How to Attract Money Using Mind Power… Part 1 of 20: Desire by James Goi Jr.

How to Attract Money Using Mind Power… Part 1 of 20: Desire by James Goi Jr.

Would you like to attract a lot more money into your life? Most people would answer “yes” to that question. That’s fine as far as it goes. But in order to be able to attract a lot more money, you must really want it. Most people who would answer “yes” to the above question would be thinking something like this: Sure, that would be great. Some people who would answer “yes” to the above question would be thinking something like this: Yes! I want a lot more money! And I am bound and determined to get it! See the difference?

It is a well-known fact among metaphysicians and mind-power experts that desire is the first step towards attainment and accomplishment, and that without desire nothing much gets done. It follows, then, that desire is the first crucial step in the process of attracting more money. Here’s one of my favorite quotes on the subject of desire:

“Desire is the great moving power of the mind—that which excites into action the will and powers of the individual. It is at the bottom of action, emotion or expression.”
–Robert Collier, The Secret of the Ages, 1926.

Think about this: You don’t even scratch your nose without first having the desire to do so. Scratching your nose is easy, so it doesn’t require much desire. Attracting a lot of money is a challenging task and it requires much more desire than scratching your nose does. To be able to attract a lot more money into your life, you will need to increase your desire for a lot more money. And the more money you want, the more desire you’ll need to build.

In my book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, I give specific “simple steps” for increasing one’s desire for more money. There are a few lists to be made and so on. In this article I’d like to focus on one powerful, pivotal, thing you can do right now to increase your desire for more money. By doing even just this one thing, you will find your desire for more money increasing and so you will find yourself taking more and more action, both mental and physical, towards getting the money you want to get. This increased action will in itself feed your desire, and your increased desire will then breed even more action.

So here’s what I’m suggesting you do: Begin to think about the things you want that more money will allow you to have. That’s it. Would you like to have a bigger home? Would you like to have more free time to be able to pursue your hobbies and other interests? Would you like to travel? Would you like to retire early? Are there people or organizations you would like to help financially? Really start to think about the things and circumstances you could bring about in your life and the lives of others if you simply had the financial resources–the money–to do them.

As you continue to imagine all of the things you want to have, and the circumstances you want to create, you will just naturally begin to feel increased desire for those things and circumstances. Notice that desire. Strive to be aware of it. Feel it growing within you. Desire, want, long for those things you would have and do if only you had the money. In these ways you will be building up a mighty force, a deep reservoir of energy, which you will be able to draw upon to help you to get the money you want to get. Here’s another quote I like:

“Desire is at the bottom of every achievement.”
–Orison Swett Marden, How to Get What You Want, 1917

Yes, desire is at the bottom of every achievement, and this is no less true of the achievement of attracting money.

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of the role desire plays in the attracting/manifesting process. So many people study metaphysics and mind power and the law of attraction and all that, but they often get only weak results when they try to apply what they learn. Why? It’s largely because they have weak desires. You can study this mind stuff for a lifetime. But, if you don’t know what you want and really want it, then knowing how to attract and manifest is not going to help you much.

This article is the first part of a 20-part series on how to attract money using mind power. Part One is on desire for a reason: Unless you build up some very strong desire for more money, you just will not do what you need to do to get the benefit you could get from applying the rest of what you learn in this series. You are going to learn some very amazing mind-power principles and techniques which you can use to attract tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can use this information to attract millions of dollars. It all depends on how much money you want, and on how badly you want it.

And it all starts with your desire. Do you really want a lot more money? Do you want thousands of dollars more? Hundreds of thousands? Millions? There’s no question as to whether or not you can have the money you want. The only question is, Do you want it badly enough to do what you need to do to get it?

I cannot give you desire. But I can give you information. You supply the desire, and I’ll supply the know-how. So, between now and the next article in this series, think about the things you desire which money can help you get. Desire them. Want them. Begin to need them. And begin to desire, want, and need the money it will take to get them. If you do that, I mean really do it, the rest will be just details.

James Goi Jr Attract Money James Goi Jr. is an author, speaker and mind-power coach. He publishes the free monthly “Mind Power & Money Ezine.” To learn more about James, or to subscribe to the ezine, start by going here:

How to Attract Money Using Mind Power presents timeless metaphysical secrets in plain language so readers can learn to attract much more money into their lives by properly directing the awesome force of their minds. If you would like to have the print book shipped within 24-48 hours directly from the publisher, Click Here. If you prefer to purchase either the print book or the ebook (Kindle edition) from Amazon, Click Here.

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  • Hi James,
    Hope you are fine and doing well.
    I have your book “How to attract Money using Mind Power” in my personal collection and follow its guide lines from time to time.. Beside it, I also like ” Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill very much. But now I have developed a kind of problem. For last 4/5 years, beside these 2 books I have read other books on Self Help, Mind power, LOA, meditation etc by Wallace D Wattles, Brian Tracy, Norman Vincent Peale, OG Mandino, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Joseph Murphy, W Clement Stone, Jack Canfield, Robery Kiyosaki,T Have Eker, even Paulo Coelho (Alchemist) and others. I have set up a whole personal library on this subject. Whenever I pass a book shop I buy these type of books for my collection and reading. But my Major Definite Purpose in life is to have financial abundance and economic freedom in life. I have no intention to be a self help writer or researcher. I am a businessman and I want success in that field only. But I feel too much interest and spend a lot of time to read those books. I need your kind advise to keep myself focused for success..

