Random Gift For Your Feedback – Can it Get Any Better Than That?

Random Gift For Your Feedback – Can it Get Any Better Than That?

Give us your feedback and get rewarded with a random gift.

Since its birth 20 months ago MindPowerMp3.com has more than tripled in size and has provided many 1,000s of downloads to people all over the world who come back and tell us, every day, what a difference these products are making in their lives.

From seemingly miraculous healings, to better productivity; from improved sleep, to amazing spiritual connections the audios offered at MindPowerMp3.com have been created, and are being offered, to help the listener improve every aspect of their lives.

But we don’t want to stop there.

You are reading this post because our products and information interest you. You have most probably been on a Self Improvement/Awareness journey for a while and at this point you know what you are looking for, what will bring you to that next level.

And we want to know what that is (please).

We promise that when you leave a comment below and tell us what it is you want to see at http://MindPowerMp3.com and/or http://evolutionezine.com we will read every word and will do our best to create the products that will help you step into the next best Highest and Best version of yourself.

And at the same time we would love to know your general opinion of what we offer – what you like and what you don’t like.  It is our intention to continue to work to making http://mindpowermp3.com a place you want to visit, again and again.

Not only that, just by leaving us your comments you will receive a random gift from the store,  including free downloads and coupons.

Thank you for being a member of our community.  We appreciate your faith in what we do and we pledge to continue to do all that we can do to honor your faith by providing you with more and more of what makes this world a wonderful place to be.

Oh – and if you can please do one more thing for us (pretty please :-) )

To let more people know what we do we have entered a contest and we need your votes – Please visit Best Mind/Body Online Market and give http://mindpowermp3.com your vote of approval.  It will take just a minute and we would be most grateful.

With Joy and In celebration :-)


Random Gift For Your Feedback – Can it Get Any Better Than That? 4.89/5 (97.78%) 9 votes

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  • More astral projection articles, perhaps?

  • Hi
    I would like to receive more information on how we can open our third eye, contact our spirit guides, angels etc. and more information about isotonic and binaural beats if it really works etc? stories about who it’s worked for etc.

    • well, In my opinion they…BWE..can help. They have helped me to ‘observe’ my thoughts, instead of…’engaging’ them. Also, to slow them down. There are alot of books & videos to help you with almost anything, but, imo…these are only ‘general’ guidelines. We are all unique & different. Feel free to explore on your own. I use ‘trial & error’. The most important thing or word of advice I can give you is to …duplicate your meditations the old-fashioned way..ALSO!!! I use them a few times a day, then I replicate, whatever, WITHOUT BWE!!! I DO THINK THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. To not ‘depend’ on BWE…by itself!!! Good Luck

  • I GUESS I WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE MEDITATIONS OR INFORMATION IN HOW TO ASTRAL PROJECT,SPEAK TO MY SPIRIT GUIDES AND FIND INNER PEACE I’ve used and read some ebooks try to put it into practice and got no where with it maybe It’s just me though

  • it help me for better conc. Specially SCHUMANN RESONANCE:UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT

  • thet best website full of energy .Love it

  • I love what your doing. I have been using binaural beats for many years and I eliminated a drug addiction with them. The music really does work to calm or energize me. I have been having issues with negativity and I am exploring hypnosis and subliminal messaging. I am interested in being the best I can be…..
    Anyways keep up the good work you have a good thing, Thank you

  • Just found this site the other day and love it. Found it by looking for Triad wave music.
    I love the samples of the albums–so generous (not tiny 5 second clips)–really allows us to know what we might want to buy.

    There’s still so much I need to explore here but I know I’m going to get “Under a Million Stars” and “Clear Reflections”.

    Thanks for all the freebies and so much to explore.

  • I look forward to receiving your emails because there is always something happy and helpful to be found in each one. I truly appreciate the free downloads and special deals on your music and meditation MP3s, as well as the beautiful art work and positive writings. Just having your email in my inbox makes me smile knowing everything within will be positive and supportive.

  • I’m new to MindPowerMP3s but I would like to find more information on the differences between subliminals and hypnosis. How do they differ, how do they compare, how do they compliment each other? Also, I really appreciate the 20 Music, Meditation and Mind Power Gifts. I have not listened to all of them yet, but wow, I’m already impressed – beautiful, just beautiful.

  • Love all the free resources and articles. I wanted to vote for your site, but couldn’t figure out HOW to vote after clicking on the link. :( This is one of the best sites for healing and understanding the self.

  • Thank you so much the beautiful music and the free downloads you provide. I especially enjoy the instrumentals. I find that I am calm and relaxed after listening and in fact when having a massage or when meditating I find the tracks just help me to let go and focus completely. I also enjoy the articles on your site. They are interesting and thought provoking.

  • I love the beautiful music that you provide! I enjoy ‘plugging in’ to get energized, to calm down, to clear my mind … and simply to enjoy the sounds. The Shamanic music makes me feel close to the earth and I can feel the heat of the tribal fire through the beat of the drums. Love it! I have shared it with others and they have thanked me for sharing. It seems that many people are pretty stressed out these days, which leads to weight gain and low self esteem, etc. I think stress-relief programming would be a good area to focus on. Thanks for all of the resources you provide!

  • I have purchased quite a number of music albums from your site over the past several years and The Triad Wave collection is personally the best to-date! I am amazed at how quickly the effects can be felt – calming, grounding and stress-reducing. I’ve been listening to this everyday – before sleep, whilst driving, whilst taking a bath or basically almost throughout the day. “Under A Million Stars” is my personal favourite – sometimes I can still hear it in my mind, even when I’m not listening to the music. Thank you for sharing this!

  • This site is amazing. Really enjoy all the articles, some familiar, some totally new. Appreciate the free gifts, thank you! will definately be telling my friends! Jane.

  • It Works Wonderfully…

  • I love this site and the articles that make me think. I have downloaded the free e book today about magic, and cannot wait until I can cuddle up with my favorite blanket and puppy tonight to read it. I think anyone on a journey to find their true selves would LOVE this website. I have recommended it to a friend

  • I just purchased the Triad Collection and I love it! The free samples make a big difference to whether I will buy something or not. please can you provide samples for all your albums? I would like the Pineal Gland Activator but i don’t know if I would enjoy the music – a sample please.
    I think your collection is amazing and I am very grateful that you exist!

