. However, let’s go behond this a litte. Why the dream coincides exacly what i say in real life? Or maybe the author is correct by saying that thoughts come first then things.

  • great stuff & great value.

  • Wow and thank you is what I would like to say. Has it made a difference? Absolutely and definitely. I am so glad that I decided to get the system. The only problem I have with it is that I can’t do it all at once. And everything I have used so far has been exceptionally rewarding for me. At least I still have a long way to go and a lot to explore and benefit from. Brilliant value for money. Thank you

  • I am slowly digesting this information as my schedule permits.
    So far, so good. You guys definitely rock.

  • Help, I need some sleep!!! I go to bed listening to the latest downloads, the subliminal music downloads are magical, I have to admit I cannot get into the 123 steps to deep meditation, possibly, because I don’t really need it, I can (I think) go into deep meditation quickly, without taking any of those steps, have been able to for about 4 years to my knowledge, although I think I could do it all my life, just thought I was ‘going within myself – a little trance- as my friends called it!!! Also, about 4 years ago, I bought a course called “meditate like a Zen Monk’ or something, which probably further fast tracked my natural abilities. BUT after a while, found it totally ineffective. Your courses are exciting, fresh, always something new. I just love it. Thank you so much. God Bless You all.

  • Easy to follow and great for the mind – relaxing and enjoyable.

    wish i had found this years ago

  • im starting out slightly slower due to my work squedule but the manuals and mp3 s are fascinating to say the least. so far im satisfied with the purchase

  • Hi! thanks for the follow up after my order! Actually thi is the first time somebody wants to know how am i doing after a puchase. Any way, it is been 14 days since i made a recording with your instructions on luck. I have very strong urges to go to the casino and play the lotteries. Is it the way it is supposed to work? After 14 days, every time i am drinking a liquid, i feel that the suggestions are getting stronger. Is it the way it is supposed to work? For over 19 years i have been using mind power works. I played a lottery ticket “quick pick” after listening the recording for 14 days this is the results that i got: I played 12, 29,37,40,45 and 48. These were the actual winning numbers: 25, 28, 38,42, 44 and 48. One can imagine how i felt when i saw this. Again, thank you! You’ll hear from me again.

    • Hi Louis – terrific that you created an audio – and – have you also noticed we created one for you? Take a look at the bwe audios and you will see a specific audio on luck – this not only has brain wave entrainment – it also has suggestions written by a Master Hypnotist – give it a try – i epect you will be pleased.

      As for “suppose to” – it really works differently for everyone – and the time it takes is also different for everyone depending upon the blocks to success that need to be released.

      Just keep smiling, relax into it, enjoy the process and trust

      sending joy your way


  • This program is terrific I have started with the weight loss info and recordings and in just a matter of hours I was beginning to make much better food choices. I am eating more fruit and vegetables and my cravings for junk food have all but diminished. I like everything about the program. This is truly remarkable stuff, I am so happy to have found it. I believe that my life will continue to improve by leaps and bounds by following this program and following through.

  • I wish I had found this program years ago. I can only think how different my life would be. I am grateful to have found it now and I have lots of time to improve and cleanse every part of my mind and body. Love it

  • I really enjoy everything having to do with Mind Power and Super Mind Evolution Program. I wish I could get it all in my hands and eat it like cake to get it inside me instantly. It feels so right and so true. I want to put it into use in my life yesterday. I have already seen some results from it. I feel better about my life and somewhat calmer, because I see I can have the things that I desire in my life.

  • I’ve been interested in and actively learning about energy and the role it plays in our lives for a couple of years now. The more I learn the more I find there is still more to learn and absorb! This program, though I have only just begun using it, already seems to be a stellar one. I am very excited about it and am already seeing all the positive effects and nuances in my life!

  • I have actively worked with mind power concepts since I was a teenager…I WISH I had these materials then. My intuition, level of meditation, and overall well-being have increased steadily as I have added these concepts to my daily regimine.I would term these materials “high level”,without all the unnecessary mystical hoodoo of older systems.think of it as mind enhancement on steroids (without the toxic side effect.)

  • i have been using your products for 3 years now. My supplement company is about to be funded, and I am using your teaching to synchronize the process. It is working very well.
    Thank you..


  • Hi. Just learning about all this . The alpha program is amazing .I’m taking it slow but I def. Can see things clearer now

  • I continuously get lots of emails from so many other personal development sites and i always come back to these products. I am just so much more comfortable using them because i truly believe in the work and effort invested in the creation. I have never regretted purchasing this entire package. The information is useful and priceless. i have downloaded some onto my ipod and i listen daily. Thank you. Continue the excellence.

  • Love the product. I just started and love what I have listened to. They have over delivered on an excellent product.

  • [...] Way to Feel Fantastic Buried within the Wealth of Information and Tools contained within our “Best Mind Power Program Ever“  is 3 audios that can absolutely train you to “Feel Good” at any time by simply [...]

  • Dear friends:
    I’m very satisfied with the SMES. One amazing thing has to do with creativity. Y have improved every aspect of problem solving, new ideas generation and outstanding and unheard of approaches at work.
    In spite of workload I have avoided stressful situations easily.
    Some of my friends are considering this program as a future investment in view of my results as compare to the price.
    Thanks to the authors!!


  • I have been listening to Super Mind Music & purchased the Super Mind System as well. The price is nothing compared to all the wealth of information to cahnge your life & those who you love. I am more in touch with my inner being and feel that I am in control of my life now.



  • I was injured almost 20 years ago and was surfing the web 10/7/2000 when i stumbled on a site

    I purchased some products and used them. I have been a student of hypnosis for over 30 years.

    When I stumbled on your site again I immediately purchased and joined. The variety of product is great and should appeal to large numbers of prospects.

  • It has been several years since I look for audio techniques which can help me to go farther in meditations and other things.
    I used a large number of different methods. All have their advantages and their inconveniences and all have more or less big limits. They helped me to progress and allowed me to cross important stages until the moment when it was necessary to me to look for something else.
    I bought recently ” Super Mind Evolution ” that I use every day with my wife. My intuition said to me that it was what I was searching to go farther.
    It seems that it is one of better products, otherwise the best. Even if it is still too early to express a more detailed opinion, I can say that, for example, ” Alpha mind control ” is one of enredistrement the most powerful which it was given to me to use. I am impatient to use the others and especially some as: ” lucid dreamind, OBE, remote viewing ” and also those of ” brave heart system “.
    I do not doubt that they have the same quality, the same power as the one that I use at present, I shall come back later to express a more precise opinion later.
    Beforehand thank you for such a good product.

  • Very insightful, 1000% happy with products and service!

  • wow.. this has changed my life .. thanks

  • I’ve been using the alpha induction and problem solving audios as instructed (with a few samplings of sleep programming)over the past three weeks and can barely keep myself under the 2 hr limit per day. First of all I love, even seem to crave, the alpha “state”. It feels soooo good, almost blissy at times. I have been experiencing an increasing, gradual, overall sense of well-being. I lost my 33 year old son three years ago and life has been “flat” at best. So, to begin to recover any measure of “feeling good” seems quite significant. I’m deeply grateful for your work, Jeff and Company, and very excited to explore more audios and reports. I’m sensing that a whole new world of possibilties and adventure into realms natural but unknown could be right around the corner! I am also working the Super Mind VIP club – facinating! BTW, I eliminated the word “is” several times in writing this. :) Blessings and Thank you

  • I love the Course, very complete and easy to navigate throught . And also in many fields from self development, health and parapsychological power like remote wieving. Really a graet affordable products

  • Love the course, set out really well and I love the fact that there is a manual setting out, how to navigate through the material – as there is so much. I bought myself an ipod mini for all my mind power audios and I keep it with me all the time. When I go for walks during my lunch I listen to some of them. Makes my day that much better – great product.

  • I LOVE your products… I have to admit this isn’t my first purchase… I’ve been sharing the mp3′s with my son and his girlfriend. It’s interesting to watch the changes from the external observer position. The changes aren’t immediate, but they are slowly revealing themselves in actions. Thanks for all you do to awaken the world.

  • Your Alpha program has shown me more possibilities to explore. It’s been very exciting.

  • The amount of material is almost overwhelming. I have just begun to download and listen, I am looking forward to getting through more of the material.

  • Thanks!
    Your program is turning my summer into an interesting journey. Really helpful!

