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1. The full Sacred Love track in mp3 format with the added brainwave entrainment as heard in the video above

Please Note: This audio contains brainwave entrainment (BWE) and is only recommended for people 18 years and older – this is because young people’s brains are still developing and not enough long term research has been carried out. To listen to Sacred Love without BWE, please click here

2. Sacred Love: A Better World mp3 - which contains the music, the BWE and a beautiful guided visualization with the voice of Astrid

3. Inside the Sacred Heart: Higher Dimensions and the Power of Intentions – comprehensive report which explains in more detail the ideas behind the video, including brainwave entrainment technology, chakras, energy, frequency and the amazing power of intentions

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  • The video and music are absolutely lovely. They impart a feeling of serenity and peace. I marked the u-tube website so that I can listen to it as often as I want.

  • The Sacred Love video was awesome! The music and pictures so beautiful!

  • Hey there! Would you mind if I share your blog
    with my myspace group? There’s a lot of people that I
    think would really appreciate your content. Please let me know.

    Thank you

    • Gia

      Please feel free to share our site! Thanks.

  • Thank you for sharing!
    This is a wonderful combination. The whole video is wonderful. Images accompany the music in a so natural way. It is almost like it is not possible to make it in any other way. Love the message and the idea to create a better world with this method of positive thinking, being in the moment and strong feelings of connection with everything, nature and people.
    Very soothing, relaxing, comforting, encouraging, motivating, caring, loving… just beautiful!

  • Thank you for sharing this wonderful gift. I have the collection and to me is the most valuable music I ever had.

  • I have the mp3 version of this track and LOVE it – the video makes it even more awesome! Always brings a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat. Thanks for all your music and emails. xx


  • How much I enjoy the video/music combo. This present instantly got me into the Presence. thank you so much for so many jewels in your Evolution Ezine!

  • Bless you for this truly beautiful video. The written words, the visual awesomeness, accompanied by magical mind enhancing music equals Quantum Positive Power Personified. Love the new website too. Thanks so much. You are truly a blessing!

  • :)

  • Thank you for a beautil video and music. The nature scenes are awsome and your new web page too. Where can I download the sacred heart mp3? Love and blessings

    • Cyndi

      Just enter your name and email and you will be given access to the entire track :-). So pleased you like the new site

  • This theta wave training takes me back to my esolteric study days living in the Holy Shankarya Ashram in the Poconos Mountains in 1990. Ill be doing the meditations daily to retune by brain away from my ptsd and anxiety related sysmptoms and back to the harmony and bliss I experienced during those days…..Ty for this gift!

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  • Thank you so much for your work. I have bought several of your albums and love them all.

  • Just divine! Feels better just after few minutes listening and watching this inspiring video and music.

  • Thank you for sharing this lovely creation! It is very refreshing!

  • Wonderful !

    no matter how many times – the tears of release came – such a beautiful thing to share – THANK YOU so very much!!

  • I am just blown away with all your content and everything you do, this is SO powerful and will profoundly effect every single person blessed to come accross your workings. The strength and intent of your mission is clearly felt. This is going to have a major effect on the consciouness of the whole world, it is inevitable. Thank you for your generosity of sharing freely, this is such a blessing for me, and perfect timing too, Love and light, Joan

  • Helped so very much with a dark, dark day.
    An imagine moment and more. Of magic and miracles and possibility.

  • Your work touches my heart. Together, perhaps we CAN make the world a better place.

  • Hi

    With love and thanks always. Together we can spread love and peace to our planet and every inhabitant. The music is beautiful.


  • This is indeed a beautiful piece of music. I stumbled upon it when I was confused and struggling to find my vision. I heard this music and I can honestly say that it has helped me discover myself. Thanks for creating this amazing music!


  • this cd sacred love made me start learning tae chi again

  • Great E-zine with very informative material and meditational music. it helps to connect with spirit and brings joy and peace. Thank you.

  • Oh, so beautiful. I have been in such stressful turmoil lately, being dragged down by the negative energy of my environment. Just listening and watching Sacred Love was like a refreshing “housecleaning” for my brain, my heart, and my soul. I feel so inspired to actually take steps to clean up my emotional and physical environment. I am grateful for this uplifting spiritual experience.