  • I have shared your website with everyone I know and also shared it on facebook several times. I love the free listens before buying and the wonderful articles that you post! This is my favorite website since I first discovered it a couple years back. Thank you!!! I will continue to share this with everyone I meet. I’d love more free listens to try out. The latest one you sent was a beautiful one called “Merlins ???” I can’t remember, but didnt get a chance to hear all of it. It is the best yet, & would love to hear more from that series. Blessings! Nicole..

  • One of the hardest things in this whole self-improvement thing for me, is being able to believe. Shouldn’t the process work whether you believe, or not? After all, don’t medicines work that way too, after removing from the equation the placebo effect? Why can’t the processes employed in creating abundance, using the law of attraction, etc work whether or not you have the “belief effect”? I mean if these are indeed true natural laws, and vaunted to work just like the law of gravity, then they should work all the time. I’m often told that I’m self sabotaging, or that I have “subconscious blocks” to allowing abundance. Well, I wish that there was a way I could remove these subconscious blocks, stop self sabotage, and receive abundance without necessarily having that much faith. Visualizations and affirmations don’t seem to be doing this for me. So, how can you help people like me? I’m sure I’m not the only skeptic around. And please don’t tell me to “put myself in the mood” or “imbue my visualizations and affirmations with appropriate feelings” – as I just don’t get it in practice. Please address these issues if you can,

    That said, the free mp3′s I downloaded from your site are really awesome to listen to! Thanks.

  • Hi,

    Have been trying out and purchasing your products for awhile now. Love the ability to hear it before I buy it. Love the freebies, they do generate more purchases. And have passed your name on to other friends. Thanks for your body of work!


  • I love your mindpowermp3 web site! I’ve discovered some excellent music there by “listening for free” then purchasing the music I enjoyed. I especially liked the Bio-Sonic collection and the Super Mind Music collection. I have quite a few of those tracks on my iPod now. In fact, I’ve bookmarked your web site because it’s one of the first places I visit for new meditation music. I also like your specials and discounts. Your web site is awesome!! Keep up the good work!! :-)

  • I love the new website especially the catagories section. It makes it much easier to find what I’m looking for. My only suggestion is to leave the “freebies” active a little longer. I don’t get a chance to check my e-mails everyday (sometimes only once a week) and by the time I get to the link it’s no longer active. Other then that….. keep up the great work!!!!

  • I love your music and the articles and freebies. They have been a great help to me – I also love your new website. The only request i have is that you all keep up the great work!!

    Awesome work!!

  • I love your music – so great for meditation. My favorite by far is Sacred Love. I also love the new website!! Super good job.

    For something I would like to see…I guess, just keep up the great work!! I also love all the great articles and all of the greag free items that you offer!!

    Thanks so much!!

  • I have a product suggestion, however I’m not sure if it would be possible to make it. I would really like to be able to buy a brainwave entrainment mp3 that can help me learn to visualize, or maybe just be able to turn the ability to visualize on. I am completely unable to see anything in my minds eye when awake or meditating, except blackness.

    I do see images when I dream, but only from a first person perspective. I was able to see some glimpses of scenes under deep hypnosis, but wasn’t able to be directed through the process as the therapist usually does.

    I’ve done a lot of work with chakra clearing, through meditation, bwe, crystals and reiki.

    I don’t eat processed foods and stay well away from fluoride. (which are linked to calcification of the pituitary gland)

    I have done some research and found that this is common for ppl who are ambidextrous (which I am), as our brains are more balanced – which gives me some hope that bwe may be able to help.

    I would love to be able to shamanic journey. I have tried dozens of times, using drumming and bwe mp3s, but have come out of trance feeling like I’d been sitting in the dark waiting for the movie to start and it never did.

  • I’ve been listening to your MP3′s for a short time. I did get some results from the procrastination MP3′s. I actually started cleaning house without thinking about it. It felt good to actually get something done!
    I am wondering if there is one to listen to to help with staying focused on goals. I’ve started a home business but find that I am still in the JOB mode. Can’t function without someone telling me what to do. At the very least, I need something to help me to stay on a schedule.

    Thank you!

  • Having tried tried some of your products, im sure they are helpful.
    great mag BTW.

  • I have no recommendations or advice but I must tell you this. When you first changed your site I was not able, for some time, to access it. This was a real disappointment to me and I felt truly saddened. Fortunately, as time passed and things settled I now am gald that once again this wonderful site is available to me. Thank you.

  • Since last 3 years I am searching for this type of music & matter..thanks to evolutionezine….I found what I am require….I hope it will change some of my habbit & control my mind…& help me in getting desire result…

  • The music is very calming and enjoyable to listen to but how much of an effect it would be having on improving the functioning of the brain cannot be measured or estimated. Why don’t you design some test that participant could take before and after listening to the audio and verify that our brains are indeed working better.
    Do you have any music for children to improve their brain power

  • This web site offers some incredible mp3′s! I’ve purchased a few and really enjoyed them! I’ve been very pleased with my purchases and plan on buying more mp3′s when I receive emails offering new products. Keep up the excellent work on this site! :0)

    • Gia

      Thanks Christine! We’re really pleased that you’re enjoying the MP3′s. :)

  • My Mum passed away a few months ago so this has been a really hard time for me. I have been listening to your reduce stress dream programming audios before going to sleep and they make me feel more ‘normal’ the next day. The times I haven’t listened to them at night; well, the next day I’m in a ‘funk’, kind of depressed. Now I won’t go to bed without listening to it!
    If your looking for mp3 suggestions, I think it would be really great to have an audio to help martial artists develop ‘mushin’ empty mind. I do aikido and my biggest down fall is I think too much about the techniques. I get in my own way which makes it hard to just react while training. I have been training for 6-7 yrs but still struggle with accessing what is programmed ‘in there’. I think part of it is also performance anxiety.
    One thing I noticed about your site is that while browsing the sleep programming, not all your mp3′s came up in the main search-I had to find them as the items on the side of the page changed. Not 100% sure if its my PC or the site? Hope this helps.

  • I just want to say that this has helped me so much with my self esteem and my determination to succeed.
    I am listening to The Journey as I write this with my headphones on, and I feel like I am being transported to the place I want to be and live – and will do very soon after affirming my desires for so long now.
    Thank you for bringing good things.
    The sounds are amazing and I feel more positive now than I have ever felt.

  • Having downloaded many of the free products it is really interesting how much I have changed in my outlook and relationships….there has been a great calmness come into my life—where once I became frustrated with things as they did occur, now I can step back and let the calmness flow….and things evolve like magic!!

