Reflexercise: Bringing Balance to the World One Brain at a Time! (Opportunity to Download the Book for Free From Amazon)


Would you like to be able to control your reaction to stress, reduce

pain, improve your health and performance, and feel great?

Reflexercise™ was created by physical therapist, Scott Musgrave, MSPT. His powerful combination of techniques provides astounding results, enabling you to consistently balance your nervous system, and in the process, train your brain to be less reactive to stress, trauma, physical and emotional pain!

When you balance your nervous system, you give your body a method to discharge your brain’s reactions to stress, anxiety, trauma and pain. Reflexercise™ actually produces a brain chemistry change toward balance, and when your brain is balanced, so is your body!

With a little practice, you will be able to quickly (in less than 30 seconds!) and effectively perform these techniques in any setting, even in a crowded room.

Over the course of your life, like most people, you have learned to over react to stressful situations and hold onto the physiological effects (anxiety, depression, tension, shortness of breath…to name a few).

Reflexercise™ is an active process that allows you to retrain your brain (and body) to react appropriately relative to stressful situations, recover quickly, and be calm and balanced the rest of the time.

Reflexercise™ is the first step in a 6 part treatment approach called, Associative Awareness Technique™, or AAT™.  AAT™ is a revolutionary new treatment approach designed specifically for complex, chronic conditions.  One of the most important components of AAT™ is that the entire treatment program can be successfully performed at home, independently (just like Reflexercise™).  To find out more information about AAT™, click this link:

Reflexercise™ may well be one of the most important steps in the entire AAT™ treatment approach, because it is simple, effective and self applied in any position, anywhere.  Whether you are starting this process on your own or under the care of a trained practitioner, your consistency with Reflexercise™ will dramatically influence your end result.

When Your Brain is Balanced, So is Your Body!


Reflexercise™ is a powerful practice. It’s like rebooting your hard drive and establishing a life habit that allows your nervous system to be less reactive and more effective.

Habits don’t change easily. Successful change requires repetition and time. Retraining your nervous system to be less reactive to stress is no different. With each repetition of Reflexercise, you actively train your brain to remain calm and relaxed during life’s stressful situations. With enough repetitions, your nervous system’s habitual reactions will change with dramatic results!

Like any habit change, this life change requires an average of 21-28 days of consistent performance to be fully accepted within your nervous system. Some of you will require additional time based on your current stress levels and accumulated habits, while others may experience more rapid results. Consistent practice, however, is the key to positive outcomes in life, and it is CRITICAL to your success with the Reflexercise™ (and the AAT™) program.

ReflexerciseTM Instruction

The process of Reflexercise™ is very simple, and you can perform the exercise anytime, anywhere. I will describe each of the individual steps of Reflexercise™ below. Once you understand the recipe of what to do, I will teach you how to combine these powerful steps into the full exercise format. There are two main steps that you will learn to combine, resulting in a simple, fast, and very effective method of rebalancing your Autonomic Nervous System (re-booting your hard drive!).

First Step: Grateful Heart Breathing Technique

The first step is the “Grateful Heart Breathing Technique.” This simple and effective breathing and visualization exercise is designed to access your heart’s intuition and rebalance your emotions. Below are 3 options for doing this. Try all three at various times, and stick with the one that works best for you.


Completely fill your chest (and heart) with air during each inhalation, and slowly and gently empty your heart and chest of that air as you exhale. Breathe this way for a few moments.

Choose one of the following 3 Grateful Heart Breathing Technique options:

1. White light

As you inhale, visualize a white, calm healing light entering your body and gently filling your chest and heart. Allow this calm, healing light to illuminate your chest more brightly with each inhalation. You may wish to visualize “grabbing” the dark tension from any painful or traumatized areas of your body, and expelling it with your air as you exhale. Thus, you are visualizing that a white, calm healing light is entering your chest and heart during each inhalation, while dark tension is being eliminated from your body during your exhalation.