  • hey sir i m from india nd i have attend lots programme of mind power bt i want to be a reach people how its possible pl help me

    • Greetings Mitesh,
      Thank you for your comment. Sorry, I don’t understand exactly what it is that you are asking. Can you be more specific about your question please? Blessings…

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  • Thanks for your comment. I also find carrying a small micro-cassette or digital recorder can be helpful, especially when one is out walking or driving. Thanks again…

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  • Anna (September 17, 2011 at 5:06 pm): And thank you too for participating here! I think you’ve illustrated a great point/teaching, and that is that often we will be forced or nudged out of certain circumstances and find out on the other side that the change was beneficial to us in some way–though we often don’t realize that as we are going through it. The universe wants us to be where it wants us to be, and sometimes takes seemingly-drastic measures to get us there. “More than enough” is good, and many would be/are just fine with that. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But neither is there anything wrong with having way more than enough/being wealthy. And having an overabundance of money is not necessarily at odds with living a frugal life. Just because we have a lot of money it doesn’t mean we have to go out of our way to spend it. In this economy, perhaps a good situation is having a lot of money but needing only a small percentage of what we have to live. To me, money mainly represents freedom and time. The more money I have the more freedom I have to do what I want to do and to live how I want to live; and the more time I have to spend exactly how I choose to spend it, not having to spend my precious time working some job just to pay the bills. And of course health IS an important element of our overall wealth and abundance in life. Without our health, even monetary riches lose their luster. Still, even for the not-so-healthy, having a lot of money can make life more bearable and can often directly and indirectly help us to regain/maintain our health…

  • Thanks James and to all of you for this fascinating dialogue. Just to add a few lines.
    18 years ago, i found myself working as a busy District Midwife working 50 to 80 hour weeks.
    With a four year old daughter and caring for my ailing mother as well as part time work as a holistic therapist and studying for a Psychotherapy diploma. STILL I did not feel worthy or good enough.
    My desire was to learn to LOVE and care for myself as I cared for others and to earn enough to partner my husband in supporting us.
    Long story short, I experienced some very nasty dealings from my peers, which in turn led me to decide to leave working for the UK health service. Not what I wanted to experience at the time BUT this was the PUSH I needed to be kind to myself in not working so hard.

    Been self employed ever since and every time I begin to experience lack, just say out loud to the universe (in private) please send me more or show me what I need to do.
    Result we have always had more than enough but always short of being really wealthy.
    From reading the posts I see that I have been mostly content with enough as lead a pretty frugal life through choice. Therefore massive riches have not come my way. In my work I am filled with the abundance of working with wonderful people with shared respect.

    On the other hand. With my seventies advancing I realise that I will now need to step up my desire for more money as can see that I will not always have the energy to work as I work now. AND also DESIRE to have more money to be able to afford to pay for more spiritual coaching. Look forward to further articles. Opps! can see that I also need to focus on the desire for continued good health as well. mmmm.

  • Joronda (September 4, 2011 at 4:17 am): Thank you for commenting on this article. I believe that sometimes the seeming differences between what writers write are actually matters of misunderstanding, semantics or context more than they are matters of differences of opinion. Either way, though, I believe it would be obvious to most people that without a desire for money, people would have little money or even no money. For instance, most people work jobs they would not work were they not being paid money to do so. So, if such a person were to reach a state of having absolutely no desire for money, that person would quit their job. Many such a person would likely soon end up among the homeless, as most people have only a small financial cushion (if any) to help them get through interruptions in income. Some writers may seem to be saying desire is a detriment to the attracting process; other writers make wonderful cases for the assertion that without desire there would be little if any attracting, manifesting or advancement taking place. To give voice to a few of those writers who would argue FOR desire, I offer these quotes:

    “Desire is the great moving power of the mind—that which excites into action the will and powers of the individual. It is at the bottom of action, emotion or expression.”
    —Robert Collier, The Secret of the Ages, 1926

    “Desire is the creator; but when desire is spread over a host of things it…accomplishes little.”
    —Elizabeth Towne, How to Grow Success, 1904

    “Preceding accomplishment must be desire. Thy desires must be strong and definite.”
    —George S. Clayson, The Richest Man in Babylon, 1926

    “Desire is at the bottom of every achievement.”
    —Orison Swett Marden, How to Get What You Want, 1917

    “Desire creates the power; power inspires the mind of the individual, and success is the result of that inspiration rightly applied.”
    —Raymond Holliwell, Working With the Law, 1964

    “… Men draw toward themselves that which they Desire.”
    —William Walker Atkinson, Dynamic Thought, 1906

    “Remember that desire is the first law of gain.”
    —James K. Van Fleet, Hidden Power, 1987

    “Whatever may be the scale on which we exercise our creative ability, the motive power must always be desire.”
    —Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power, 1921

    Regarding the concept of gratitude being an important part of the attracting process, I agree with that wholeheartedly, but might point out that being grateful for something and desiring more of that thing do not cancel each other out, and can actually feed and strengthen each other.

    Here’s what I wrote in my book about the gratitude/money connection:

    “Money goes where it’s appreciated. So, be grateful for all the money you’ve had in the past, for all the money you have now, and for all the money you’ll have in the future.”
    James Goi Jr., How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, 2007

    And, on the general subject of gratitude, here’s a quote I use in the book:

    “There is nothing comparable to the drawing power of gratitude in attracting the good things of life to us.”
    —Rellimeo, Within the Holy of Holies, 1920

    And I also agree with the statement that, “God is waiting for you to ask him to help you. He has trillions of ways he can give you what you wish for.”

    Yes, God/the universe is waiting for you to ask Him/It to help you. And it stands to reason that we would only ask for things we desire to have or to come about. So again we see, as James K. Van Fleet says above, that “…desire is the first law of gain.”

    And yes, God/the universe has limitless ways to give us what we “wish” for.

    I just looked up the word “wish” at thefreedictionary .com. Here is some of what I found:

    1. A desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing.
    2. An expression of a desire, longing, or strong inclination; a petition.
    3. Something desired or longed for.
    1. To long for; want. See Synonyms of desire.
    2. To entertain or express wishes for; bid.
    3. To call or invoke upon.

    God/the universe wants to give us–and is capable of giving us–those things we would like to have, including more money, but He/It does need to know what we would like to have so that it knows what to give us. And of course what we would “like to have” is just another way of saying what we DESIRE. What we “wish” we could have is just another way of saying what we DESIRE.

    All human beings everywhere want what they desire. Desire is as natural to us as breathing is. Desire for monetary gain is as natural as desire for food, clothing and housing. And in fact, in a modern society, money is the medium we exchange for food, clothing and housing. Since most people would agree that food, clothing and housing (within reason) are good things, I think they’d likely have to agree that having enough money to secure these things would be a good thing. They desire food, and so they desire the money they need to pay for food. They desire clothing, and so they desire the money they need to pay for clothing. They desire housing, and so they desire the money they need to pay for housing.