  • So much great info, what an unbelievably great program!

  • Yes, The Super Mind Evolution System is of good value and I did get some positive results only after listening to the The Alpha: Induction Program twice. One postive result I want to share with you guys is after listening to The Alpha Induction Program out of sudden a friend of mine offered to help me to fold about 185 letter of demands without any reason just as you guys mentioned in the PDF reports (The Extraordinary World off Alpha). Well this may be nothing or it may be something but I am certainly looking forward to see more benefits.

    Till then thank you.

  • I have been listening to some of the selected audio for the past two to three weeks now,apart from being able to sleep better there had not been any significant event or expectation. Could be I am slow to accept fully this very ‘new’ concept of manifestations. Hope to have more positive reviews for you in the near future. In the meantime, still hanging in there.LOL

  • The mind needs to be programmed and renewed on a daily basis.

    This product (Super Mind Evolution System) provides that and more.

    There is nothing like it!

    I am more than pleased.

  • great program- my health has improved greatly since i have started using the dream programing for health. thanks for making this info available for such a resonable price.:-)

  • I really like your product! I have been using the dream program for a few weeks and can tell that I have more enery and I feel “UP” most of the day. I look forward to more positive changes and getting into the Brave Heart system. Thanks again!

  • An intriguing program.

  • I love the SMES. It’s a great system that really immerses you in all the basic concepts and higher ideas of the metaphysical field.

    This will be the new science in the next few decades. Get a head start and be one of the pioneers and trailblazers in this new and exciting territory ;)

  • Recently downlaoded to Ipod for sleep learning. I’m not sure I am sleeping as well. Is it a mistake to listen to one after the other at night? Still hoping for positive results.

  • you could use them in prisons though
    keep up the GOOD work.. blessings

  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart: i’m already using the ressources on stress relief and the

  • Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive package

  • I was impressed right away by the amount of information, visualization exercize, and especially the E-Books that were included.

  • Wow!!

    Thank you for putting together such a comprehensive package…I’ve started working through the ones that stand out to me and already I have noticed significant changes…no doubt this will continue as I further delve into these programs…I enjoy reading the PDF’s as they add to the relevant programs

    I’m definitely looking forward to getting into the other programs that as yet I have not looked at.

    Once again, many thanks


  • Hi! I started with the holosync program just after my son moved from this earthly plane.. it helped.. so much so that many good things surround me now..

    now I am endeavouring to load this gift you have given me, into my busy schedule..

    I ask that you consider more audios that I can listen to, without sleeping, but rather while I continue my waking day and increased creativity..
    also, I’m not sure I downloaded the 2 complete programmes and I think it would help to be able to choose ONE full download rather than the many individual ones..

    this field of reprogramming/quantum jumps is good and I care that we can choose, unlike the dark predictions of george orwell.
    you could use them in prisons though :)
    keep up the GOOD work.. blessings!

  • I had purchased some of your programs individually when I should have purchased the whole system right of way. I am now just getting into the programs that I am interested in first, and I can tell that there is so much to learn and assimilate. I will write another report after I have some positive experiences because of this powerful system. Thank you, FjM

  • the best personal growth program i have ever come across!!!
    Ready-to use information and such quality material!!
    You should sell this package ten times more.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart: i’m already using the ressources on stress relief and the results are so quick and effective!
    Keep up the good work!

  • I’m really enjoying the course. I’ve learned so many new things about the mind and how it works. And the methods being taught really do works. It’s truly amazing when you think about it.

  • I just like your products… I’m constantly improving thanks to them…

  • I have only just downloaded the programs I have purchased so am unable to make comment on the success of the program. I will be back to report results. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  • I am a bit behind in reading my material, but I have been listening to the audios for, “creative genius,” “awakening,” and “indecisiveness.” I have seen a difference in getting more ideas in situations where I would have had a hard time to either make a choice or get ideas. I get more ideas for day to day choices which I have had a hard time doing. It feels so good to be able to come with ideas in what to make for dinner or other situations.
    I am still reading the “Master Key” but at my pace. I do procrastinate. That’s my fault. But I have seen improvements so thank you. Now I wish I could win the Lottery to pay my bills. Thank you again. I look forward to your next email. God Bless, Anna

  • Its only four days and I am seeing results already. I feel better
    I have more energy. And I sleep better then before
    I cant believe it works so fast . Much faster then Holosync ever worked

    Thanks again

  • I have been a serious researcher into mind power phenomena for more than 46 years. I can say with honesty that this is the most impressive and comprehensive coverage of mind power applications, tools and information that I have yet come across! Having just purchased the package,I have had time only to sample some of the brainwave entrainment mp3′s but speaking from the viewpoint of an entrainment and subliminal recording enthusiast, the quality is most impressive. I have a feeling this will turn out to be one of my best investments. Namaste, Nathan Stein, North Caroline, USA.

  • We’re already feeling the benefits of the Mind Power System. Both my husband and I are feeling more in control and experiencing greater synchronistic and more positive events in our lives. Many thanks.

  • Dear frienda,

    For years I have been interested in mind topics, knowing deep in my heart that there is something more profound and powerful connecting everything (including me).

    In that search I have had access to several sources like the Magic of Psychotronic Power, Deepack Chopra and Silva Method among others. Real Mind Power Secrets has all the above and more with a very practical an easy to understand language and supported with the newest in technology and research.

    I wish I would have found you earlier in my live and really can’t recall how I got the first contact with you; but also know that the master arrives when the student is ready.

    I have been reading the reports from two weeks now and I’m delighted with every piece of information.

    I’m sure this is the best investment I have done in myself.

    Thanks and keep going,

    Jorge de la Rocha

  • WOW! I have changed my life!! I do not live in fear. I am clam, centered, confident and project a different aura. People at work notice and ask crazy questions. They know something is different but can’t figure out what it is. They think I have changed my hair or lost weight or what is different? I KNOW things are changing! I have not won a large jackpot or had any life shattering things but I totally feel different and don’t worry about things like I did. I have such a different demeanor. Best thing I ever did for myself is buying this.

  • I was very sceptical at first and only downloaded the free downloads. But it was so impressive that I bought the system and will never look back. My best buy in a very long time.

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  • Great Value :>)

  • I subscribe to many self development magazines – your magazine is one of the magazines that I respect the most!!

    This is first time I have ever used ‘mind power products.’

    After I heard the chill out album I decided to purchase the mind evolution system.

    I have been using this for few weeks and was waiting for some unique experience before I gave you my comments.

    It took my mind some time to orient it to this technology.

    I love the stuff – I find it very relaxing, stimulating and fun to use.

    Finally, I did have a most profound meditation experience I have every had. I am a regular meditator and for the last 3 weeks I have been using your Mp3 recording during my meditation.

    During my normal meditation I often see geometrical light symbols in my heart region, but last Saturday I saw so many different types of wonderful symbols that I have no words to describe it – it was like the most beautiful dance of the sole lights.

    Many thanks for taking me to the next level.

    With love and light

  • I have been meaning to write to you earlier, but I am afraid life got in the way! Also, it took me quite a time to read through all your information which I found fascinating. I did find it a challenge locating some of the programmes, but did manage in time. I have been using the entrainment mp3′s regularly. Since I am somewhat of a seasoned user, having been using Holosync for a few years, I imagine that there would not be much of a difference at present, which is the case. I am having some challenges excluding ‘is’ from my conversation and am afraid that I constantly slip up, but I am trying! Since my husband and I are both retired, we are constantly in one another’s company (I am not complaining!), and I am not finding the pacing is working very well since we have been married nearly 40 years and have ‘grown together’ and our speech is very similar in speed etc. However, I shall try harder when in other people’s company (when I remember!).

    I am also using the entrainment mp3 called “Awakening” and wonder how often I should use it and over what period of time. I have one or two health issues which I am hoping the mp3 might help with.

    Looking forward to your comments.

  • The program is excellent value. The audio programs are very powerful. I feel I have already received benifits from listening for only a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to spend more time on my self development. There is so much reading material it will take quite some time to get through all the information. Thanks for making this easly available.

  • Sounds good. Hope to start soon!