2. Gratitude

Focus your thoughts on something special that brings you a sense of joy, love, or happiness that you are grateful to have in your life. As you inhale into your chest, allow the joy, love, and happiness of your gratitude for that special something or someone to touch your heart. In essence, allow your heart to feel the warmth and connection to that special gratitude for a few moments.

3. Memory

Go back through your collection of memories, and focus on one of the most joyous, happy, and loving ones. Now, allow your mind to revisit that time or event in your life, and with each breath into your heart, allow your heart to FEEL the positive emotion of that memory.

Note: Some folks have difficulty actually allowing their hearts to feel this connection, especially when just starting the Reflexercise™ process. If you have difficulty feeling the warm, happy feelings in your heart, don’t dismay. Repetition is the key to success! Once you identify the approach that produces the best results for you, focus on your Grateful Heart Breathing Technique frequently. Desired results can often be achieved in as little as 5 – 10 seconds with practice!

Second Step: Reflexercise™ Core Practice

Read the following instructions in their entirety, and then put down this manual and perform the technique.  You will be given access to a FREE Bonus Audio and Video designed to help you get the most out of Reflexercise™ below:

1. Choose a position of comfort, whether standing, sitting or lying on your back. (Practice this process in all 3 positions so you can perform Reflexercisein any setting)

2. Perform the Grateful Heart Breathing Technique as described above.

3. Place your hands down at your sides, with your palms facing forward and your fingers long and straight. Don’t strain your arms, hands or fingers, but do keep your fingers straight, long and slightly spread out.

4. Turn your head very slightly, within a comfortable range, toward one side. Most folks find that turning toward their dominant arm produces the best results.

5. Gently bite the tip of your tongue between your top and bottom teeth. Not too hard, but not too softly either. Bite your tongue with medium pressure, but make sure your bite is within your comfort zone.

6. Gently curl your toes into the soles of your shoes or the floor, or simply curl them comfortably downward if you are lying on your back with no shoes. You may experience cramping in your lower legs, feet or toes if you curl your toes aggressively. Be gentle and make the experience comfortable for you.

7. Now, close your eyes and take four deep, slow, cleansing breaths.

8. Put down this manual now, and perform the steps above simultaneously. Many of you reading this will feel an immediate wash of relaxation, peace and calmness as you complete Reflexercise™.

The results of this powerful routine are achieved by sending a multi-layered message to your Autonomic Nervous System that you are NOT in danger and that promotes balance within your neurological and physiological systems (and, therefore, your very life). The relaxation response is a good indicator that you have effectively rebooted your hard drive. Some of you may not immediately feel this relaxation response. Don’t worry! With adequate repetition of Reflexercise™, you will become more in tune with living in balance, and will develop the ability to feel true inner peace and relaxation. Some folks have become acclimated to living so far out of balance that they may take some time to identify what true relaxation actually feels like!

If you or a loved one continue to suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, depression, PTSD or fibromyalgia, you may want to check this out. Based upon new cutting edge neuroscience, a treatment approach has emerged that focuses upon the CAUSE of long term, chronic conditions. You can access the first step of this new treatment program for FREE for a limited time.

It’s called Reflexercise™, and it’s already been helping people all over the country take charge of their own recovery, even when everything else has failed.  This post is an excerpt that includes the actual instructions of Reflexercise™ for you to learn right now.

Reflexercise™ will be available for FREE for a limited time, September 27, 2012 – October 1, 2012, on Click this link to download this remarkable instructional manual:

Feel free to send this link to anyone struggling with chronic health conditions. The information inside will answer questions that traditional approaches have not.

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  • Where do I find the free bonus video/audio referenced previous to the exercise?