    I believe desire is an extremely important component in the money-attracting process. In fact, I believe it is SO important that I made it the subject of the first chapter of my book. After all, without desire for more money, there would be no point to even reading the book.

    I continue to wish for all people everywhere all those good things they are wishing for (desiring) themselves…

  • If I need money, desire money, want money, to purchase all the things my imagination dreams up, then other writers say that I am in a STATE OF LACKING which STOPS ME ALLOWING THE MONEY TO APPEAR.

    My “lacking” vibrates to the universe that I must stay in the rut of “lacking what I want”.

    If my desire is so great that I jump off my chair and look around me for opportunities to work more hours for money, I guess I will notice job advertisements and then stand in the queque with 1500 others who are unemployed in most countries around the world, who are after the same job.

    I think most people KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT, but need GENUINE HELP to decide what steps to take to move towards their next goal.

    I can pretend that money is my friend, and that I always have more than I can spend, and that there are amazing opportunities appearing every day for me to have more money – but the money tree or obvious opportunites haven’t appeared YET.

    Most so-called millionaires don’t have a clue how to manifest money.

    They make money selling information on the internet, using NLP to make people impulsively use their credit cards. This is not really manifesting money at all, because 80% of the people downloading, actually find they can’t make much use of the information in the way they expected (or were promised) they could.

    When people feel they are lucky and have almost everything they desire; and feel grateful for what God has given them already, and what they will receive from him in the future – he gives them more under the Biblical promise that:-

    ‘for whom feels they have plenty, more will be given’
    ‘for whom feels they have little, even that will be taken away’

    Two prisoners stood in their prison cell looking out the barred window. One saw the beautiful stars, the other saw the mud. No prizes for guessing who was going to cope the best with his incarceration.

    We only need warmth, food, shelter and one true friend to happy on Planet Earth. If you earn $2 per day or more, you have MORE THAN 80% of the population of the world.

    If you want more, you must be ABSOLUTELY GRATEFUL FOR ALL YOU HAVE ALREADY, because if you are not pleased with the world that God has made, guess what, you are saying that God was a lazy tradesman – and he won’t let you be one drop happier until you aologise and re-read the Ten Commandments.

    If you want more, be thankful for the abundance and friends you already have, AND MORE WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU.

    God is waiting for you to ask him to help you. He has trillions of ways he can give you what you wish for.

    You only know a few ways because you are limited by your 5 senses which trick you into believing things that science can prove are not true.

  • Rouf Chowdhury (September 3, 2011): Happy you liked the article. Desire is indeed the first step towards any attainment or accomplishment. Part 2 has been posted, by the way, as Part 1 has been re-posted. There is one more article (Part 20) for me to write in this series. Really, at the core of increasing our desire is to continue to think about those things you want and to continually move towards those things as best you can at any given time; with faith and optimism, think about how your life will be when you have the money you want to have, and your desire will just naturally increase as you stay grounded in this process. Thanks again!

  • Leila (September 2, 2011): Thank you for your comment!

  • Hi James, thanks for the part-1 of 20(Desire). In here, the importace of desire has been very nicely emphasized..We ususally, go through verious types of the self-help products and invest our time & money to acquire knowledge on wealth and properity but fail to get those in reality due to our lack of strong desire.. Very well-said, we must have a burning desire..Pls advise more ways to creat stronger desires within ourselves.. Look forward for the Part-2.

  • It’s true I think that desire can take you a long, long way. Thanks.

  • matt deloff (August 8, 2011 at 4:05 pm): Thanks for the comment and thanks for letting us know you ordered the book! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the book once you’ve read it. All good things to you…

  • great article…just ordered the book and cannot wait to give it a read.

  • On youtube I have a 20-part “How to Attract Money Using Mind Power” series of videos. As with these articles, each video covers the subject matter from one of the 20 chapters of my book. To see the video that corresponds with the same chapter in my book as this article, go here:

  • vijayamohan (April 4, 2010 at 8:01 am): You are quite welcome! And thank you for your great input!

  • Jane Manthorpe (April 4, 2010 at 3:08 am): Thank you so much Jane! I appreciate your kind words and your enthusiasm!!

  • The focus on desire, to achieve anything great in life is very apt.Money is no exception.Fame is no exception.Skill is no exception. Desire is at the root of achievement of all these.
    Thanks for a great article.

  • Wow! this is wonderful stuff! just love the feedback and conversations.
    I have learnt alot just reading all of this and I want to say a BIG
    thankyou James Goi Jr for giving this great material.

    I am grateful

  • Samuel (March 24, 2010 at 7:25 pm): My pleasure Samuel! Desire does in fact equal power. The more desire, the more power, and the more power, the greater the results. For attracting money, or for accomplishing anything else in life, that is an indispensable part of the magical equation.

  • jane (March 24, 2010 at 1:11 am): You are very welcome Jane. I’d say the credit really goes to the EvolutionEzine folks. They are very sincere in their desire to make valuable information easily available to truth seekers, and it is they who suggested the $7 price, which is less than half of what the retail price of the physical book plus shipping would be.

  • jane (March 24, 2010 at 1:09 am): Making a fresh commitment sounds like a good plan to me. We never DO something until we DECIDE to. Once you’ve made the decision to do it, you’ll likely do it. I love the alarm-clock idea! EFT: Go for it! Any positive act you can do that will help you accomplish what you want to accomplish is a good thing. Enjoy the journey. You’ll look back at this stage of your growth with fond memories…

  • Thanks James, I understand what you mean. I now understand the suppressing of my desire and therefore negating, or at least, minimizing my power. If your desire isn’t great enough for your task, you will not have enough power to complete it. Wow thanks for hammering this point home.

  • PS James thanks for making your book so affordable, there aren’t many excuses at the $7 mark.

  • Thanks James. I “feel” you’re right. And yet part of me (experience based) doubts that I will apply myself for long enough to see results. Perhaps I just need to make a fresh commitment, set my alarm clock for before kid wake up time and make it a daily ritual. Maybe do some EFT on these doubts! Thanks again for your time and wisdom.

    thanks too for your thoughts. It was good to read about tithing in James’ book, giving 10%, it would be fantastic if we all did that. I do already sponsor a child, I know its good but it seems like a speck compared to the contrast in the consumption levels between poor and wealthy societies. You are right, the more abundance I create the more I can share. I’d love to contribute to microfinancing, the small loans to help people start up their own businesses. Its on my list of desires. So off I go, goodbye!