  • Great Stuff….It Helps Me With My PTSD….And The Beats Go On!

  • Just saw this site, you have great stuff here. everything seem so interesting!
    Congrats and keep on the great job.
    I really like when the downoad link is direct, not having to subscribe AGAIN, to open another e-mail, another link and another subscription and again the same thig to be able to see the free stuff, this sort of thing is annoying.
    Great thanks for the great and varied material in this site!

  • “Can it Get Any Better Than That?” This reminds me of part of a phrase that Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer say :-)

  • I simply love everything you provide AND your website is so……….easy to use, even for a relative beginner such as I am. It is
    very much appreciated.

    I encourage you to simply keep on keeping on.

    Lots of love, rainbows and butterflies be with you at all times.

  • I have been a client of EvolutionEzine for two years now and first purchased the mega package, which I am still going through. There is so much information, so much good stuff, that I don’t have enough time in the day. I have been additionally purchasing more mp3s as I go along and have found them invaluable in helping me stay grounded, happy, I smile so much now, I also glow apparently, I have an excitement which is quite effervescent, again this is reported by others, and feel that the brainwave entrainment music has been invaluable in keeping me sane. The music is so beautiful, that you want to listen to it repeatedly.

    Cindy and Ian have done a stellar job in giving the general public access to these products. God bless you guys and thank you for making life so much easier, as your freebies are outstanding and you give so much to everyone. It is truly wonderful. Thank you for making my life easier and happier.

  • Greetings and salutations!

    I’ve been a subscriber for a few YEARS now… and I really LOVE it! Of all the email I get, YOURS is what I look for first, to cheer me up when I’m sad, or to make me even happier when I already am glad!

    Your generosity towards total strangers has motivated me to do likewise – and I’ve been blessed accordingly.

    Congrats on 20 months; may it become 20 YEARS and MORE!

    Wishing YOU and ALL READERS all the very best,
    ~ D.

  • You have the most amazing collection of resources. I have not seen anything else like it out there. The free, published WELLNESS Magazines that one sees available in some wellness oriented doctors’ offices do have a good variety of resources. But one must be in those specific environments, and that, only periodically, to get them.

    Your connections are always instantly available online. There are many things I found only on your site. And it is great that you provide a wide range of products and information. Learning about ORGONITE (from your site) and having access to real people who make products to help folks add another layer of protection in their environment is most valuable.

    Your very real value is that you HELP people with a tremendous amount of free available information. You are not simply an outlet for merchandise. HOWEVER, you have (in my estimation) the highest quality products available to provide people with their ongoing seeking and growth.

    Thank you so much, and God bless, for being true to your calling and what you do to help raise up others.

  • It seems to me that any website desiring to bring man and women into their own and make them realize that the power of everything is within them should be praised. Evoultionezine is doing just that with wonderful products, stories and commentaries.


  • I came across this site and thought this is pretty cool. Then I started using the products and began to feel a positive shift in my life. Thank you for being a valuable part of my life and caring! I would like to say THANK YOU for this AMAZING energy journey! Thank you!

  • Your website is a source of real value and your generosity in sharing is one of a kind. You make it clear that you are genuinely interested in helping any of us who want to invest the time a real way to find inner peace and ways to significant inner change. I’ve purchased several of your albums and am not finished yet. Thank you so much for all you do. I love seeing your email address when I log in because I know that means there is a treat of some sort in store.

  • Hi,
    Great value, in fact too many products! Its been a bit hard knowing quite where to start – have the need to want to do everything. The main Supermind program has a plan of how to start, and I’ve used this to create files into their monthly sections so I can keep track of what I need to do. However, there is so much other bonus products that even after 3 weeks I can see that it is going to take years of consistant work to cover even half of it. It has taken some time to put all of it into order as there really isn’t anything in the way of a plan for the bonus’s. I’ve now created a spreadsheet with all of them on and with a daily column of what I use & now have a very rough daily action plan. It’d be great if all the extra’s did have more in the way of explanations on what it all does & how best to use it – I’ve had to try and glean much of it from snippets around various parts of your website for it.

  • Hello! I would love an mp3 to listen to first thing in the morning to feel refreshed and alert. This is my biggest concern at the moment. The energy and efficiency mp3s have helped with my attention, energy and focus while I am working throughout the day and that’s what I was initially looking for. I Love that you’ve incorporated with some singing! As a singer and healer I’m very excited to have a listen to these. Thank you

  • they say the teacher appears when the student is ready…..thank you!

    • HEAR, HEAR – simply but profoundly put.

    • True and very well put

  • Hi, I am a client of your SMA and also purchased one of the offers you gave out and I have to say, the best thing that happened to me in a long time. I love everything you guys sell, your mp3s are beyond compare, alpha mind control can be used in so many ways, as I use it to enhance my business and bring in more clients and it works in 3-4 days. All the information is amazing and I have not even gone through 20% of what I bought and I think it will take me another 2 years to get through the whole lot. I have recommended clients to your site who have bought your packages, and raved on about it. Your new website is also very visually beautiful and eyecatching. Thanks so much for all that you guys do for humanity, you are a true god-sent! Lots of hugs and blessings. xx

  • Hello. I love this website–the articles and the music. Everything here is wonderful!

  • I love your website. The new layout is great! That was my biggest complaint earlier. The last website layout was kind of cheesy and unappealing. You guys set the standard as far as giving readers a lot of free high quality content. Keep it up!

  • Like the new pages added and your site is better organized. The link in the email for the page offering bonuses for each order has a broken link. It is nice to see your site and business growing and thriving.

  • This is new with the music & singing I do like it. Really still in the check this out stage. Seem something but not able to tell yet.

  • I enjoy this music. I tried brainwave entrainment once in the past and didn’t enjoy it much because it sounded artificial. Your music is beautiful in its own right and stimulates the emotions. I’m not sure if it’s the bwe technology or the music itself or some combination, but it’s enjoyable. I try to listen to at least one of the 10-minute demos almost every night, and the longer albums once a week or so.

  • For anyone who may be gardening or growing crops, the name is SONIC BLOOM… (not BOOM)….. and here is the definition excerpt taken from their site. BTW, it really WORKS~!!! I have the kit and it is amazing, plus the birds flock to the area where the sounds are playing!

    Sonic Bloom consists of a combination of sounds which are the same frequency as the singing of birds, plus leaf spray organic fertilizer.

