How Do You Release Your Fear?…

How Do You Release Your Fear?…

Over 100 people responded to this post during the Spring of 2009 with their own ways to transform fear.  We took everyone’s feedback and created a free ebook that has reached 10,000s of people – with our intention of it getting into the hands of a million people or more.

If you haven’t yet downloaded your copy – you can do it by right clicking….

22 Tools to Transform Fear

And please – share it with everyone you believe will benefit from it – no strings – no opt ins – just a valuable resource to help us all get through those times when fear hits.

And also – please – if you have your own favorite technique please share it – we would love to hear from you…


Automatic writing provides a wonderful window for viewing and processing beliefs held in the subconscious part of our minds.  It allows us to bypass our conscious narrow view of the world and our beliefs about our place within it.  The following paragraphs give you a glimpse of how I have used this technique to Release my Fear.

It was September 11, 2001 and I had just found out that the World Trade Centers had been destroyed.  Though no longer living within view of the towers, my family still lived close and I had spent many hours within the towers, working as a Chase Manhattan Bank Teller during summers while in college.

The news shook me to the core.  Though not on the front lines, within hours I sunk into a state of almost constant fear.  I hid when I heard a car backfire.  I feared that my water was poisoned and I was constantly looking over my shoulder, waiting for the next bomb to drop.

And then I took up paper and pen and I began to write.  I wrote and wrote without censor and without stopping.  I turned off the television and I wrote some more.  I went to work and in spare moments I wrote.  I took care of my two babies and I wrote.

In a period of about 36 hours I filled two notebooks.  I did not censor and I did not reread.  I just poured it onto the paper.  My fears, my hopes, my thoughts and my feelings.  Sometimes I wrote fast and sometimes slow.  Sometimes the words were so big they covered three lines and at other times they were so small they were hard to see.

And then, almost without warning, it was done.  I had gotten it all out and it was gone.  Not only was the fear gone, it was replaced with the most splendid sense of peace and connection.  I knew, and I knew that I knew, that all was well and that we  were all safe and somehow connected.  For about three days I floated through my day, loving life and everyone I met.  I could see the Divine in everyone and everything and it was wonderful.

Slowly the euphoria left, but the inner knowing that life is not at all what it seems has not.  I have never since that day fallen into a fear state that comes close to what I experienced for those few hours after the Trade Centers went down.  And the experience of connection and peace that follows has been enough to keep me motivated and driven to learn how to step into that state at will, and to teach others how to do the same.

So, the next time fear strikes, pick up the pen and write it away.  You will be glad you did.


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  • WOW… reading the comments on this article has renewed by faith in humanity ‘BIGTIME’

  • Sometimes you need to see fear from a different angle,otherwise the same thought keeps revolving around and hitting you harder each time-EFT has been quite useful for me,but Quantum Jumping has so many Ways to get round a problem.Its written By Bert Goldamn,and you’re never left in the dark,he’s always popping up everywhere!

  • The idea of fear is a curious one. Many ask what is it, how can I get rid of it or beat it? Perhaps there are better questions to ask. To think of fear as a noun may not be the most accurate perception. Perhaps fear is more to do with absence, perhaps it is more of a verb. Perhaps it is the absence of love, in similar contrast to darkness being the absence of light. Darkness is not a thing, it is the absence and contrast of light. Perhaps fear is not a “thing” either but perhaps the absence and contrast of love. So trying to conquer your fear by trying to find it and fight it might be a relatively futile endeavour if it doesn’t exist.

    If fear is the absence of love then what is making it absent? Perhaps it is our own perception and constriction. Constriction that does not allow love to flow and therefore we feel its absence…fear. When you are feeling fear, what is happening in your body? Feeling a little tight? Where? On a more subtle level, do you think the same is happening? The stopping of the flowing of life? Release fear may have more to do with become open than fighting. Focusing on opening up to, rather than fighting fear, will cause more you to feel more love than resistance, resolving the problem of absence.

  • I just realize that worst part of whatever I fear is the being afraid,
    not what I think is the cause of the fear. I wonder what is the worst that could happen, and start discounting that by mentally solving the
    problems. If it won’t kill me, I have nothing to lose. If it will kill me, I still have nothing to lose. I will still live, just not in this vehicle. And though I may be without a vehicle for a while on this Earth, I will still travel, as determined by the greater consciousness I feel. I don’t know how I know this, but I do. One time I faced an operation to correct 5 arterial occlusions. My heart was out of my body, and in a surgeon’s hands for 6 hours. I was never afraid. In fact, I was so relieved to be getting fixed that I was grateful. I have my God and He has me. We understand one another and
    I have no fear.

  • The way to face fear from myside is to watch a movie in mind with open eyes. i repeatedly watch the movie making it more scary with my own direction. finally i reach at the end ( generally 3 diffenet ending) which can be more fearful or happy to. I try to realize that the fearful event can be dangerous up to this level or may be OK also.
    this visulisasion empowers me lot to face most of the fears.
    another way, when i fear about some person, i use technich of picturising that person as a funny cartoon and speaking like donkey and i am kicking it harshly. this gives me little fun too. generally with superiors.
    the best ways to overcome the fear of the situation when facing people with our wrong deed is to speak truth and accept mistakes.

  • I relase fear by using a very simple reminder:

    K_ keep
    I_ it
    S_ simple
    S_ sweetheart

    and acknowledge what fear realy is:

    F_ false
    E_ evidence
    A_ appearing
    R_ real

  • I have learned to live without fear (most of the time, anyway).

    Life has dealt me with some bad cards that I have lived through and am much stronger as a result of working on my Self, and I must continue in my pursuit of happiness.

    This is not bragging, but I deeply and sincerely KNOW that there is a power out there that has been holding me by the hand all the way to wherever I want to go. I have a strong belief in life in that whatever happens, happens for a reason and this reason is always told to us in either verbal language, a timing of a sort, an event, through a person, a telephone call or a thought that just comes out of thin air, or to go to some unexpected place and I take action to
    get there ASAP, as if it is a MUST DO NOW thing.

    I have extreme confidence in life; honestly, at one point my life, could not get any lower, it just had to get better…and it did, because as I sat sobbing my guts out to my higher power, I knew that at one point, all this would stop and I would see a rainbow. I would sit and pray out loud or in writing or in silence, repeating the same strong words, phrases or anything that would come to my mind and it would provide me with all the energy I needed to get through this period of pain, or fear or dissatisfaction. At the end, I would feel a relief that was renewing and felt as if I had gone on a long vacation.

    Another thing, I mostly pass these times on my own since they are rightfully my doings and find it is my responsibility to deal with them on my own in conference with my higher power. In my personal opinion, talking it over with a friend, lover, or family member or a doctor does not do it. Everything that happens to me is my own doing and it must be my own undoing. Period.

    If I need strength, I crash my mind with poems that I have read and memorized, repeat them over and over until a time comes when I feel peaceful and rejuvenated. I get a signal in my head that this is enough and it is time to stop, so I attempt to wind down; however, the repetitions still keep coming to my mind. The power I receive subsequent to this experience is beyond anyone’s imagination.

    In the past, I used to tell others about these experiences but I do not share them now, because they are just too personal for anyone to actually grasp the scope of power that this generates, so I keep quiet (with the exception of now), because I believe that this is the right atmosphere in which to do so.

    I am thinking of one particular prayer now – it goes like this:

    “Light! Light!! Light!!! In!!! Action!!!
    Blaze! Blaze!! Blaze!!!
    In!! Through!!! And around!!! Me Now!!!
    Protect Me!!! With Your Invisible Cloak!!!
    Of a Server!!!
    Make Me!! Your!! Magic!!!
    To Which Is Drawn!!!
    All The Good!! Things!!! That I Need!!!
    To Fulfill!! Your Will!!! Through Me!!!
    In My!! Present!!! Lifestream!!!
    As Quickly!! As Possible!!!
    In The Here!! And In The Now!!!
    Light!! Light!!! Light!!! In!!! Action!!!
    It is Done!! It is Done!!! It is Done!!!

    Now, when repeated, this prayer lights the bulb in my brain so
    brightly, I can actually see and feel it glow! Every word becomes
    alive with action – and I am actually on the street, walking up
    the hill…with nobody around me, of course, or they would really think I am out of my mind, yet, I am extremely sane and powerful
    at that moment. I can repeat this for as long as I see fit.
    I put strength in every word as I articulate perfectly because,
    as I tell myself, I must be clear and visualize that this is in
    fact true because indeed, it is.

    I once stated this prayer over the telephone to a friend in the
    U.S. (I am up in Canada), he said that my voice could make a
    building collapse, it seemed that powerful at the time. I pray
    in a true blue fashion and the response cannot but be in the

    In the aftermath of such an execise, which can last for hours,
    I feel so pure and energetic, I am flying high in the sky and
    nobody can bring my strength down.

    I also make up words that rhyme and sing a tune that I suddenly
    make up and repeat over and over.

    I had a challenge paying my bills due to health reasons; I came
    up with a tune to match the following words:

    “God is Prosperity!
    He takes good care of me!
    He pays my bills for me!
    In their entirety!”

    As I sing these words, I am dancing up a storm and twirling
    away as my 2 cats, (Olga and Freedom) look on, they seem to
    be smiling at me and I laugh back, pick them up and include
    them in my song and dance.

    I also do hours of a variety of affirmations and other prayers.

    Now, with all these actions, how can my requests not be heard?
    Things happen quickly and I claim, expect and accept them into
    my life this very second as I speak. It is pure magic!

    When I have had enough, my Mind informs me that it is time
    to stop.

    Life is a challenge every single day, and it is up to us to work
    within ourselves; nobody can live our lives for us. As we take
    care of our daily challenges, we must look at ourselves in the
    mirror and review every facial line and affirm that if we do
    nothing about our situation, 10 years from now, they will be
    multiplied so it is imperative to take care of this in the Now.
    It isn’t easy to do.

    On my desk next to my computer I have sentences written in bold


    (I have a page of information on the Power of Focus).

    I read daily inspiring books that make me feel good.
    It feels good to feel good. (A saying by Esther from Abraham).

    I listen to self-help videos on You Tube: hypnosis; affirmations;
    success stories, etc.

    I sing my prayers on a daily basis.

    I am presently reading 22 Tools to Transfer Fear and this
    has strengthened my belief system.

    I prepare moderately good food for my body, although I have
    a sweet tooth and from time to time decide to enjoy sweets,
    then, I fall flat and take some. I go for a period of taking
    only the good stuff, but I also remind myself I am human and
    need to play in this world, that I am a work in progress. I
    would really get bored if I were perfect, I wouldn’t have any
    friends, my children, grandchildren, brothers and sisters and
    the world would run away from me and I need them in my life,
    for now, anyway.

    So, fear is not an issue on a general basis, but I do need to
    work on getting financial freedom.

    My family was not rich as I grew up, this has a lot to do with
    this fear of lack. It is an issue with me now and has been throughout my life. I would definitely strive to know how
    to handle this situation. I have an endless list of things
    that I would do with financial freedom.

    I was recently introduced to EFT; it is simply marvelous to do
    on a daily basis.

    Any suggestions in addition to the above? I am open to all that
    enlightens to create good vibes for myself and the universe.

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  • hi I want to no if the ebook is completely free
    because I cant aford to pay thanks bye

    • Hi Natalie – yes – the ebook is completely free – just go to to get your copy

  • I wish to thank the whole corporate body working together to liberate the minds and hearts of millions of people in this world.If fear is conquered liberty and freedom is not only realised but sustained;
    I personally have always adopted the worst case scenario in every fear thoughts to quench it. And it works!
    After reading carefully through all the 22 TOOLS I instantly have experienced an ever increasing BOLDNESS AND CONFIDENCE which eluded me in the past.
    I hope I will always stay on top and enjoy the rest of my life in freedom.

  • Everyone on some level creates their challenges in life. Every event is neutral and our reaction, which is a choice, to the event is what colors each event.

    If we react with fear, we must remember that we have created it for some reason. Maybe it is a learning lesson and one that is to be overcome or understood in some point in time.

    It is important to remember to detach and observe the event on some level. The best reminder is to detach from the outcome of the event and let it flow, as there is always something to learn from it. This
    will give us the ability to move from the state of victim to survivor.

    As we live on the stage of life, remember it is our dream so enjoy it.
    Be happy, have fun and laugh, but be there for others as no man is an island.

  • Fear is a mechanism that every living being must possess,..thanks to nature and God, to equip this thing to us so we can live in as safe as possible manner, because of our cautious propensity.
    What kind of life without fear ? it will be horrible.
    The important thing is our attitude toward that fear,..utilize it,use it for our benefit.

  • To me overcoming fear is recognising that a life worth living is one in which the owner accepts that there will always be challenges that scare us.

    Sometimes, understanding that who I am right now was created by me and that I have the power to determine who I will be tomorrow scares the blood out of my veins!