  • Bren (March 22, 2010 at 8:38 pm): I appreciate the kind words Bren… Wishing you all good things my friend…

  • vladimir (March 22, 2010 at 10:52 am): Thank you for the blessing! I appreciate it greatly! And thank you for the insight you provided… Good stuff…

  • James,
    As always,very interesting ! Look forward to reading more ~ Bren ~

  • What I discover is that when I have certainty, trust and expectancy, what I need to accomplish will come through the creative powers of the mind often by putting together existing elements in a new way without using money. Let us take old car tyres. Earth ships use old vehicle tyres to create completely self sufficient housing in desert regions. Using your imagination I totally believe the solution to all human issues is possible without money. There is farming without tilling, using permaculture principles that avoid chemicals and on and on. You can always change the way you see anything. Abundance is the unlimited probability field which we can draw on infinitely. Most people know nearly nothing about anything at all including me. It means it is all awaiting discovery, especially nature.

  • Rishi wrote “You need money/have abundance to first feed yourself and your family and then with the available abundance go out and do some service to the needy”. Is this not the “old lack thinking”-first secure yourself and then you can give? Is it not true in reverse: first give in trust and then find yourself abundant?

  • James!! Bless you for your passion and dedication to healing the wound of lack that dominates this planet. Thanks for the abundance of good things you posted. I feel your words are living. Today I read a powerful article on Healing the Polarities. How the words, thoughts, feelings and actions of each awakened person is raising all, increasing the divine light for all as we collectively ascend the spiral of evolution into fifth dimension. We do not fight the insitutions of money or attack poverty. This creates polarity. You lift the whole as you are doing. As one homeless person becomes just a little bit lighter because of you they begin to see all is one and the polarity of us and them becomes weaker. It is wonderful that we live in different countries and cultures and we can work together. Just by choosing the thoughts, words, feelings and actions each moment we heal the polarity.

  • Jane, regarding your question of 2 cars and feeding the poor in rural Africa/India. Well if you have more abundance, you can surely help a family feed and have enough water in rural Africa/India. Its pretty simple. You need money/have abundance to first feed yourself and your family and then with the available abundance go out and do some service to the needy. Thats why abundance is needed, and by focussing on what you have and being grateful for that to the universe, the LOA kicks in and gives you more of your wish.
    Thanks…. Rishi

  • Teri (March 22, 2010 at 12:54 am): Thank you so much Teri for that wonderful account of your experience and the glowing words for the book! I love to hear when a ‘beginner’ understands and is applying what I’m teaching. I’m excited for you and this wonderful journey you are embarking on. I wish you all of the abundance and happiness you can conceive of and believe you can have…

  • While seeking for a different approach and new way of thinking to obtain what I want in my life, I had been directed to James’ book through a friend. I read the book through once and now I am taking each chapter and really focusing on each concept. I am following James’ advice, doing the exercises, writing my lists and concentrating on what it is I want (desire).

    I can already feel and see the differences in my thinking and my new reawakened enthusiasm.

    Thank you James’ for this insightful book and for making it a easy read for somebody like me who is just beginning to learn. I am looking forward to your next article(s).

  • Tamara (March 21, 2010 at 6:40 pm): You are very welcome Tamara. Yes, it is easy to get distracted. We all need to find ways to keep ourselves on track. Reading positive, instructional, motivational material each day, if even just a few lines or a paragraph, is a great way to keep the focus. Thank you for helping to inspire and encourage others…

  • jane (March 21, 2010 at 6:15 am): Happy to hear you got the book. Yes, the lists of “simple steps” in each chapter of the book will help insure that anyone can APPLY this method of attracting money in a way in which there will be a minimum of mistakes or misinterpretations. Mind power works, but you’ve got to work IT, and you’ve got to work it RIGHT. Yes, as you make reference to, if one does not believe in this LoA-type stuff, then one will not likely get good results from attempts at working with the techniques for attracting/manifesting. In fact, those who are not open to the possibility of it working never apply it properly, as their disbelief makes it impossible for them to do so. There are books out there that get into the behind-the-scenes theory of, for instance, quantum physics. As an example, the works of Fred Alan Wolf such as, for example, “Taking the Quantum Leap.” Another quantum-physics-oriented book that comes to mind is “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav. There are many others as well. But, really, in the laboratory the quantum physicists are methodically documenting WHAT happens at the quantum level, but explaining HOW it happens is another subject in itself. It involves drawing personal conclusions and devising plausible theories based on observable facts and it is not, and should not be confused with, the “facts” themselves. Consider this: Two words used to define “theory” are “supposition” and “speculative.” I find that some people are more concerned with how this stuff WORKS than they are with how to WORK this stuff. I tell people that if they want to APPLY mind power and get RESULTS, then concentrate more on how to work it than on how it works. Think about it: People (if they drive) know all they need to know to be able to operate their motor vehicles. Only a small percentage understand the technical details of how the vehicles work. For results, learn how to drive, then drive. No need to go to school to study to be an auto mechanic. Still, for those who want to get very deeply into the finer points of all of this mind power/attraction/manifestation stuff, they can spend a whole lifetime researching and studying it. That’s what I’m doing. My book is a concise, to the point, MANUAL on just how to attract money using mind power. Remember, the manual you study for your driver license test does not explain how automobiles work, it explains how to safely work automobiles. My book has theory, and upon first reading some of it can be missed, as it’s explained so simply and briefly. But, by far the most important feature of my book is that it tells you EXACLTY WHAT TO DO TO ATTRACT MONEY USING MIND POWER. As I say in the book, you want to read from it every day. And, of course, you want to do the various exercises. You want to live and breathe the principles. In my opinion, mind power should not be a hobby, it’s should be a way of life. I can see how a person reading through my book for the first time might think it’s a “summary” of the subject. Careful, ongoing, study of the book, though, will reveal it to in fact be a comprehensive distillation of the subject. A subtle distinction, perhaps, but a very important one. You wrote, “I am wondering if you have written any articles, or can recommend any books that detail how beliefs, thoughts, visualizations etc are believed to manifest in “reality”, the science behind it.” I appreciate your position. If you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the science end of it, one place to begin would be to just read everything you can get your hands on regarding quantum physics. It’s not necessary, but you can certainly do it and benefit from doing it. Since 1978, I’ve read countless hundreds of books on metaphysics-type subjects. You get a little here, a little there, and over time, over decades, it becomes part of who you are; part of what makes up your very blood and bones. I’ll say here for the benefit of others reading this that your proposed approach to this is unnecessary for the average person and in fact could be counter productive for the average person. I meet more than a few people who are very heavy on theory and very light on application. That’s not how to get results. The way to get results is to learn the techniques that have worked for others and then apply them to your own life and circumstances. You wrote “I have a science degree and am up for a bit of theory that I hope will convince me to put in the effort of all the practices.” If you are not already convinced that the application of practical metaphysics is worth a sincere try, then I don’t know when you will be. Really, I’m not trying to be unkind here, I’m trying to be helpful. Pick a technique, say affirmation for example, and start to apply it TODAY. Apply it to something simple and in which it is conceivable for you to get fairly rapid results. Recognize the results when they show up, and keep on applying the technique and adding other techniques, adding to your belief and your confidence-building results as you go. Really, a person can become more convinced that this stuff works by giving one month to sincere and open-minded APPLICATION of the techniques, than they can by giving ten years to the study of the “theories” behind HOW and WHY the techniques work. You wrote: “Otherwise I seem to get lost after a while in negative thoughts and doubts.” You’ve obviously been studying this subject for a while now already. I believe that if you begin to sincerely and methodically and diligently apply even a fraction of what you’ve already learned, you would quickly begin to see your negative thoughts and doubts melt away–in proportion to the level of positive results and changes you would observe in your life. I’d take that over reading a hundred books. A thousand books. Most people who have been at this study for a good length of time already KNOW; most people need to, well, DO. Sure, one can always learn more, and one should. Sure, one can always increase one’s understanding of the finer points, and one should. But, what good will it do them if they don’t put it into practice? Well, once again, I’ve written much more than I set out to write. Good or bad, love it or hate it, there it is.