    While academics have a hard time believing that sound can affect plant growth, all we and many farmers can says is – IT WORKS!!!

  • I love your MP3′s. I listen every night. I have Ultimate Mind Music, Unforgettable Moments (awesome), and I especially like Christopher Lloyd Clark. However I hate the disclaimer at the beginning of every song. It ruins the whole experience.

  • I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your amazing albums. I own well over half a dozen of them, and use them at least weekly. They’ve helped me with everything from stress relief, to assisting in dramatically decreasing my headaches, to bringing more peace and uplifting energy into my life. The compositions are all truly beautiful, making these albums a delight to listen to and bask in again and again. As a musician myself, I’m pretty picky about the music I prefer, but I do have a wide variety of genres that make my heart sing, and your albums truly deliver! Thank you so much, and keep up the great work.

  • I ordered the Upgrade package…
    … and the dream programming MP-3′s have a voice-over beginning so that when I loop the program to fill up a CD to listen to when I go to sleep, I get the lead in over and over…

    Also the Schumann Resonance is very short… I looped it over and over but it would be nicer if it were continuous and not broken up by blank spots.
    Could you put the LENGTH of the music or programming on your ads for the CD’s please?
    That way the buyer will know if it is only 7 minutes long or 30 minutes or 65 minutes…

    • Hi Nancy;

      We do not recommend listening to these audios in a loop. One Dream Program audio a night is optimum for assimilation and effectiveness – the brain needs downtime to really make it work. And the time of just about each audio is listed in the audios description in the store – and they are all at least 30 minutes long. If you have an audio that appears to be cut short it is mot likely to do with an incomplete download at time of purchase. Please download it again and I am confident you will have a much more satisfying experience

  • I have no words to tell how much I am loving your mp3′s. I only discovered your site about a month ago and already have a couple of your mp3′s that I listen to almost everyday . I have been doing the Lushlife process and listening to the dreamprogramming for financial abundance and already things are starting to shift, small things like getting a free ride on the bus to work (twice) and last weekend I planned to go to a party and was planning to walk to it (it was not far or anything) but then I connected with a friend on facebook who was also going and we ended up getting drinks and I got a ride to the party with him(he does not drink alcohol so he always drives) and I was glad with the ride because it had started to rain. I consider these things proof that my luck and abundance is growing because abundace is not only about money but also al the good in ones life like friends, having more luck and so on. I am very excited to see if things can get even better and I thank you for the wonderfull music (also loving dreammaker, the samplermix and all the other stuff).

  • Love the feedback. Love to listen on my mp3 and look forward to more self esteem help. Thank you for all you do!

  • I just want to thank you for all the wonderful free downloads you provide. Other sites give out free stuff that is a waste of my time, but your mp3 downloads are so good that I listen to them repeatedly. Keep up the good work! I expect to have all my intentions answered soon.


  • when I first stumbled on this site i thought…oh hey this is pretty cool. Then when I actually began utilizing the products I began to feel a shift in myself and feel energy and love and motivation flow into my life. thank you so much for becoming apart of my life and being here!! I would like to see an album that has to do not with just love, but also sexuality. Such an important energy! Thank you!

  • thank for you i’ve downloaded free theta and delta brainwaves and i’ve those twice. But i’ve still confused for what the point of those both theta and delta. I hope your enlightment and what achievement to do listen those both. Thank

  • I just found your website today, and i don’t think I have ever heard such beautiful music! I have loads of binaural beats stuff already, but this is a whole new level. Thank you so much for the freebies too!

  • Congrads on a great 20 months.. I have eight albums and I love each and everyone.

  • Thanks for the great work. I am a journalist focused on the mind/body/spirit connection and the belief in the Schumann Resonance that brings the body into balance. I also need something to fall asleep, and it is difficult to do it with headphones. In addition, I would like to get the top sellers and review them for my columns. Who should I contact to discuss this? Wishing you all the best!

  • I love your ezine, and I love to hear the new samples of your music.
    I am an elderly person and prefer cd’s. I dont have an ipod and I don’t see myself putting the computer close to my bed to meditate with the music. Keep up the good work, I recommend you to my friends, young and old!

  • The mental balance that mind power mp3′s create is really cool. I knewthat I felt better after listening, but I had no tangible evidwnce that these ‘feelings’ were anything more that wishful thinking. Until I watch an esipode of WHEEL OF fortune. I’ve always been reasonably good at the game but suddenly, I’m solving the puzzles with only a couple of letter.I was much faster and more accurate than the contestants! The knowledge of the correct answers just flowed through me!I realized that my brain was working like had never worked before, This is really coolstuff.

  • Your music transformed me. Whenever i listen to it i feel at peace with myself and the universe. Now i am another person better than the one i had always been and most imlportantly people notice it without my even knowing it and they tell me. When i tell them i have a secret and want to share they just don’ believe me. Thanks a lot for all your sharings.

  • I enjoy the free previews of the CDs. They really help me make informed purchase decisions. I also am looking for any science to back up the technology used and it’s effectiveness.

  • I have listen to the music, and read, and meditated. I have forgiven–others and myself as well. While my “spirit” has improved, my life has not. I’m not giving up, for I believe in the soul, and in “miracles.”

  • I have been listening to a few of your products and recently bought the Shamic Journeys. I have found it relaxing and thought provoking and, occasional, without thinking about them, have found solutions to minor problems after listening. I also really enjoy the Deep Delta.
    Thank you.

  • I listen to your audio downloads several times a week. They are very relaxing, and they help keep me on track with positive thinking. Thank you so much!

  • Why do you need to put the disclaimer at the beginning of every track? It really is jolting especially when going from one track to another. Thanks for your music – I love it!

    Melissa :)

  • I really enjoy your free products. I think it would be better if you offer only one entire product free instead three parts of three different samples. It would be easier to appreciate the product for the benefits that gives. It is somehow difficult to say something about a part of a program and I also think that it is almost impossible to taste the full potential of it.

  • Can you make a good health album with a fast beat so I can listen to it when I exercise.

  • I especially appreciate your sample time, because the music can make or break an enjoyable entrainment session, or the relaxing quality of what is playing in background–and reactions to music are quirky.

    I like your downloads specifically for stress. Anything that helps for short (or longer when I have time for that) relaxation periods.

