Do Wellness Energy Pendants Really Work? Read about Cyndi’s Ongoing Experience…

Do Wellness Energy Pendants Really Work?  Read about Cyndi’s Ongoing Experience…

What a great day to be creating miracles :-)

A few weeks ago I received an email from our friend Edwin Harkness Spina because he wanted to tell me about his friend Wynn Free and the Wellness Energy Pendants he is currently offering at a fraction of their typical sale price.  He wanted to send me a pair – and if I liked them he was hoping that I would tell you about them.  Knowing and trusting Ed I agreed to give them a go.

I received the energy pendants 2 or 3 weeks ago, put the grounding one on and , except when I am doing yoga (haven’t figured out how to keep it in place during downward dog :-) ) I haven’t really taken it off.   It is keeping me feeling grounded, and I like that.  I like it a lot.

When I first put it on I was feeling some chaotic energies in and through my system and within moments of  placing the pendant around my neck everything just seemed to “calm down”.

My plan is to work with the second pendant – soon.  Well, soon being whenever I can get myself to take Model A off.

I have had 2 or 3 conversations with Wynn since wearing the pendant and I find him to be a very loving amazing soul and there is no question that he is passionate about making these pendants available to  everyone who can benefit from then, and each day I am feeling more and more blessed that I get to help spread the word about them.

The following is the email Ed wrote when he introduced the energy pendants to his list, the only difference being that we now have our own coupon code “evolution” so that we too can take advantage of the amazingly low price Wynn is allowing these to be sold for.   I decided to include it here word for word because it tells the story so well.

Loving Life



My colleague Wynn Free, who wrote the book about David Wilcock,The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, started a little business a couple years ago to help support his spiritual writings.

He noticed how many people were reporting great health benefits from “energy pendants” imported from Asia. He also noticed that they were being sold at high prices ($75-150) due to the multilevel marketing commissions built into the prices.

Wynn decided to contact manufacturers in Asia directly, cut out all the extra markups and test them himself.

He started importing energy pendants from Asia and put them in the local health food store in Sedona. People responded to these Wellness Energy Pendants beyond his wildest imagination!

Users were reporting increased energy levels, lower stress, greater concentration and improved athletic endurance!

This testimonial from Marjorie Bennett is representative of the feedback, Wynn’s been getting:

“The pendent provides great results. I was experiencing intermittent dizziness for several weeks, which I attributed to neck issues. Although chiropractic treatment helped a bit, the symptoms persisted. As soon as I put the pendent on, the dizziness disappeared and has not returned during the two weeks I’ve worn it. In addition, I feel calmer–more balanced –my dreams are extremely lucid and nonstop. I also notice that others respond to me differently–very subtle, but definitely a more positive interaction–as if my ruffled feathers have been smoothed out. :-)”

Energy pendants usually sell for $75-150 and users have reported that these Wellness Energy Pendants are as good or even better than the high priced ones.

The normal discounted price for Wellness Pendants is $34 each.  But I asked Wynn if he could give an even better deal to our readers.

He agreed

If you use the discount code “evolution” you can drop the web price another $9 to an amazingly low $25!

Wellness Energy Pendants

There are 2 models:

Model A – Grounding helps with focus, concentration, energy, vitality, alertness and sports endurance.

Model B – Ethereal helps with meditation, contemplation and inspiration.

If you decide to get one of each, use the discount code “evolution” and you can get both for $44. ($56 is the web price for two).  I am not certain how long Wynn is going to keep this coupon active, so if you are at all interested I highly recommend you act now.

Shipping is a flat $5 in the US and $10 overseas, no matter how many you buy. This is a great time to stock up for presents.

To learn more about how they work and listen to some video testimonials, visit the website:

Wellness Energy Pendants

The Evolution Ezine will receive a commission if you place an order after clicking a link in this post.  This helps us keep the ezine free of charge.  We thank you for your continued support

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  • Hi Cyndi,

    I received both pendants the other day and I am loving them. Quick question? With the items there came a handout that stated that if you wear the pendants together you will get maximum effects. Is it true?I read from your responses that you wear one and it is not advisable to wear both. Let me know your thoughts.


  • Trust me to be different. I tried a pendant but felt nothing so asked for money back.
    neodium magnets work for me. My husband gets a shock from induced current if he
    touches me when I’m wearing them.

  • I’ve been using one of your energy pendants for about a year. I wear it every day & only take it off @ bedtime. I”m 62 years old. and used to suffer from chronic fatigue, especially during the hot, humid summers in South Texas. Since I started using it I have not had any kind of continuous fatigue even after rigorous weight training and cardio programs 3x a week.