    So, to overcome this fear, I live a life that has some degree of conscious challenge at some time, so that those things that might have frightened me in the past are rendered powerless in the present.

    And how do I do this? Well, I hike every weekend (or as many as I can)in some part of my beautiful island. I am with friends, I am close to nature and when I take on a hill climb or go down into the belly of a gully, if something makes me fearful during the rest of the week, I just think of how I conquered my hiking challenges and life challenges pale into insignificance.

    Or, I will choose to do something the most difficult way so that I get the habit of understanding that life brings challenges. And when it does, I armed and waiting!

  • fear, Fear,FEAR? what is fear? its just an get rid of it we must understand physiology of fear its trigger and its core content.OUR body has database of information on- 1.consious level.2 at unconcious asses to higher conciouness. Connection to this databasre lies in physical,nonphysical levels. To resolve fear in physical level we must know bodys fight o flight response.its under autonomic nervous system when activated suddenly it causes release of corticosteroids in general will inhibit arachidonic asid pathway that is pain pathway.Body will trigger neurochemical reactions. This may be produced by taking appropriate drugs.But easily achieved on physical nonphysical level by “aghor” meditation.Also by special “pranayama” breathing-techniques.EFT also helpful but takes longer to resolve fully.Best thing is to utilse fear energy for other better e-motion by converting energy at ethric level by “seed- mantra” meditation & “Aghor” visualisations. tantra technique of marma karma kriya is also helpful.


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  • [...] not the only fan here.  Last month when we asked all of you to let us know how you handled fear – Using Automatic Writing to Release Fear – many of you wrote about EFT and the power it has had in your [...]

  • Great article,

    But it’s how we react to fear – not fear itself – that makes the difference between success and failure.

    We are ALL scared!

    Can I let you into a deep dark secret that festers away in most people but is rarely spoken about? Most people secretly like fear. Why? Because fear and doubt is a very handy convenient excuse that we can use when we are not really doing what we want with our life.

    How many times have we heard or have we said to ourselves ‘I can’t do that – I’m not good enough – I’m not talented enough – I don’t have time – It’s not for me – I’m not good looking enough- I’m too old – I’m too young…’

    Fear can be a very useful tool that many use to convince themselves that NOT taking action – is indeed the correct path – because ‘somebody else could do it but not me..’

    But there really can be joy in your inner world.

    You feel good not because the world is right, but your world is right because you feel good.


    Chris Farrell

  • The way i fight back fear is realizing that nothing in the end is true. It is just what we think it is. Experience told me that in the end, most of the things we are afraid of, they just never happen.

    If you realize that something wrong may happen, we have two choices. Face them and fix them or avoid them. If you decide to face them, fear will go away. Choice is always yours.

  • face the fear and fear is gone

  • I really like this,

    Faith is believing that what you cannot see will come to pass.

    Fear is believing that what you cannot see will come to pass.

    There are some great methods & techniques to be used, my favourites are EFT, & The Sedona Method, Anything which raises your vibration & allows you to become empowered, rather than disempowered. Stop watching, reading the news, newspapers, & all things with a Lower vibration that will feed the fear, real or otherwise. Feed the mind with positive articles, information & remind myself that how other people think things are is not how it really is for me. It’s all down to their limiting belief patterns.
    Give thanks for all that is good, beautiful, & inspiring in life & more of the same will be attracted. Stop focusing on what I don’t want, & put my attention on how I would really like things to be.

  • Hi everybody:
    I’m really happy to have found this article and website. My Goodness, life in Brazil is very hard. My family was very, very poor. No access to good schools, university, but hard working on plantations. German immigrants and all others in Brazil have hard times. My parents and relatives worked till died exhausted. I was born in Lutheran Church. Start to search and today as journalist are very happy and found out alone what you teach…or part of it. Still lots to know. I do not fear nothing anymore, nor desease, nor poverty, nor hunger. I’ll will fight till the last moment and till conquer all I want. Everybody has to die anyway. It doesn’t mind. All fears learned and kept unconsciously because of religions and theories are nightmares. Corrupted governments, crisis…lies that benefit mafias, all must be expelled from our minds. We are part of the Universe, or are one with the elements. We are equal to highest and lowest, we can think and do what we want. But of course we are happy in the harmony with the sun, wind, cold, fire, blasts, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes. If a big tsunami overflows our continent…uau…that a big celebration. We are just all in one.

  • If you think about it, there are only 2 types of fear. Fear of the unknown and Fear of the known possibility.

    Fear of the unknown.
    Many of us have the habit of fearing the unknown e.g.dark areas, ghosts, unseen etc.We are gripped with fear about the unknown when we are alone. If you think about it, what is it that you are fearing?The worst that can happen is dying at the hands of the unseen?
    The fear is basically encountering events that you cannot explain by the current knowledge we have and hence the fear of death at the hands of the unknown.Ironically we don’t realise that everyone has to die someday but that won’t stop us from enjoying life now! so why the need to fear the unknown ,if your karma is up, you are only going to say goodbye to the world earlier!So the thought you should have is enjoy life as it comes, take precautions but never fear!

    Fear of the known possibility

    We also tend to fear of the known possiblities e.g.being killed or maimed in an accident, fear of the bad examination results as student, fear of being poor and not able to help your family, fear of heights etc.The interesting thought about these fears is that if you know your fear before so why don’t you take precautions or be prepared in advance to avoid the negative results.You can overcome these fears by preparing yourself to accept the worst that can happen and working towards achieving the opposite of the negative results.
    You are born with a gifted mind where the limits of achievement are in your control.If you think you are scared, then you will feel scared.If you think you are strong and fearless, then you will feel strong and fearless as well.Don’t let others tell you that you are weakling, poor achiever etc. as it can only be true if you accept that in your mind.

    Best Regards

  • For me I become aware that fear is consuming me and then I start replacing my negative thoughts or fears with positive ones. I also then make a list of all the things that I am grateful for and meditate on that. Peace and tranquility seems to just enter my whole being and I know that everything will work itself out.

  • The way I deal with fear is simply by thinking about what the worse situation could be under the circumstance ( I could be maimed, I could be raped, I could be murdered) and to do it anyway, because I absolutely trust that whatever happens to me is for my highest good Spiritually…

    I am an unmarried woman, now 50 years old. I was born on the small island of Mauritius where there are just over one million inhabitants. I have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean for 67 days without seing land with two men I did not know, at the age of 35 years old; lived in Tobago and Trinidad for one year with $300 in my pocket on arrival; I have hiked, for many days at a time, around the Natal District in South Africa at its most violent time…

    I have now been in South Korea for the past 13 months, deepening my experience of Meditation with the SUSEONJAE Organisation and through DANJEON BREATHING. That is breathing through One’s Exact Center, which all humans do when still babies, but forget…

    I Trust that I am on my Path to Ultimate Enlightenment.

    My most ardent desire is to assist others to connect with themselves in the same way; so that they may also know with Absoluteness that at their Core, at their very Center, they are One with the Universe itself…

    I awaken daily with Thanks-giving for ALL the things that have been and is, in my life, which continually Grow me to become more and more that which I AM in Truth, in Love, in Wisdom and in Beauty.

  • FEAR. That is a very odd subject indeed.
    What is fear, the perception of doom and dismay, future events gone (well there is no basis in the future so there is no point in going there)or the pucker syndrome (we can figure out that one).
    Well, fear IS real, fear is scary as ______ (fill in the blank). Everyone has it at some time or another.
    There is no REASON to be ashamed or afraid. It’s you at the base level. Your primordial fight or flight, your adrenalin surge to both make you Super Human and safe (so you hope)but sometimes it appears that you are just not thinking and sometimes you are.
    Fear needs to be addressed on a personal level and with practice the answer as to why you have fear will be revealed in a very logical fashion. Thus defeating the creepy although sometimes it may never go entirely. This just reminds you that you are indeed a human being in all your awesomeness.
    Just ask yourself (since it is you after all). Why am I afraid? Chances are you will find that it is not as scary as you once thought.
    Be warned though some stuff still scares the ______ out of me but in a fun way since I know me! Unless of course there is someone chasing me with an axe. ICK!

    May the Universe smile upon you and your loved ones from this day forward!

    And you see saying I love you to strangers was at one time scary to me.

    I love you!
    Pass it on

    William Konupek

    © 2009 william konupek/wbko enterprises inc

  • I don’t know if I can answer (how to get rid of fear) since
    for the last 15 years I haven’t had any fear. What you need is to have a complete inner peace… You know that what ever happens you are not in control there is someone Higher, someone that knows all, sees all, here’s all. A God so mighty that he occupies no space but yet is everywhere. If you give him all your cares, all your stress, ALL YOUR FEARS. what you have left is a PEACE that you know nothing will happen in your life without a purpose.

  • FEAR! Fear is not an abstraction, it is not a thing from which you can run away; it is there. Whether you run away for a day, for a
    year, for some time, it catches you up wherever you are, and goes with you. You may turn your eyes away from it,but it is there.
    Fear exists only in relationship to something else. I am afraid of public opinion, I am afraid of my wife, I am afraid of my boss, I am afraid of losing my job, I am afraid of death, I am afraid of pain; I am not healthy, I would like to be healthy, and I am frightened of going back, of falling ill again; I am frightened because I am lonely; I am frightened because nobody loves me, nobody has a warm feeling for me; I am frightened because I have to be nobody. There are various forms of fear, conscious and unconscious.
    If you are at all aware—aware, not in the narrow sense, but exten
    sively—you can see the obvious fears: of losing a job and therefore playing up to the man above you, bearing all the boredom of it, his insults, his inhumanities; being frightened of not fulfilling; being frightened of not being somebody, being frightened of going
    wrong. So we have innumerable fears,and consciously we can know them
    quite easily. If you spend half an hour consciously, deliberately, to find out your fears, outwardly at least, you can easily stop them.

    Fear is not an abstraction, it is not a word; but, for
    most of us, the word has taken the place of the fact. You see that? The word ‘fear’ which is an abstraction has taken the place of the fact, which is the actual fear, and therefore you are dealing with the abstract word and not with the fact. What is important is not ‘how to be free of fear?’ If you seek a way, a method, a system to be rid of fear, you will be everlastingly caught in fear. But if you understand fear — which can only take place when you come directly in contact with it, as you are in contact with hunger, as you are directly in contact when you are threatened with losing your job—then you do something; only then will you find that all fear ceases— we mean all fear, not fear of this kind or of that kind. Because out of the freedom and the understanding and the learning about fear comes intelligence, and intelligence is the essence of freedom. And there is no intelligence if there is any form of conflict, and conflict must exist as long as there is fear. These i confess is the narration of J Krishnamurthy the most famous philosopher India ever produced and i follow it.

  • Shucks,

    I’ve probably missed the deadline, commuting for me takes a day or three… but thought this a helpful offering:

    FEAR – Future Events Appearing Real


    It has controlled me and limited my life… but, with the kind gift of self-observation, gleaned from 12 step recovery work, I can sense it’s emotional pressure or physical manifistation.

    Now, before it cranks up the ol’ rationalizer or externalizer or awfulizer (which will pretty well seal the fear deal), I have a choice. I can react the way I’ve always done or consider this.

    Things that are mutually exclusive (They just don’t mix):

    oil and water
    light and dark
    positive or negative
    Being a Victim or being grateful
    Love or fear
    Solution or problem

    Energy follows intent, no thought has any more power than the energy I give it. Though it sounds and feels like me and it can hijack a lot of time if I don’t catch it (awareness) quick. I am responseible for what I give sanctuary to in my thoughts. I am the thinker, not the thought. Fear is an emotion… emotions are created by thoughts. Simple enough for this guy.

    Pretty cool posts above!

    Blessings and Bubbly Giggles for the Lot!!!


  • I release fear in different ways. Sometimes I just take a deep breath push my fear aside by telling myself to think about it later and go head long into whatever it is I want or need to do. Other times I confront the fear through introspective questions and self-analysis.

  • I release my fear through prayer, trusting God inplicitly for He has NEVER failed me yet. I confess my fears to Him and ask Him to help me deal with it according to His plan for my life. I focus on overcoming my fear and what I want to happen, I live as if it’s already so. Sometimes my fears confront me head on and I am forced to deal with them but once God helps me to do so I realise I spent more energy running from my fears than I did in overcoming them. I feel liberated as opposed to the trapped feeling which comes from avoiding your fears. In fact one does not start to LIVE until one can face ones fears knowing that you WILL overcome. My faith is in my creator who will Never fail me nor you IF YOU BELIEVE. God bless you. I love you all. Cary

  • Fear and excitement feel pretty much the same in one’s body. What makes one person bow to fear while another rises to the challenge? It’s a matter of perspective. I affirm to myself often that winners rise to the challenge. Then when I am blocked by fear I can visualize it as excitement at the prospect of the challenge. This helps in my business where I have to contact people on a regular basis to get referrals.

