Neurobics: 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain – Free E-book!

Neurobics: 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain – Free E-book!

grow your brain

Grow Your Brain With Neurobics

Did you know that we don’t have a set number of brain cells that die off as we get older? Developing new neural pathways and connections is not limited to childhood but can be developed throughout our lives - even in old age. Neurobics can help you activate these new pathways and connections!

This bears repeating – we can establish new, stronger neural pathways through deliberately creating new associative patterns. We can strengthen our brains with Neurobic Exercise!

Neurobics – 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain provides you with exercises that engage all of our senses and can be done anywhere and take minutes a day.  We also provide you with guidelines to create your own Neurobic Exercises.  The brain loves to be engaged with the novelty of new experiences. Your mind becomes bored with routine. Make the lifestyle choice to exercise your brain – the side effects are fun, adventure and excitement!

We’d really like to get your feedback.  Did you find this e-book interesting? We’re compiling data for a Neurobics 2 e-book so please let us know about your Neurobic Exercises so we can include them in the next publication!  Post your comments below.

Neurobics – 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain (right click and save)

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Neurobics: 25 Exercises to Strengthen Your Brain – Free E-book! 3.62/5 (72.31%) 26 votes

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  • Excellent book for mental agility.

  • Great e-book! Very interesting and very useful tips! Thanks a lot:)

  • Good book, helpful to change things up a bit. I do some of these things already, some of them are new to me. Looking forward to Book 2!

    Thank you for the gift.

  • Hi..well, thanks to thus free e-book. I’ve been looking for a copy of this neurobic exercises since I am currently working on how my brain would work more efficiently compared before. Thanks again. – Philippines

  • This book was enjoyable to read and packed with wonderful ideas. Thank you for making it available. I look forward to using your ideas to enrich my life. God Bless.

  • Awesome!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed your free 25 Neurobics Exercises e-book. I am looking forward to trying them all. Thanks.

  • Your e-book has such great information and ideas for not only keeping our brains in shape, but also for making us much more in tune with all of our senses and moving us away from being on auto pilot every day. I really appreciate and thank you for all the great work you do, and then sharing it with all of us!

  • For sixty years of teaching high school, I’ve infused my lessons with brain power tips. (My fascination started with learning hypnosis for childbirth in the 1950s.) It is a great delight to find this source validating some of what I taught—and adding so much more! Thank you. This is much more important than learning grammar terms!

  • Pls send me that ebook to my mail.
    I really appreciate ur service.

  • “Right click and save as”
    Followed the above instruction, twice. First time download was 555 B and second time 791 B.

    Clicked to open and landed at the page where your above instruction only is available, and not the book.

    Is this book on sale? Did not find any information regarding this aspect.

    Is it free or on sale ? And how to get it?

    Kind regards,

    • Gia

      Hi Raja…The ebook is absolutely free… :) I’ve checked the download and it is working correctly in Chrome… perhaps it’s a browser issue on your end… regardless – I am excited for you to receive this important information so I am emailing the book directly to you. Please watch for an email from and let me know if you don’t receive it. Much Joy – Gia

  • This looks like a lot of fun; as well as being beneficial.

  • Excellent book. Great advice. Isn’t it funny how we all seem to get in a rut without even knowing it. We just keep doing the same things over and over again. This advice will help us expand our awareness. Thanks.

    And here’s another suggestion. Try typing with your eyes closed. We know where all the keys are that we use regularly but can we find the back button or the number keys without looking? This will also open up new neural pathways.

    • Gia

      Thanks Diana… excellent exercise!! :)

  • I have got these wonderful site today,i am gladly follow up the instruction and i will tell you feed back. thank you very much for you sent to me this message.God bless you.

  • Try dancing – learning new dance routines. Lots of people in their mid 40s are afraid of doing this. It requires use of space, memory, comparison to the movement and figuring out how to do it, physical strength, breathing, calculating the space between you and the person next to you, balancing, and doing all that in rhythm and in character.
    Probably the most complicated activity. Try changing your dance teachers so that you are challenged with new moves. :)

    • Great Suggestions! Thanks Dari! :)

  • Excellent Book. We forget to live life the way it should be……
    This book is amazing reminder for us and for the people who find themselves stucked in the routine… routine..

    This book tells us to find happiness in whatever we do….

    Excellent… Looking forward for such quality books……

  • As a right-handed professional keyboard player, I’m fairly ambidextrous so I’ve always done certain things easily with my left hand—drying dishes, soap on the wash cloth, toothpaste on the brush etc. Recently I’ve been using my left hand for hair brushing, tooth brushing, and I’ve become really good with the computer mouse. Lots of fun! I’ll try writing next—much more challenging!

  • This is a delightful morning treat on a day when I am tired and groggy. I have done many of the exercises in the past, not knowing that they were good for me. They either just happened, or were part of a game. I plan to print the book and to share. Thank you.


  • I’m thrilled to find these stimulating exercises. I read earlier about neuro-plasiticity, but not knowing how to strengthen it. Now I got the clue. I think it will be very rewarding experience to put in to practice. i hope, I won’t get Alzheimer’s. Thanks a lot

  • Thank you so much for sharing this e-book. I truly believe that life can be fun and enjoyable if we become creative and curious. I am so happy because some of the ideas in this book I actually practice. Thank s again for your great contribution to create a better world!!!!!

  • I love to try new things out, life can be boring, so I want to try as many as possible out. Loved the information, will laugh more, smile more, especially when I am out shopping, we forget how regimental we become, until we are steered in a direction of thinking differently,we all need a bit of acknowledgement, so I will not forget to thank family members, thank you so much, I even laughed when I read this, lots of love to all.

  • Wonderful e-book, great ideas. I definitely need to tune up my aging brain. Thank you very much.

  • It made me smile and my mind went crazy thinking of things to try out TY TY TY…

  • Great ideas. I really love this book. Thank You.

  • Wow!! Great article. I realize that I already incorporate some of these activities in my daily life. Now I feel better about my “non-routine” lifestyle, I enjoy socializing wherever I go and make off-beat art projects alone and with my grandchildren. Thank you for the good information.

  • Fun article.
    I recommend pick your favorite 3 from the list to make it manageable then add more. My pics look great upside down :)

    • Excellent Suggestion Dustin! We’ll be sure to include that in Book 2. Let us know your results as we want to include some comments as well! :)

  • Awesome and fun ideas! Loved it very much – thank you! :)

  • Thanks for the e-book. It’s good to be reminded of ideas like these.

  • Amazing! I will begin this exercises today ! Im looking forward to building my new neural pathways!
    Thank you!

  • I just wanted to say Awesome ideas!!! Thanks so much:) I utilise sensory activities to provide clients with the opportunity to begin”noticing” which is really about body awareness in our work. Through it we introduce basic language that will be used in our next groups for self-regulation. These are wonderful “homework” activities to make practice fun & exciting.
    On a personal level I am excited to try them as well as yes life becomes routine and hen we tune in we become more present, alive as well as building new neural pathways! Wonderful:)

  • This is a very insightful e-book and so needed at this time.
    Thanks for sharing and making available to all.

    I posted a link on my Facebook page, so, others can download at their leisure.

    I am looking forward to your next book.


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