    The most interesting thing is that I have been dowsing occasionally for years. I recently took renewed, more serious interest in dowsing. Since I started using the pendant as a pendulum, my accuracy, results & confidence have improved substantially. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was about a 4 before. Now it’s about 7.5.

    I’m very pleased with this product.

  • I ordered the Wellness Pendant over a year ago. I do not wear it everyday, but when I am traveling or feeling scatterbrained and unfocused. I love the pendant. Not only does it truly allow me to be grounded; it is also a tangible reminder to stay focused, to breathe, to be calm. Sometimes I just touch the pendant around my neck as a reminder to get back on track again. When my brain is buzzing in the morning, I put the pendant on to ground me. Whether it is a placebo effect or the results of the nanotechnology-embedded energy, this pendant has wellness powers. Maybe it works better on people who have great imaginations and are sensitive souls. Big difference if I’ve gone a week or two without wearing it.

  • I purchased both pendants and wore both day and night for 3 weeks, aside from annoying me while sleeping or wearing them they had 0 effect on me. I finally gave them to someone who is very meditative and more spiritual than me, she had the same reaction. Suggest you save you money.

    • Hi..Sorry to hear of your experience..I do believe the pendants should be worn independantly from each other..You could have possibly cancelled the effects to neutral by wearing both at the same time…just a thought..looking this up in more detail@ a crystal/ pendant site..they are Very knowlegable.

  • i bought one of these pendants last year when it was offered. i am sure it was the same post from cyndi. so, i would think you would have been weariing them for over a year now and not three weeks and i would be curious to know your recent experience rather than comments from last year.
    i did not notice any noticeable effect whatsoever. perhaps they work as a placebo, but i have a feeling that maybe shortlived, kind of like a honey moon experience.
    nice to look at. but i think that is all really. thank you. I bought it as a very willing and hopeful subject.

  • Hello,

    I am skeptical, but interested in maybe trying these out. I would like some more information on the symbols though, please. I think it is better to be able to learn to heal yourself through breath work and meditation, I don’t really like the idea of having to wear something all the time, to “need” to.

    I welcome all your comments,



    • As a qigong practitioner and instructor, i subscribe to the principle that all healing is self-healing involving the body, mind and soul/spirit. Deep breathing and meditation are instrumental in the self-healing process. I do not advocate and support of the idea of using external means to heal ourselves. The Malaysian Minister of Health has issued an advisory on not to use these pendants as they have been found to contain radio-active elements. Anyway the choice is yours to make.

    • Thank you so much for your reply Harold. Much appreciated.

  • It sounds addictive! What if I misplace it or lose it or someone steals it? That’s what I’m worried about.

  • What metal is the chain made out of? The pendant itself?

  • I personally tested (wearing for 3 months day and night) these pendants. My personal conclusion was that they had no any noticeable affect on me. Just the same i can confirm for trying for a year another one from Q-link.
    Now I am more convinced that pendants are illusions. They make you think you are doing something good for yourself, while you should be doing centuries proved techniques to keep yourself health, and strong.
    Work with your mind and spirit diligently spending adequate time – you will get results. Same as no any energy drink may give you the same, or any close benefit as direct interaction with Earth, and space energies.
    Sorry if it may hurt someone, but with no real practice and discipline you may not succeed using any gadgets, and of course placebo effects is still in place.

    • Hi Mark, I bought both pendants, and like you, felt no effect whatsoever. I wore them both continuously for well over 3 months, took them off, and, well, nothing. They do come nicely presented, so if you have friends that enjoy ‘New Age’ trinkets, these might be the way to go.

  • Hi Cyndi,
    Interesting article. I am always interested in having a more peaceful day and restful night sleep. I have read all the rave about Q-link, then I bought one, but not sure if it works. I haven’t notice and big difference. How is this pendant any different. I am willing to get it a try but not sure yet. Looking forward to you reply.



    • Cyndi

      Hi Leslie;

      I cannot answer your question because I do not know anything about Q-Link. My only experience is with these pendants and I still wear mine most days and definitely notice when I don’t. If you contact Wynn diectly (there is a phone number on the sales page) I expect he will be able to give you moreinformation

  • Hi Cyndi and Wynn,
    I just want to ask about your pendant’s difference to the quantum pendant being sold around $150.00 from Asia? I live in Sydney and wanted to order that product, but what you offer is cheaper and I agree, MLM may be the culprit why the price is so high.