  • Fear happens in relationship with external stimuli we receive in the form of any dangerous situation or sometimes internally embedded into memory system which recurs. As it is emotive trip in downward spiral, it drains enough energy from physiological system to leave us in debilitated state.
    There are stages of fear resolution process. I feel that acknowledgment is first step in getting out of it. Sometimes deep acceptance of fear present in us paves the way for coming out of the negative vibrations. Still if fear is deeply embedded, it takes time to come out on surface to fully realize. Modern technology and ancient wisdom allows us to find solution in easy ways which were never present in human civilizations. Internet is obviously one of powerful medium to help us in digging deep into human psyche.
    Here is the list of books which helped me in understanding my fear and resolving it as permanent cure.
    (1)Path of Meditation by Osho
    (2)The Book of Secrets by Osho
    (3)Paraliminal Technology
    (4)Holosync Technology
    (5)Silva Life system
    (6)Super Mind Evolution System

    Above listed information and technique helped me in understanding my position in vast phenomenon of existence. I can broadly categorize the fear into following categories and my technique to overcome it.
    (A)Fear of Death – Any negative events which are diminishing in nature and let us feel that whether we will be able to survive it or not, gives us small taste of death. But if we go deeper into reality of phenomenon called death, it will open the door for next odyssey in higher realm. I went through Tibetan process “BARDO” described in their literature “The Book of dead”. It explains step-by-step phenomenon of body dissolution into elemental form like earth, water, fire, air and space as well as our journey into astral dimension in ethereal form to encounter the illusive nature of mind and different powerful form of light of spiritual and human dimensions as it unfolds each day after death. As understanding deepens through meditative process, it releases us from many unwanted attachment and clinging. The liberated energy allows us to live a better life in more fulfilling way. It also gives us taste of immortal nature of being and frees us from fear of death.
    (2)Fear of sex – Sex is one of the most important processes in survival of any living species. Yet there is so much stigma and negativity attached to it, we never allow us to fully realize the potential of sexual power. As I was also carrying load of unchecked prejudices, I was not allowing myself to delve deeply into understanding and exploring the gift God has bestowed upon. I tried tantric philosophy and teachings of vatsyayana to activate the suppressed erotic energy present in human body. As I become freer with experimentation, it helped me in enjoying the subtleties of the art of sexual ecstasy.
    (3)Fear of ridicule – As our position in society is mostly depended on how we are perceived by others; it is major guiding force in most of our important decisions of life. Still sometimes it becomes suffocating to live by expectations of others and suppress the creativity which needs expression in unfolding course of evolution. If we keep on taking well thought chances, it increases our courage to face more and more situations without compromising with self esteem. Meditation also puts into touch with our inner self and enhances intuitions, which acts as compass in navigating the path of life without losing directions.
    (4)Fear of going insane – I used OSHO’s dynamic meditation to enact out insanities present in us and release it. It is very powerful cathartic technique to own our negative shades and release it to feel lighter and freer. Once we don’t carry inner hang ups, there is no chance of becoming crazy and loose the sanity.
    (5)Fear of Poverty – Economics plays measure role in smooth governance of daily activities of life. As market fluctuates in unpredictable ways, it also destabilizes the base of income of many common persons, still if we can program our mind with happiness, optimism and prosperity, we can find the way to get out of the mess created economic recession. If we can touch the source of energy which is omnipresent, it releases us from the fear of being disconnected from life resource. The vast inner resource present in everyone will bring better human circumstances after any kind of upheaval or change.

    Life is continuous unfolding of self discovery; it leaves us with ultimate adventure of facing different forms of our negative and positive shades. Still as meditations deepen, it guides us into the territory of love, light and truth where fear has no existence. When we will meet with ourselves in deepest union, we will get the taste of nectar.

  • These are the techniques that I have used to release fear.

    1. Energy Psychology – Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Tapas Acupressure Technique(TAT), Inner Demon Destroyer (IDD) have been quite useful for me in releasing all sorts of fear, stress and trauma

    2. Energy Medicine by Donna Eden- Balancing your energy field with the techniques she describes in her books has been most useful. Techniques like sedating triple warmer, connecting heaven and earth, the wayne cook posture, the fear tap, holding the neurovasculars, cross crawls, the fear tap and darth vadar breath have helped me release stress and brings a deep calm to my body and spirit.

    3. NLP- I’ve been listening to various NLP programs and they all have helpful techniques to release fear. The swish pattern and self talk are most helpful for me. Check out work by Charles Faulkener and Chris Howard as well as Richard Bandler for some great tools.

    4. Flower essences. I have been using Flower Essences to vibrationally transform fear for years. they are gentle way of using the spiritual intelligence of plants to transform fear.

    5. Go to alpha and theta brainwaves and command and see yourself strong, confident and able, how you would like to be.
    Listen to the alpha mp3 and use techniques found in Silva Method, Thetahealing, The One Command, to see yourself and the situation that is causing you fear and stress changing to one that empowers and frees you.

    6. Keep the programing of how you want to be constant with things like Mindmovies and dream programing and meditation at alpha theta.

  • When I am overcome by fear it feels like a wave rising up within me and fully engulfing me. I become so overwhelmed that I cannot function. I have learned many techniques to help me cope. One is the Sedona Method where you relax into the feeling and then ask 3 questions: Can I let go of this feeling? Would I? When? But this doesn’t always help. I have found that the feeling of fear rises from the solar plexus area and I have realized that when I feel fear I am losing power – specifically from the solar plexus chakra but also from the heart chakra. I have a new method where I tell myself that none of this is real – the fear is not real – I have created it – I am not letting it take my power – and then I take deep breaths and state that I am taking my power back from this creation of fear and I feel the power returning to me. Usually I feel a sense of great joy and wonder after using this process. I adapted this process from “Busting Loose from the Money Game” a book by Robert Sheinfeld. My youngest child died recently and quite suddenly. This process works with intense grief as well and got me through some very difficult days.

  • Deep love and meditation can free oneself from the grip of fear.

  • I have felt fear many times.
    Walking to my car at night, rushing to get in and start the motor.
    That feeling, that uneasy vibration.
    I have learned to shift my feelings …. I have learned the process of pivoting.
    It works…every time…in all circumstances.
    Try it!
    Just say “I don’t like this feeling” and respond to yourself “How would I like to feel”.
    Feel the vibration!

  • Fear is something you feel It is also a mountain or a hill that wants to stop you from achieving your goal. Many times I would not speak with people I did not know personally but knew would and could use my Professional services. It was a feeling of fear that kept me from doing what I knew I should do. After a few times of not approaching someone I decided to turn around and no matter what I felt I was going to talk to these prospective Clients and I did after the first time I still was reluctant but each time I did not let fear control my life and decisions It got easier and eventually did not exist. I achieved a mind set that would not let failure in to my life and I was capable of doing anything. I use positive affirmations on a daily basis (I am programed for success) When a Person understands what fear really is they can overcome fear easily It is like a monkey wrench thrown into your favorite project. you have the unlimited power of your mind to correct anything negative and do anything you want in life fear can only exist if you allow it get out of your comfort zone and push right threw what ever mountain it is in your life

  • The article and reader comments were empowering. The common ideas were:

    - embrace the fear
    - acknowledge you have a choice in letting it run you/keep you stuck or not
    - accept full responsibility,it’s of your creation
    - acknowledge as a contribution to own self knowledge/development
    - give thanks for the lesson/s
    - trust in yourself and god to cope/manage/survive…even thrive
    - excercise your choice to let it go and be willing to do this

  • The article and comments are very empowering to read. The common themes are to;

    – accept/embrace the fear
    – learn from it – it’s a gift/contribution towards your self knowledge and self understanding

  • it took me three month trying to remove doubt within me till the time i learn the power that is given to me whatever i agree with happen either good or bad.If we can learn this.we can turn the unstable world

  • Rest your mind for a few moments. Have your mind display the fear that you are going through. After seeing this fear completly, erase it COMPLETELY. Also there is a bird sitting on your left shoulder saying “you are going to “fail”. Now take your right hand and slame your left shoulder shouting “YOU ARE DEAD! YOU ARE DEAD! You are now free of the fear! If in the future something like this returns, REPEAT THIS!

  • I always try to first rationalize and understand what I can about the fear and then rate it on a survival scale. If it’s not at the top of the scale I tell myself that it can be worked out. When I am by myself, if the fear continues I use visualization to work through it, as follows.

    I picture pulling the fear out of me using my mind and gathering the fear into a ball. The ball is then buried into the ground and is pulled by the earth’s energy into its center core. In the core is a blazing fire that transmutes and purifies the fear.

    At this point the transmuted energy rushes up and when it reaches the top it has become the most incredible, beautiful glowing flower that sways with the breeze on a sunny day but is very strong at its roots. The flower’s aura emits a sparkling, beautiful golden color which is the energy of love and joy. I am mesmerized and reach over to touch the flower with my hands and its energy rushes into my body and fills the parts where the fear previously resided and then my entire body and aura. The energy is then mixed with the protective power of a powerful white light from the universe that enters my body through my head and mixes with the golden energy. They both extend out to cover my aura. I feel the energy/light of love, joy and protection and let this feeling continue to intensify. I bask in the feeling and tell myself that where there is absolute divine love fear cannot reside as there is no room for it. I express my thanks and gratitude for the reminder and transmutation. I lightly pinch my leg to anchor the feeling and then slowly start to open my eyes. If the fear reappears at a later time, I repeat the visualization but often if I just pinch the anchor point this is enough to bring back the feeling of love, joy and protection.

  • we are master of our thoughts.when i get feared i experience my heavenly father with me and in me and i feel that we all are here for death.we have to die one day .So, by feeling my universal father’s power and visualising him with me i beat every fear.Because no one can hit us without his permission and as we are his son so he loves us and always do best for this that’s my thinking and method.

  • I find the Best way of releasing my fear is first acknowledging that there is a fear, then with a process of writing reading and listening to positive affirmations gradual the fears fade into black.I recently was aked to do a speach in front of a group on a subject i knew alot about but they did not. but even so after agreeing to do it all these fears came rushing in when i got home and started thinking about what was ahead, so I started listening writng and reading affirmations telling myself that I could do this that i was confident.When the event finally arrived and it was my time to speak. I took a deap breath stood up and thanked everyone for inviting me to speak. i then reminded myself that i could do this. and the words just came pouring out not neccesarily in quite the way i thought they would but better. everyone said they had enjoyed the talk afterwards and I felt elated that I had overcome a big fear. I never have a problem speaking infront of small or large groups of people now.

  • How I release my fear is by journalizing to myself and getting anything and everything that’s on my mind off first of all and then I also take a couple of walks a day which helps and along with those I also like to meditate and when anything comes along that starts fear to arise in me I think of a couple of different things the first of those being. Okay what does this thing have to teach me. What lesson am I to learn from this situation? Then I also say to myself “Life never gives me more then I can handle at one time” So I know that if it was given me then it is because I have what it takes to handle the situation and that also creates a good calming effect in itself and I also do inner dialoging.
    Which is really easy to do if your in the habit of journalizing medtiating already. Also I live in the moment for the moment knowing that it creates so much magic by doing so. And I don’t worry because I know that whatever comes to me I can handle and I know that worrying gets you no where. Though if I find myself slipping into a bad habit such as worrying I ask myself what good is worrying? And where it’s getting me. Which of course I know the answer to that is no where but wasting my time and causing more harm then good so. Aside from that I ask myself and search out what the cause of my fear is and rather it is a just fear or an imained fear. All of which have been a great way to release my fears because after I write them done and inner dialog they don’t seem so big nor so bad anymore because it brings them down to handlable size. My last thing to release fear is to find something that I want to replace it with and the replacement would of course be that of peace so I do the things that make me feel at peace and peaceful and that would be anything at all of enjoyment and most of all I want highly suggest sitting near a body of water to calm the mind body and soul whenever at all possible as it brings a wonderful sense of peace.
    1) Journal
    2) Exercise
    3) Meditate
    4) Ask yourself what lesson you have to learn from things
    5) Inner Dialog
    6) Don’t worry
    7) Live/be in the NOW moment
    8) Do things that make you happy and feel peaceful
    9) Replace fear with peace and peaceful feelings or that of joy

  • My strategy for fighting fear is simple:
    1) I ask myself “How am I scaring myself?” “What am I seeing, hearing, or saying to myself that is causing me to feel this fear?” Taking responsibility takes some of the fear away.
    2) If it is a picture in my minds-eye it move it away puy a frame around it, and make it a black-and-white still. If it is a sound in my minds-ear, I move it away and turn down the volume. If it is something I am saying to myself, I move it away and change the voice to Donald Ducks. Getting some space from the fear further reduces my fear.
    3) Now I examine the picture, sound, or voice from all perspectives. Make it a movie, then a still. Color it in pastels and then in garish colors. Speed it up then slow it down. Walk around it and see it from all sides. Change a sounds pitch or volume. Anything I can do to understand it, I do. As I do so, I ask myself “What is the benifit I am trying to give myself by entertaining these thoughts?” “What is my positive intention?” (I might have to ask myself several layers of this question, so if answer #1 still seams scary or negitive, I ask “And what is the positive intention of answer #1?” until I get to a truely positive answer). Putting the fear in a form that allows me to see and hear its message fully, reduces the fear still more, and empowers me to see and hear what I can do about the situation that was scaring me.
    4) I apreciate myself for the communication and take some action designed to take me closer to that benifit. Taking actions quells any last bit of the fear and builds a confidence that I can deal with the situation and make a difference in my own life.