  • Sacred Love is one of the most beautiful and moving pieces of music I have ever heard – I just wish it was longer. I play it most nights before I go to sleep – it is truly beautiful. Thank you

  • I agree with Mila. This is the most beautiful music I have heard as well. I have the good fortune of living near a river and this evening the breeze carries it’s scent through my window and it mingles with the sounds of the waves. Awesome. This video has a profound effect on opening the heart, expanding and bringing a wonderful sense of being. It is absolutely beautiful how it transforms the way it makes me feel. Thank you so much. I loved it and will listen to it every day.

  • The most beautiful music I have ever heard. I could play it all day long and would never get tired of hearing it. I have listened to the other meditation and chakra balancing music available on YouTube but nothing compares to this. Your website is awesome. Thanks for all the free gifts and for introducing us to the various healing modalities and self-improvement/transformation tools currently available plus the discounts you offer through your links. I have taken advantage of a couple of those offers so far and am so glad I did. You guys are awesome.

  • Very soothing to the soul

  • this was truly wonderful and brought so much peace and serennity to my soul. Thank you so very much.

  • Debra,
    where did you get headphones to fit your budgerigar? (:

  • so beautiful,I love it,touches my soul.Thanks soo much!

  • I wish to hear more sounds like this waves.It will help me to relax while I’m under stress,thank you so much.

  • To whom it may concern
    I’ve been listening this sound waves for two times I dont what is the resolt but I realy like it thank for giving us for free. thank you

  • This is beautiful. My dog is asleep not far from me. What effect would this have on her or my budgerigar?

    • Dogs are very smart creatures – and as long as they are not confined to the room – they would leave if they didn’t like it :-)

      As for positive effects? I am unaware of any testing so I cannot say.

  • finding your site has been a gift for which i am grateful. I have a ‘calling’ at this time in my life to share information with others that can be substantially helpful in uplifting a lifestyle they may wish to improve. My self help information, business know-how, spiritual understandings, along with trust in the human mind and spirit seem to fall into sync with your site’s theory. It has been a blessing to listen/read some of your info. I look forward to communicating with you further as groundwork for my site continues.

  • Ah awesome. I’ve been interested in mind movies and BWE for a while now and have invisioned joining them together. This is so awesome…an absolutly amazing compilation. this I believe to be our future, heading into the Aqurian age.

  • If only everyone could have the patience to stop and realize the beauty of mere being… Of course, it is too massive for one man to understand… But a pure soul knows no species… There are no words to describe how very… beyond… These sounds are… I am Forever Anonymous, and I know the secret… And now you know it too… Even if you know not it’s name.
    The Law of Attraction. Life bless you all.

  • l really wants ever one to hear this amazing work of art …….. and be a part of u r team… its amazing …

  • hello there,boy was that spiritually uplifting,which in turn uplifts everything else,mind,body & soul and everyday things that you do in life and the things that happen to you,truly amazeing,i’m sticking to this,you bet,have a Graet day.

  • Exquisite. The artistry in both images and music was wonderful. I had to watch and listen over and over.

  • Just beautiful. Thank you so much

  • Thank you, it made my day… so peaceful, a feast to the eyes and soothing too. It surely has the healing effect. I felt so relaxed and enchanted by it. I am so grateful to the creator of this music and images. Lingesh

  • WOW this is beautiful, I love it. Thank you

  • WOW this is butiful, I love it. Thank you

  • Very soothing and beautiful images.

  • Beautiful … filled my heart with love for the world … tears in my eyes at the beauty of such a simple action, and if everyone followed this, there would be no more hate, cruelty or harm in the world … thank you

  • The gift is real! It open my heart. Thank you.

  • A sincere “thank you” for this beautiful gift – there are tears in my eyes.

  • Beautiful

  • great track, feels wonderful. thanks

  • These video images with the beautiful music are just magical and I will use every day! Thank you so much.

  • Your Sacred Love music and video is very beautiful and really makes me feel loving and peaceful.

    Thank you so much, I am truly thankful.

  • Absolutely beautiful. I felt connected to the entire universe while I listened and watched. Thank you so much for this beautiful music.

  • I LOVE your Sacred Love music and videos, just watching and listening to them for a few short days has totally changed my feelings and vibration I am so very grateful for this beautiful music and Thank you all and GOD bless !

  • [...] ezine is dedicated to it.  Please consider taking some time now to listen or watch our free Sacred Love meditation – and then in that place where you are feeling good – spread that love [...]