  • Debbie (March 21, 2010 at 3:52 am): On behalf of myself and the others who have posted here, I thank you for your “wonderful reading” compliment. I love that you said “…LoA works so on time and in such a perfect manner for me…” I find that to be true in so many ways, not only for myself but for many I speak/correspond with. In fact, it often works so “on time and in such a perfect manner” that we can overlook the fact that it has in fact WORKED. It’s quite often such a seamless, “natural”, process that we may miss it, at least temporarily, if we don’t stay alert and watchful. Yes, you are indeed “manifesting!”

  • Ruth Read (March 20, 2010 at 9:51 pm): Well thank you for your kind and positive feedback Ruth! Your enthusiasm is infectious, and I hope there’s no cure for it! And thank you too for sharing all of the good info and insight you’ve shared here. I know people will benefit from it. I see good things flowing to you in avalanches of abundance…

  • Thanks for the insight, James. I have been studying for more than a few years and am beginning to manifest things faster than ever before. My current focus is “Money”. I appreciate Teachers like you keeping us on the right track. It is so easy to get distracted by the chaos of thoughts in this environment. To those other readers who have doubts and questions I say, keep on the hunt for truth and you will find your own way in your own time. Everyone does not manifest or create in exactly the same way. Some things will work for some but not for others. Be encouraged!

    Warm regards,

  • Hi James
    I was impatient and bought your book and read it. I hope I can muster the determination to follow through with your plan. Your lists of how tos look very practical. As you mentioned above the notion of whether you really think it (LoA and practices) will work can be powerful. I have read many self help books that elude to metaphysics or quantum physics, but none actually explain HOW this stuff works. I was hoping your book would cover it, but I see reading back on its promo info its a summary of that field of information. SO I am wondering if you have written any articles, or can recommend any books that detail how beliefs, thoughts, visualisations etc are believed to manifest in “reality”, the science behind it. I have a science degree and am up for a bit of theory that I hope will convince me to put in the effort of all the practices. Otherwise I seem to get lost after a while in negative thoughts and doubts. Thanks for your time again.

  • Wonderful reading from everyone and thankyou James for being so hands on/responsive with feedback.

    I am in awe at the moment at the amount of material coming to me, with James being my newest mentor from this brief reading.

    LoA definitely working for me in the area of attracting enlightened teachers both spiritually and in the field of PD; practically the same thing with the teachers I am learning from.

    Your article has just made me realise that the LoA works so on time and in such a perfect manner for me in the area of learning awakening consciousness and personal development that until reading your article, I had failed to fully realise that the LoA is working in my life – I am manifesting! And it is “desire”. And I have to use the word “expecting” here as now, I just expect it to come to me.
    Ask, Believe, Receive.

    Feeling and Desire are not easy subjects for me. I can feel the heavy negetive thoughts but struggle with the positive light ones. But I just had the proverbial “A-ha” moment in reading your article.
    I realised desire is working and I had not used that word in association with the manifestation. I am so used to attracting information that I just expect it to come to me as it does. No effort required most of the time unless I read something or have trouble putting something in to practice, I just voice a need for further help, then a teacher comes along with something “new” to me, it fits and I can then proceed with what I was having trouble with.
    Awesome stuff. So excited about putting this all together now to make a lot of money (for my own comfort, Philanthropy and the betterment of mankind).
    Thanks James and everyone for the comments and to Evolution E-zine for your sourcing these teachers and articles.