  • FEAR = (F.orget E.verything A.bout R.esults). Plunge directly into that what you fear most and care not a whit concerning the outcome. Pray as if everything depends upon the Everliving then act as if everything depends upon you. For fear is an illusion. Look fear directly in the eye and keep moving forward. Thus fear will be transmutated into raw energy. As it is written, it is better to act than to not act. By absorbing fear in the manner of action, you will dispel it like the brilliant morning Sun evaporates the pre dawn fog.

  • “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” I remember my father paraphrasing FDR’s famous quote when I came home from school after one of those awful sirens that prompted 3rd graders around the world to crawl under their desks during the infamous “air raid drills” of the 60s.

    I have vivid recall of coming home terrified. The whole idea of this practice insensed my father (as well it should have any concerned parent). Knowing that he could not convince the well meaning the nuns to foregoe the practice, my father gave me the following advice. “Every time the siren starts picture yourself as a little bird flying home to its mother.” As I sat huddled under that desk with the shrill sound of the siren I learned to hear this beautiful chirping and pictured myself as this graceful bird flying home. I came to ‘feel’ the sensation of flight. Silly as it sounds some 40 years later, when that knot of fear starts jangling. I close my eyes for a moment and hear a call home and I’m flying…eyerything becomes loose and calm. Silly really, but it is a powerful image…When I picture myself in flying home it is imposissble to be tense. When you lose the tenseness the fear seems to dissolve. I think particularly in these times where there is so much uncertainty FDR’s sage wisdom rings more true than ever. We can choose to “fly” during the upcoming years or sit crouched under our little desks awaiting doom. It is a choice completely in our control. I would love to win Super Mind and take flight in a new direction. Much care, Susannah

  • I attended a 10 day Vapassana meditation course. When I enrolled, I thought it was anger that I needed to get rid of, but found out that it was fear. I had let people exercise a degree of control over me, then became angry at myself for allowing it to happen. During the 10 days of silence and deep meditation, the fear was released. After I returned home, I continued to do deep meditation. More and more fear was released, relating back to events that had happened to me in the distant past. I now live without the fear and people no longer control me. I have done many self-improvement programs including The Sedona Method, Transcendental Meditation, self-hypnosis, Joe Vitalle’s Secret Behind the Secret, etc. All of these programs are useful and helpful, but none have given the lasting effect that Vapassana meditation did.

  • The fastest way to dissolve fear is to be it. Fully experiencing without adding thoughts to it. When you (attention) looks keenly to any-thing it dissolves. Just give a minute to it, you will see that fear is from past and because of past – you expect, thus fear arises.(any emotion and thought is of past and of future, but you are NOW always, if you can grasp it- you are free.) The point is – all this is going on subconsciously, your duty is to make it conscious, because in consciousness everything dissolves as in light darkness dissolves. Is fear existent at all? Find out.
    You can run away from fear using a lot of methods but it will always be near you until you transcend it by fully experiencing and looking into it. So, to sum up: never forget yourself, if you look at yourself closely you will see many things you haven’t known yet and everything will dissolve as a dream dissolves by waking up.
    It is written well “Seek the Seeker”. Seek that who fears.

  • Everybody knows the acronym FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real). Or I hope they do!:) Every time a fear starts to “stir up” I stop to analyze why I’m fearful. The fear that I feel is created by me so I have the ability to stop it. Imagine driving along and a police car quickly pulls up behind you with it’s lights on. Most people start to get nervous, maybe sweat, start wondering what they did wrong and have a little fear. Then after pulling over the officer walks up to your car and says, “it looked like your tire was about to have problem so I wanted to pull you over so that it did not burst while you were driving”, instantly we fell relief and the fear is gone. Why? because we created in our head a situation that was supposed to happen. We started to become nervous and fearful that we did something wrong and we were going to get a ticket or whatever. Now, how often does a police officer pull us over for that reason or a reason similar. Not often, the point I’m trying to make is that all fear is created within us. We create the fear based upon previous experiences or what we think should or is going to happen. Now, fear from being chased by a dog or killer or something is different. We have no control over our reaction to that. That is an automatic control by our nervous system, fight or flight, most of us know that. So, my tip is to analyze the situation, think about why you are creating the fear in your mind and if you can do something about the situation that is allowing you to create the fear then deal with it. If not, I stop worrying. If I still have some feelings of fear then I start using EFT to calm myself down and that usually does the trick.

  • I allow myself to imagine my fear happening, in as much detail as I can. Force myself to actually Feel the see what could happen if my fear happened. If I can catch myself when I am already feeling that fear…then expand it to include all fears surrounding that issue. I find after I have allowed myself to ‘go there’, the fear just dissipates, and I rarely ever experience that fear again..because I have already processed it.

    While I am imagining the fear, living the fear in my imagination it shows me so often how silly so many of my fears are, and how unlikely they are to happen which makes it easy to let go of the fear.

    As I feel the fear move away, I then begin to change my visualization to the positive I can end my work on a positive note. I visualize what can now happen since my fear is gone. What doors are now open to me? What risks can I now take since the fear is gone?

    Then imagine how I Want the scene to go, not how it may happen if I let my fear control me, but instead what would happen if I allow love to make the choices instead of fear.



  • Its very easy and at the same time difficult for a lot of people, we can call it duality, its what about is our life here on this planet,
    love is present all the time, surrounding you, universal love, every body can feel it. fear is not rational, we create it. so if you want loss your fear, than dont create it. it is so simple. fear dont exist, love do.

  • I dont know whether any of you have heard of EFT, where you tap the meridian points in the body to let go of all negative emotions that short circuit your electrical flow in the body. The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s electrical system. You get a distressing memory it disrupts the body’s electrical system and you have a negative emotion. You start of like this: saying to yourself while you tap 7 times above the eyebrow, next to the eye and on the collar bone and karate chop point on your hand : “Even though I have this fear of ____ I completely and deeply accept myself (all the time tapping) when done take a deep breath and exhale and say “peace” Continue with this until the fear or fobia is gone and there is no negative emotion left when you think about it.

    Remember we can blame anyone and everyone for our fears but in reality we are the ones creating it or keeping it alive by replaying it over and over to such an extend that we become slaves of our mind and its feelings. I suggest that you get some info on EFT there are excellent videos on youtube and it really works.

  • i also write
    but i write kind of talk with that special fear
    as i am a curious one
    i always want to know why this special fear is here with me…
    and i very often got the message
    that the fear is glad
    i found contact to it
    i could appreciate it for its help and support for a “time”
    and that each and every fear wants to leave….
    they want to go back to the rainbow where tthey are part from
    from where they came dawn to support and shield
    and every time when i see a rainbow i know that these are my supporters guiding my way in multicoloured light

    rainbow regards

  • Every time I have this fear feeling, that begins to fill in all my body, immediately I begin to analyze what I am fearing of, accepting with love what is trying to tell me and stop it by thinking and feeling exactly the opposite I am fearing of.(apologize my english, but I am not american). For example: if I feel shy in any given situation, I imagine myself full of self confidence and interacting with everyone without any fear, and I mentalize it until I really believe and feel that I am a super self confident person, capable of interacting with anyone.
    Other resource that I use when I wake up fearful and anxious, is to meditate (MT, or Japa or Silva Mind) and they get me in balance again.
    Finally, I have adopted a personal mantra that says something like this, to apply in this situation: “I live in a safe world, nothing could harm me and God protects me always”. Well, it has worked for me everytime. Love for all of you.

  • I have a recurring nightmare about drowning.After losing sleep by being shocked awake many times,I decided to surrender to it.By lying down again and in a light doze,I played with it,becoming Aquaman and breathing the water.This worked for me.Your brain is not always under your control,so practice with Alpha levels to become detached.Also I love Frank Herberts litany against fear from “Dune”the novel.Check that out if you have a dramatic bent.Love to all.

  • I think it is remarkable that people from the four corners of the globe can share openly without judgement, without much ego, and in a spirit of love. There is a mighty lesson in this alone.


    I have studied pma materials for decades, and the laws of energy for a couple years.

    I operate several small businesses. I have felt fear, and know how immobilising and devasting it can be.

    Alot of Guru’s spend their time pandering shovels to the gold miners in this new era of science and understanding. This place and the people here are different as both give alot without encouraged expectation. It is giving from the heart- and it shines through.

    I have recently adopted a personal mantra that I play throughout the day in my mind.

    “My ambitions, accomplishments, and my potential- are a whole lot bigger and stronger than any fear I may have.”

    Try this (or your version of it) that nano-second before the fear tries to creep in. It seems to stops the fear rascal in its tracks.

    I have also found Jason Mangrums material useful, as I have found Jeffrey G. the entrainment specialist helpful. Apologies for any incorrect spelling.

  • Thanks for inviting people to express how they deal with fear(s).

    About 30 years ago I was blessed with a gift to enable myself and hundreds of others I hared this with to clear fear and severe trauma held within – even the most terrifying things imaginable.

    Everything is energy, even fear. Trauma, no matter how severe, is an imprint of energy locked up in the consciousness somewhere – usually the subconscious. Karl Jung called the part of us that holds fear, trauma, apprehension, or any other negative qualities of consciousness in a part of ourselves he called the Shadow. Every single person on our planet has this within themselves to one degree or another.

    Very few people are clear of all fears at this time. This aspect of human consciousness has been hanging onto all the negative stuff, all pain, misery, despair, loneliness, unworthiness, powerlessness, hopelessness, rejection, abandonment, separation, shocks, terror, horror, rage, anger, hatred, vehemence, envy, jealousy, the need for revenge – all sorts of stuff – even carry-overs from previous lifetimes. It is all held within the aspect of our consciousness Jung called the Shadow, and that Ekhard Tolle calls the Pain Body.

    Clearing part or all of this stuff from the consciousness is a matter of understanding that all this emotional stuff is held within the subconscious as a format of bound-up energy. To access a lot of this old stuff, which is the basis of psychotherapy and psychology. Many modalities of those therapies require people to eventually come to a place where they become strong enough to face the issue, call it up and deal with it, eventually release it from their consciousness. This is usually a lengthy and expensive process, which can and does, for some, take many years.

    However I was gifted the means to let go of part or all of that stuff. It is to simply go inside to that place of inner peace and stillness, and call up that aspect of our consciousness called the Shadow, and allow it to come into our awareness as a shape or figure of some kind or another. It usually comes into the awareness as a very dark shape or form – different every time.

    Ask it to communicate with you, and it will. Ask it if it is willing to let go of whatever it carries, because you do not have to re-live whatever triggered the fear or trauma. It does not matter what it is, or how it got there, either. If you were to call it up as an individual issue would most likely trigger a strong emotional response as well as a mental and/or even a physical response, which does not serve anyone.

    Ask it to show you a representation of how much this old stuff it is carrying inside itself as some kind of a color, and to show you how much of it there is, by extending the color being shown – even if it extends far, far outside your body – perhaps far beyond the moon or even the entire solar system. It does not matter what the color is, either – it may be a very dark and ugly one, or a bunch of different colors, or a very pretty color.

    Then simply acknowledge that this color represents some kind of fear, trauma or whatever – and declare full and complete responsibility for the creation of whatever it is as represented by the color you are being shown. Then take a deep breath and declare that it no longer serves you to carry anything and everything represented by this color around inside yourself at any level of yourself any longer.

    Take another deep breath and declare that of your free will, you now choose to completely and totally release and let go of whatever it is that is represented by this color NOW. Then call down a column of Light from Source to completely surround your entire body, and declare “I release everything that this color represents now with gratitude and appreciation for whatever it was that I learned from it” Take another deep breath and blow out the breath as vigorously and explosively as possible and visualize sending all that stuff represented by the color up the column back to Source!

    As soon as it is released ask Source to completely reprogram and transmute this old energy into pure Light and consciousness, free of any negative vibrations, and reprogram it with unconditional Love, acceptance, benevolence, kindness, joy, happiness and any other qualities you can think of. Most people see a huge flash when this old energy reaches Source and again as it is reprogrammed and transmuted.