  • Thank you, I am so grateful for this wonderful video. I felt driven into my heart power and connected to the universal consciousness. Thank you for being!!!

  • Absolutely beautiful! Very peaceful. Brought tears to my eyes too. Had thoughts of my mother who is living in pure love and peace now.

  • truly a special gift

  • Absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for this very special gift.

  • Truly beautiful,divine music.I could not hold back my tears as I listened.

  • absolutley wounderfull made me feel realy at peace with myself

  • beautiful music

  • Thank you, it´s great.
    I wish everybody would feel the same to create a better world

  • This is so soothing and uplifting without being “uplifting.” I’d give it an easy 11 STARS!! Though the range is to 10, I’m not being “silly” but this deserves the extra star! Thank you.

  • soothes a restless spirit…an ahhhhhhhhhhhh experience;)

  • I finally made a minute :) to watch and listen to the video. It is so profound. I had been in prayer this morning and reading the Bible.
    I have known for quite some time that I was on the verge of a breakthrough as far as my dreams and the desires of my heart are concerned and through this video God confirmed to me that now is the time. LOVE is all there is. In LOVE no darkness can exist. I am sending Love to the creators of the video and to the ones that have watched it and are sharing it. Together we can cover the planet with LOVE and LIGHT as long as we all BELIEVE IT,WALK IN LOVE AND LIGHT,AND SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING WE COME IN CONTACT WITH. WE MUST FOCUS ON SENDING LOVE INTO THE WORLD EACH AND EVERY MOMENT FOR THAT IS THE REASON WE WERE CREATED.

  • This is a beautiful gift with a wondrous intention, simply awe-inspiring. Thank you.

  • Hi Kristen,
    I have watched the sacred love films everyday since i downloaded them onto my computer.I am feeling the love and i am soooo chilled and have not been this relaxed for a long time.Thank you !!

    Peace and light James from aberdeen scotland

  • Guys I thank you for the free E book with the Sacred Love tracks, I agree with you and will meditate, The only faster way we could achieve world peace would be to get rid of all the politicians and ban all religion’s, Deepak Chopra was right when he stated that the only thing religion had done for mankind was to teach him to kill his own brothers and sisters, and that is true of all religion’s

  • I do as well, it really brings out a soulful feeling when I listen to it.

    You almost forget that it involves Brain Entrainment. I feel centred.

    I’m just going to go over to my blog and embed it right now.

    Thanks so much for this! I hope we changed the world….together.


  • Thank you so much for this – I’m totally hooked on it and listen to both the meditation and just the music almost daily!

  • This is beautiful and inspirational and I am grateful to experience it. Keep it up this is love. Thank you.

  • I have watched the video 4 times I only found it yesterday, loved the music so much I bought the CD, beautiful relaxing music, takes you to a different place. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful gift.

  • Movingly beautiful

  • Hello Dear
    I heard all the videos there effect on me are the same effect when I hear a nice music what am I suppose to feel? can you reply?

  • This is beautiful, if you have no objection I would love to include a link to this on my “Healing Art” blog.

  • Thank you, This is sooo beautiful! I loved it.

  • It is really amazing, healing music and that words inspired me…Thank you!! :-) This video evoke me love peace happiness…

  • The article is beautiful. We need free love and open msrruages and we act on this. The result is that our girls keep their youth longer.

  • Beautiful :-)

  • What I saw was beautiful, what I heard was awesome. Was wondering if one could listen to this more than once a day? Thanks so mcuh.

  • Cyndi, This is Lovely, lovely, lovely. It took me someplace so quiet I could hear it. I am going to download the files. However I am already a subscriber so I assume you have a system to prevent double membership to evolutionezine.

    • Hi Catherine – yes – I promise – no double emails – we all get enough of those as it is :-)

  • Lovely! At first I felt this in my crown chakra — tingly and relaxing. Then it seemed to spread, relaxing me all over while I enjoyed the beautiful scenes. I still feel the residual effects, an unexpected bonus. Dare I mention the poppy fields? Beautiful, but the kids may find some other message there. LOL.
    Thank you.

  • I loved it so much, I loved all the many vidios you displayed. Keep up the good work. Helen

  • Wonderful, really wonderful ! I’m very grateful to you. Not only the anahata chakra has been activated, but also shahashrara. From the 3rd audition, it was in principal activation of shahashrara. God bless you !