  • vladimir (March 20, 2010 at 4:37 pm):
    Hi Vladimir…. I did read your subsequent post about finding the website. I had already written about it below, and I’ll leave it in for the benefit of others. I appreciate your thoughtful words and sentiments. Yes, our words are our own, as are our opinions and views of ‘reality.’ One person could say the sky is blue. Another could say the sky is green. The first person still sees blue. The second person still sees green. The quantum physicist might say the sky is neither green nor blue; and he might say it’s both. Indeed, if we can believe the findings of quantum physics at all, the sky, as such, is not even THERE until it is observed, the act of observation itself collapsing the wave forms of probability into either a blue or green sky, depending on who or what is looking. I believe we walk in darkness when we try to attack or defend; I believe we approach Light when we endeavor to communicate and share ideas in the spirit of harmony and good will and from a true place of wanting to help and enlighten. The best way for a person to get to see a bit more about what I’m teaching is to go to my AuthorNation page. This link will get you there: In the right-hand column of that page is a list of links to my website, and to many of my other online locations such as myspace, facebook and twitter. There is also a link to my youtube channel. I’ve uploaded 33 instructional videos and one book-trailer video there. Of particular interest might be my 20-part “How to Attract Money Using Mind Power” video series in which I discuss the teachings from each of the twenty chapters of my book. I also publish my free monthly “Mind Power & Money Ezine” in which I discuss the subject matter of my book and related subject matter having to do with attracting money using mind power. In the ezine I also alert my readers to upcoming events, such as radio interviews. And some of the radio interviews are broadcast online and can be heard from anywhere. And in the ezine I have a list of links to archives of past interviews I’ve done, which can now be listened to at one’s leisure. (To sign up for the free ezine, go here: ). And of course this article I just wrote is only the first in a series of twenty, so anyone interested in what I am teaching may want to continue reading these articles here. There is no cost for anything I’ve mentioned above. I keep a box of my books in my car, always ready to give one to a homeless person on the street or anyone else I run into who I’m moved to give one to. This is my passion: to help people to have enough of whatever it is they think they want and need. There is lack everywhere you look. Much of it, I believe, could be avoided by a shift in the feeling and thinking processes of people, both on the individual and collective levels. Somewhere, right now, there is a mother who does not know how she will continue to feed her child. If money will help her get the food she needs, and she is in a society where money is used/earned/exchanged/spent, then what I teach, in my book and in other places, can help her to get that money. I believe lack is an assault upon our Divinity, and that supply is part of how our Divinity is realized. I believe all people have the God-Given right to live free of the fear of not having enough of the essentials and reasonable comforts of life. I believe and know that when good people attract and earn more money than they can use, they share some of their overflow with those currently less fortunate. I know that each person who breaks out of lack and into true abundance causes the collective consciousness of the human race at large to take another step in the direction of an abundance consciousness; another step away from a consciousness of lack. I’m blessed to have the opportunity to share my beliefs with people from all corners of the globe. It’s what gets me out of bed each day. It’s what gets me to turn on my computer.

  • James,
    I love reading this! I love how you are able to address all the questions. This will make good reading for me every day.
    As for the person that is so worried about all this LOA costing a fortune, I have found so much on the net that is free. And then there are postings like this one that is an excellent learning tool. I find that now if I have a question I simply go on the internet and somehow I accidently (no accidents in this life) fine what I am looking for. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am looking for and find the most amazing things. Almost everything for free. Many down loads are available through this website for free. No need to accuse people of taking advantage and charging a lot. There are always people that think they have to pay a lot or they won’t learn it. Whatever a person wants they will find.
    I get so many free offers in my email that I can’t possible take advantage of them all. I try. I also have the money to pay for a few of the expensive workshops and maybe someday I will. For know I will take advantage of what the universe is sending. When I get to the point I feel I can learn no more unless I pay out large sums, well, maybe I will, or not. I’ll just ask the universe for more info at a price I can afford.
    Thank you for truly helping the people that wants to learn. Oh, and I think this is free…Thanks. Every day I give thanks for what I have learned and this way I can keep on learning.

  • James, I found your web site and already signed up for the newsletter. Thanks man!!

  • Hey James, thanks very much for your words. A friend and I last easter watched a video on americans living in “tent cities” and we were sad. In south africa they are called squatter camps but it is the same thing. It is a wretched experience but I have already been there. I dont need to go again. I do not think I am able to go there again. My energies/ destiny place me in a small village where people do exchange and give. You chop the wood and you will get a beer. Did the village shape me or did my energies find the place? I know other people who are having a hard time but their mental attitudes are different.
    Thro this nice ezine I came to enjoy Jim Self. The “shift” is happening rapidly. All that is false in the self as ideas imposed by others, is falling away. It means your words belong to you. My words belong to me. We have nothing to defend. I would be interested to hear your techniques. Do you have a web site? Does it cost a fortune to learn?

  • jane (March 19, 2010 at 10:31 pm): You are very welcome Jane. Happy to hear about your ‘shift.’ As far as evidence that putting these principles into action works, I have the evidence of my own experiences, a couple of which you can read about in posts I’ve addressed to others here. You’ll find some evidence amongst the reader reviews for my book which you can find here: And, although I have no “stories” in my book, as it is meant to be a straightforward manual, I do quote 160 other books in my book, and in those 160 books there are countless examples of how people have applied the techniques I teach with good results. And beyond that, there are literally thousands of books out there, both in and out of print, which are packed with evidence that this metaphysical/mind power/attraction stuff really does work, not to mention all of that type of material which is available for free online. The best evidence, of course, would be for a person to apply this knowledge for themselves and to carefully observe the results. To answer your last question, I’ve come to believe that it is the majority of people who actually follow this “method” who make significant shifts in their lives. Some, including me, would argue that ALL people who actually DO this stuff get good results, because it always works. Talk long enough to a person who says they tried it and it didn’t work, and you will invariably discover that they never expected it to work, didn’t believe it would work and, so, gave up before it had a chance to work–if they ever really even gave it a sincere try to begin with.

  • jane (March 19, 2010 at 10:15 pm): Thank you for your response. I think that by airing out your thoughts, you are helping others to take a closer look at theirs. These are the types of issues we must all deal with at some level, and the experiences of others help us to put our own thought processes into perspective. What’s right for one may not be right for another. There are, quite often, few easy answers.

  • James , just found your second post, thanks again. I can feel a shift in my heart. I appreciate your points that its the people not the money, I guess my buttons have been pressed recently as some people selling LoA products really do seem to espouse over-consumption or mindless consumption. I guess I need to unsubscribe to some, and choose who I listen to carefully. I shall follow your future posts as I respect where you are coming from. One more question, which I feel silly asking, what evidence do you have that these putting these principals into action really does work? How many people do you think who follow them make significant shifts in their live? Is it a minority/majority?