    I have trouble navigating your site, because the page extends beyond my (otherwise sufficient) monitor screen, and without the usual scroll bar at the bottom. No problem scrolling up or down, but I can’t view or click on what is on either side. Frustration instead of the impulse clicks you are probably hoping for. This is the only site I’ve encountered this problem on.

    Thank you.

  • I have always had psychic abilities but have never trusted them, not until I began to use brain entrainment. In the two short months since beginning this process my thinking has become clear, my understanding of what is being said to me is spot on, and my journey has taken me to many places that I would not have necessarily gone had I not trusted my “instincts” to take me. It is a remarkable service that I am so grateful for, and I only wish I had found it long before I turned 58. What I could have done with this in my 20′s or 30′s. But there is no time like the present to begin living like I should have been all along, I am just grateful for the blessing that is brain entrainment.

  • I prefer the Schumann Resonance type music.
    I don’t know science fact from science fiction,
    so don’t know what is good for me.( to listen to )

  • I love the awesomeness of the tracks I have bought, and listen to them most of the day at work, as well as at home. Even a year after The Awakening, it still touches my life, like it did in the beginning, as well as all the other awesome tracks that fills my life with love, life, gratitude and healing.

  • The section containing 20 Music, Meditation and Mind Power Gifts is my favorite recommendation for my students and classes. It’s a great way to introduce them to new things and you products always deliver. Thx

  • I found your site just by random surfing today. I’m just starting to listen to some of your music and I’m praying “please let this be the one that will finally help”. Brief explanation: Mother of two grown children who has been: Divorced, abused, lost, unhappy, hurt, heartbroken, quilt ridden , nonexistent feelings of: self-esteem/worth/confidence/acceptance and love. This is too much baggage for one person to carry before they start to break. With barely open heart and mind; keeping my fingers crossed my search will finally be over.

  • I love that your site has such variety, a sort of something for everyone at any level. I love that your site give in depth information and filters out the junk. Thank you.
    I would like to see more practical tools for removing ourselves from our own way. I see from my own development and others that we can know many truths cognitively but that is a long way from putting it into practice. I want to remove the things that keep me ‘safe’ and comfortable the things that ‘protect me for my own good’ I want to feel the freedom to grow without limits

  • Love your generosity!

  • I would like to have a better explanation of the theory behind the frequencies and what the effects are.

  • I have enjoyed the free offers and a chance to sample your products. I am really interested in working with gamma, epsilon and lambda waves. I look forward to your new products. Your contribution to consciousness eveolution is so important!

  • Thank you for all that you do. I listen to your music everyday, it has had a positive effect on my life. I especially like The Heartbeat of Gaia

  • For several weeks I have not been able to sleep well and have tried listening to all the different ‘sleep music’ in my collection and finally it was your music that really helped – ‘Calm Mind, Schumann Resonance, Spirit Guide’. I didn’t realise how effective they were, until now, thank you.
    I do agree with one of the suggestions above to reduce/soften the volume of the ’18 years old disclaimer’ as it can be quite jolting when the track is played in a loop.
    Happy 20 months and to many more ahead!

  • I love both mind music and ezine! I really love your free samples.Unfourtunetly I don’t do facebook, but do tell frends and family about your great web sites. Keep up the good work!

  • I have ordered many of your CD’s and found them to be great help with my confidence, organization and help with my drum playing. I have also heard your frequency music and it is very relaxing. I look forward to any of your upcoming products. Keep them coming!

  • I’ve been working with the Super Mind Evolution System for several months now, and I’m very happy with it. I started out just trying different MP3′s as they seemed appropriate (PK Problem Solving if I was working on a complex project for work, Better Health following an injury, etc.) but even though I seemed to get “something” out of everything I tried, I recently I decided to work through the program as it was designed.

    I really love the Alpha MP3, and good things just seem to happen “coincidentally” the next day when I listen to it in the evening. I recently moved on to the Health program, and have found that I need less medication to deal with some chronic health conditions. I still go back to the PK Problem Solving audio, periodically, though, because it really seems to “reprogram” my mind so that I end up coming up with ideas and solutions regarding problems that previously seemed beyond my capability.

    I’m very curious to see what happens as I move from one focus (Health) to another (Wealth)….!

  • I enjoy your music very much. Especially I am thankful for The Deep Delta music, which I listen to every night, enjoying the deep restful sleep I get from that. If I could wish I would love to have the deep delta frequencies added to other pieces of music as well. Actually it would be fantastic if every brainentrainment frequency was available with different kind of music, for people with different taste in music.
    And then a have a question: Is it dangerous for children to listen to supermind music? Or why do you recomment it only for people more 18? I have a daugher, 12 years old, who have difficulties sleeping when there is a new moon. Would love to let her listen to the deep delta music.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful music. I have tried many albums so far and it’s a good thing to have a vast choice as it really depends on your mood/state whether an album is effective or not. As I choose the right album at the right moment, I get extremely relaxing, inspiring and uplifting results.

  • My wife and I really appreciate the excellent products that you have introduced us to. We have found many of your free offers to be of tremendous value, and have enjoyed passing them on to friends and family who don’t always have the means to invest in expensive programs, especially before they have had the chance to try them. Your free offers overcome that doubt, and are a great introduction for them as they were for us. The section containing 20 Music, Meditation and Mind Power Gifts is our favourite recommendation. Thank you once again.

  • The music you have is beautiful and as such inspires and relaxes me especially as I have been in and allowed myself to get into situations where I most definitely needed the help they gave me- but having not got an mp3 I can’t keep them for later use I would like to have buyable CDs that I could play at home whenever I needed to

  • Just a note to tell you this music works for me by eliminating my stress and tension. Of course it doesn’t eliminate the cause, but it gives me relief immediately from the symptoms, and I’m sure that alone will help me to live longer. Thanks so much!

  • I have been with you for quite a while and I have a lot of your music. I found that I am much calmer in my day to day life. Also with my study I found I could focus and concentrate so much better. Brain Boost and Effortless Efficiency were great when I had an exam, I would just breeze through. I believe if everyone listened to Mind Power MP3s the world would be a much better place. I am now in a peaceful place because of it.
    I love all the albums I have and I am grateful to all who have made this possible.
    Thank you so much

  • “I would love to see ALL your music tuned away from A440″
    This comment has confused me?!

  • I, I think your products are amazing as is your website!
    I would love to see a product that tackles extreem extreem subconcious resistance to healing, self sabotage;
    and also one that helps with letting go of what others think.
    Thanks for your amazing site and products

  • Frequency music is very helpful for meditation. I simply feel better after listening.