  • This video is awesome. The music, the pictures, the words are what we all need today. I have downloaded the music portion to my MP3 player and listen every single day, sometimes more than once a day. Keep up this great work. I look forward to additional videos.

  • “touching, inspiring…”

  • This is just wonderful, sacred love,a better world – this is so beautiful,i had to share it with everyone i know,i am very sure,that music has the power to reach people,on an emotional level,and if that music can reach people,and with an open mind,or even it still can with out an open mind…great changes can take place,i listen and watched the video many times over now,and do not tire from watching,the energys from this..the music/combined video is very strong,and what the world needs,so yes music is powerful tool for healing as we already know,and yes the power to change things,and make the world a better place is very much in our hands,together we can make things better,mother earth is wanting us to,so lets help her,and she will help us,love and light to all..’ heal the world ,make it a better place,for you and for me, and the entire human race. ‘

  • Just finished listening to this beautiful video for a 2nd time, was just as relaxed, peaceful and calm as the 1st time. I love the music, the images and the messages. Have shared this a few times on my FB wall and will continue to do so, everyone has 8 minutes!

  • that was beautiful, peaceful and calming…I know of several people who could really use that calm and peace…thank you SO much..let’s spread the love!!!!!!!!!!!

  • first to vote but i really want to vote 5! I think I clicked too early.

  • Amazing video! I like the thought that in my own small way I could help create a peaceful world – full of love & good intentions for others – I will start by being peaceful inside, then as I share this, one person at a time it can start the community of peace-loving persons. Thank you for creating this! Will definitely share this to my friends / relatives

  • Absolutely Beautiful and very peaceful. Thank you.

  • Thank you to all who were involved in creating this beautiful video. The music is gorgeous, very serene and relaxing. If thousands of people would think loving, forgiving, abundance for all thoughts it would help to make a better world. (Remember the hundredth monkey theory and that was just animals…)

    Blessings to all of you at Evolution Ezine and to everyone on the planet. I still choose to believe that love is the ultimate healing balm. Donna

  • Was very peaceful, and inspiring.

  • Listening with your eyes closed is amazing and enlightening. The visuals I experienced personaly with my eyes closed were absolutly some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen….Thank You Aaron

  • I love it,its out of space.

  • Really nice,evocative Soul-Soothing Sounds
    Take a listen to these tracks also as a matter of interest ;-
    “Songbird” , “Silhoutte” and “Going Home”
    - from the album “Montage” by Kenny G
    There is a distinct similarity going on there . . . .

  • Takes me back to when I was a child and could visualise the most perfect world….we need to work together to achieve it..

  • your video left me in a calm and peaceful state the music was so
    heart warming the words and inspirational message’s that flashed
    across the screen are so over wellming there was nothing left to do
    but let the soul tears start flowing we all need to be reminded more and more of the good thing’s in life and hopefully the world will
    come togeather as one with hope,peace, and understanding………

    keep up the good work and thank you with all my heart and soul…

  • Thank you for introducing me to this beautiful video. This is something that needs to be watched over and over again with the stressful times we all experience in this day and age, especially the way the world is heading.

    I found it very soothing to the soul and very peaceful to watch with the beautiful nature scenes and hypnotizing music.

    I enjoyed it very much.

  • Masterpiece :-). Thank you

  • I loved the whole set v.much, your products (in evolution e-zine) are fantastic, thanks a lot.

  • I feel peace, calm and joyful inside when watching this wonderful video and the music.. thank you!

  • Love and gratitude for sharing this/these wonderfully inspiring, healing, and motivational Meditations. Yes we all should choose/allow ourselves to make a positive difference in our World, for the greatest good of all. What we give out we get back. Love is the answer the is the key, love is the pathway come walk it with me.
    Love,light, peace and joy, to all. Bright blessings

  • Magnificent! Beautiful! Love, peace and freedom for all.

  • Just wonderful, soothing uplifting serene joyful left me feeling stong and calm Thankyou

  • so peaceful and relaxing thankyou!

  • Sairam thank you and may BABA bless you

  • Absolutely beautiful.



  • How beautiful, the music and video, thank you from the bottom of my heart as when I listened to it, it did bring a feeling love, peace and contentment and I also felt extremely relaxed and trance like as I watched video.
    As you say this would be perfect music for manifestation. I am going to listen to this music whilst watching my mind movies of what life I want to create for myself.
    thank you so much I just love your newsletter, website, and the great of tools you provide to that I am sure are helping people to happiness and abundance in their lifes.