  • I forgot to mention that I do listen to the creativity audio. I have seen a difference in how I get more ideas to accomplish things. I’ve used it about a week, 2x a day. I did accomplish more tasks and got them done quicker. It’s sure that, that was from the audio. I took a few days brake, like you said, before I listen to another. I am also reading, “the master key.” then I’ll move on to another audio. thank you for the time you have put into making all of this, and for the low cost to us. I’m looking forward and anxiously waiting to learn more. I have to see which one I can use to stop procrastinating. do you have one? I know I’m behind, but I can only do things when my son is at school and I have nowhere to go. Also, can’t you name your system by a different name? I know my sister saw these downloaded on my desktop. She wasn’t very happy seeing them. can’t you name the program by another name? Not mind Power or evolution

  • The program says to start with the Braveheart System to help remove the “blocks” that I have developed over the years. I have been listening the The Fear Removal Machine for a few weeks now. I have noticed a difference. This is the real deal. Thank you so much for making this large set so affordable.

  • I am very embarrassed to say, I have not been following the rules as I should. I am so anxious to get some results that I just don’t know where to begin. Cliff did send me the info, but it’s my fault for not being able to make decisions. I am trying. I am reading the first ebook. Thank you for what you have done.

  • there is so much material, the value for money is incredible, as one reviewer said… the feast goes on and on.
    A month on i have more energy then i have had for years, and i am feeling more excited and positive about the future, over the years i have spent a small fortune on books and audio programs, i wish i could have came across this years ago, i would have saved a small fortune on all the books and audio programs i have brought.
    Tnankyou for making so much material available at such a affordable price.

  • This has got to be the most comprehensive body of work, EVER! I have been looking for something that would cover everything and this is it! I’ve tried Silva, Remote Viewing & Influencing, Brain Wave Entrainment, Hypnosis, Energy Healing, and Meditation. This program covers all of that and more. It should seem overwhelming, but it is put together so neatly that it all just flows. I feel that it is worth so much more than price. It is a great value, and everyone involved in producing this deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

  • Simply Awesome Stuff & More than Value for Money! So Much Information, So Little Time. Especially love your Audios…Special Thanks to Cyndi, Ian, Phil, Jeff Gignac,Jim Francis & your Team for compiling this generous Package together. Where I am, this Program is not yet that popular and well received but nevertheless, I am passing the good word all round.
    Keep Up the Generosity and the Good Work!!
    Looking Forward for More…

  • Just started using them, so far am pleased, especially with the price! Will be able to delve into them more once I get moved to Alaska & settled in :>) Wishing you many blessings . . .

  • What a fantastic deal of the best quality and content of any programs I have taken so far. I have even taken Asarraf’s gold/platinum stuff. Highly overrated and very expensive.

    The material you offer in your programs is of the highest quality and unbelievably low-priced. I thought it would be “fluff” but its content is the best I have experienced to date.

    That’s why I joined your VIP section so that I could get more quality MP3s — My biggest problem is finding the time to thoroughly delve into the material because everything I have tried and experienced so far is of the highest quality.

    Thanks for making it possible through your most attractive pricing system.

  • I have just started using the program and so far the results are great. I am feeling happier and more at peace and a better outlook. Wish I could have more time but my time constraints are tight. Great from what I have learned so far. Looking forward to continue.

  • I love the program….am in love with Jeff Gignac voice LOL!!!

  • Has any one listen to the.Sacred Love Better World?Please do and you will understand what came over me.This system is amazing,and a blessing to humanity.

  • Yes iv’e had some results but am still mainly reading the material and listening to my first cd. But still am excited to keep using the material.

  • I am a holistic practitioner and utilize the power of the mind in all formats and treatments. I have really enjoyed the complexity and the simplicity of this program. I will be passing this along and using it in my practice. Thank you for all of your research and time!

  • Love the product, it’s is been an amazing experience

  • Thank you…since I started absorbing this program just three weeks ago…I have to tell you I am more hopeful, expectant, loving, and calmer about everything…I just moved on to another catagorie because I had been practicing alpha a little before I purchased the program when you sent me a link for free…I feel I am very receptive to the training and now I am going to study for the next month the luck catagorie, let you know…I have already had inspired thoughts and feel syncronicity flowing in my life…I have visions or thoughts of end results so that is good….thanks so much Me’shell…there is so many programs out there selling something like this but I bought you first and am very satisfied where I am at…

  • i bought the sme system about 6 months ago, i need to know wht i am doing wrong since i followed all the instructions and am still in a situation which makes me unhappy and still searching for a way out, any thoughts pls?

  • What a lot of information! This is great. I’ve read the first reports and am sleeping a lot better after listening to the alpha mp3! It’s going to take quite a few months to get through it all.
    Thanks a lot. I have access to every system I can imagine needing. It’s great value when you look at other similar products on the market that are about the same price for ONE aspect e.g. wealth.
    Thanks a lot.
    Please keep doing this work, you’re helping a lot of people.

  • I purchased the Best Mind offer $67.00, and Have downloaded to my I-pod, Power dreaming, Intuition,Super mind evolution-and to date Nada impact, I have been a subscriber to the Centerpointe Research Institute, the Holysynce Binaural beat system for over 7 years and at least have some positive feedback

    Your system so far has given me little to appreciate, I am only interested i Intuition,Psychic
    and super mind- will keep trying but to date nothing

  • It’s been about two weeks since I started and downloaded the mp3′s and the ebooks. The first that was used was Mini Happiness by Alan Tutt and by itself has a way of chasing the negative out of your life. I use the following every day. “I choose to believe everything goes well and my belief becomes manifest as a bountiful harvest of abundant joy and happy events.” Please say thank you to Alan for me. The other mp3 is Power Dreaming Runs of Luck. This is played each night two and three times on repeat, it changes the outlook that you have on the future. Thank you for the mp3′s and ebooks, it will take time to work through all the information. Keep on doing what you do it works.

  • What an amazing system this has turned out to be, amazing value for money and amazing value for mind, i would highly recommend this to anyone. Thankyou!

  • Only just started reading through all the wonderful material but I just
    know I’m going to get great results. Just reading the Super Mind Evolution System has made me feel better about myself. Will be sure to keep you informed. Thanks for a great system. Keep up the good work!

  • I’ve been reading the pdf report & listening to the accompanying mp3
    since the 6/4/2011, the day I bought the Super Mind Evolution System.
    So far, I’m only into the LUCK thing. I must admit that there is a slight improvement in my luck as I’ve struck the numbers game a couple of times, although the rewards are small. Nevertheless, I’m confident that over time things will definitely improve. If I ever strike a massive windfall, the first thing I would do is catch a plane
    to UK to give Ian, Phil & Cyndi a big hug! I would also love to meet
    Jim Francis & Jeff Giganc in person to convey my sincere thanks.

  • Incredible powerful,I still have problems to listen to the CD`s,gives me kind of a headache,so have to adapt slowly,I guess… Huge amount of information,but really great content!!Thanks a lot for that generous offer!!

  • This program is a great way to wake up and regain one’s 1st sight! Reconnecting to the Truth that humans always were and always will be amazing creatures. When we desire something to manifest it must be done with love and no ill will for anyone. Thank you for the years of work to help us lost souls in this lifetime on earth.

  • Well I’m still going through the lessons – and taking notes. I haven’t been able fully grasp the concepts yet, however having said that … I am “starting” to “feel” the vibrational pull :)

  • O.K. heres the reel deal and no bs upsales later on crap.

    this system is what ive waited for for 30 years, intuitively ive been aware of people like jim and others doing this research and now i have had 3 weeks to experience what ive been waiting for the oppurtunity to change my future for the better and for ever.

    this is the best ive felt since my birth 46 years ago, and was a black sheep from then until now another book later, anyway fast foward ive had remote viewing skills since iwas born and intuition unlike the average bear, so this in 3weeks has been like a huge blessing to get ramped up and elimnate all the negative bags that are holding back from my destination be a part of the solution not only to myself but to anyone who truly desires change in a good way, and if you dont use the material you will always get what you currently have.

    thanks to all people involved at making this possible and kept affordable. i hope to meet some you in the future that made all this possible. thank you so much, ps i was practicing some silva methond alpha 45 days before this and mike brescia alpha training prior to this but iwas looking for lightning speed up process so ive found it thanks again.sincerly w/ love to all Eugene, USA

  • great!!

  • There are so much to digest for this wealth of information program. It’s no doubt that it is life changing.

  • Awesome program, and great support with the products!