  • I love listening to the downloads in the morning while sitting at my computer for a peaceful way to start the morning.

  • I was a skeptic at first, but I gave the free material a chance and found it helpful. I would love to see more resources for addressing career “stuckness” and “what do I want to do with my life” type-quandaries…

  • I look forward to your magazine as the articles are interesting and informative on a variety of subjects. Please keep it up.
    The music what can I say its beyond fabulous especially that of Christopher LLoyd!!!!
    Bless you all in this journey of the unknown.

  • I enjoy your music and listen to it when I want to escape stress…

  • Well, I think like most people here, I have also been a member for a while now. I do love what you guys are doing. I have one question though. When listening to the music, I get a terrible headacke about halfway through. So then I just stop. Is this normal? Anyway, I keep on trying everytime in the hope that there will be one that I can complete lol. Love this site and the information in the news letters, thank you.

  • I would like to see an update to the Jim Francis work.

  • I have listened to a number of your music Mp3 including the Schumann Resonance, this particular one is very beautiful but I find it sometimes depressing and have to turn it off. I use your music to connect me to spirit while i am painting. Maybe there is a lesson there for me. overall I love the choice but find it difficult to choose one to buy and end up not choosing any.
    Lovely frequencies and vibrations in the music. Best wishes

  • Wow, I must have joined when you just started.I was working and living in Brazil at the time. I found the mindpower mp3 really interesting and bought the best Mind Power course, the success library, Jeff Gignac’s Inner circle and MMM courses and others (I have most of them I think lol). I also really appreciated the feedback and support that I got when I needed help using the material. Now I’m back in Birmingham UK and taking a year out to work with this material more. You can really feel the shifts in your brain and the changes in your attitude. i love it :)
    Thanks Iain and Cindy (Chris and the other staff)

  • I love opening your emails and checking out the articles. My favorite is the variety of samples of mind music.Thank you very much!

  • I live at the Southern most tip of Africa – love the fact that your products are accessible & reasonably priced (even in hard earned SA rands!)
    I strive to live in a state of peace, lightness, homour, love & positivity. Also happen to Love music..
    Danced my way through the whole Shamanic album..

  • I would love to see ALL your music tuned away from A440, since that tuning is known to cause conflict, distress & discomfort. That tuning should be used only for martial music, as in Wagner, to pump people up to go to war and kill. Check it out. There is, as you know, great truth in frequency, and A440 is a very destructive one. Don’t you wonder why the Rockefeller foundation pushed its use in the United States and Europe? And why the great opera singers will not sing at that tuning frequency? It stresses their voices, among other things.
    There is much more to know about frequencies, and since it is your business, you could be doing SO MUCH more to support peace and love in this world. Please seriously consider these comments. Sincerely!

  • I love everything about your site & you are so giving. I always am on the lookout for your emails & new products. I would like to see something specific for Rheumatoid Arthritis healing & for releasing emotions. You may have the latter I may just not be aware of that. Thanks.

  • Dear dedicated mindpower TEAM, I share your vision of bringing out and embracing more and more of our talents and abilities.
    At the moment I`m focusing on materialization, and so far I managed to materialize I few crystals out of thin air, but it happens randomly and I`m yearning to be in control of it, as than I could help my patients even more. love and respect, Mia

  • My favorite is Earth Energy: Cymatics Trance Mix, it really lifts me up and gets me ready to take on any task. I’d like to have some other albums like that. I enjoy the preview listens and plan on getting further into your site.

  • I love all the music on your site. I just wish you had some ‘old’ meditation music from the ’70s & ’80s that I used to love so much when I first discovered New Age practices. They used to come on cassettes and with moving many times they just eventually all got lost. Unfortunately I don’t remember any titles/authors but my two favorite ones were very popular (one was something like the song of the Red Man) and the other one certain sounds that were just so beautiful and I used to listen to them all every evening. I would be so thrilled if I could find them again and there is a small chance that if there was a good selection of New Age music of that era, that I migt be able to find some of them!!

  • Hi
    I have been listening to the free mp3 that u have offered and I am not sure what they do. However, I intend to buy the package that you advertise very shortly. I find the music very relaxing. Since quantum physics has broken through the boundaries of the sub-atomic particle physics and the understanding of the “plasticity” of the brain has become mainstream, I have a strong feeling that the special “frequencies” that you embed into the very pleasurable music scores can certainly rewire and change the brain through the auditory cortex. To find out more read : “The Brain That Changes Itself” by Norman Doidge, MD. Then you will believe that this will change your brain.

  • Realy nice your work.Thank you!

  • I really love your Facebook posts. It keeps me in touch on a regular basis without hassle. Great idea!

  • This company has the best mp3 I have ever seen.

  • I love EE and MP website. I have been subscribing for quite some time now and order regularly. I love the selection of embedded sound music. These sights are beneficial to those looking to make a better “you” in many ways.
    Thank you for all the work you do.

  • I love everything in the Sacred Frequencies category, and would love to see more along those lines. I also love the Inner Journey collection by Christopher Lloyd Clark! Awesome awesome resource of very special music that has become such an important resource to me and my life. Thank you!

  • For the past couple of weeks I’ve meditated to the Shamanic Journey Deep Theta MP3s. It’s the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning and I’ve found that it really puts me on the right path for the day. The songs are so beautiful and haunting, and put me into a meditative state so quickly! I’m loving them! I haven’t yet spent much time with the other albums I bought–Great Spirit Told Me and Power Animals, but I’m looking forward to listening to them!

  • Hi Cyndi & Iain…
    I’ve been enjoying your musical offerings for quite some time now. Some of it doesn’t seem to require any kind of explanation but I’m having a hard time determining things like ‘where to start in regard to a specific issue’, ‘how to progress, i.e., do we all start with the Schumann Resonance and work up the ladder of frequencies’ (if so, in what order?) and ‘what selections are best for what kind of issues’. Is there a recommended progression for each kind of personal difficulty we might be concerned with? (Depression, PTSD, Anxiety, Relationships, etc.) How would we know where we should start when there are no guidelines?
    I use these extensively at night when going to sleep and while I can say that I’ve seen changes, I can’t honestly say I know there has been a positive benefit…in a way, it just seems like an aimless journey with no concrete way of knowing if you’ve made progress! Is this the intent? Just something to fall back on if you relapse? Is this just a trial and error process to decide what selections we THINK may have some benefit?
    Congratulations on your first 20 months.