  • Thanks James for all your thoughts. I really respect that you are not over-consuming, as I guess I have that association with those who are “wealthy”. As Eckhart Tolle says in a New Earth we need to be caring for all species on this earth, and I feel sad and angry that so many people over-consume without regard to its effect on other people, other species and the environment. But as you say that is aside from making money. The aspect left ringing in my mind is that I make my money as an artist. My deepest desire is that my art does good in the world, that it imparts good feelings (joy beauty love) or asks questions. But that aside, what holds me back from striving to make more and sell more is that I am using so many resources for each piece, and sometimes they don’t sell. So I get caught up in thoughts of “wasting” precious resources, and polluting the earth. the answers are ringing in my ears, perhaps its about balance, offsetting, and getting my art out there so it really can achieve its goal.

  • vladimir (March 19, 2010 at 9:11 am): Though you have not addressed me directly, I’d like to say just a word or two on a bit of what you’ve written, since it does relate to ideas from the article. If you, or any reader, care(s) to read my replies to others here, I think you’ll/they’ll find some material which speaks to some of the other things you’ve written here which I won’t address at this time. You wrote: “Attracting money to me is also a state of lack: you do not trust you can create what you dream without using this most controversial concept, money-directly.” I do believe I get your point, and I appreciate it. The problem I have with it is that I know people who will have a hard time paying their rent next month. Their landlords want money to let them stay there. Their landlords will not continue to allow them to stay unless they provide the actual equivalent of the “most controversial concept–money.” I agree that our money system has its flaws and undesirable qualities. Still, I have to accept the fact that it is, basically, the only viable system in place at the moment for large-scale, ongoing, exchanging of goods and services. I cannot go into the grocery store tonight and walk out with a bag of apples unless I give cold-hard cash in return. The store won’t trade the apples for anything other than money such as, for example, a home-baked apple pie or me washing their windows. They won’t barter for other items. They won’t bargain on the price. People need food and shelter TODAY! TONIGHT! And they need MONEY to get those things. I think it is people’s right, and obligation for those who have people depending on them, to desire and secure the money they want and need so that they can secure the things they want and need. Money: Love it or hate it or somewhere in between, almost ALL of us need at least SOME of it. You wrote: “If a person will find his heart perception and give up believing in this world which is all created by the mind…” I appreciate what you are saying, but the masses are not at that level. The masses are currently concerned with surviving this economic downturn which has gripped much of the globe. Those who don’t have enough money are ending up on the street. Seven thousand people in the U.S. are losing their jobs each day. Without a reserve of financial resources–money–many are quickly joining the ranks of the new homeless or are becoming burdens on their families. There’s an old saying, “You can’t teach a hungry man.” Most people need to have their most basic needs met before they can aspire to greater mental and spiritual heights. Yes, this world is all created by the mind and too, so are our financial circumstances. I believe we are here, in part, to learn to use our minds properly. When we do that we often, as a natural outgrowth, find ourselves living in abundance as opposed to lack. You wrote: “You need lots of time to manifest.” In my opinion and experience, sometimes that is indeed true, and sometimes it’s not. I once manifested–using one specific mind power technique–in six weeks a sum of money that would have taken me more than a year to earn at my then salary. Using Mind power techniques I once attracted two six-figure windfalls, both within about a three-month period. It would have taken me two decades or longer of going to work 40-hours a week (at my customary pay level) to have gotten my hands on that much money. I don’t think manifesting or attracting money and other things using metaphysical techniques takes any more time to do than it does to secure the same things in the usual way of working for them, in fact I find that in most instances it actually takes much LESS time. You wrote, concerning the birds and the sunflower seeds: “I received more abundance as a feeling of joy and gratitude and this in turn creates more good things.” Many years ago, a friend of mine and I met a woman and her two children. They were living in their car. My friend and I both literally emptied our pockets and gave the woman every dollar we had on us–somewhere around $200. I would guess that the abundance you received as a feeling of joy and gratitude from giving the birds the seeds is no greater than the abundance and joy my friend and I received from giving the woman and her children the $200. We gave those three people money which then allowed them to buy some food, some gas, maybe a car part or an oil change, even a short hotel stay if they wanted it. Money can be a curse or a blessing. It’s all in how we get it and what we do with it once we’ve got it. As a teacher of how to attract money using mind power, one of my constant tasks is to try to reassure people that money is not bad and that it is OK for them to have a little more or a lot more if they want to. Yes, giving the birds the seeds would naturally tend to create more good things for you. But, would giving the woman the money in turn create any less good things for my friend and I? I’m not of the opinion that it would. Money is only our enemy if we choose to believe it is. Money can also be our friend. The choice is ours. We have free will to look at money in any light we choose.