  • I enjoyed the video. I happen to KNOW that it can be done by a group of sincere individuals…In the last year the positive energy is growing by leaps and bounds! I’m interested in the brainwave entrainment, having started 40 years ago with Silva Mind Control. Now, THAT changed my life! I would not, however, be interested in starting at the bottom, but rather would be interested in the deeper programming.
    I send you the very best wishes, for this is the kind of energy the world needs at this very special time. When all the chaos calms down there will be a wonderful change in peoples’ energy. If we pay atten- tion to the mass mind consciousness instead of putting OUR consciousness out there, perhaps there will be something we don’t want.

  • This poem is dedicated to those humans whom put the EVOLUTION EZINE

    They are the Architects of soul.
    the process of evolution-
    developing cur conscience.

    Why do we fear it?
    when we hear it-
    lets not hide no more-
    do not stride-
    fly ,with it
    close your eyes to it-
    breath to it
    live threw it -
    fly threw it-
    love to it.

    jump to it


  • We are fully equipped for the divine plan of our life.

    Thank you for making this wonderful cd,


  • Thank you to everyone for your feedback.


    I appreciate your comments and totally understand your frustration. All I can say is this – I know that the power of intention works on a personal level, it transformed my life. Can it work on a group level? Why not? Early evidence suggests it’s possible, and as far as I know, it’s never been carried out on a large scale before …and maybe this video, with this intention and emotion behind it, could be the catalyst for something greater – I’m also keeping an open mind…

  • I listened to this with an open mind and heart, prepared for whatever I might find. But all it is is some emotive music and nice pictures, tommorow people will still be fighting, lying and killing each other, young men needlessly dying in an unjust and illeagal war. I wish and even pray for a better world but get a dose of reality, people, this aint going to change a thing; all the new age, airy fairy posturing aint gonna change a thing and I don’t care how many times you listen to it. I don’t know how we could create a better world, but I spent years believing this kinda thing was the right way, we’re still here.

    • How to wish and how to pray to get a better world and how it begins with ourselves is beautifull explained, scientific and experiential in a lengthy film about a seminar called “How to control the Matrix” by Greg Braden. After watching this, all airy fairy beliefs and depressive thoughts are gone!

  • Absolutely beautiful, Ian!
    Thank you so much for this…
    I have it in the background playing over and over while I work.
    Will be happy to contribute to the world by sharing :)

  • Beautiful invitation to the refinement of our relationship with Source. The quality of Love is in the intention and felt to the core. Thank you so much for sharing! Will pass it on with a smile from the heart. Much Love and Gratitude, blessings!

  • This was very beautiful and moved me to tears—the music, visuals, captions and all—awesome! Thank you so very much!!!

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  • It is very wonderful, heart moving…..It is my dream for all of us in the world. Many THANKS.

  • Beautiful video,calming and relaxing. I am a great believer in visualization and the Laws of Attraction. Thank you

  • enjoyed it!!

  • Amazing & uniquely felt

  • Beautifully put together with great sentiment.
    Thank you for sharing this.

  • good stuff. thank you for sharing.

  • Music is great, really liked it. video also nice.

  • I am listening as I prepare mentally for work. What a wonderful start to the day. Thank you

  • Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! This is what the world needs for sure and I for one am all for giving it with all my heart.

  • Amazing

  • The music was so relaxing along with the beautiful natural scenery, we need to appreciate more of this kind of thing, so that we can find ourselves in this world of uncertainty,

  • I am on board ….. fantastic, keep up the love and the good work …. rest assured the message is spreading!!!

  • so beautiful and peace surrendering fantastic scenery and animation -loved it.

  • Thank you for sharing this it was really peaceful

  • Very nice, peaceful and relaxing. Thank you

  • This is beautiful! I was really touched and moved to tears as I was listening to the music and watching the video..really hope for a better world where there is love, peace, happiness and abundance for everyone!! THANK YOU!!

  • Sacred love , help create … gives really a wonderful experience. I hope it will contribute to a better world, it´s a very great need of that. Ihope it will also help me, I´m also in great need of that. Thank you.

    Kindest regards

    Rune F.