    If you want, you can ask that this completely transmuted energy be returned to you, because it is your energy – and see is descend as a huge ball of Mother-of-Pearl White Light that shimmers and shines – and see it descend down until it is right in front of you. Then give your body permission to accept this wonderful Light and energy back into your body and send it to all levels of your Being – and give yourself permission to fully integrate this energy back into yourself everywhere, on all levels simultaneously, and it will be so for you.

    This works so well it is often considered magical by hundreds of people.

    I invite everyone to use this method, as it is a gift from me to everyone, as it was a gift to me.

    I always forgive myself for choosing to experience any sort of fear, and forgive anyone else that may have been involved in whatever the circumstance may have been, including all past lives. Then I tank all others involved with gratitude and appreciation for their participation in my learning, bless them and let it all go.

    The magic of it is that almost without exception, whatever triggered the fear never, ever, shows up in your life again, period!

    then carry on with your life knowing that all that old stuff is gone! However, if you feel there is still some left, which does happen with a few people once in a while, just repeat the process as often as you would like, as more and more old stuff is released every time.

    There is NO downside to this process!

  • Every time fears or worries arise, I tell myself stop, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, take a deep breath again and say in my mind every thing will turn out ok, everything is ok, then I tell myself to focus on what I’m doing, nothing else and lastly assure myself that solution to things I fear or worry about will come on the right moment.
    And continue on with what ever I’m doing.


    K my approach to fear is simple.

    Move my attention to the present moment.

    Feel fully, the emotion of fear. Allow it to be. The worst thing that can happen is to try to fight the fear. You can’t, you just let it be by being in the Now. It will eventually dissolve by itself, and it has worked wonders for me many times, over and over again.

    This is the simplest and most effective way i have used in my life, and you can use it anywhere. anytime. Just be in the now, stay present, don’t resist your fear, and it will go away eventually.


  • Fear has been part of my life for a long time. I have experienced both the fear of failer and even the fear of success. I recently found out that fear is actually an action signal or a message. Fear usually relates to something that may or may not happen, and the message is primarily: “Be Prepared!”. To have the courage to face my fears and reduce the magnitude, I tell myself: “So what, I can handle it!”. In response to the signal I need to either change my perception about the situation, or change my approach towards getting the results I want.
    The process:
    1) Acknowledge the actional signal or message that I need to do something
    2) Consider whether I need to change my perception about the situation or change my approach towards my goal?
    3) Take the necessary action(s) – change perception or change approach
    4) Evaluate if my action is producing the results I want
    5) Be flexible to change my approach if it’s not working

  • When ever you are in fear of any kind and due to any reason, don’t waste a second and don’t resist your state of being of fear else it will increase, first accept your state of fear by saying twice or thrice to yourself “I accept that I am experiencing fear and that’s OK” that’s a powerful statement. Your fear will instantly loosen and then you must say to yourself “be fear” for another two to three times and you will intantly experience that your fear has gone, then you start thinking about any thing else i.e about food, fun etc. I am 100% sure that none of you will remain nervous for a second after that and would surely enjoy good mood after said. This is very a simple, effective, powerful and tested technique taught and applied by me on myself and by many others in my friends circle.
    All the best to ward away all your fears.
    A secret technique.

  • Hi Cyndi,

    I read your article with great interest.I have the habit of keeping a journal, so I often use that “space” to express and release whatever negative feelings I may have from time to time.

    There are many other ways to handle fear, often on the spot, depending on what kind of fear someone may feel. One technique that I find powerful, and I teach my clients to use it as well, is to sit down somewhere quiet for five minutes and do some breathing exercises like this: as you deeply breathe in you say “I breathe in white light” and as you breathe out you say “I breathe out darkness”. Usually the fear evaporates and you actually feel filled with white light. This technique works well with people who suffer from panic attacks as well.

    Another technique is using the Sedona Method Releasing technique as taught by Larry Crane. First, you allow the fear to come up (you don’t try to fight it), you “embrace” it, you do not become afraid of your own fear, because it is JUST a feeling! Then you ask yourself if you could let go of some of this fear, if you WOULD let go of some of that fear, and finally you ask the question “when?”, to which the answer is right now. Then, once again, you allow yourself to feel whatever fear you still feel and on a scale from 1 to 10 you ask how much fear you now have. Then you go through the process of allowing and releasing. Gradually, your fear becomes a 9 an 8, a 7 etc. and within 10-15 minutes you can release all your fear and feel very light and relaxed again.

    Sometimes this fear is felt in the body as a tightness in the area of the stomach. You can place your fist right on the stomach, clenched tight in the beginning, and begin to relax your fist (representing your inner tightness) and slowly relax, open up your fist. This opens up the solar plexus which becomes constricted when we feel fear, and the fear is gone.

    Another technique of releasing fear is by relaxing for five minutes, and imagining that you enclose your fear in a balloon. Then, you let go of the balloon, and watch it until it disappears in the sky. By that time, the fear will also be gone, along with the balloon.

    Something else that helps me many times and I have used it with clients with great success is this affirmation: “There is no fear, there is only God”, but you have to be a believer to use this technique, if not in “God”, in Divine Order and Wisdom. It is very powerful because it puts you in touch with that greater order and wisdom that governs the universe, in which there is no fear.It feels very soothing and helps you feel peaceful, steady and grounded inside.

    Well, these are my contributions, for now, on the topic of fear.

  • Hi boobycats. Well what I do is face the fear head on. An ex abused me by deprivation of liberty i.e drove me in a locked car into the bush at night, bashed me, kept me o/n then released me end of next day after scaring me with what he had in mind to do to me. So to find a way to move forward I needed to listen to my own intuition and follow through. So like nowadays I drive through the bush alone any time day or night. I watch scary flicks. In other words I’ll embrace those scary feelings consequently I’m now proud I didn’t run or turn away from those vibes. With time and repeated exposure it gets better!

  • When I was a young boy, I used to have dreams where I would fall off a building, a plane, or a mountain. I realized that this was probably due to my fear of heights. I had the bad experience of almost falling off a Ferris wheel. I think this contributed to this fear. Thus, almost every night, my dream would end with me falling from somewhere. These dreams ended when I learned to conquer my fear of heights. I changed my belief that I would tend to fall if I am in high place. I taught my mind to think that it is very safe to be in a high place that is structurally sound. Since then, I am no longer afraid of heights. Of course, I still exercise caution when going to a dangerous place.

    This is also like a recent dream I had where I was lost in a big cave. It was very dark and I was a riding a motorboat inside this big cave. I was in a rush but I did not know why. I was driving the motorboat but we did not have any lights. I could not see anything but I still kept on driving. Somehow, I knew we were going to crash but I did not know how to stop. I was in a state of extreme fear since I wanted to get out of the cave. I kept on saying, “Why is there no light?”

    When I woke up, I realized that I needed to find that “light” in my dream. Through the emails I received from Super Mind Evolution System, I have read a lot of great articles in self development. I practiced some of the techniques shared. It has helped me in changing my beliefs and finding the “light,” thus, removing all my fears.

  • Fear, friend or foe? A noise in the night scares you and your brains fight or flight kicks in. This fear is protective. Other types of fear
    can do harm. What about the fears we face in life, fears of heights and many other phobias paralyze many people in our soceity. The thought of cancer strikes fear in anyone’s heart who hears it. There are many fears we all face in life and thats the way it is and will continue to be. The only way we can do anything about fear is to face it. That’s a very scary thought to many individuals because all they have known is to flee. When I speak of facing it, I mean to look at it and recognize it, study it, think about what is this that scares me so. Now what kind of control do you have in your situation. Has your fear brought on worry, stress, sleeplessness, disrupted your life. Wake up, recognize this fear for what it is.
    Man is a manifesting being. Faith and fear are a spiritual creative force. What are you creating? They are opposing forces, one brings life and the other brings death. Now as a free thinking human being, you get to make a choice. Are you going to be crippled by fear or choose to use your faith to overcome your fears. I’m not saying it’s easy, but you’re worth fighting for. Say “I choose not to fear for fears choice for me is destructive, I choose to use my faith to bring victory to my situation. Making a choice and moving in the right direction is the first step. Then come the fight in the battleground of your mind. This is a battle you don’t want to fight because if you allow it to happen it will continue in your mind until it convince you to give up. What to do. Simply say, I choose not to allow this to go on and turn your thought to your great faith and how your victory is at hand and then laugh at this foolish fear for trying to fool you with it’s lies. Talk with someone about these fears or write it down and how you are going to defeat it. I know it sounds easy and real life is harder than that but it is eventual, you are the one in control so take control. If you’re a praying person, believe and march on.

  • Instead of pouring out all the details of what drove me to this technique, I am just going to keep this simple by saying this has been working for me – amazingly. My life had become hysterical and this did more for me than everything I had done before.

    This is a process that is based on the thought that ….If You want to get from here to there – you have to start here to get there. I found it through materials.

    The technique you do is by having a conversation with yourself starting right where you are now emotionally, be that anger, fear, etc.etc. on whatever subject you may be dealing with. The point is not to try and solve the problem or conquer the world in a single moment. Just start at whatever feeling is in that moment pouring through your body. Give it a little expression; understand there is value in the emotion you are feeling no matter what that emotion may be. Then try to find in your line of thinking any thought that feels a little bit better. Don’t worry if there are moments that you fall back to the old habit of worrying. Just start with the process each time something comes up and keep trying to turn your thought to something better. I had doubts at first that doing it would actually do anything. It just seemed I was venting and saying phony words. After a few days of doing this during one of my conversations, I cut loose with sarcasm about what I was doing and chuckled. It was in that moment I understood that I had improved how I felt. The way I had just previously felt was dark and nasty. I know that doesn’t sound like a success of any sort but the ability to find sarcasm instead of the depression creates a lighter load so to speak. Something that small immediately creates an improved condition from the one before. You do need to continue doing this each time you start to feel any kind of upsetting feelings. I just kept doing this, even if the relief was just barely above venting. Eventually each emotion will give way to a different one and if you are always trying to make the conversation go in a set tone of a better thought than the ones that were proceeding; your emotional level rises up the scale. A piece of advice my previous failed attempts were due to my trying to go from a feeling of fear to that of security in an instant. It was impossible no matter how much I wanted it and knew it existed for me. I had been caught up in the emotions of what was going on. There was a slow start for me but it picked up quickly the more I found myself using it and finding better thoughts.

  • when fear comes to me, I try to not reject it but to analise what I am afraid of really, the experience, the consequence of the reason of this fear?
    OK, when I finally, honestly am award of it already it is less because nothing as no solution, if still I am not OK, I just go for a meditation like trying to give this fear a personality, name, smell, color,and then I change every thing for a better like nicer name, color, smell.
    It is fun and at the end you don’t even remember what it was at the beginning

  • The best way to overcome fear is to know it is just a game, and it doesn’t really matter. When you’re not attached to something – be it even life – miracles happen. Just look at the biggest fear of us all – death. Is it really the end, or just a new beginning?! I was so afraid before, of everything – losing my job, getting sick, losing a loved one (my husband had cancer but thankfully he’s in perfect health now – 4 years later). We have realized – some endings are just new beginnings. Doors suddenly open up for you. Only when you have nothing (for ex. lost a job) you can notice new, wonderful opportunities coming your way. And cancer DOES change the way you look at life. You realize there is nothing more to fear if you overcame the fear of death itself. When you let go and don’t care anymore, then the healing begins. You are not attached to the outcome, thus receive it all! Good luck to you all and take it easy – enjoy this time around!

  • It is so happens that sometimes fear grips there was a time i used to worry so much about how i was going tp feed my two children and wife.the feeling was was so intense i felt and saw all of it happening.then one day i formulated a way in which i saw the fear as a shadow.a shadow is just from since then every time i feel some fear creeping in,i still my mind and remember of those times in the past when i felt blessed and i dwell on them.i thank God for them and see his blessings flowing in me.After that experience i promise you the fear becomes powerless and iam vibrant again!

  • The best way to overcome fear is to know it is just a game, and it doesn’t really matter. When you’re not attached to something – be it even life – miracles happen. Just look at the biggest fear of us all – death. Is it really the end, or just a new beginning?! I was so afraid before, of everything – losing my job, getting sick, losing a loved one (my husband had cancer but thankfully he’s in perfect health now – 4 years later). We have realized – some endings are just new beginnings. Doors suddenly open up for you. Only when you have nothing (for ex. lost a job) you can notice new, wonderful opportunities coming your way. And cancer DOES change the way you look at life. You realize there is nothing more to fear if you overcame the fear of death itself. When you let go and don’t care anymore, then the healing begins. You are not attached to the outcome, thus receive it all! Good luck to you all and take it easy – enjoy this time around!

  • I use sound frequency videos that emit about 500 hertz or more for a feeling of love because love overcomes fear everytime.

    I also pat and play with my dog. Dogs are known to have a high vibrational frequency which is why they are such good healers for people. When I was a therapy assistant, I took my dog to work with me and she would have the most effect on not only the happiness of the people there but their progress too.

