Pam Reynolds’ Amazing Near Death Experience by Wade C. Wilson

Pam Reynolds’ Amazing Near Death Experience by Wade C. Wilson

Skeptics who do not believe in the validity of near death experiences generally claim near death experiences are the result of an over active imagination, possibly due to neurons over-firing in an oxygen deprived state, such as might occur from drug-induced hallucinations.  However, this explanation fails to satisfy the case of “Pam Reynolds,” a 35-year old woman who experienced an amazing NDE, described by Dr. Michael Sabom in his book, Light and Death, recounted in summary here.

Pam Reynolds NDEIn August 1991, “Pam” underwent a unique form of brain surgery to repair a weakened arterial wall in her brain stem at the base of her brain that was in imminent danger of bursting, which would have killed her immediately.  In preparation for the surgery, Pam’s arms and legs were secured to the operating table, her eyes were lubricated and taped shut, and sound-deadening molded ear inserts were inserted to continuously play a series of clicks into her ears to invoke auditory evoked potentials (AEPs).  AEPs were measured by electroencephalogram (EEG) to determine the activity level in Pam’s brain stem, the location of the failed artery.  The surgeons needed her brain stem to be completely flat lined before commencing the most dangerous part of the surgery: repairing the artery buried deep inside the stem.

The “uniqueness” of the procedure was that the surgeons had to lower Pam’s body temperature to 60°F, which would induce hypothermic cardiac arrest, freezing her heart in mid-beat, and halting her breathing.  They did this by first cooling and then draining her blood from her body until it was later warmed and then reintroduced at the conclusion of the brain surgery.  Because this was brain surgery, three separate brain monitors were used, which conclusively proved she had no electrical activity in her brain during the period when her aneurysm was removed.

Following the surgery, Pam reported a classic NDE, including a veridical OBE that has been considered one of the most important in the NDE literature.  Pam had no cerebral cortical activity for at least half an hour, and the beginning of her NDE can be closely timed based on Pam’s accurate description of the first operating room conversation she reportedly overheard while in the out-of-body state.  That veridical OBE included Pam’s recollection of a complication discussed by her cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Murray, who commented that Pam’s veins and arteries were very small, complicating his efforts to shunt her blood through the oxygenation bypass machine for cooling.  This issue was noted in two doctors’ operative reports, validating the comment and marking the approximate time of the OBE event to about 1 ½-hours after general anesthesia was administered.

Pam reported that during her OBE, she viewed the operating room from above the head surgeon’s shoulder, and described her out-of-body vision as brighter, more focused, and clearer than normal.  Pam also reported three verifiable visual observations.  First, she observed that the way they shaved her head was “peculiar.”  Pam had expected them to shave off all of her hair, but they only shaved off a section of her scalp.  Second, Pam described the bone saw as an electric toothbrush with a dent in it and a groove at the top where the saw initially appeared to go into the handle, but did not.  Finally, Pam added that the saw had interchangeable blades, and was seated in what looked like a socket wrench case.  Each of these three observations was accurate and should not have been known to Pam when she first reported her OBE immediately following the surgery.

Near Death Experience - Pam Reynolds

As the surgery progressed and Pam’s brain cortex flat-lined she heard her deceased grandmother calling to her, and felt a distinct pull to a tunnel-like passageway.  Inside the tunnel, Pam was zipped towards a pinpoint of light that grew ever larger until she finally emerged into a bright light.  Inside the light, Pam encountered beings made of light, including her grandmother, grandfather, a cousin, and other deceased relatives.  One, a deceased uncle, eventually returned Pam to her body when the doctors warmed her blood and restarted her heart.

This case is noteworthy because Pam accurately reported visions when her eyes were taped shut and she was completely unconscious under general anesthesia.  Additionally, Pam accurately reported conversations when she was, again, unconscious, and her ears were plugged with sound-deadening, molded ear inserts that were playing clicks that should have over-ridden any other sounds that might have otherwise gotten past the inserts’ baffling.  Finally, Pam’s experience could not have been the result of a temporal lobe seizure, nor any other odd electrical activity in the brain because their was no neural or electrical activity of any sort detectable in her brain for at least a half-hour, as measured by three separate brain monitors.  The only reasonable explanation left then, is that Pam had an actual near death experience that shows the human consciousness is not completely dependent on the human body for its continued existence, and does not expire at the point of verifiable death.