  • Sorry for the previous remark, i found the reply in my Spam folder and have access to it now, Thanks and i LOVE the parts of the system i have read/listened to so far!!

  • Yes its obviously had improved. This is really a good system to all of us. No doubt!

  • its been 2 weeks since i started using audio and the only words i can say is thanks to all who devoted there love, time and money to help out the average bear, you see ive spent thirty years getting the inside properly heal up in all aspects and my home is so rural that dial up is all thats available and as a construction worker i travel extensively so thats where wii-fii and timing know is like a blessing as much as all the people involved who worked so hard at putting this program together, after only the first 2 days i had 4 blessing so not bad for a good start and yes part of that includes money, in terms of against all odds i got a job i wasnt supposed to get according to the paper trails , but enough of that for know day three i was offered 3 jobs in total and what r the chances again for being in the right place at the right time for went to lunch and in walked the men who offered 2 of those jobs, unplanned events time place and where, thats huge in my book, so lets see what else we can find in the future until then thanks again so i may improve again against all odds eugene USA

  • Thanks for the feedback Cyndi,.

  • I am LOVING this material, in a constantly-being-challenged kind of way!

  • Hi, Its been a couple of weeks since I bought the Supermind Evolution System. Since then I have been working on attracting Amazing Luck. The concept of Luck, how some people seem to attract luck more than others, has interested me for some time.

    Ive been very impressed with the content of Amazing luck both in PDF form and video. Although I have only been practicing it for a week I did win $20 in a scratchy. I have only ever won maybe $5 or a free scratchy.

    I look forward to increasing my luck. It is such good value, so comprehensive and covers so much.

  • seems to be a great course working on the health aspect at the moment, with some succsess,Looking forward to trying the other parts of the course.

  • Hi, just want to say that I am completely blown away by all the information in this programme, I bought it 3 weeks ago and I feel so much happier and relaxed since I started using it, there is alot of information and I´m taking my time to absorb and make the most of it. My life is changing for the better every day! Thanks again!!

  • This system is simply perfect.
    Right now,I’m on the Dream Programming and would like to know if it’s necessary to repeat a particular request everyday or just ones.
    Please advice.

    • It is best to focus on one desire – and to repeat 17-21 days – or until the desire is fulfilled before moving on to the next request

      Glad you like the system :-)

      Sending Joy


  • Just started and already feeling good.

  • I downloaded the Mindsurge where they revealed, for the first time, for free – the entire dream programming sequence. The dreams are powerful! I programmed dreams so I would perform confidently in my exam recently, and it worked perfectly! The examiner was very pleased with my performance.

    I’ve also been finding smal amounts of money to the ground from time to time, and found a job that pays 3 times higher than my current school, working alongside musicians that perform for royalty!

    And all these powerful stuff came with the free gifts. So today I bought the entire set whle its still on offer at $67. I’m confident everything will be even greater. If the free stuff could bring about such powerful change, let alone the ones that I pay for!

  • Thank you for a mind opening program.
    May you all be blessed :-)!!

  • WOW, this program has given me peace, I feel very centered, calm & relaxed. My life is already changing thanks to the program

  • i find this info just incredible. am looking forward to iunvesting more time to increase the modest gains so far. thakns

  • I fully intend to set up a website in order to share this great program with others, just not computer savvy enough to have been able to do so yet, but in what time I have had to look into the program, I can see there is something here for everyone.

  • More information than I have ever found on how to turn your life around. I am so impressed! I have lost weight ~ feel fabulous ~ and know without a doubt I will win a jackpot in the near future. I feel so blessed! I have learned so much. I am so confident, people around me are asking what I am doing ~ what’s different ~ what is going on with you???? So I know the knowledge is showing in my actions as well as how I am feeling. I can’t wait to learn more.

  • A wealth of information and you’ll see how surprisingly easily this will become a part of your daily routine. Having read lots of books and being very interested in the subject, I feel the audios really achieve something that books don’t – and it’s so effortless.

  • Its a heavy stuff to learn here. You can get the discount from their website. Its worthy to download. Go ahead guys!

  • Amazing! Nothing else I can say. Its totally amazing! However I couldn’t find how am I going to cancel for the membership in case I need to stop joining the membership for the super mind vip club.

    • Hi Ray,

      At the bottom of the VIP page there is a link for the help desk. Click on that and fill out a ticket if you make the decision to leave the club – though we certainly hope you decide to stay with us

  • I have spent years, decades actually and this ties it all together with simple but effective clarity, then goes beyond it! Awesome job and one that will serve many people in a very positive way!! Keep up the GREAT “work” that you folks are doing, it is well done and very informative. We are on the cusp of a Morphogenic Awakening into greater Conscious Awareness!!!! Thank you, sincerely.

  • Very positive results. In my 3rd week but the best things so far happened to me in the 1st week. I know there are better things to come. Perception is reality.

  • I bought this program three weeks back. I just followed the instructions given regarding what to read first. I noted down in an exercise book what i needed first. Then I noted down the respective books and audios pertaining to what I want. I started listening to the audios in the morning and night. Eventhough I am in the beginning stage, I can see positive changes in me. Since there are lot of audios I think I will take a year to complete the program (each audio for 2 weeks). I have read most of the books. I am happy with the program and hope to see good results. It is a wealth to me. thank you.

  • I would just say simply amazing! I could feel blood pumping to my brain every time I listen to the Alpha BWE audio…Talking about building new neurons!

  • Great, seems so far. Excited to see what’s to come!!

  • I have had the system for three weeks now and have already attracted three winning lottery tickets. I have not been this lucky before and the only that has changed in my life is purchasing this product. What a great deal that has already paid for it’s self:)

  • Three weeks into the course my impressions and main results to date -

    I will get the only negative out of the road for starters. I guess I was in some form of daze for most the first week. I’m not the most intelligent human on the planet so the effort in doing all the prep work such as finding the lay of the land and downloading requirements was very time consuming – especially as this area has a very slow internet speed. I feel a little more clarity especially on the Home Page would assist some of us who are entering a totally new world.

    By Day 3 I could actually feel a cloudy veil being lifted from my mind. From that time onwards my day to day work and other activities have become increasingly clear.

    One of the biggest changes during the first two weeks was my visual perception of a great array of what I used to refer to as actual things and non solids such as clouds, gas, sunshine ,etc changed dramatically and I soon found I could see things very clearly where most others could not. I have always been a very practical, logical sort of person with absolutely no art or music in me. Now I feel there is an artist within who is clamouring to get out and a would be singer who won’t shut up.

    My energy levels have gone to new levels. After each audio session I feel as though I have had a massive sugar fix.

    I could go on and on but suffice to say I have found the course contents to be truly life changing stuff.

    This is going to be a great journey!

  • I’ve been listening to the Power Dreaming MP3 to “Attracting Love” for the past 2 weeks and I have been amazed on how women are becoming more attracted and attentive to me. I can’t wait to utilize the MP3s to attract riches into my life. Thank you very much!

  • I’ve been very impressed with all the information and a bit overwhelmed as well…so much information and so anxious to jump right in the big middle of it all. (I can be a little impatient) I feel growth happening and am looking forward to where this information will take me…always a journey! Thank you so much!!!

  • I am greatly impressed with the quality of the information contained in your programs. many blessings to your company for continued success.

  • Thank you very much for your program. Your “remote viewing” I do practice all my life, just never admit of doing so, it’s fun and big responcibility. With “remote influencing”, in my own way, I do healing, passing interviews and so on, it’s work like magic, so much fun!!! I like your MP3, it’s so joiful, and price?- just feel myself rich!!! what a gift!
    Wish you the best.

  • OMG I am amazed. I started listening to Lose Weight Naturally the first nite. My pants are already loose. I am listening to Power Dreaming and I feel so much better. I have not tried my luck out yet, but I know already that will be a great asset. I can’t wait to come back to this and tell you how well I did. I just feel better, more alive, more enthosed enthused about life. I wake up ready to see what the day brings. I lost every thing including my house 2 years ago and have been just plodding through life. I now have hope and feel like I can have every thing back. It has only been 10 days since I started my journey with your program. LIFE IS GOOD!