    • Hi Alan,
      Thanks for your question. When we initially were exploring the idea of marketing the pendants, we did a lot of experimenting. We learned that they worked by the way people were responding to them. Our first marketing attempt was to put a small stand in the local health food store in Sedona. I was quite sheepish because I live in Sedona and I had no idea how the public would respond. When I went to the store a week later, they were sold out, and the “health guru” behind the counter was blown away. Sedona is quite a sophisticated metaphysical place and people coming into the store were doing muscle testing and energy testing on the pendants. Many people who owned or tried the high price pendants, tried ours and they reported they were just as good or better. There were some thoughts that the folks who were supplying us were also supplying the MLM companies but they couldn’t confirm that, even if they were. We could have developed a marketing strategy and sold them for quite a bit more, but I decided that it would be great to make these available at a price that everyone could afford, kind of like a People’s Pendant I went to UC Berekely). Our testimonials continue to go through the roof. A store in Nevada City said one of his customers came in with a dowsing rod and was checking the products in his store and said our product was the strongest. Over and over stores get a buzz going around the product, people refer their friends, and then we get testimonials (from the Enchanted Peddler in Canada), that the Wellness Pendant has been their best selling product consistently over the past two years. We don’t do hype. It’s all based on the experiences people are having. If you haven’t checked out our website, please do. We have videos, audios and aura pictures. And we give a 6 month guarantee, so there’s absolutely no risk.

  • Hi Cyndi,

    I have grandchildren 13 and 7. One has adhd and the other has emotional issues. Can the pendant be worn on children? And if so which pendant for both these issues?

    Thank you,

    • I have grandchildren 13 and 7. One has adhd and the other has emotional issues. Can the pendant be worn on children? And if so which pendant for both these issues? – Marina

      Hi Marina – Thanks for your questions. We have never had a contra indication for the pendants being worn by children. And we most definitely had reports of young people having benefit with bi-polar and add. Two that I recall. Of course, we don’t make any claims whatsoever with regard to the pendants. My recommendation is to give it a try and if you don’t get the results you’d like, send them back for a full refund.

      Which pendant? I would recommend the Model A/Grounding.

      Let us know how it works…………….Wynn

    • Marina,
      I have 3 children as well. I can tell you from the parents groups and discussions. My conclusion was to limit or stop the video games and TV commercials also watching TV for the children. it’s not easy, but it would help gradually. Electronic gadgets give off electromagnet radiation which is harmful to our energies. Get the children outdoors and play on the grass and under trees will help in calming them.. I noticed that the beach or lakes are great natural healers as well. I hope this helps.

      In Love and Light


  • Is it ok to share a pendant with someone else like a family member or would that cause a diminished effect because of the blending of energies?

    • Hi Bennett,

      My stock answer to this is that it’s better to have your own pendant and not share it.
      I would strongly suspect that there would be a carry over of energies between 2 people.
      But the price is so low that it’s easy enough to afford 2 of them.

      But if you do want to try sharing it, do the cleansing process in the instructions as you go
      back and forth…. Blessings…….Wynn

  • Hey, my dearest Sis!
    When I started reading your article about pendants, I had in mind something quite different though similar in name – pendulums. Well, I have never told you that I inherited from my grandma a pendulum made from one piece of pure gold. If my grandma had lived in some other (dark) times, she would probably have been hanged as a witch. She died when I was six years old, and to differ from all my cousins, who were crying, I was laughing telling them that she had gone only temporarily and that one day we would meet again. I remember that she somehow took m0ore care about me than my cousins, and I once heard her say that ‘she came back to find me, because I am as gifted as she was’. I didn’t know what that meant at all, but I remembered that once she took me in front of her and pressed her forehead against mine. Something flashed like a lightning, and I fainted, the first and last time in my life. When I got back, I saw my grandpa very angry shouting at her and saying that she could have killed me. And I remembered her crying that she had no time any more. You see, there are events that do not always go as we would wish. I should have been born more than ten years than I actually was but unfortunately, when my parents met, the WW2 broke out, so I was born at the end of 1951. And she died when she was only 64!

    Well, ‘Eunt anne more fluentis’ (The years go by like the fl9owing river – Latin proverb), and I was too busy to think about her a lot. But on my 18th birthday my father gave me a huge envelope, properly sealed, and a message which said: ‘To be delivered to my dearest granddaughter on her 18th birthday.’ That was all.