  • Divinely inspired. Namaste.

  • The music and video have really touched my heart so deeply and I had to say THANK YOU for sharing this beauty!
    Blessed Be!

  • I was tense. Started listening and my facial muscles started to loosen. Great. Will be keeping it as medicine with me.

  • [...] focusing on the same intent at the same time.  Take a few minutes now to watch our video here  Sacred Heart – and then pass it on to all your friends – and then come back and do the same [...]

  • [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by piuval, Tim Niles. Tim Niles said: Reading: "Evolution Ezine » Blog Archive » Sacred Love – Help create a Better World…"( ) [...]

  • Thank you for this uplifting gift. I sent it to my husband on Valentines Day.

    I too want to live in a better world.

    I just purchased The Awakening mp3. I can’t wait to listen to it.

  • Thank you for the uplift. I sent it to my husband on Valentines Day.

    I too want to live in a better world.

    I just purchased The Awakening mp3. I can’t wait to listen to it.

  • And a world with no borders


    God Bless

  • that is god bless you not od bless you.

  • i love the video, and would like to see more of them.
    thanks and od bless you

  • This was so enriching for me it was so relaxing
    i would love to listen to more of this
    Thankyou very much

  • That is the best visualization and entrainment video I’ve seen in a long time…thankyou so much for that! I have been using brain entrainment in one form or another for three years and cannot rave about it enough…thankyou again and keep up the fantastic and worth while work!

  • Yesterday, was my birthday;so, I hope hope that you will not mind if I consider this a wonderful gift from you. It is unbelievibly beautiful and I thank you so much.

  • Exquisite!

    Thank you!

  • The music was so beautiful, brought tears to my eyes, and a softening in my chest area.. As I write this, I am still listening to the music, for the fourth successive time … Will share this with friends …

    Just what I needed. I’ve been thinking that I need to do something with the hard and intolerant feelings and thoughts that I have been having for quite some time ….

    Thank you ..

  • Really lovely, Thank You.

  • Thank you – the music and video together have a strong emotional effect and touched me deeply!

  • Very nice, I’ve heard others but this one is just perfect.

  • What a wonderful way to rejunivate me for the rest of the day. I hope that it downloaded for me. I belong to a complimentary therapy group and this would be peerfect for meditation

  • Beautiful!!! Captivating and mood altering! Loved it!!!

  • Simply beautiful. Thank you for this wonderful gift!

  • I Love it, Thank you!! My heart chakra connected immediately and tears flowed. It was absolutely beautiful and I’ll listen often.

  • Sacred Love brainwave entrainment is the best and most powerful I have
    ever listened to. I got quite immediately into a state of pure unified
    love so intense and blissful that I didn’t even feel my body. I was
    in samadhi, the sanscrit word for extasy. Pure joy and happiness
    filled my soul and I felt overwhelming compassion bursting out of
    my heart towards every being on this beautiful blue planet. It is incredible!I have listened, today to the mp3, 3 times and each time I
    become engulfed in this extraordinary pure Love extasy. THANK YOU, THANK

  • Thank you for everything,but,as always….on my PC, VIDEO is teerriible, slow on downloading, my presure was sky high. And it’s beautiful! Why can’t we download it too??? and enjoy the visual effect too??? Or am I asking 2 much??? EXPL: My PC has one partition with Ubuntu (Linux OS) 4 internet and other 4 WinXP OS, so…. it’s hard to run back and forth 2 enjoy the effects properly.
    BTW, my prayer,meditation, for our Mother Earth is the change of roles; I’m holding the planet in my arms gently, clouds and all, and caressing it and soothing it, telling it it’s THE most beautiful planet in the Universe, and thanking it for it’s love and care and promissing we’ll be better, more prudent with all the blessings it’s giving us…
    And it’s a wonderful feeling, giving it all my love, heart… and recieving a billion times more. Can’t we have some kind of event, to send our love and thanks to our beautiful planet? Kindness and love to you all,

  • Thank you EvolutionEzine team for another wonderful gift. This is one of the best videos I’ve come across. Very soothing and calming.

    May the divine bless one and all.

  • Awesome Thank You! Affects instilling inspirational visions and hope for a better world. Openly Seeking those of like mind to act upon visions into reality. Love the computer and hope for warm person to person personal contact for setting up a care home retreat B&B style.

  • beautiful – I could feel it in my heart. Thank you.

