Tapping for $50,000 with Margaret Lynch

It was just a few weeks ago that I was introduced to Margaret’s work and then just yesterday that I discovered this video on youtube and I loved it.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we all took the 7 minutes to do the tapping everyday for a week – and then come back and report what happened.

and in the meantime did you know that Margaret released an awesome free tapping exercise that received over 4000 amazing, heart wrenching comments in the first week?
When you see the feedback that she gets on this video, you will understand why I had to share it with you. She explains it better than I do, so go and
check it out, it’s free, and it’s amazing!

7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation


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  • I was “attracted” to this video after passing it by several times,while searching for money attraction videos,and came back and watched several times. Then,could’nt remember her name and chanced upon the Cheryl Somebodys tapping video, and promptly started trying to find the piece of paper I wrote her name down on. Info on merridians makes sense, anythings worth trying a couple of times. It’ll either “feel”right for you or it won’t and you’ll forget it and go on to something else, right? I’m willing to try, how ’bout you???

  • hi i tappped and it does work but u must continue to tap so as to actually get the money into your account

  • aren’t there suppose to be 9 meridian points in the body?
    what happened to d side of the chest?


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