  • Hello,

    I just want to say that your website is great. I love the fact that we can listen to the music on your site. May I suggest that it would be helpful to have some music dedicated to some specific health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, cfs, fibromyalgia, etc.

    Have a great day!


  • The mind power mp3′s I have tried have been amazing! Especially for sleeping & meditation. I am so happy that I discovered the site. A must try.

  • I use the meditate every morning with mind power, I switch the MP’s from Calm Mind, Lush Life, Unforgettable moments. I love them all and find that it makes me feel better and a great way to start your day.

  • I want a programme to clear my mind so I can be creative.

  • Ah yes, there is something else, even though I’m not sure if you can or want to do anything about it. Your audio player works with flash only. I love to surf with my smartphone which is an older Android model that doesn’t support flash yet. It’s such a pity that I cannot use it for listening on your site, that would be so much nicer than having to do it sitting in front of my PC where I’m not relaxing at all! Most iPhone and iPad users should have the same problem. Maybe you could add an alternative player that works for us?

  • I love classical music, and whilst I do enjoy the editions with modern compositions I would prefer more of the traditional classics, such as Bach ‘Brandenburgische Konzerte’ for example, or Handel. Something perfect to listen to when you are at work. Generally I prefer to listen to one or two full compositions rather than to a sampler of ‘highlights’. Also – as I am kind of a Mozart-Junkie I would prefer more of him. Piano Concerts, for example. Ah yes, and Mendelssohn-Bartholdy ‘Italian Symphony’ – just makes me feel happy!

  • Congratulations for your 20 months! :) I like everything you have. Would love to read more about frequency changes and how does it affect us. Also something that can help us focus and concentrate more while working. I have recommened your 20 gifts to friends, sometimes the first time they just click around to learn more but some of these expire after 24 hours and time starts running as soon as they click, maybe have them for 48.? Thanks for all your excelent work and help bringing us all these awesome products and sounds.

  • The current Mindpower library is super, even covering sacred frequencies, now Shamanism. So cool.

    I am wondering if you can add, the mantras, suggested by a Dr. Pillai, in India, in which these mantras, need to be repeated at least 108 times or more daily. Would be nice, to have it recorded. The mantras cover, just about all areas in life, as well.

    2 popular mantras for wealth Om Brzee,and Ara http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3d4w9dNNpo&list=PL73006C0A437073F1

    Thanks for you great site, since you love what you do, I know I can expect and receive the best!

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,


  • Something to help with having oral health, especially teeth and gums. As the others have said, I also like what you already have, too. Very helpful. Thanks!

  • I really like the free samples. Even though I have been on my self-improvement journey for some time it is nice to get an idea to what can work for me. Keep up the good work.

  • Enjoy and appreciate all. Q: is there anything available to use as accompaniment when playing Tai Chi?

  • I really like the music–anything to allow ongoing free listens and downloads is so appreciated. I like to listen to some of the longer albums/sessions before bed, when I can.

    You’re doing pretty well already, I think, at reaching people. Just whatever more can be offered freely expands the growth, and, the good energy on the planet, which we so desperately need to turn things around.

  • Happy 20 months! Thanks for a great website.

  • I love listening to the music, although I haven’t really had any major “breakthroughs.” I feel that the price for the music is very reasonable. I’m not a big fan of the ones with talking (whether low or high); those just distract me. I’d also like to hear about a specific one for ADHD. Keep up the good work!

  • I am fairly new to the journey of finding my innerself and feel I’ve learned and experienced a lot the last year. I bought Schumann Resonance Unforgettable Moments and found I CRAVE listening to the CDs. I have it on my mp3 player just so I can listen to it at work. It soothes the soul immediately! Thank you so much for your wonderful products. I highly recommend them to everyone and I will be adding more to my collection.

  • What about BWE to release some deep-down anger and frustration? The other thing is I don’t always have 45 minutes or an hour to listen – can they be any shorter?

    Thanks for your music – I appreciate it!

    Melissa Curran

  • I must be missing something. I just listen for the really great music. I don’t listen long enough to get the mind training results. But i do love the music. Oh, i guess I’m wrong. I go to sleep with you every night and have for over a year. I guess that counts. But most of all I love the music.

  • absolutely mind blowing,its really very good,keep up the good work!

  • Love it! I listen to them almost everyday for about a year and the results are great! I feel more relaxed in my sleep, more energized throughout my day and more focused on all my tasks ^_^ You can’t find this kind of quality music and beats anywhere else (at least I haven’t seen any). I totally recommend this to anyone…

  • Love the Shamanic Journey and the unwind your mind can really feel the difference in my life I love the music much better the the elevator noise that you get in most subliminals. Will get the full set of the Shamanic Journey (kind of hard when on a fixed income) always looking at the new stuff We all all the help we can get and this stuff really helps thank you for being here !!!!!!!

    Terry Sipes

  • I would appreciate it if the disclaimers on each MP3 re: must be 18 yrs old….etc were several Decibals Softer than they are now BECAUSE when a music selection is put on loop, it’s Very Sleep Disruptive and startling when a loud voice suddenly tells you the disclaimer speel…not to mention wakes me up with serious heart palpitations!

    Hope this honest feedback helps – btw I truly enjoy the classical sounding pieces.

    ((*_*)) ally

  • Hi!

    I love the fact that we can listen to the music before we buy it. But the time to buy your special are not long enough. I will appreciate to have longer offer. Thank you.

  • I have been promoting the site for a short bit and
    finding many are loooking and purchasing. I had
    one of my buyeers send me a mail saying thank you
    for having suggested your site to them.

    As well as an affiliate I have made a few purchases
    that I find great however there is one thing I would
    like to see a little different.

    You state a free mp3 with every purchase yet all I have
    seen is the same good luck mp3 with all 3 purchases so
    in effect there seems to not be a free mp3 with every
    purchase just the same one repeatedly.

    I would think if you could have the buyer select from a
    list of different bonuses it would boost return purchases
    with the knowledge of what else they will receive or have
    yet to aquire.

    Love the site and products.

    Have a fantastic day

  • Hi:
    Thank you for all the value that you give to everyone,l love the music of your site and all the information that you send me because l learn a lot and the music is wondwefull l love the healing ool music, and the shuman resonance.
    All the music that you have is wonderfull.
    Thank you and God Bless you

  • HI,
    My only objection to your newsletter is that it comes too packed. And my problem is that I always want to cease it all, rea it all, listen to all. If only you could divide the material in daily dispatches?
    I would be greatful.