    To cut the long story short, my grandma was a terrific psychic which was a blessing of her people, a strange race that have been here on the Earth since the very dawn of human race. No one where they came from apart from them. There are not many of us left, and we are dispersed all over the globe. I met a one of them on my memorable birthday, and soon I was ‘initiated’ to begin teaching the skills I inherited. (No, my dear, no masonry or anything similar! We are not selfish, you already know that, and we use our skills to help other people, not to rule them.) So, I began with her pendulum with which she left precisely drawn cards and instructions how to use them. Well, at first I was interested, but later I went to study to Sarajevo (the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina) a,d later on I went to England where I spent two years studying at Cambridge University. Upon graduating I came back home, soon met my husband, and got married. We travelled a lot all over the world, and six years after our wedding I got pregnant. That was when I remembered my pendulum. I energized it with my own energy and asked what sex will my child be. Will it be a boy? The answer: NO. Will it be a girl: Answer: YES! When our daughter was born, I decided to seriously start working with my pendulum. I told you lately that my husband was very ill and the doctors didn’t know what was wrong with him, all his findings were so good, but my pendulum discovered that his bladder was inflamed. The diagnosis was confirmed by three specialists.

    Here I have to say what part the music and everything I get from you play. Music is something that my race have in their veins, it runs through their bodies, and they find their best expression through them. We all have nice voices and we sing and dance beautifully. Our language is something you would not recognize as anything you have ever heard. We ARE very special and we work for the best of the humankind. And being very passionate with fire instead of blood, we put all our hearts into that.

    I think I told you once that I am too old and have too much life experience to believe in coincidences and accidents, and that it was simply meant for me to meet the three of you. I feel you a part of my own family and I am well aware of the fact that, in a way, we are ‘kindred spirits’ – we are all in a very special and very noble mission to make this planet a better place for all of us, or if not for us, then for our children, and their children, and so on, and on, and on.

    Before I wrote this, I asked for permission to discover you this much about myself. The approval was given immediately. You see, I was talking about the three of you, and they took interest in you and your work, and I do believe (though I do not know it for sure) that some of them are also your proud members. But they began to take real interest in you when I told them what wonderful results I achieve with my students working with your materials.

    So, my dear, nothing we do is in vain, I assure you. And each time I listen to your music (Lush Life is my favourite at the moment!) I do believe that the world is wonderful, life is good, and humankind is basically good, too. It is upon us to convince them into it!


  • Hi Cyndi

    Can you wear both at the same time?

    • Cyndi

      Hi Derek;

      Wynn has reported that some people enjoying wearing both at the same time (some with one pendant on their chest and one on their back) but for me one at a time is what works best

  • I bought them both and neither work for me. However, they make a nice looking necklace.

  • Hi. These pendants seem to have a more scientific background than a mystical one. I’m curious as to what these pendants are made of and where they come from exactly.

    Also, there was a statement made on this site earlier that people who have tried the Wellness Pendant that is offered here, have said that it works as well or better than more expensive ones. So why would the individuals making that claim who have a more expensive pendant even care to try a less expensive one such as this in the first place? And how would they know which pendant is actually providing the results?

    I apologize if I sound overly skeptical. I really am interested in purchasing from Wynn. Thank you for your time and help.

    • Cyndi

      Hi Benjamin;

      My best recommendation is to call 805-267-9263 and ask the experts. One of the best parts of this whole deal is how accessible Wynn really is – and how committed he is.

      As for how to tell if the pendant is providing results. Personally these are the first ones I have worked with – and all I can say is I am still wearing one all the time. For me I keep going back to the grounding one. I felt a change, more rooted – within moments of wearing it – and I miss it when it’s not on.

      And I was skeptical when I was first approached – which is why I had to experience it to believe it – Once I did I was convinced.

      As for people trying different pendants – When you call Wynn or Terry may be able to give you specifics – All I can say is that there are many people who like to try many different things

      No apology for asking questions is ever needed

  • Hi Wyn and Cindy!
    Can we get a phone number so we can order some energy pendants?
    Have a God Blessed Day!
    Reesi MJ Moki

    • Cyndi

      Hi Reesi;

      The phone number is 805-267-9263

      Sending Joy


  • [...] few week’s ago we had the blessing of being able to introduce you to the Wellness Energy Pendants and, to put it mildly,  your response has been really [...]

  • Hi Cyndi

    I ordered the grounding pendant and received it about a week ago. As soon as I put it on I could feel something emanating from it. What it has done for me in the past week is nothing short of amazing. It has cleared out so much negative energy (I did not realize I had so much negative energy) I feel much happier, smile more often…sometimes for no reason at all, seem to have more patience and finally feel like I have both feet firmly on the ground. I wear it 24/7. I have one question…what is the best way to clean it?