    • Gia

      Hi Nina; the bonuses were part of the free book offer. Unfortunately the offer expired in 2012 but the exercises in the article are a free gift within themselves. :)

  • My thanks to everyone involved in sharing this very interesting technique freely with us. If only one person feels relief from his/her distress it will have been of great service but I’m sure many will benefit from its use.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Thank you for your interest in Reflexercise. I’m so glad to have offered you an excerpt containing the instructions for the actual process and performance aspects of this life tool.

    EvolutionEzine is the only location where the actual technique is described in its entirety, and I sincerely hope you both appreciate this service offered through EvolutionEzine and make use of my free gift to you.

    I’m sorry to hear that some of you have had difficulty accessing the book and / or object to being asked for your information from Amazon. Please know that I cannot control Amazon’s requirements to access the book. The only information they require is the email address associated with your Amazon account and your Amazon account password. Once you have entered this information, your book will be up and you will be reading it within about 1 minute.

    For those of you that do not own a Kindle, there is a simple process to read the book on any device you own. Here is that process in step by step format:
    1. Click this link (or copy and paste into your web browser)to download a free kindle reader app for your device:
    The Kindle Reader App software will automatically open upon installation.
    2. If you have already downloaded the book, then it is sitting in your amazon account and will automatically populate your library inside your new kindle reader app. You are ready to go.

    If you did not download the book, I’m afraid there is no way to access it for free any longer (Kindle limits the time frame of our ability to give away the book). For less than $10, you can access the information through this link:

    Reflexercise will be offered in pdf format, however in order to facilitate a free download promotion, I had to agree not to deliver the book in any other format than Kindle for 90 days. My hands are tied. I’m so happy to tell you that through this program, we were able to give away over 12,000 books. Very exciting and not possible without the exclusive 90 day agreement.

    Lastly, please know that Amazon is the single most trusted website on the planet. They do a wonderful job of securing your information and I hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity in your lives!

    In Gratitude,
    Scott Musgrave, MSPT

  • i would love to try this both for myself and to inform my patients about but the previously mentioned problems downloading on pc with out kindle (kindle for pc could not be intalled). many people seem to be having these problems. please advise. many thanks

    • Hi Tracey;

      The free download of the book is no longer available. I will forward your email to the author to see if he can help you and your patients more directly :-)

  • P.S. I just read the book and tried the method. I felt the relaxation response first time! I am really hoping I can apply this. Thanks again.

  • Thanks for the free book. Also for the application. It all looks very interesting.

  • Comment No. 18

    AdminCyndi.. Sorry for lost of temper. Got access and secure on PC..

    Big Gift.

    I knew there was a solution with you guys.

    Thank you.

  • Ref. comment No. 21
    Thank you JP for directions. Have the access now.

  • Would it be possible to have a PDF…..I don’t have a kindle. It would be great if we could have another option.
    Peace and Love

  • For those of you without a kindle who don’t want to download an app, you can read the book in your browser using the Amazon Cloud Reader. That’s the default option when you order the book. Whenever you want to read the book after that, go to the Amazon homepage. In the top right hand corner, click on “Sign-In, Your Account” and a drop down menu will open up. Select “Manage My Kindle”. Then, you find you book and click “Read”. HTH

  • Hi,

    I also purchased the book and had access like you said by kindle cloud.I was really happy because it is a good book .But as soon as I click to see the video, I lost the book,and we are allow just one free book.Can you help me? How can I have back the book ? Any way I can save it the next time.
    Thank for your advise,

    • Hi Nicole;

      Please read my comment below about the kindle app – it will resolve your concerns

  • Hi Everyone;

    My apologies to anyone being frustrated by how this book is being offered.

    This is a book that is being sold through Amazon – and on Wednesday it made it to top ranking in a number of their categories.

    Scott, the author, wanted to do something nice and so he decided to make it available through Amazon – for free for 5 days (I paid $9.95 for it)

    After Sunday it will be $9.95 again

    Because of the value I got from the book I wanted to make it available to all those that can access it and that will find value in it.