  • I really want to love this.

    Something tells me there are things here that would be helpful.

    I’ve been here to the site numerous times. Always leave frustrated.

    I have no clue where to begin or why.

    If the site could give a clear pathway along with reasons why, it would be fantastic. Maybe I will find what I’m looking for.

  • I love your site! I have always been impressed with the look, style, ease of use, and of course the products. The free albums you have provided are wonderful for those of us that cannot afford to purchase.

    Am interested to ask about the fact that our Earth has moved to 13HZ and how that effects your recordings.
    thank you again

    • Hi Karen,

      There are various websites which claim that the Schumann Resonance has risen, yet when looking for the evidence, most seem to point back to author Gregg Braden who doesn’t provide any proof.

      There are other websites such as the Global Coherence Project that monitor the Schumann Resonance daily and show you the daily graphs. According to them, the lower Schumann Resonance is still an average of around 7.83 Hz



  • It is truly hard to find nicer music charged with such powerful BWE which produces such quick and lasting efects. There is a lot of so called BWE on the internet, mostly some abstract would like to be music, but none of it comes even near the beauty and technical perfection of mindpowermp3. Part of the secret is that you use REAL music, peaces that have withstood many, many decades of proof or new music which, in its style, leans on proven values. One gets never bored by listening over and over again and the effect is immense.
    Having that in mind, could you perhaps consider creating some HEALING MUSIC, with frequencies specific for curing conditions such as sterss, hormonal disbalance, fatigue, even perhaps depression. Having in mind the number of people affected, the possible number of your satisfied customers could be just huge!
    Please keep the great work up!

  • I have bought quite a few of your mp3s over the last year–I am kind of addicted! I really appreciate the opportunity to listen to a track from a new product type/composer in their entirety. I love some of your new composers, such as Steve Skudler, Christopher Xiao and maybe most of all, Michael Horsphol. I would like to see more products similar to Working Rythms–the auditory caffeine type of thing and more (dare I say it?) rock/metal-based as opposed to jazz-based. Oh–and one more thing, excellent customer service!

  • I greatly appreciate the wonderful products you have introduced me to. I have found many of your free offerings to be of enormous value, and am thrilled to pass these on to friends who are just beginning this journey and may not be willing or perhaps have the means to invest in expensive programs. The section containing 20 Music, Meditation and Mind Power Gifts is my favorite recommendation. Thank you.

  • Thanks, Cyndi & Iain! While getting up to peak effort is relatively easy, maintaining peak potential output throughout the day is not – energy & mental focus seem to wave in and out as the day progresses. Any chance of getting some loops to leave running in the background through the day to keep energy and focus at their peak? Thanks!

  • Self love. Please make a STOP JUDGEMENTS self hypnosis audio. Thanks. Linda.

  • Right now I am listening to Lush Life 2 Dream Trip. I just put it on for background as I was going through my email and now am listening for the 2nd time. It has definitely lifted my vibration and also put me in a very energized “clean up my environment” mode.

    It’s not just the act of cleaning, but the mind frame to go with it that I’ve so desperately needed. Thank You.

    What I need…currently I am working on my abundance and am also on a Shamanic journey. Can the 2 go together?? I’d like a release from that they cannot.

  • thanks IAN, i purchased your mind course a long time ago but listened to all the mp3 recently over and over again.good results.my suggestion is to somehow enable us to put some programming in local languages as HINDI is used more here in INDIA.
    also give us something which two or more people can use for GROUP HARMONY and have an impact on relationship or maybe change the crime graph in their local area. i am sure MINDMUSIC can do that.
    please research and put some latest news here on how BIRDS AND PLANTS ARE affected by MINDMUSIC. i will suggest you look up SONIC BOOM.
    you are doing a great job and i would love it it you give some additional benefits to your old fans and customers like us. we love you and your stuff.SHALOM!

    • Hi Donald,

      It’s Iain Here. I remember you from around 5 or 6 years ago – you were one of our very first customers when we first launched The Super Mind Evolution System. Its great to hear from you again, and great to hear that you are still using the system with good results.

      Many thanks for all your suggestions.

      I researched Sonic Boom last year and we do hope to create some audios that are beneficial for the environment.

      All the best,

  • I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the cute pictures with inspirational quotes, and I wish you could add some more.

  • I have been listening to and have purchased several of your programs and really enjoy them, especially “The Awakening”. Over the many years that I have been a member my life situations have changed dramatically and I find myself financially challenged. There are so many of your programs I have wanted but could not afford and then you made this amazing offer so here is my wish. I feel that I may have developed some kind of block when it comes to “money” and I wonder if there is any one particular program that would address that. Do I have some type of fear towards money or an old belief or is it truly the way of this current world. Hoping to hear an answer soon!

  • I was wondering what is recommended for the ADHD mind and someone such as myself that is an empath? I would be interested in finding better ways to handle my brain that is constantly being overwhelmed with information and emotions. I take meds to help keep me from going out of mind, it really takes the edge off thank goodness. However, I would like to fix the situation and work with it as well.

  • Hello,

    I’ve heard talks lately abt the frequency of the planet incresing to 13hz… Does that mean the Schumann resonance has lost it’s effectiveness?
    Maybe some clarification in the newsletter would be great

    many thanks

  • Really enjoyed the sampling.
    Sometimes found getting the categories difficult to find
    My plan this year is to take a new journey and this music and information really will help that

  • by just listening to your Schumann Resonance Unforgettable Moments and Deep Delta Acousiica free demo makes me energized just by listening to them… i cannot wait to buy one…. planning to buy the super mind music library but then when i check your dream programming: Super Mind Evolution System – Complete. I was torn between the which one to buy first….
    I also have check other site and see the term Epsilon, Gamma and Lambda do you have equivalent to this…. but after listening to your music my mind seem no longer find them interesting, it seems flat…

    Thank you for this kind of music.


  • hi,
    i use the MindPowerMP3 products for the past year now and the results are astonishing,i managed to clear a life-long addiction to stress and the resulting tension.i use many different of your products and recommend them to all of my nutritional therapy patients.
    at this stage of my development and awakening I’m mostly interested to increase and stabilize my alinement with new earth/aquarian age frequencies and activate my still dormant higher functions.
    thanks for the possibilities to open to all of us



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