This case should provide hope for any who are worried about what comes next, whether for themselves or their loved ones.  Indeed, the NDE literature shows that death experiences are far more pleasant than the typical experiences we suffer through in life, and those who have returned from the other side generally feel saddened that they had to leave heaven behind to return to their body.

* If you have have had or know someone who has had a Near Death Experience we would love to hear about it!  Please comment below and remember to share!

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For more in Pam’s own words visit: near-death

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Wade is the author of The Hidden Truth:  A logical path through compelling evidence to discover the nature of reality and the meaning of life, available at Amazon.  The first half of the book is available for free at, and

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  • ” Inside the light, Pam
    encountered beings made of
    light. ”
    Nowadays am beginning to understand the Bible in a literal way. The claim that God created Jesus his first born and through him everything else was created.
    John, 1: 2 The same was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. 4 In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

  • Yes, I had a stroke in 1973 before you called EMT’s, my husband and a friend was driving me to the hospital about 3 miles away in a large city. I remember the friend saying, “I don’t think she is breathing”. Later I learned my husband ran two red lights with his horn blaring. I went down the long dark tunnel with the most beautiful blue-white light at the end. The peace was the most beautiful thing I had ever experienced. My husbands Grandmother was there to meet me, I was surprised because she was not deceased at the time, but very ill. She told me it was not time for me to stay, that I had two children to raise, I reminded her that I had two children in heaven that I had not seen since shortly after birth. It was the hardest decision that I ever made, but I remember being bounced into my body abruptly. In 2005 I had another stroke and while in the Intensive Care unit my room was completely filled with Angels. Of course I thought it was my time, but they assured me that they were there only to comfort me and for me to tell others of their existence. My nurse that evening also say them, “Saying, she had always believed in Angels, but had never seen them before.” So everyone needs to listen to their Angels and not be afraid of death, the best is yet to come.

    • Gia

      Jane, thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. Your story is very moving and comforting! Much Joy, ~Gia~

  • I’m glad she survived a remarkable surgery and that she also brought back with her a veridical OBE. Thanks.

  • Yes, My husband went in for cervical spine surgery in Jan. of 2008, he fell sometime while at home and was rushed to the hospital to wait for his surgeon to finish completing surgery when as told to me his “head fell off of his neck” and he was rushed to surgery at 10:30 at night. He was never to recoup his losses, he fought valiantly to live, I saw much in the way of horrors and am glad he returned to heaven but miss him evermore. He had a conversation with his father while in the Rehabilitation center, he suffered six long months trying to get off the ventilator, refusing to shower or bath and thankfully he persisted with the aid of an 11-7 respiratory therapist getting off the ventilator but then one night I received a call from the nurse that he had been taken to the local hospital due to his heart stopping beating a fourth time; when he was transferred to the hospital they found all the horrors that the Rehab center was committing (giving insulin for not having diabetes, giving excess amounts of Lasix almost to the point of renal failure) and where it had once taken him six months to wean, he came off the oxygen in a weekend and was driven home by ambulance to be told by the pulmonologist that he would have to have the tracheostomy in for 6 more months. He said it was plastic tasting and he was not able to sit and eat bon bons all day and I tried to get him to lie down in bed (something no one had been able to do) and he fell down and stopped breathing again, it took 30 minutes for the ambulance to arrive and he was dead. The signs were everywhere, I just didn’t know how to read them. I will miss him forever but have to finish the journey of raising our wonderful son alone. In love and light, Pam Furno of and side bar; I received a call from my immediate next door neighbor at Christmas time in 08 and she asked me permission to use his cell phone business # that was given to her on her new Christmas cell phone.


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