  • I have to say that Iam very excited with all the things that I learned from this course.I trully enjoyed reading all the PDFs. I tried the Luck dream programming & I have to say that it really rocked my world. Things seem to happen the way I want them to be!! I’m so glad that I bought this program & the best part about it is that its trully SIMPLE & to the point. So simple that one would take it for granted yet after you try it for a couple of days, things start to show up magically :)

  • Cyndi, Iain and Phil,

    I’m fascinated by the field of mind research. Thanks for this generous offer, I’ve barely scratched the surface of this mountain of material.

    Josh Newman – Geologist
    Direct: +61 8 9327 3424 Mob: +61 (0) 0422 507 052
    email: Web:

  • Dream programs. Has anyone else had this problem? After doing the dream audio I’m wide awake. No way I can go to sleep. When I do finaly get to sleep I do indeed remember the dream and the significance thereof. So the program works but leaves me wide awake when done. And sooooo much material. It’ll keep me busy for the next year. Thank you much!!!

  • Hi, I bought the program a couple of weeks ago and I’m using PKProblemSolving to help me implement an ambitious project I have. I have seen that things are slowly aligning themselves into correct places piece by piece toward the implementation of my project, just like somebody is putting pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together.

    I’m just curious to see how this will end. Will keep you informed of the end result.


  • i had a ball reading most of the material downloaded. was impressed with the ‘prevent attack”, and hope i dont have to use it but glad i know whats involved if i need it:-)). next was the pen and paper pendalum method, used it last week (method without involving pen/paper) and succeeded nicely with my footy tips !!!. Well done i cannot wait to try the others out. Thanks heaps !

  • I have not manisftested anything significant. I have used the human pendulum method to guess the winners some episodes of American Idols to the amazement of my family. Sometimes, just thinking about some events make them come true – like asking for the bus to arrive when I reach the bus stop.

  • I find it all very fascinating and I am still exploring. Nothing significant has been manisfested yet. I enjoy using the human pendulum to guess American Idols winners and selection of fruits at the supermarket. I seem to be able to do some influence over events by talking to my energy field.

  • I bought this program about 3 weeks ago and the price is worth every penny and even more., there is so much content that I have not got a chance to go over all of them yet. Dream programming is a hit with me, I have sleep problems 2 – 3 days in a week and when I put this on I usually fall asleep by the time recoridng stops, this in itself is worth the money I spent. I have recently joined the trial membership offer and really like the Super Mind Music, I wish they had a downloadable version instead of having to wait for them to ship the CDs.


  • I have just started the program and as of yet not experienced anything.
    I have sent in a ticket to enquire about another program I am busy with.
    Today I subscribed to the VIP club to see it there is anything extra I am needing to do. The lineup of programs is very interesting and I use all my will power follow the program and not jump ahead.

  • I started with the Lose Weight Naturally subliminal and after a few nights of listening I was to my surprise not a slave to my cravings anymore infact I am not hungry in between meals anymore. I was so excited about the results that i decided torepeat the Natural Weight Lose subliminals for an additional 2 weeks. So far to date I lose 4 pounds but without really changing my eating except I do not crave snacks inbetween. Thank you for this miraculous subliminal course I am forever changed.

  • I’m working my way through The Brave Heart system to start with and I think it is fantastic. Not only really great value for money in terms of how much you get for your dollar; but real value in what it provides to enhance my life. I haven’t downloaded everything yet because I want to work through it systematically and in my own time. So that’s another thing I love – it’s that you don’t lose the link and don’t have to download everything at once. I also like that it has a guide book (Monthly Action Planner) so you know where to begin and how to proceed. Again – it’s really great and unbelievable value. Thank you so much!

  • Amazing. This program is excellent value for money, packed with so much it’ll take me a while to work through it. I love that I can choose the elements to work with in my own time. Still early days but thank you for a fantastic program.

  • sorry I have been trying these brainwave entrainment things for ten years never got anything out of any of them

    I just thought your system might have been different. but I will keep trying I have a lot of audios to go through and only using two per day it is a bit slow heres hoping


  • I purchased the pack but have not had the time to go through it yet. I’ve only downloaded a few of the links, and I’d say at the moment I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information, and knowing how to use it all is what’s making me avoid looking at it at the moment. I still believe it has value, but just can’t get off the starting blocks to really delve deeply into it.

  • Fascinating programme, using it at the moment to stop smoking and so far it is having a great effect, if the rest is as good, then all I can say is WOW

  • Amazing amount of material. So many avenues to explore. Very exciting!

  • I’ve perused the material, but feel overwhelmed with the sheer volume and have not begun using it yet. I can see from the material I’ve perused that the product has great value, I just have to find an entry-point. Wish me luck.

  • I’ve used the dream programming several times and have had dreams those nights that later came true or I was able to recognize the things in the dream related to the problem I was working on. There is a lot of material and I’m concentrating on just a few areas right now. A lot of material for the money. It is a good value.



  • Dear Cyndi, Iain and Phil,
    I am taking it slowly, so I have started with a combination of records from the Brave Heart System with the Alfa Mind Control Induction MP3. Thank you for your wonderful product; I wish I would have found it much earlier. Being already an experienced meditator, I can say that your Alfa Mind Control MP3 brings a state of deep relaxation gently and effortlessly, and I love the beautiful music track in this record. I am using the Brave Heart System in bed, and it has been a wonderful and soothing experience of being helped with replacing the troubled and anxious content of one’s mind with a sense of quiet and peace. I am also experiencing warm and pleasurable waves of energy moving down my body, which feels very healing. I definitely feel calmer and more joyful after three weeks of use. I hope that your products will reach people with anxiety, depression, phobias and OCD; I would recommend it to anybody. I look forward to exploring other products from the Super Mind Evolution.
    Very happy and grateful customer,
    Allaiza, UK

  • I discovered the Silva Method in the early 1980′s and realized that we have infinitely more power to shape our reality than we know. Since that time I’ve been on a path of self discovery wanting to find answers to put all the puzzle pieces together. Your Mind Power programs are filling in lots of missing pieces for me so far. I highly recommend this material for anyone seriously looking to connect all the dots. Thanks guys. You rock.

  • Dear Cyndi, Iain and Phil,

    I have not much chance to listen to the program. I have read alot of your reports and I have been listening frequently to the mp3 the Awakening (Sacred Love-full 1hr version). The quality of the reports is excellent and the audio is fantastic. I have sent the youtube video of sacred love to friends.

    thank you

  • I haven’t seen any results yet. There is a tremendous amount of material to download and cover, which can be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps I will discover a nugget of information in there somewhere that will give me positive results. Here’s hoping.

  • I think this programme has been an absolute revelation in terms of how you can improve your life. The reports which are given , are absolutely fantastic. I seriously endorse this product and i have been recommending it to all my friends.

  • Getting used to it, results on the way im sure.

  • This is an amazing system. Lots of really good information. Thank you so much for providing these programs!

  • I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful Best Mind Power Offer. It has helped my focus. I find I can tune in to answers to my questions more quickly and easily. The information is truly life-changing and very affordable. Thank you…Thank you…Thank you.

  • I love this Best Mind Power, So much quality stuff, I don’t know where to start, I’m just going through everything and listening to the inspiring Audios.
    I’m positive I’ll finally get the results I’ve been looking for

  • Such a wealth of information! One of the best programmes available and real value for money. I am still jumping around trying to decide what I want to focus on first.

  • I have been using the dream programing for the last 3 months and I can honestly say it is the best self developement program I have ever purchased (not to mention it has been well worth the money). I had notice a diffrence within a day of using the program. After a month I could not Help but join up to your supermind VIP club. I have notice many changes such as I am always happy and the things that use to make me upset and bother me before dont anymore, I have seem to just not care and move on. Which is great for me considering I was a person who would dwell and keep playing in my head things that happened weeks ago.I no longer worry about anything like money and bills, I am always relaxed and know that things will come to me and everything will turn out fantastic. I am also luckier and winning things here and there. I have notice things are going my way basically all the time. Things I have wanted just get handed to me and people I want to see show up pretty much straight away.I have tried so many things to achieve all of this and more. To be able to move on with my life and not have things hold me back means alot to me.
    I can not thank You enough for these programs. I am so grateful for this.
    I recommend this to everyone whos reading this. If you want to change your life this is where you start.

  • Wow. the remote viewing report i purchased was loaded!
    the easy-to-read and put-into-practice approach is what really hit me.

    I need to get more. My intuitive abilities have improved like finding missing items and locating parking spaces in a busy street or shopping mall.