    I use affirmations, too, and have modified one I read somewhere. “Love is everywhere, Love is in the air, its spreading through the world, touching everyone, filling them with love and peace. I am full of love and beloved. I will often silently repeat that to myself as I walk or anytime I want to change from fear to love. I imagine people everywhere feeling love and a light shining from them.

    I don’t read or listen to the news if I can help it and I don’t watch television shows that are full of angst and fear. I only watch feel good movies.

    When I walk into a shopping centre or wherever there are large crowds of people, I silently say, Bless everyone in…. wherever it is. It seems to lift negative energy and I feel it protects me fom it.

    Do I still feel fear? Yes, from time to time because it is a human condition but it just needs awareness that I am going into that state, diverting it as soon as the feeling is detected.

  • “FACE THE FEAR AND THERE IS NO FEAR” when fear emotion hits u, ask urself ” WHETHER THIS SITUATION IS GOING TO KILL ME OR NOT?” if the answer comes NO then that situation is going to make you ‘STRONG’.if ans comes YES then there is no need to worry! So “as far as any situation doesnt kill you, it makes u STRONGER!!!!!!!!!!

  • it is true that belief affects everything. though most of the time, belief is based on “proven substance” that reinforces through experiences. many goes to religion, spirituality and science to reinforce their belief systems and have the confidence to face life, in particular, face their fears. in a way, belief explains the known and the unknowns, that one becomes confident in living and in pursuit of happiness.

    let me share a simple prayer that reinforces my belief and confidently face all my fears and eventually live happily every moment. that is, as follows: “GOD, I am always in your presence for all are within You. Let Your presence live in my pure heart and sound mind that I continually do all good and right deeds for the love of You. Amen”

    here, my belief establishes on who is GOD. that is, all are within or inside Him. If all are deleted or removed, only GOD remains for HE is the Infinite Empty Space the Life Everlasting, All-Powerful, All-Knowing. This belief alone empowers me to face all fears.

    hope this may help others also.

  • I have experience a time of total despair and during that moment when my body was numb with fear I somehow gathered myself enough to refuse to absorb it. You see my son had an accident and as he lay in bed fighting for his life I too struggled beyond any word that could describe it. I don’t know if it was sheer shock or an automatic self mechanism that kicked in but something happened. I felt myself detach from the fear and began to focus on not giving up. My mind went into survival mode and from this intuitively I realised I was an energy source that could help in some way. I remember closing my eyes and building up energy within and then I placed my hand on my son and for every day for three weeks I continued to do so. I used my positive thoughts to penetrate healing toward my son. During that time I almost lost him twice and as the nurse worked on him I continued to touch a part of him pulsating energy. Against all odds he survived and further more against all predictions he walked again. I continue to call on this source of energy as I have found it also regulates emotions. Fear can be managed and release by allowing the energy to build up and then let it go. Fear is an emotion that can sabotage you but when you stop and allow that build up to maximize than you can let it go.

  • I’m 36 and I remember writing a song when I was only 19 about fear.
    I didn’t even know what it meant until the last couple of years.
    “The sky is falling to the world today
    and all our dreams just float away
    People are like clouds inside
    I can see right through their foolish pride
    There’s so much stain glass to look through
    to find out what’s really true
    I see your dreams, they fill my head
    but they only exist in your bed

    So tell me what you want, what you’re all about
    Why are your dreams so filled with doubt
    Open up let me see inside
    there is no room here for Fear or Pride
    Pain is good so don’t be afraid
    It helps us see how we are made
    You know deep down , your life’s a lie
    But if you don’t wake up
    Your soul will die. Your soul will die.”

    Now I know that song meant for me to find my life’s purpose,
    even if it wasn’t easy. At least I could really live and face dome of my Karma, do good for others and myself and realize what unconditional love was all about.
    So now I call on my angels to walk with me and sing this song !!!

  • ….I if at all possible go and spend time with my young son or my cat and straight away i feel protective and this eases a lot of my fear the nurturing instinct is very strong this takes away most initial fears, but then later in meditation i confront the fear feeling braver but i use my own technique, while meditating i imagine l’m my 4yr old son or myself at four and i do what all 4yr olds do and i question my fears til they’ve all been answered then i imagine l’m my cat sitting outside a mousehole and any fears that come out i attack them play with them examine them from all my cat angles and i usually find my mind wanders to now more important thoughts and i know the fears have gone xx

  • When faced with fear I pray. I think the worst thing that can happen is death.Since I know there is life after death I know that the fear can be let go after death. There is still a large concern(but not fear) for those left behind and how they will deal with a loss.I live my life now in a great deal of phyisical pain all the time,but I always think of the people out there that are worse off than I am and it can help with the fear of my futher pain.I try to be there for other people I know with fear and support them.Trying to learn and know who I am helps me with any fear I might have.Sharing myself with others hopefully helps them with their fears.

  • When I catch fear rising, I pause and remind myself, as Eckhart Tolle says, “This is just an emotion, this is just a thought”. I repeat it until the feeling peaks and ebbs. It’s been very effective at warding off mini panic attack moments.

    If it’s a highly persistent fear, I’ll ask myself if it’s really that bad. What is it I’m afraid of? The consequences of something, right? I work through it until I find the real core of it, then dispel it using various methods: EFT, affirmations, reminding myself that chances are, someone in the world has it worse than I do.

    But talking to the fear helps the most. It’s not resistance, it’s stepping outside of myself and observing the body having the feeling as a separate experience.

  • Aloha all,
    I am writing from Hawaii. I am an European that grew up as child in a cold big city and placed a picture of a tropical beach (which later on I visited without realizing at first that it was the same beach!)

    I now live in a tropical paradise and have made the impossible (everybody said) into the possible. I had to go through a lot of learned fears/limited beliefs to get to where I am. I have apprenticed with Hawaiian Kahunas, Tibetan Lamas, Native American healers, Taoist masters, etc…

    I will tell you, as simply as I can, how I “upgrade and update my inner software”. How I raise above myself:

    You can go through the fears, understand them, work with them, etc…

    Or you can bypass FEAR all together. How? There is a constant place, a state of being within you that is above fear of any kind. While working with your personality ( learned beliefs through habitual thinking, many times limiting, known as your ego) may work eventually through hard persistence, working with your essence and true Self works immediately.

    Simply raise your vibrational level to a higher frequency by feeling your way into peace, joy and self love and love for all that is. Feel it with focused intensity. Breathing consciously will take you there. Ride this peace and joy and love, and you will meet YOURSELF, and as you meet Yourself more and more frequently, you shall shift into this Self that knows no fear, because It Knows the nature of reality and knows how to create it.

    As a bonus, your stress, high blood pressure, immune system and general health will improve automatically. You will become radiant, more and more like your true Self already is.

  • Through God Almighty I survived! In life I went through a lot that I feared men in my life due to trauma, abuse, rejection, failure anxiety etc. I divorced my hubby due to fears I encountered in our relationship but I prayed a lot and I succeeded to get over this. but I met my school times boyfriend last year(2008) we fought like frequently and I got scared he might harm me so much so I developed the fear of the unknown ended up inneed of engaging myself on something but couldn’t settle to that and this affected my studies I couldn’t complete my thesis for my MBA . then decided to purchase mind and soul books also reading one chapter was like trying to cross the sea without a boat. I talked this to my mom like in a way I wanted to take this fear over for I didn’t want to keep all this by myself. the short of the long is that I gained confidence then decided to set some time to go to gym, meditate, take walks, attend women shows offered by Oprah in Cape Town,also your Evolution website opened my eyes and changed my mind in that I now write all that I imagine all towards the future as well as focussing on my goals. the advice is to be more confident about yourself and have all the courage to acknowledge and face all our fears in order to attain happiness! Good Luck and God Bless you.


  • My own personal method of dealing with fear and anxiety came a very intuitive epiphany that I did not read from a book, nor learned from a course.

    My method was nothing to do with any pretention of New-Age-ism or “sweetness and light” … it was to do with a power that we are all born with, and a way to acknowledge that power that maybe most people fail to recognise.

    It is the power of one’s shadow side, detached recognition of all the aspects of ourselves that we are too afraid to see, and the LOVING it.

    As an example, I used to suffer from crippling social anxiety. I would dread social situations, even just going for a casual drink with work colleagues, and I would either do my best to avoid those situations, or if I was in those situations, I would feel awkward as hell.

    I would imagine that this whole cabal of people that existed in my mind would constantly criticise and berate me, which would then destroy my confidence in the outer world.

    Then one day, before such a social event, I imagined what it would be like to actually LOVE and find an almost perverse pleasure in these negative imaginings … these voices that would put me down in my head. I don’t know how, this insight just came to me, there was no fancy NLP or hypnosis technique involved. I just imagined what it would be like to love the feeling of this imaginary crippling criticism, and the fear of what people in the outer world thought of me.

    It made me laugh. I imagined what it would be like to be BIGGER than these inner negativities and fantasies. And when I went out with colleagues later in the evening, I felt more relaxed than I ever did before, and just expressed what was in my mind without having to think too much about what I was going to say to people.

    Since then, my life has evolved in interesting ways, which led me to explore further the various fields and avenues of mind power and warrior philosophy.

  • I was one of the thousands of military personnel that responded to the September 11 attack, talking about fear of not coming back. When I was told that I was leaving my mind starting working and telling me that it could be the possibility of not coming back to my love ones, well I started thinking positively telling my brain that I was coming back, myself and others leaving with me, I created an inner self and an inner world of my own, using it as a shield, if I had a bad day, I would go in my inner space that I created in my tent were I was staying and I was able to live each day at a time, not thinking about tomorrow because I was not sure if I had tomorrow, life was seeing in a totally different perspective and it became a goal of survival, nothing was going to stop me from coming back and so I did, but I learning how to managed my stress one of my ways was thru music and friends, my world at the time was my friends and my music, lots, lots of music, it calm me down and helped me to see straight and response to every situation.

    It will be nice if I win something, but I just want to take the opportunity to thank you for letting me share my experience, just by doing that I consider myself to be a winner….. thanks

  • The most successful way I have of dealing with fear is just to be with it…. release the thought that produced the fear and just feel where it is in my body (usually a constriction either in my stomach or in my throat)
    I beathe easily a few times and keep feeling where the feeling is moving. I notice after about 30 seconds that it moves around… it doesn’t stay in one place at all! I say to myself “fear is present, I can feel it, I can feel it moving around, lets see where it’s going now… hey this is quite enjoyable feeling where it’s moving to, it’s moving,it’s moving, wow!’ and I follow the emotion’s motion.
    As I enjoy feeling the emotion moving in my body I notice another, more powerful emotion, usually starting in my chest close to my heart. This new wonderful, exhilarating emotion always gets bigger and bigger and I feel this new emotion moving through my body and getting stronger…and then I realise that the emotion of fear has been completely taken over by this new emotion of love.
    After this my day usually gets better and better…!
    I have noticed that the more often I do this exercise, the less I feel fear.

