Deva Premal – Chidananda

The world is quite a bit chaotic these days (just check out this week’s article from the Hathors)

- earthquakes and riots and hurricanes and general turmoil is filling up the news and people’s conversation – it’s almost impossible to get away from it….

It’s a good thing we all have access to wonderful music – music that can calm the most rattled nerves and that reminds us just how wonderful this life’s journey is.

Please won’t you take these few minutes to immerse yourself in the magic of Deva Premal – Chidananda

I am


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  • Beautiful….evokes deep emotion. Soothing, calming, quieting. To borrow a’s “just what the doctor ordered” for this chaotic times. :-)

    And in response to Daniel as to where you can get more…probably all over You Tube, but Deva Premal has been internationally known for years so I’m sure the albums are readily available through Amazon, iTunes and any other music source. Also, as far as learning more about Deva Premal and her partner Mitan, I’m sure googling will take you to the official site, plus reveal numerous other resources for information.

  • Beautiful and peaceful!

  • I found this video/music, really great,suiting,healing,entertaining,wonderful. I once came across her music and have since been seeking to have access to it.

    Please, how does one acquire some of her work and get to know more of her?

    Thanks for prompt response.


  • Beautiful

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