  • I purchased the program on 10/1 and was amazed at the ammount of information. After skimming through it all I chose to start with the Improve your overall health audio- Whilst I am very healthy I have had an extremely stiff and painfull neck and shoulder for about 2 years that no amount of chiro or other modalities could alleviate. After listening to the audio for 2 nights going to sleep, I noticed a remarkable difference in my neck and shoulder. 2 weeks later I had no discomfort in the area at all and it is a few days since I have used the audio and still no discomfort at all. I can even look back over both shoulders with absolutely no pain or burning sensation at all. (I used to have extreme difficulty looking back as I reversed my car!) I have now moved on to listening to other dream programing audios as I go to sleep. I love the fact that I can transform my life whilst I drift off into beautiful, peaceful sleep. I find I sleep better and have more energy since I started listening to the audios. Having had such an amazing result with the health audio, I can’t wait to get stuck into the rest of them. Fantastic Prodgram, Thank you!!

  • I am very impressed with the material that I have purchased from you. I am doing as you suggested and conditioning myself with the Alpha Mind CD (day 17) and the PK Problem Solver CD (day 12) for the first month as well as taking time to read the eBooks one by one. There is so much material here that I can’t wait to learn it all!

    I have also been doing a product from Centerpointe (Holosync, currently Awakening Level 3) for the last 2 years consistently and was pleasantly surprised that I they work well together.

    I look forward to getting into the Remote Viewing stuff as soon as I digest the rest of the material!

  • Great collection worth far more than it cost. I’m still learnind

  • It’s been about three weeks since I got the program. I am still navigating my way around all the material, like a kid in a candy shop wanting to try it all at once. The sheer volume of excellent material can be somewhat overwhelming and if I had a suggestion it would be that perhaps more clear direction, a more organized program, could be helpful. On the other hand, as we each have our own priorities the flexibility in approach is a benefit.
    I did us the PK Problem Solving method to find a starting point and really must say I have felt the momentum kick in and climb steeply from there! Thanks to the program I am increasingly aware of the synchronistic events unfolding in, around and through me even as I am becoming more calm and purposefully energized.
    It’s going to be a while yet ’till I plumb the depths of this well, but my thirst is well whetted and I’ll focus on taking it a drop at a time.

  • Strange how things happen. I have been on this journey for about a year and was just thinking recently how I’d like to have more detailed information on how to go about tapping into the abilities I know are tucked away in my mind. And then this course appeared. It’s an incredible collection of information that will keep me busy for the next few months. It’s high quality all the way around and the audios will blow you away. Thanks, guys, for putting this together!

  • WOW!!!!! I can only think that something very profound and special lead me to your link. I downloaded on Dec.10 2010 and on that day the only thing in my life was negativity. It was a dark frightening spot to be in. In the shrot span of 39 days my life has meaning again. I understand it will be a continuous journey but the change in me is amazing. Where there was no hope there is now. Obviously I haven’t had the program long enough to have experienced it all but once again WOW!! Thank you all so much. Live, Love and Laugh…….Kathy

  • Greetings from Colombia,

    I started this journey with a combination of faith and curiosity. I have become more and more excited with every single piece of information you provide. This program guides you to a place of serenity and such a strong feeling of expectation for better things to come that no matter what the ciscumstances are, you feel you are on the right track.

    My gratitude will always be with you, yours is a system of evolution, and promotes understanding of life issues to a point where you can observe others as they play the game of struggle and pain.


    Arturo Burbano

  • Hi there…

    I don’t even know where to start…I can’t imagine not having the audio downloads to listen to each morning and evening before bed. I should say, I have a disabling neurological condition which involves severe pain, weakness and fatigue. I was sleeping from early evening until late morning, needing naps during the day. I am now going to bed later, getting up earlier (inspite of spending at least an hour in bed listening) and relying on daytime naps less and less. I am still on all my pain meds, but am much more comfortable, especially mornings. I used to be so stiff and sore I could hardly walk or hold a coffee cup..I am significantly better most mornings. I have also noticed improvements in my mood, inspite of some significant stressors over the past 3 weeks.

    Thank you. I don’t have any extra dollars in my budget, but these were the best spent in a long time.


  • Hi! Your Supermind Evolution system is wonderful and the very best value I’ve come across. I’ve had it for 3 weeks but although I’ve missed a few nights, I feel much more relaxed and sleep better that before. My dreams do follow on from the DP audio I’ve chosen, and I remember them when I wake up. For two weeks I’d had a pain which I needed pain killers to control, but after only twice asking for pain reduction before sleep, its completely gone! Have found what I’ve read so far to be very informative and am following your advice to use the self growth program first, but look forward to reading and learning lots more.

  • I purchased your system 3 weeks ago, I am just now finishing with the Brave Heart system and I can report that I am feeling more confident, less nervous, and less confused in my life. I am going to be starting on the other sections by the end of the week, and am excited to start my new life journey.
    Thank You for this system, I am amazed that this is one system that works, not just another “try it you’ll like it” system, but one that actually delivers and really works. I love the fear removal machine, it has been a true godsend. I am glad that you included it as a bonus, and I will admit that it is why I bought the system just for the bonus. Now I am moving on to the core part of the system and am looking forward to what I will find and learn.
    Be Blessed

  • had program just short of a month. after reading info did alpha for a week, then started pk problem solving only for a few days as was wanting cash windfall of R40K (+/- $6k)but checkedv with intuition changed to luck programs, for 2 weeks, with rest in between. started mindpower jackpot system will do until achieve R40k. was unemployed got job start next week, also had temp job over festive season which went well. have some experience in meditation, intuition etc before purchased, but this is amazing system expecting big things for self. hardest part is being patient and sticking with particular course of vaction when don’t see results quickly, things seem much smoother everyday living use intution every day for day to day decisions. keen to tackle intution and psych development programs next as everything really revolves around intution. will keep you posted of future developments. feel free to edit.

  • I bought SEMS and went on vacation .I am now back and have started just reading the three introductory pieces and I am completely jazzed and can”t wait to get home today and delve further

  • Wow! This Super Mind Evolution System is one of the best self improvement systems I have ever seen. Great value at a great price.
    The music in the VIP club is great. I listen to it every morning to get me going.

  • I am just loving the Super Mind Evolution System! I am going to bed much earlier now so that I do not miss my nightly sesions. I find that I wake up much more alert and ready to face the day ahead. I seem to be getting things done without effort, but I know this is because of my new way of living. I am getting subtle comments from those around me, and questions like “what are you doing, you look different? You can imagine the joy I feel when I get these. I can vertainly say that things are changing for me. My dreams are becoming so much clearer, and I am remembering them! I am feeling so much healthier in my body. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The SEMS is a gem of a purchase.

    Thank you again for your devotion to human improvement we really need this.

  • I haven’t had much time to work on the programs during the few weeks since I received the systems, but have read a few reports and made use of your dream programming.

    However, I was due to attend a lunch party yesterday, but was not looking forward to it at all. The day before the date of the lunch I came down with heavy sysmptoms of a cold and went to bed programming a dream to rid me of the cold. I woke up the next morning (the day of the lunch party) with an even heavier cold and didn’t think the programme had worked. It got me off the lunch date, though, and today (the day after) I awoke with no symptoms of a cold at all. I think that is a case of the programme working for me in two different ways. Think about it!

    I am loving the whole contents of Super Mind Evolution System and look forward to much more insight and information from you in the future.

  • I’m still listening to the 7 Minute High every morning. Even when things are super busy, I don’t want to miss it.
    Last week at work, my boss started screaming at one of the workers. I was getting quite anxious. Then, in my head, I heard the music of the 7 Minute High and calm down considerably.
    Today, I actually got a one dollar tip from one of the customers. Not much, but I was very thankful for it.

  • Had the program for just over three weeks and while I have been away for over half the time, the material is interesting and is backed by a number of other approaches I have come across. It is helpful to have the material together under one program and I look forward to its benefits.

    I have recalled dreams for the first time in a while and I have found some ways forward for some of my more difficult challenges after listening to several of the sleep tracks. I look forward to gaining other benefits as time goes on.