  • Very contemplative and gave me a sense of reconnection. I recently gone through the Qld floods and lost our home. It was nice to just be reminded how beneficial it can be to take time out to meditate and centre again. While we not longer have our downloads and music, this is the first back in my collection and will be used daily now to centre me each day. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much, immediate change of mood experienced
    with such grounding afterwards. Brilliant!
    Blessings to you.

  • Beautiful peaceful music

  • Thank you so much. The whole package was perfect….such beautiful music (and vibes!) and images…and an intention worth focussing on. I was deeply moved. I had tingles down my arms and I felt my heart chakra opening and strengthening.

    It’s what we all want really, isn’t it? A world shining with beauty rather than ugliness; a world where people allow each others differences; a world where love is the dominant emotion.

    Thank you again for this inspired and heart-awakening gift. This WILL change the world. And a message from your inner beings, (as Abraham-Hicks calls the non-physical part of ourselves)”You have done well!”

    in love and light

  • Thank you for the beautiful video and music. I love to listen to this type of music for it truly changes my thought patterns and I feel closer to God and the love in the universe! God bless all who were involved in creating this and bless all who view and hear this video!!!

  • Totally awesome.

  • Exquisite. Thank you, bless you.

  • Immediate effect on my mood–calming and meditative…love it!

  • Absolutely beautiful and so relaxing, what lovely gift I have posted it on my face book page as all friends can use a gift like this.

  • WOW, absolutely beautiful!!! It actually brought tears. Thank you for these lovely gifts!


  • Honestly i found that musically it wasn’t going anywhere. It sounds like so many other electronic sounds with no discernible direction or purpose.
    Pretty pictures and worthy phrases but none of it raised my emotional frequencies to align with my desires.
    Not really meaning to be rude but that is how i feel.
    Kind regards

  • Wow! What scenaric compilation.

    Wonderful sense of beauty in your hearts

    Exemplary work

    Three cheers to every one of the team who compiled this wonder.

    I love it 100%, though I did not believe in the sound and their extreme effects etc.

    With Regards,
    Shankar L

  • Loved the music and the sentiment. Beautiful, inspirational and necessary. Wonderful. Thank you.

  • For such a peaceful, good vibrations and smooth travel while watching the colorful world of flowers gift.. thank you.

  • Thank you for this lovely video – just what I needed.

  • loved it

  • Simply beautiful – I loved with video & the music is brilliant!! Lots of love & light for a beautiful shared intention and BELIEF!

  • Thank You so much for sending me the free video Sacred Love this piece
    was put together very well. I love the music,scenes that were shot in
    the video. The two combined with the brainwave entrainment technology
    placed my mind and body in a state of peace and tranquility upon the
    first listening. If its okay with you I’d like to share this wonderful
    video with friends and family. Please by all means keep up this beautiful work you are doing!!!

  • The video and music are beautiful. I immediarely went into a meditative, peaceful state. I share your vision that a better world is possible and that those of us who enjoy freedom, adequate food, water and shelter, have a responsibilty to participate in co-creating that world for our starving, homeless brothers and sisters.

    I write stories and songs related to peace and our human potential.
    I have a recently published picture book that has all 5-star reviews on B&N and Amazon. Adults and children both enjoy the story and the zany colorful,illustrations. It is often described as,”Like a Dr. Seuss story with timely messages that should be seen by all adults and children.” I would be pleased to send you a copy. Just let me know where to send it!

    Peace and Best Wishes. Thank you for your wonderful work.
    Frank Swift

  • Hi again. I forgot to say that as soon as I get a little more organised I will be sending over some articles that will hopefully work well on your site along with all the other motivational team.
    Cheers and warm smiles from the heart.

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhh … that’s better.

    Thank you … my day has now begun. :0)

  • Hi to all,
    You have created another beautiful work of art. I really appreciate the newsletter and all of your goodies. I have been hard at work creating my own website to help in the aim of asisting to raise awareness, love and self esteem. I have embedded your beautiful video and music on the sites. I am sure it will be enjoyed by many. I have also passed it one to a few friends who will pass it on as well.
    warmest regards

  • The video and music combined had an immediate impact on me. I was a bad mood, irritated by someone’s email when I started. Within seconds, I accessed a different understanding of the email and felt the pain of the person behind it. This is an amazing website. Thank you.


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