  • Hello. :) Yes, I’d like to start by saying a simple and common “hello”, just to proove myself that i’m not afraid anymore. You know, sometimes is just too hard, I mean too scary, to raise your eyes and face someone else…this is how scared I used to be – every single word I had had to say made me almost panic; but not anymore!
    Just until a couple of years ago I felt like a shy and blushing teenager with great dreams, that’s true, but with even greater fears. I never really thought I had a problem, I liked to believe that I was a strong person and that I was pushing everybody away just as a consequence of my free spirit and independence. I would’ve never admited to myself or the anyone else how misrerable or lonely I felt and how easily I lost control over myself whenever something unexpected happened.
    At some point, with all my faked optimism, my world crushed. I felt I was loosing it.Professionaly, socially, relationship…it was all a mess and I still couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong. Details about situations are not relevant, so I’ll pass them but the point is that one day I had a shock. Something minor happened, I don’t even remember well what it was, I only remember going through something that I had never felt before. I felt a painful bump in my chest, I couldn’t say a word, my mind was blocked and I could not respond to anything; it was not exactly a panic atack, but it was surely scary, as aferward I kept shivering an hour long.
    That was it! Enough! I got home and I laid in my bed, I;ve hidden under the blanket, just like a little baby does. I think I spent a few hours in that position, asking questions, shivering and giving answers until I understood what was wrong with me. I faced all my fears, I’ve tortured myself in going deeper and deeper and analysing what was happening.I asked more and more questions, I imagined more and more real life situations until I could understand my own behaviour and I’ve decided it all has to stop. I imagined crushing all the walls around me, I imagined myself bursting out into everyones face and then I realised that the others were just as scared as I was. Enough! After a little more shivering, some more painful memories of despair I realised that there was no reason for it. I felt that there was no reason in what I was doing. So, i started to relax. I took the blanket off my face and I took a deep breath. I standed up and alowed myself to strenghten. And that was it…
    Hello world! See me now.
    That day I promissed myself I’ll never be in such a terrible situation again. No room for fear anymore. And I’m still keeping my promiss, all I had to do was to accept it and face it – after all, simply doing that shows some level of bravery, doesn’t it? Doing it once was enough to make me sure I can put up to it at any time and that makes me feel safe and strong.
    Safe and Strong! Cheers :)

  • I say these particular paragraphs to myself, usually out loud, as it helps to physically hear the words I think. These words are directed to my Higher Self and to the Beings of Light which are always with me.
    “Inner spirit, beings of light locate the origin of my fear of ——. Take each level, area and aspect of my being to the origin of this vibrational blockage. Analyze and resolve it perfectly with universal Life Truth. I know it is only illusion which I fear.
    Bring forward in time and heal every incident based upon the foundation of this error, according to God’s will; until I am filled, Now, with Light and Truth, forgiveness for myself for my erroneous perception and of every person, place and event which contributed to this erroneous fearful thought or emotion.
    With total forgiveness and unconditional Love I delete this fear from my DNA, release it and let it go.
    I feel abundant, opulent feelings of Love and Power!!! I allow every physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problem and inappropriate behavior based on the erroneous feelings to disappear.
    Thankyou Spirit for coming to my aid and helping me attain the full measure of my true creation. Thankyou! Thankyou!! Thankyou!!!
    Thankyou for all the blessings I have and for all those I am easily recieving Now!! Thine, not mine, will be done…

    Try it for yourself this is very empowering…

  • I used to be afraid of spiders, hyperdermic needles and other peoples percieved attitudes.
    The way I cured my fears was to confront them head on. I realised that what was going on in my wasn’t necessary or helpful to me or the situation. Infact it was causing me to get a bad reaction just from the fearful energy I was giving out.Spiders sense your fear just as people do. Things are only a threat if you allow that fearful thought to manifest itself in your mind….if you tense up before an injection anticipating that it is going to hurt then yes it does hurt… hurts like hell. If you run from the room screaming when you see a spider you have made your adrehaline skyrocket and flooded your system with cortisol…..If you tell yourself that someone disapproves of you, you are right they will because you’ve decided that what your internal critic says (its you who isn’t believing you are worth approving of not them)….. and so they don’t get a warm open smile from you they get your denfensiveness… your self esteem isn’t rewarded with acceptance but instead with a mirroring of your attitude. This goes not only from disapproval but for trust and every other emotion we feel…yes even for love.
    Its not always easy to be that aware of whats going on and how you come over but with practice and awareness I am learning to get a better response…even from spiders!

  • I combine two methods, ‘EFT’ and ‘Ho oponopono’ to release all issues which at the root of an issue is usually fear.

    EFT is emotional freedom technique and involves tapping through meridian points to release stored up issues that are caught in the physical body. The tapping releases this stored energy and clears the memory from the physical body. This can also very often clear physical ailments in the body too.

    ‘Ho oponopono’ involves accepting full responsibility for any situation that comes into your life by recognizing that the soul carries the memories at a subconscious level. At this subconscious level the body sends out vibrations that attract situations to us, for the purpose of realizing that we need to heal the root of an issue. Through a process of forgiveness of self, gratitude, love and knowing ourselves as deserving of this process we can clear issues trapped in the energetic body.

    I devised a technique that combines EFT with Ho oponopono and added an interdimensional contract release affirmation that frees up several issues on various levels in one session. So far I have found this combination method to be one of the most powerfully effective processes to date.

  • I release my fear by acknowledging it. Once I have acknowledged and identified the fact that I fear something I then push myself to work through or do the very thing that I fear. When possible I research the subject. When not possible, I just tell myself to trust myself, the universe, God, whatever it is you believe in. I convince myself and keep telling myself over and over, I am a most powerful being and there is nothing that I cannot do, there is nothing that I fear. I keep telling myself that over and over again with a smile on my face and breathing deeply inhaling and exhaling ever so slowly to keep myself from giving in to fear. I tell you when I do that including the deep loving breath, all my fears go away. I’ve done it to control my fear of heights – I now go hiking, help work on a roof, climb ladders, etc. I used it for my fear of the stage and public speaking – I used it when I gave my first bellydance performance in front a large live audience which included friends and family. It was great. Right up to the moment I was approaching the stage (backstage) I had to keep repeating those words and concentrate on my breathing and keeping my smile on my face. No one had a clue how scared I was. It was a great performance and a great audience. Since then I have given 3 more performances. I hope this helps.

  • When I feel fear, I try and feel it, then I identify the source, and then visualise the word FEAR in my mind’s eye and put an X over it.

    Then I surrender/eliminate it by focusing on thoughts that are more life-enhancing.

  • Well, today has been a totally amazing day and i can’t believe getting this message.The last few days have been unsettling for me and i would like to think of myself as being a positive person and despite this I allowed the negative energy in, that fear thing which means False Evidence Appearing Real, and i thought why am i allowing this. Well last night i had had enough and i said right universe i am handing over my problems for you to sort out .
    so this morning believe it or not i started writing my self concept essay for a course i am doing just now and i couldn’t believe how emotional it made me feel so much so i had to cry but it was great as it seemed to be a release of negative energy, and it gets better the problem i handed to the universe was sorted today by a phone call which i never ever thought i would have got, and then to top it of a very interesting person joined me today in an excellent conversation and we exchanged a lot of knowledge to each other.

    So to top it of nothing is what it seems and as the songs goes the only way is up and a positive mind a healthy body

  • Quite some time ago I was involved in a collission in So. Lake Tahoe
    that resulted in a frontal head contusion which was accomanied by deramatic, fearful scenarios. Time was the only healer in this case; although I listened to as many high quality mind retaining tapes, at the time, that I could find. To shorten this story, the application
    that I apply that leads to physical, mental, and emotional healing from fear involves constructive use of reason and imagination. The worst that can happen has already happened and I can handle disadvantages much more readily now.

  • I release my fear by the best thing that ever happened to me: EmoTrance. With EmoTrance you localise where you feel an emotion (in this case fear) in your body. Then you focus on this feeling intending it to soften and to flow. With your intention and with your hands you assist this blockage to become softer and to start to flow again, all the way out of your body until the emotion/fear is completely resolved and transformed in a much better feeling. EmoTrance means transforming emotions. And that is what it does. If you want to know more just look at and if you’re dutch you can look at my website

  • Hi: I have been dealing on a day basis with my fears,but something that realy work for me is to understand what are the real sources of that fear,so,first af all Ido some profund breading till I keep relaxed and calm then I think in what realy is the situation that Ican´t deal with, I write on small paper things that realy bothering me and I can´t carry, then I pray to lord asking for serenity for things that I can not change,courage to change the things I can and wisdom to see the difference. Then I took the paper and I burn it letting those things go away, and i do it every day with all my fears,negative thougths and resents that I kept inside me.

  • Fear is an emotion that does not feel good to me,and I have learned that anything that I put my attention on attracts more of the same.My lesson has been to catch myself as soon as possible when I have that feeling of fear and move my attention away from there and on to a thought that feels good.
    The more time and attention I put on a thought the more energy I give it and the greater chance for that thought to manifest in my physical life.I have a saying that goes:-”Stand guard at the doorway of your mind and only allow in the thoughts that you wish to have manifest”

  • I’m sensitive to energy around me, some nights I cant sleep because it bothers me so much. I get feelings of being watched and sometimes I go places and sense strong negative vibrations. I’ve learned that that the small visualization of white light surrounding me doesnt always seem to work because your mind can create any situation it needs to so that it can scare the crap out of you if it so chooses. I call my Angels near to me when I feel threatened with negative energy or I have a negative thought I cant seem to get rid of. I ask my Angels to remove certain thoughts and fears from me and ask them to protect the people I’m worried about and also ask them to surround my me or my home. I’m always protected, they always give you a small feeling that makes me smile to let you know they are there and that they love you. It helps me out a lot.

  • Since the worst has already happened, and I survived, my structure for dealing with fear has to do with the recall of the worst thing
    that can happen, which has already happened ( a near fatal collision with head injury )- many reprecussions. Therefore, for me, alrady having had the worst thig happen possible, makes the ensuing threat shrink in comparison. A lot of attitude training makes this a reasonable strategy. Works for me-the worst thing has already happened

  • I beleive the most important thing I would say is as follows:

    I found a cloudy truth align in almost every confesion. However, the best of all was to reenlign with all the statements.

    Thank you for the effort. I feel. I already have won. I am not afraid almost anymore.

    God bless you,
    A. M

  • They say that there is nothing to fear – but fear it’s self, the more you allow your mind to dwell on a fear the bigger and more difficult it becomes to get rid of – hence it makes you a prisoner
    Fear has many disguises, from little worries right up to crippling irrational fears of about anything you could imagine
    As to myself, mine comes in the guise of despondency , growing if allowed into a soul distorting monster
    Shackling me with heavy chains of self doubt, dragging my free spirit crashing downwards
    The only way I have been able to overcome this disabling sensation, is by taking deep breaths, and
    holding them in while thinking of all those negative thoughts
    Then with as much force as I can muster, expel them outwards with a explosive sound “Tee Char” or something similar
    I repeat this process until all the negative thoughts have let go and my spirit once again can rise freely

  • The way I release my fear is by going down to my knees and surrender to God’s will and share my burden with Him. I ask for protection and visualize a golden stream of spiritual light coming from the Universe right down to the top of my head and opening like a dome that covers me from the top of my head all down to my feet. I immediately feel God’s love for me and His protection, and then I know that everything will be fine. This is the way I protected my 7 year old son when we were celebrating Independence Day. Against my orders he ran into the crowd and suddenly a box of firecrackers exploded. A boy was killed and many were injured. My son had left minutes earlier and was perfectly happy when I found him after a while. May God guide and protect you all. Thank you for letting me share this experience with you.

  • I banish fear by not thinking about or even considering the possibility of failure. Experience taught me to keep my plans to myself. Once others know about them, you will be bombarded by nay sayers who delight in bursting other individuals’ bubbles. You will suddenly be innundated with “reasons” why it won’t work. They will expound upon why failure is certain. listening to their diatribes will turn your positive energy into negativity, fear and certain failure.

    Please do not confuse this with complete carelessness. Be sure to carefully plan each step to be taken on the way toward reaching your goal. Determine the best way to accomplish what you wish to achieve. Then: JUST GO FOR IT. May the force be with you.

  • I banish fear by simply not thinking about or even considering the possibility of failure. The other thing I am careful of, is to not discuss my plans prior to carying them out. Experience taught me that there are many nay sayers out there who delight in trying to burst your bubble. They will infuse you with the feeling of certain failure. Listening to the negativity will destroy your hopes and dreams.

    Do not mistake this for carelessness. Once you have set your goal,be sure to carefully plan the steps on the path to success. Be sure to determine the best way to reach that goal. Then just go for it.

  • i think of fear as a response mechanism so i aknowledge it and look at it from a more centred/grounded point of view perhaps in the comfort/security of my home or imagining i am in such a place then analyse it and see where there really needs to be fear and where there is no need for the fear i just “take the bull by the horns” so to speak. fear can help steer us away from potential threats but it can also go too far in that we miss everything so we have to look at it in a logical way. then act so..

  • I imagine that fear, or any other negative thought tied to emotion, is the letter N colored in black that are in my subconscious bank. This way I can see it as an object that I can remove. Whenever fear comes up, the black N surfaces and I respond by saying I love you black N, you are here to teach me something I was not aware of. Thank You for being here. I simply shower all of my N’s with love and they dissipate, because I understand that fear, or negative thoughts subside when confronted with love.

  • Whenever I experience fear–I say aloud or within my mind-”I am grounded and surrounded in protective light.” I then focus all of my attention on the soles of my feet and allow them to soften in to the earth and feel the nourishing vibrations of the earth’s energy pulse upward through them. My entire body begins to soften and drop towards the earth. I then envision swirling clouds of white light rise up from the earth and encircle me all the way above my crown. I feel my auras strengthen and the presence of my guides and angels is near. Grounding and surrounding first brings me present, and then reconnects me to my true self and all beings. Works every time!!

  • When fear strikes, I console myself that it is not permanent, that it will blow over and I put trust that with prayer, I can overcome it.
    I believe that I have been put here for a reason and that there is protection in what I believe in.
    However, the process between the beginning of fear and the acceptance and disolvement is painful and sometimes really terrifying, depending on the extent of the fear.
    I would however, welcome a more positive and brave outlook in dealing with fear.

  • the fears are the firstenemy,to,the,body,and,the,mind,iover,come,them,bysurrending,evry,things,to,the,devinepower,idothat,by,affirming,21times,once,in,the,morning,once,before,i,retired,at,night,itworks,for,me,every,time,iam,gratefull.for,that.regards, DR AHMED.