  • 3 weeks is not enough time to even begin to evaluate this system. It took two binders to just hold all of the written reports. The quality of audios appears to be excellent although I have listened to only a few. I decided to basically follow the program as outlined in the overview document. The alpha mind control audio is interesting; I have not noted any real change yet … I decided to work with the health module doing the dream programming audio. The volume on this audio is low relative to a few of the others. Do not expect to listen to all the programs all the night long as the volumes are not normalized across the program suite. In any case, the audios are not intended to be used in this manner. I do listen to the “improve your health” module all night long. The content is very boring as the same set of 7 to 8 statements are just repeated over and over. Since you are expected to go to sleep, this is most likely by design.
    I did note that I recalled some dreams for the first time in years but the health changes are meant to be gradual so 3 weeks is not enough time to measure any results with any sense of objectivity. When I drink liquid, I have not noticed a link to having the health statements being re-inforced. The hypnotist’s voice is good but the presentation is well, …, bland at best.

  • Your mind power program is really impressive although the information to process is quite overwhelming. Initially, I listened only to the alpha and synchronity-luck audios. I must say that quite a number of good things have already surfaced in my life over the past weeks, including the fact that I was one of only seven people, out of more than 200 hundred, who won a major prize in our office’s Christmas party. I am now truly motivated to try out the other programs. Thank you and may more blessings come your way as well as all the readers and users of your program.

  • I’ve been really impressed so far with all the great information and audios, and I still have a lot of reading and listening to do! The huge volume of information I think has been well worth the money spent. I’m excited to dig deeper and do a little more practicing with the techniques. I’ve definitely had very vivid dreams that I remember in much greater detail than I normally do…now to decipher what they mean!

  • A great package with some classical texts. I was disappointed that it wasn’t a digital download and spent the last money I had on this programme.

    Jim Francis is a sincere researcher and I feel a kindred appreciation of his life experience so much like my own. Jeff Gignac has done a fabulous job and the quality of his audio’s are definitely a work of passion.

    I have experienced a great many things that I could never explain and these reports gave me an understanding of how I am “wired ” up. I am beginning to understand the gifts that Allah has given me but can find a way to use my gifts rather than being burdened by them.

    Nice to know that there are other people like me out there. Of course I have used different techniques that I found among The Sufis. I’m hoping that this will give me concious control over my abilities.

  • Love, Love, LOVE!!!! The The Super Mind Evolution System and The Brave Heart System. Its helped me alot. Thank you & Happy New Year.

  • happy new year to all you folks there.

    There’s so much to enjoy from the package I’m so overwhelmed so I’m taking it easy and not rushing myself, just let the good stuffs slip in naturally. Having lots of mixed dreams at night tho’, is that a good sign ?

    WIll be back. / James Lim

  • After three weeks, although it is difficult to measure, I do feel much better. I began with the “Luck” program, and it has not yet kicked in full force, but there is a minimal improvement in my luck. I am confident there will be a noticeable improvement in time, just from the way I feel. There certainly is a massive amount of information available in this program, and from the small sampling I have been exposed to, I would highly recommend this product to those looking to improve themselves in all areas.

  • I want to thank you for your powerfull package. I only have listened to the Alphamindcontrol cd and I was surprised about the effects it had on me even while listening for the first time. I have a busy job and I noticed that when I came home I wasn’t tired and that continued for almost every day I have listened. I listened to several entrainment cd’s in the past but this one is one of the most powerfull ones. The reading material is also fascinating.
    Thank you,

  • Hello Mind Team :-),
    My intuition increased a lot. And I am a lot more conscious through all the day. I practice Mindfulness almost all day now and I feel connected with an higher intelligence. I think Dream programming of psychic abilities helped me the most.
    Love, Light and Music from me,

  • I’ve been using some of the downloads for a few weeks now, and am particularly impressed with them. Specifically, the ‘wake alert’ audio and the ‘manifest your goals’ audio. I also have to say that the reports are equally brilliant.

  • I am more than happy to be in this program, actually programs although I put aside SMES for the moment and started with SMA.
    the information is totally overwhelming, sometimes i dont know what to look up, but the thing is… I am thoroughly enjoying it.
    DOnt know about the results yet, but i do feel more positive towards what the future has in store for us and anyway, really love to be with you on this journey (as Cindy always says !).
    and talking of Cindy, this is the other thing i am so happy about. it feels so good to have somebody so caring, considerate, thorough and quick in responding. it has never happened to me in other courses.
    i feel cared for and looked after, and i want to say that i truly appreciate this.
    And as PS, I love Jeffrey`s video talks! SO THANK YOU for doing this for us !

    • Lory;

      Its my pleasure and my blessing to be of service in support of this work – I meet so many wonderful people (like yourself :-) )through the ezine – and The Best Mind Power Program – and it feels amazing to be part of something that is making such a difference in so many lives.

      Loving the Journey

  • Amazing!!!

  • I’ve been lost for a while and didn’t know what to do in life. I started listening to the alpha recordings and PPS audio. It’s been a week now . I noticed that my subconcious mind is getting stronger. What I think of happens. The other day I was thinking of someone whom I haven’t seen in a while and there he was. I thought of rain that we didn’t have in a while to wake up the next day and see it raining. My self confidence is getting stronger. One by one I”m getting to know what I want in life clearer and clearer.I’m excited to see more results , this great. Things are happening my way and If not my way they happend for my own good. Love it.

  • There is a lot of material here much of which shows good promise of results. I haven’t been able to check all of the material that I downloaded but am looking forward to doing it.

  • It is a bit early days yet but have hope that I am on the right track. There is a huge amount of material to get through, looking forward to doing so.

  • Absolutely fascinating material. An awful lot to take in (and Christmas has not helped), but I am slowly working through it to decide what to concentrate on as a starter.

    Many many thanks for the opportunity to try thes materials.

  • Question-Where is the Concepts from the Edge Volume 2?
    Thank you and

  • Awesome materials, I love it!!!

  • Love, LOVE, LOVE the 7 minute natural High. I had been waking up with a terribe headache for quite awhile. This seems to take it away and seems to keep me happier at work.
    Recently, some thing at work not only scared me, but caused me to have nightmares. I listened to The Fear removal machine and IT WOKED>
    Thank you very much.
    There seem to be alot of things I can’t access, but there is definely enough to keep me busy for a long while.
    I have placed your info in a Miracle and Magic folder in my e-mail and hope to report greater things happening in my life.

  • I love it.But its to early to say if its works.I noticed some smal changes and I think its going to work.Im not in hoory.I just foloving instructions and listen nightly recomended recordings and dayly I listen Alfa.

  • If the SMES/Brave Heart packages deliver as promised, they will be fantastic value. There seems to be a lot of information/product there and I like the presentation. At the moment, though, I am not noticing any obvious effects.

    I decided to start with the SMES package and, as recommended, read the Getting Started, Alpha and Psychic Manifestation information and started to listen to the Alpha Mind Control recording most days.

    I am not sure what I should be looking for/what I can expect to experience from the alpha programming and how I will know when I have done it enough to start on the next recordings. Any input would be appreciated.

    From what I understand (and what it says on the recording), it doesn’t matter if I fall asleep during it. Does that mean it makes no difference if you fall asleep or not – or is it preferable to learn to remain consciously aware whilst in an alpha state?

    (By way of background, I have read a lot around the whole subject of mind/body/spirit in recent years and have a reasonable grounding in understanding the theory of brain wave patterns etc. I have also listened to various entrainmnent audios and have meditated on occasions, but with limited obvious benefit/effect. Oh, and I’m not short of areas in my life which are well in need of improvement…!!)

  • Hello,
    The material offered in the Mind Power package is very powerful.
    Helps give the confidence to truly SEE yourself as already being where you want to be, then taking the proper action is a no brainer.
    Thank You so much for this valuable resource that is truly worth much more than what you are charging.

  • This was one of the best investments I have ever made. A great value and very effective. I am feeling different and more motivated already.

    Thank you!!!

  • I have just started with the Super MindPower program. I am really excited to see the results from this course. I am truly amazed at what we are capable of doing, and cannot wait to submit my final review in a few months time.

  • love the program and appreciate the advice on how to use it; already i feel happier. so far out of all the things i have tried this is the ONE with no hidden hooks, – thank you!!

  • My life was a mess until I discovered RealMindPowerSecrets. Feel much better now, in many areas!

  • I have been listening to several of the programs nightly. I usually play the program all night as I sleep. I have notice I am feeling more joyful, and happy, energetic…etc. This is helping me cope with my life since my husband left 3 months ago….I’m really getting myself together rather quickly!