    If you don’t have a kindle you can still access it through kindle apps you can download onto ipods, ipads and pcs. You will also need an amazon account – and for that you need to provide an email and password. They also ask you for your name and address and phone number – but in all honesty for this you can make all of it up – I checked and it works.

    We do not have an affiliate relationship with the author – we put this offer here just so you could know about something we believe is valuable

    My love and intentions of joy and light go out to all who read this post – and all who have commented. I wish for each of you your equivalent of the pot at the end of the rainbow.

  • Hi,is it possible to give us this book in PDF form?

  • Hi,
    So nice to have something free and so valuable.I did order the book and received it in my computer by kindle cloud. I was so happy because it was so good but when I click to view the video, I lost the book.I try to go back and order it against but you are allow just one time. How can I have access back to it now that I lost it ? How can I save it for the next time?
    Thank you

  • I dont have a kindl, can I have a PDF? thank you

  • it sounds like heartmath…is this the same thing? or does it come from the same source? thank you

  • I just read comments from AdminCyndi. Good for you.
    I downloaded the Kindle Apps for Windows -laptop and can only access 3 books.. Aesop’s Fables, etc..

    What is the Kindle Apps method ??

  • Thank you. Seems very interesting, focusing on the CORE, the SOURCE of a situation..

    This is not often you way but this time I find a very sneaky way to force-sell Kindle.

    Does Amazon allow some other format.. or way to access a possibly Free eBook?
    Too bad you might miss the Affiliate return $.

  • Is it possible to provide a PDF copy?

  • Hi,
    As Mark and Mif.T.Patron say, the book is only available to those with Kindle devices or some such compatable gadget, sadly I run Linux on my computer and am thus unable to download the Kindle app which would allow me to read the book. If there it is at all possible could the book simply be offered as a PDF as this would make it accessable to so many more people, who, I am sure would definitely get some benefit from the information it contains. As a sufferer from depression/anxiety/stress I was looking forward to seeing just if this book had some concrete help to offer, sadly I’ll probably never know. Thanks for the piece you put up on the website though.

  • I feel the same way Patron feels i tried downloading the stuff but then it asked me for my account info. I really don’t want to give all that stuff when it says free it should be free.

  • Hi;

    I just went through the process and amazon did not ask me for a credit card to download this book – and you don’t need a kindle to read a kindle book – you can download free kindle apps for ipods and ipads – and amazon also has the kindle cloud which allows you to read kindle books on your computer.

    Also I purchased the book soon after I read the sales page and I have been practicing reflexercise for about 3 days now and am noticing a shift – and was very excited when I learned that I would be able to tell everyone they could have it for free. For me this information is worth way more then the $9.95 I paid for it – and I hope everyone that accesses the book really takes the time to play with the exercise and not be fooled by its simplicity.

    Loving Life – aren’t you???

  • Thank you for this manual, I’m going to try and exercise it.
    Where could i find a FREE Bonus Audio and Video designed to help you get the most out of Reflexercise™ ?
    Thank you

  • Incredible information. Life changing.

  • Great practice…I will give this a try. Love a reboot!

  • It’s really starting to hack me off. You offer all this “free” stuff, but there’s always a cost, perhaps not monetary, but it costs us our email getting on someone’s list, or I HAVE TO HAVE A CREDIT CARD to download a “free” book. I don’t have a credit card, that’s why I’m interested in free books. If I were financially better off and I had a credit card, I probably wouldn’t be subscribing to your newsletter and trying to find free, helpful information and books to read. Sorry, I just reached the limit today. I know there are some things we can download without any trouble, but the last few really interesting sounding items have had this credit card thing to deal with. Please make things easier, and think of those of us who used to be in the Middle Class and are now looking for a way back up.

  • For UK readers, the link is:

    But note that it’s only available for Kindle owners…(I’m not!)

  • Interesting analysis, very different and meaningful, a beat difficult for many to grasp though, I like it,

  • Very powerful and practical in all its simplicity


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