    First of all I did not know how to release fear until the day I realized that contrary to most beliefs about fear – fear was my best friend.

    People say to me, ” how can fear be a friend?” “it’s easy,” I say. Once I had analyzed what fear was, the solution was simple.

    “So what is fear?” they say. “Fear is not knowing and the sensation or feeling of fear is my higher intelligence telling me that there is some information I need to gather before going any further.”

    To explain this does take considerable time. So that there are no misleading assumptions I will do my best to be brief and clear at the same time.

    I will give a couple of an untold variety of examples. But please, the potential is enormous so I shall be glad if the reader does not set up any limiting beliefs concerning this fear management system.

    Part of my job had been to search for contracts and submit competitive quotes with detailed specifications. This line of business was potentially very dangerous and so safety and detailed planing was crucial. Getting the contracts did at times seemed almost too easy. The fear factor arose when we had to put substance to our promises. Often we were working in completely unknown territory. The health and safety of workers and the public was a major concern. At times the fear could be enormous at different levels of the work force as progress eased forward. As contract manager the responsibility always rested on my shoulders to deal with any fear issue whether real or imaginary.

    The process was always the same and it never failed. It consisted of assessing- ‘WHAT DO WE KNOW’ and ‘WHAT DO WE NOT KNOW ABOUT.’When I found that fear is in what is not know or assumed but not confirmed that the solutions came and the fear disappeared.

    Find what reliable information was missing. Once that information becomes available the fear has done its job. Safe and secure plans can be made and set in motion and everyone wonders what the fuss was all about.

    To demonstrate this I note the following true story.

    One day I was running a leadership course and the objective of this exercise was to find what people were fearful of and find how to deal with the fear. This particular exercise was climbing 30 metre trees right to the top. One of the course members was a mountaineer and had been to the top of K2. Other than an apple tree in his parents garden he had never been up a tall tree. We were about 10 metres off the ground when he froze and would not go up or down. This man was in a climbing harness and safety ropes just like the ones he used for mountaineering. There was no way he was going up or down one inch.
    I noticed he was actually trembling and could not, given his climbing experience, understand what could be so wrong. Knowing that the words I used could make a great difference, I asked him what was happening? Straight away he replied, “The tree is moving.” “What is wrong with the tree moving, you are an experienced mountain climber?” I asked.He said, mountains don’t move.” “Certainly”, I agreed. At that point he had his arms wrapped around the tree trunk, which was at that point a good 15 to 20 inches across its diameter.

    Then I realized that what he was doing unconsciously was confusing rocks moving to the tree he was suspended from. That is when a mountain moves i.e. a rock fall it is a deadly situation. Whereas trees remain standing upright because they are flexible and can sway to release wind or other pressures without uprooting or breaking. The fact that the tree was swaying gently in response to our climbing motion, was a sign it was safe to climb. Once I filled in the missing information he was able to make his way down to the ground unaided. But took time to reform internal references before being able to climb the tree again.

    Another simple exercise I discovered quite by chance during the early 1970′s was when dealing with emotional fear. During my college days I had done some silly or embarrassing things, some of which had become emotional blocks and I dealt with them by stuffing them away somewhere out of sight. From time to time these emotions would surface and I would hide them away again trying to ignore them because I was frightened to go there. This went on for some years until they kept surfacing and one day I had had enough.
    Following my intuition and figuratively speaking, I grabbed one of the emotional problems in my hands. “Ok” I said aloud, “right lets sort you out once and for all” I placed the emotion an an imaginary pedestal in front of me.”OK lets see exactly what you are,” looking at the emotion on the pedestal,I walked around it and examined it in fine detail. The experience was challenging but I was determined to be rid of it. I was examining my own actions that I was not terribly pleased about. Then I lifted the emotion that had the form of a statue about 2 feet high and 6 to 8 inches wide and by the way it had the sensation of being absolutely solid and quite heavy. I looked at the top and turned it upside down, examined the underneath then turned it around and around until there was nothing about it that I had not seen, recognized and understood. Later I realized that I was actually examining and taking ownership of my earlier embarrassing actions.

    Having done that I said to myself, “so what do I do now?” There was silence. Then an intuitive notion came into my mind. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS? Rhetorically speaking I repeated the question. “Who is responsible for this?” I said aloud, “I am of course.” As I said “I am,” the statue of the emotion seemed to explode into a bright light and vanished. Following this I experienced an enormous adrenalin rush and felt as though I was walking on air for an hour or two later.

    I used the same technique with other emotional fears and also with some personal fears with great effect. I have used this exercise with many coaching clients also with amazing results.

    The detail of this exercise is not so important as the principle, so use your imagination and follow your intuition.

    Robert Denton ASR-KEY Therapy and ASRD Coaching

  • A few years ago, I trained as a Certified Firewalk Instructor, helping people overcome their fears by taking off their shoes and socks and walking over a sidewalk of glowing red coals. Part of this psychology is accepting the worst possible scenario, i.e. you could fall on your face and be called ‘coal-face’ the rest of your life. Once you refuse to accept a negative outcome as the most likely result, you understand that the only thing you have to fear is fear itself, as a limiting, destructive emotion that is nothing more than defensive posturing against a negative expectation, so the best way to release fear is simply to believe in a positive outcome, rather than a negative one. If this is difficult, you must look at other issues, such as your self-esteem, that prompt you to envision a negative future rather than a successful one.

  • I dissolve my fear by enter to the ‘zero zone’ that makes me feel free from all kind of emotion. I feel the ‘place’ of the zone is between the range of relaxation wave. After I find the zone, I automatically become feel freedom and the fears are dissapeared.

  • Embrace your fear learn to love it Fear is change Whenever you go through a change follow your emotions for emotions are your way to your spiritual realms. We learn from love kindness joy etc. We grow from fear. There is so many messages from fear we need to listen and enjoy the ride

  • The releasing methods that I use vary but I always begin by acknowledging the fear. I say to it, “Yes, I see you, and you are real to me.” I accept and welcome it. That seems to create the space within me to begin the work of releasing. Sometimes the acceptance of fear is enough to dissipate it. If the fear is still there it is always weaker after accepting it.

    Second, I’ll focus on the fear, and the associated emotions and body feelings that it generates, and then I’ll run through either:
    - the “Sedona Method” questions (Could I release this? Would I release this? When?)
    - or the Ho’oponopono statements that Joe Vitale mentions in his book Zero Limits. (I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. )
    Each time I complete a cycle of the questions or statements I can easily feel that the fear has been lessened. The beauty is that I can do these exercises anywhere and anytime. (Information on both of these methods can be found in various places online.)

    If there is still some sense of the fear after these exercises then I turn to Revision. I’ll focus again on the feelings and emotions generated from the fear, and then ask my subconscious mind to take me back to other experiences that I have had in my past that have generated these same feelings and emotions. Memories will start to come back, which I then write down. Then starting at the earliest memory I will first review the scene again, then suddenly shout (in my mind), “CANCEL THAT. DO NOT ACT ON THIS MEMORY. RELEASE IT. LET IT GO!” and I visualize the energy within those negative feelings breaking up and shooting out of me to the far ends of the universe. I’ll then alter the memory, changing it into a scene that generates the feelings that I would like to experience instead. I replay the scene a few times, each time adding more detail, making it brighter. I don’t watch myself, or see myself in the memory. I am acting it out. I am reliving the memory, buy now in a way that generates the feelings that I desire to have. When the revision feels right, I focus inward and say to myself, “This is how I want to respond to this kind of a situation.” I repeat the process with the other memories that I have written down. Lastly I will play out future scenes as well, all generating the desired feelings and emotions, and again affirming that this is how I want to respond. I breath it all in and feel it being a part of who I am now.

    Revision takes a little longer, but works every time.

    I use these methods not just to release fear, but to release or change anything in my life. And have seen many miracles. I’ve seen them heal myself and others. They have increased my feelings of abundance and therefore improved my personal finances. I have seen myself and others make huge changes in both habit and personality. And I have come to own my power, to recognize who I am, and that I am not really limited in any way. Am I perfect? Do I have everything that I want? Would I consider myself a master manifestor? No, not yet. But, I am happy. I feel that I have become more loving and less judgmental. And through releasing I always see more things to release. And then I am happier still. Life has become a beautiful cycle of continual growth for me.

  • Without a doubt, EFT is the finest tool for fear release. That said…learn to talk to your body. Massage the area where you are feeling fear and say,” It’s okay,calm down, breath… relax your okay and I love you.” Keep repeating till you feel yourself slow down. Because guaranteed…everything is racing. Teach yourself to walk at the pace God would. It’s definately slower.LOL As you talk to your body more and more there becomes a connection. It does hear you and it will do whatever you ask. You have to ask. It’s your vehicle. It loves you…learn to love it back. Your a team…not separate. Fear is always a separation from love,yourself or source. So you can also say’ Hey what am I separating myself from, I love me!”

  • I too journal, though not quite daily.
    I had an epiphany and made a conscious choice to live without fear or regrets as much as possible (for a human).

    I decided that if we are having a physical life in order to teach and learn life lessons and that when we are done, we return ‘home’, that place where our souls reside (call it heaven, after life, etc).

    With that premise, I discovered that if the worst thing that can happen to a human is to die, which means going ‘home’, there wasn’t much left to fear.

    Removing the fear of death is very liberating!

  • I talk it over with my wife. We can talk for hours about what worries us and then realize we still have each other and our 4 wonderful kids.
    I also think of those less fortunate then me.

    It is Gratitude I guess.

  • I am having to face the worst fear a mother can ever confront right now since my daughter has cancer. I actually use several methods for releasing fear, before going to bed I ask the angels to take my fear and transmute it so that I can sleep peacefully…they are very obliging that way. I start my day by meditating and bringing in the light of my higher self. While in this high vibrational state I think of all the things I have to be grateful for and send blessings out to others. I also use EFT to tap away the fears and tap in peace, many times I will do this mentally during a meditation with wonderful results. I use all of these methods to keep my thoughts in the light where fear cannot dwell.

  • fear is and can be a very powerful emotion, its has been with me numerous times (believe me)and i have used loads of differant ways to release and let go, the one that works the most effective to date for me is logic, common sense and knowing that everything i have and am in my life is brought about by myself and my own thoughts my own being, so when i get that feeling i trust in the universe and more importantly myself knowing i am the one creating and reflecting i am the one in control of me, although you cannot banish fear completely in todays world as fear serves its purpose in warning of dangers etc and in some ways helps us grow, so i suppose the key is to know who and what your about, and the rest will take care of itself, but i do often imagine the world with out fear and this is going to sound crazy but i fear it? x

  • I used to be agoraphobic. I learned to breath through my heart( check out HeartMath) and the fear just disappeared! It is rare that I feel fear anymore. I truly believe that I am safe and that a loving Universe protects me.

  • Fear is the product of your mind, so to dissolve fear just stop thinking (by the mean of meditation: Close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Then become aware of the inner energy field of your body or just your hands or other part of your body. Do not think about it feel it! Be still and present.)

  • The absolutely best method I have found to rid myself of fears has been EFT. I have used it to eliminate fear of success, fear of failure, fear of those I love dying or being injured, and many other irrational fears. I have also used EFT to help others overcome fears (of heights, and of public speaking). It’s a profoundly powerful tool and amazingly quick – better than any other method I’ve come across. It’s simple (and free) to learn, you can self-apply it in situations where you feel overwhelmed by fear and be free of that fear in a matter of minutes.

  • Never had too many fears until I became a mother. Then I was scared and worried about everything. What if I got into a wreck what if I died. Who would raise my son. It changed how I live more cautiouse of my souroundings ect. I pray everyday for our wellbeing and safety. I just started to feel more positive and less fearful of what could happen. I still think bad things but when I do I ask for quidence on my issues and to help me focuse on the positive.
    scherie 40 from florida
    and my 3yrld son.

  • How do I release my fear ?

    Let’s start qith quick and simple steps…

    Firstly, Fear is normal, but not to indulge in it and let it guide you though. We arrive at a fight or flight situation.

    I simply let the fear in and accept it, but only up for a minute (depending if I need to deal with like NOW or not). If not right away, I let it integrate my entire body. I then take three deep breathes by the nose and face whatever is for me to face. If I need to deal wiht it NOW, I suppress it from my mind by focussing on my breathing and visualizing what I should do in order to deal with it… and will get back to it later in meditation in order to release it.

    Sometimes, we simply need to get out of the situation right away, and not think but use our instinct in whichever situation.


  • Hi,

    I dissolve my fear by changing the energy to love and freeing it. I do this by transmuting it through conscious presence by embracing it and feeling through it… works everytime just become present when the fear emotion is in your body, activated by your mind and just inhale, hold for a couple of seconds and release, fully feeling any feelings….after a few seconds the intensity of the fear simply diminishes until you wonder why you were in fear in the first place…. did i win :o)


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