  • I have had a difficult time, very depressed, with no too much possibilities in my life! I feel stuck,so I decided to start with Brave Heart, as you recommend. Actually I just beguin with 22 tools, inspite, I bought three weeks ago.Perhaps it is sometimes procrastination related to depression, I am trying to keeping “funcionanting” besides in my diary life (working, doing chores domestics),I hope I am not using all of this as a pretext.

  • Fantastic collection thought it was an interesting read,just going through it all again,such a lot to take in but well worth it thanks regards Dave

  • I have not as yet used the program on a regular basis yet but have enjoyed browsing through the contents in keen anticipation of sitting down over the xmas hols & beginning the exercises.
    Many Thanks. Jan

  • After I have read a few SMES reports and tried the audios based on the Quick Startup Guide, I have noticed that I have become more positive, confident, and assertive. Being a guy with an inferiority complex, being assertive is a big change for me.

    Out of curiosity, I also tried the audios that invite luck to find out if they’re going to result to something exciting. To my glee, I won a small amount in a lottery twice in a row. The money isn’t much really, but to have won twice in a row is really something cool.

    It’s just the beginning and I’m looking forward to something even greater!

  • I started both the SMES and SMA a week apart from each other and there are a couple of things I have noticed. I have more energy and am more positive on the days I do the program but I have not noticed any other changes.

    I am now beginning month 2 and am having a hard time coming up with a goal I want to accomplish over the next 30 days. Who would have thought it would be so hard for me to do this. Hhhmmm, that must mean I need clarity.

  • Very impressive! So much good information. I’ve tried other programmes but this is absolutely the best.

    Thank you.

  • Hi Cyndi,lain and Phil,

    “The Best Mind Power Offer” has great value. It is truly unbelievable that you offer so much at such low cost. This is more than just a programme on mind power. Truly this is service to humanity of the highest order. It is three weeks since I purchased your programme, but there is so much information to get through, it is pretty overwhelming. The positive results are already beginning to materialize.

    I have spent a considerable amount on similar self-improvement courses but none could match in value what you have offered through this superior self-improvement package. The price I had to pay is more a humble donation than the actual value of this priceless course.

    Thank you ever so much.


  • I am very glad I bought the Super Mind Evolutions System. I’ve seen similar systems selling for 200+! I am grateful for you all making such an amazing program available for such and affordable price.

    However, I must confess that I need some help from the Evolution Ezine community. I am in my first month and experiencing some difficulty. This has nothing to do with SMES but with where I am at in my life right now.

    I am dealing with quite a few challenges with work, at home, financially and emotionally. I have been dealing with severe anxiety at times to the point where my body is racing. Perhaps my greatest challenge is with my own overly analytical thought processes and extremely negative mindset. I often time feel quite confused and depressed and can’t think clearly. I tend to be quite irritable as result.

    I have read the PK manifestation, Alpha Mind Control, and PK problem solving. I have just started listening to the Alpha audio and the PK Problem Solving as well. I need some advice with a few challenges. Since I feel so confused by being overly analytical, I often don’t know where to start. I know that I am supposed to repeat mental programming suggestions during the Alpha audio. As there are so many “problems” running around in my mind, I don’t know what suggestion to start with? Similarly, with the PK audio, I am dealing with the same thing. I have so may questions, I don’t know what question to ask first. Also, for now, I find it quite difficult to visualize the how life is going to be after the problem is solved.

    Anyways, I plan on persisting until I find some clarity. I figure that someone here has been through this before and may have some helpful suggestions. I would appreciate it!

    Thank you!

    • Hi Joshua;

      It is my recommendation that you take a few slow relaxing breaths – close your eyes – and take a step back for a moment…

      Place the Super Mind Evolution System aside for a few weeks and take advantage of the BraveHeart System – which has also been included in your program. The audios and processes in this program will help you find a quiet place of clarity – which will help you more effectively use the SMES.

      Remember – this is not a race – its a journey

      Sending Much Joy


  • I have been actively involved in “self help” for over forty years, was working with biofeedback almost 30 years ago, and have always been looking for the “Master key”, the best mind power material is the best I have come across after many years of searching.
    I am truly grateful, and am actively working through the programme.
    My thanks to you for making this universally available.

  • Hi Cyndi, Iann and Evolutin team,
    I want to congratulate you guys and thank such a wonderful program.
    I´ve started with it two days ago and today I went out of the place where I live, and didn´t have money for the bills that are coming, all the time. I feel that people wanted to and gave me money…it happened with three of them, who gave me money without any effort…and smiling too. Before your program, it was such a hard time to make people wanting to give me $$$, even for a good work that I did. Maybe I´m already changing my mindset and that´s fast!
    Also, I feel happier with no reason, and it´s easier to forgive people and situations. Fast results, fantastic program! Thanks so much for being around! Love you all!

  • I have been using the program for little over a week. It has provided me with a more positive outlook on my life especially now since the company I work for will be closing down. The program instills in me more hope of a prosperous future.

  • Question Aside from the ebooks, are the audios and vidios hard copy in this offer. Please let me know.

    • The entire program is offered as a Digital Download

  • The reports are easy to read, to the point and interesting. I’m already noticing a more positive attitude to life. Thanks.

  • Three weeks in and worth every penny. I have read the Introduction, Alpha Mind Control, and Dream Programming literature and am excited to progress to the remote view material. I have successfully cleared up most of my active acne with the dream programming and am anxious to use the system with the other ‘problems’ in my world. I am definitely happier and more relaxed knowing that I can use this technique and my unconscious mind to help solve problems that sometimes seem overwhelming!!!

  • I have just purchased the Super Mind Evolution System and I haven’t been able to sleep since.
    I am an avid student of life, have been all my life, will be all my lives, and I am LOVING THIS!!
    There is just SO much of everything!
    I can’t stop downloading! I can’t move away from my computer, and I am excilirated instead of tired even though I haven’t slept in 24 hours.
    Thank you for an amazing source of information and learning.
    Sunniest of greetings from Southern Africa.

  • I think that this program is worthwhile; although, it may not work for everyone.

  • I purchased The Super Mind Evolution System over a month ago. I would definetly recommend this product. I can definetely feel my mind opening up to more luck and creativity. I look forward to each day working on this system and expanding my mind.


  • I have seen few books and listened to few audios.
    Yet to listen to it fully and enjoy the benefit.
    Will let you know how it works once i use it fully

  • The alpha sounds are wonderful. I really feel a sense of relaxation and focus during and after using it. It’s a must for anyone who wants to use more of their own mind power.

  • I’m on my first month but I’ve noticed an increase of my creativity, clarity of mind and focus.

  • I have been using the alpha mind control every morning and PK Problem solving every night for 3 weeks now. I have also been watching the subliminal videos during the day or in the evening. There have been no dramatic changes but I seem to be a little more energetic although some days I get extremely tied (maybe over doing it). Also I seem to have a more positive outlook. Any suggestions to improve my progress would be appreciated.
    Thank you

  • I’ve only had the system for 3 weeks and have been working with the Alpha Mind Control and the Find Your Life Purpose sections first. I listen to the MP3′s at night and feel much more relaxed and confident–rather than my normal feather-in-the-wind feeling.
    I am fascinated with all of the articles in the newsletter and the ones written by Jim Francis, as well. I’m looking forward to working my way to the top through BWE.
    Thank you!

  • Hi I have a question I been listening to alpha mind control for a month and I do not know if I ‘m not doing it right because I only have have like 2 experiences I was seeing my self in a screen Cristal clear but that was it I will like to know if is some thing the I’m doing wrong so I can get more benefit to this practice I do not want to move to the nex step if I ;m not controlling the alpha practice in total control
    Thank you for your help.

  • I am sorry it took me a while to give my six penny’s worth,but I wanted to make sure that what I have experienced so far,(and in a very short period of time),wasn’t just a happy coincidence:and I am happy to say very confidently,that it wasn’t.Let me tell you briefly what I am on about.

    I have been separated from my wife since about the end of February of this year.There was absolutely no contact of any sort whatsoever — except for an email from her in March informing me that she had decided that she would not be coming back. And from the tone of her mail, it seemed very definite. Since there wasn’t much I could do, I accepted her decision and learned to live with it as best as I could.
    But also hoping and praying.

    I have always been very interested