    • Cyndi

      Hi Pamela,

      I’m so glad our pendant is working for you. Regarding cleaning, if you mean just getting rid of the smudges, etc. water/windex and a towel will work fine. If you mean recharging it, there are instructions in the top of the box. Run it under cold water for about 4 minutes or put it outside in the sun for a few hours. Thanks for your comment… blessings………Wynn

    • RE: If you mean recharging it, there are instructions in the top of the box. Run it under cold water for about 4 minutes or put it outside in the sun for a few hours. Thanks for your comment… blessings………Wynn
      I don;t mean to sound totally dense but if I put it outside in the sun for a few hours what side goes up, the one with the three little stones or the design side with the black stone.

      Thanks Sindy

    • Cyndi

      no one’s ever asked that before. It probably doesn’t matter but to be on the safe side, I’d do one side for a couple hours and then flip it. – Wynn

  • I read about some of these pendants being radioactive, both on Amazon (customer feedback) and a site where it said two particular types were banned in Hong Kong for this same reason. Do you some verification from the producer or seller that these are not harmful in any way?

    • Cyndi

      Hi Milena;

      I took your question to Wynn and the following is his response….

      When we were doing our first research on the pendants,we discovered the same data you did on the internet. We started ordering small quantities and when we decided on the pendants which we thought were the best, we took them to a company called Technical Associates in Conoga Park, California to to have them tested.

      Technical Associates is a world class company in the field of radiation detection. Here’s how they describe themselves:

      “TA’s founders designed and built the first industrial grade radiation monitors to safeguard the scientists building the world’s first atomic bomb. TA excels in product engineering for radiation measurement and safety instruments for diverse requirements; the result of 60 years of dedication and commitment to radiation monitoring.

      Technical Associates radiation detectors and monitors are used globally, in the fields of research, medicine, municipal water districts, industry, power plants, environmental protection, military, police, fire protection, and national security.”

      They gave our pendants a clean bill of health. We also purchased a Geiger counter which we use to spot check our shipments to make sure the quality control doesn’t change.

      Thanks for your query……………………………

  • just wondering if either, or both, of these help to protect one from EMF’s? these are much more attactive and affordable than the popular pendant currently being sold as an EMF protectant – i won’t say the name, but it begins with a “Q”!

    even if they don’t, they sound like a worthwhile investment in one’s self, and ultimately, ALL beings!

    • Cyndi

      Hi Julia,
      Cyndi forward me your question. I strongly suspect that it does help with EMF. People react to our pendant in very similar ways to the ones that are far more expensive. Many people who have had expensive pendants believe that ours is actually better. In general, when we first started importing them, we were getting them from sources that barely spoke English, so we had to rely on our own testing to determine what they did. Since we had no way of testing the EMF claim, I didn’t want to say it.

      We learned by the empirical results of the people wearing them. When we first tried marketing them, we put them in some stores in Sedona, where I live and people would go into the stores and do muscle testing and they were passing with flying colors. A lot of the stores had resident psychics they all started wearing them and in some cases, they would hang them over the tables where they did readings and felt they had more protection.

      It was the Sedona psychics that would tell us about the differentiation between the grounding pendant the flow pendant. When I got the same story from a few different people, I felt confidant in using it in our marketing materials.

      Thanks so much for being interested.


  • Hi Cyndi -

    I also got Wynn’s pendants and have been quite impressed with the grounding one. I have several chronic health issues during this shedding of my skin time and I have tried several modalities to assist with them. Everything has really just been temporary but with the pendant I have consistently felt assistance. Like you I have only worn pendant A so far and am looking forward to checking out pendant B once I have these issues a bit more stabilized. Also, the price is excellent and Wynn has been great to deal with.


    • Cyndi

      Hi Deborah;

      Wynn is pretty terrific – its wonderful working with him. Thanks so much for taking the time to write – perhaps your words will be enough for someone on the fence to make the decision to begin working with this great tool :-)

  • What an interesting idea. I would like to share this on my web page as long as I have both of your permission. Thanks for this information.

    • Cyndi

      Hi Joy;

      Of course you can tell people about the pendants :-) Yesterday I took mine off for a few minutes so that I friend could feel the effect. Within moments she felt more grounded – could feel the difference in how her feet felt connecting to the floor. And me? After about 2 minutes I asked for it back :-)


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