  • Jane (March 19, 2010 at 12:08 am): Well, I actually wrote all of this yesterday into a wordpad, and only later discovered you were not addressing me directly. I almost didn’t post this, but since I spent a lot of time on it, and since I think there may be an idea or two here that someone might find useful or interesting, I’ll go ahead and post it. You wrote: “I can see and feel and believe how the more happy and peaceful we are, the better the world will be, but I find it hard to extend that to abundance.” The opposite of abundance is lack. Abundance is a relative term. For many people on this planet abundance would be a roof over their heads, heating and cooling, clean clothes, and all of the food they cared to eat. Abundance is largely a state of mind, but it is also to some degree an outgrowth of material reality. One cannot feel abundant half naked, cold, and not having eaten in three days. Yes, I agree with you that “the more happy and peaceful we are, the better the world…” And if a person does not feel abundant, a person is not likely to be happy or peaceful. Can a person be peaceful if they do not know where their next meal is coming from? A few, perhaps, could, but most, of course, could not. Can a person be happy if they cannot afford to buy their child decent clothes, or to keep that child safe in suitable shelter in a safe part of town? Maybe some could, but most would not be happy under those circumstances. Food, clothing, shelter: It takes money to secure them. Are food, clothing and shelter bad things? Can the money it takes to pay for them be considered a bad thing? Can the desire to attract and have that money be considered a bad thing? Remember, abundance is a relative term. I believe abundance–having enough of what we want and need–is a good thing. I believe lack–not having enough of what we want and need–is not a good thing. You wrote: “If we have 2 cars instead of one, how is that going to help someone in rural Africa or India get access to clean water or enough food?” It won’t. But, a person who has two cars is more likely to be able to send money, or at least more money, to help people in Africa or India than a person who would like to have two cars but can afford only one. You wrote: “I just find it hard to accept…that we can so easily turn a blind eye to those millions of people suffering in the world…” So do I. But I can’t help those people by being poor, and I CAN help those people by being rich and sharing with them. You wrote: “…or to the extent of pollution in our earth water air, and feel so justified in wanting more for us.” Money can do just as much harm as good to help alleviate and lessen pollution.” You wrote: “Where does the notion of greed fit into all of this? Justice? Fairness?” Some people are greedy, some people are not–it is not a result of how much money they do or don’t have, it’s a result of who and what they are. Justice and fairness are each factors in the lives of both rich and poor. Money is the apples to those oranges. Some people use money to be unjust and unfair. Some people use money (whether to pay for lawyers or whatever–a million things) to fight the unjust and the unfair. I don’t think money is the problem here. I think people are the problem. You wrote: “Whilst being rich does not mean you consume more…” Right, it doesn’t. I, for example, have plenty of money, but I live a frugal, simple, life. You wrote: “I think I would if I earnt more. I’d probably buy more new clothes and less from the op shop, but then again, I might seek out organic cotton and be doing some good with my dollars.” Having earned the money, I believe it would be your right, and your responsibility, to make the choices you felt were right for you to make. You wrote of: “ignorant complacent consumers.” Yes, there are many of them around, and to a large degree they have been consuming with money they have borrowed, not with money they have attracted or earned. So, as we can see, not having money does not always of itself stop ignorant complacent consumers from continuing to ignorantly and complacency consume. By the same token, there was that recent story of the 100-year-old woman who died with–to everyone’s surprise–seven million dollars in the bank. She was not a “consumer” in the negative sense of the word. She lived a very sparse, frugal, unassuming life. And, she left her money to an educational institution. Many will now benefit in ways they may not otherwise have benefited. Again, it is my view that money is not the problem. It’s what people do with their money that creates problems. This response is getting quite long. I think anyone reading this will be able to surmise how I would likely have responded to some of your other points. Thank you.

  • Sarah Diggins (March 18, 2010 at 11:03 pm): I love what you wrote here! Well said!

  • Jane (March 18, 2010 at 10:13 pm): You wrote: “I understand what you are saying, but I know for myself, running alongside my desires for more success as an artist, are concerns for the environment, concerns about the amount of resources I might use, the amount of pollution I might create.” I understand, appreciate, and respect those concerns. But, what we are talking about here is the desire to have more money. In this society money is, mostly, just an idea. It is entries on a balance sheet; numbers on a computer screen. Most of it does not even exist in physical currency. Money, of itself, cannot harm the environment or use up resources. Money does not cause pollution. It’s what people do with money that causes these problems–and we can just as easily combat and help to alleviate these problems with money. Money is neutral. It’s people who put it to good or bad use. You wrote: “…do I really deserve more when I already have enough food to eat, peace and security, a loving family, and so many are hungry and without what we consider to be essentials????” Yes, I think you do deserve all of the money you want to have. If you have “enough” as you say, and you truly don’t want or need any more money, then that is what’s right for you, and you should not pursue getting more money. But I would like to state my opinion that the fact that you do not attract/get any more money is not going to help even one hungry person on this planet; it’s not going to provide essentials for even one person. On the other hand, let’s say you attracted an extra million dollars that you didn’t need and wanted to share with the less fortunate. How many meals would a million dollars provide for hungry people? A lot. How many essentials could a million dollars supply to those who need them? A lot. You wrote: “And I wonder if I am better to learn to be happy with what I have.” In my opinion it’s not better or worse. If you are happy with what you have, then that’s great for you. If you are not happy with what you have, then it is within your right and ability to attract however much more you want so that you feel like you have “enough.” My philosophy is not about mindlessly pursing more and more money, it’s about helping each person to have what they want and need. It’s up to each person to decide how much money they want and need. You wrote “I often wonder if all this LoA stuff is just a last ditch attempt for the already wealthy west to keep everyone consuming and supporting a system which is crumbling, rather than focusing on ending poverty in the world, or working for the environment, or growing spiritually so we don’t need all that external ‘stuff’ to be satisfied.” No, I don’t think it is. It’s not the establishment which teaches the Law of Attraction. The establishment does promote consumption, over consumption in fact, but they do not do so by teaching and promoting metaphysical principles and techniques–they do so by teaching and promoting living in debt. As far as focusing on ending poverty in the world or working for the environment, having money does not keep one from doing these things, and in fact the more money a person has, the more likely they would be able to do these things to a greater degree. And as far as the “growing spiritual” subject, I don’t believe that having money keeps one from growing spiritually… In fact I think it can HELP one grow spiritually. For instance, with enough money, a person could quit their 40-hour-per-week-soul-draining job (if they have one) and spend all their extra time pursuing spiritual endeavors. They could afford all of the spiritual books and tapes and seminars and teachers and so on they want (if that is a part of their spiritual path) and have plenty of free time to make good use of those things. They could travel to India and study under a guru or master for years on end if they chose to. No, I don’t believe being rich would keep one from growing spiritually and I think being rich could even help one to do so. On the other hand, it would be a major challenge (not that it couldn’t be done) for the average person to grow spiritually when they are hungry, scared, cold, wet, and huddling in darkness under a bridge or overpass somewhere. As for the “external ‘stuff’” you speak of, it makes me think of clothing and shelter and transportation and education and travel and things of this nature. Pretty much I’d say we all need that kind of external stuff to some degree. The question for each of us to answer for herself or himself is to what level they want to satisfy those external needs. As an example, I think most couples with two young children would choose to own a nice four-bedroom house in a safe suburban neighborhood over renting a cramped two-bedroom apartment in a dangerous inner city neighborhood. To have the former, they need a lot more financial resources than they would to have the latter. You went on to write: “I know these are not mutually exclusive, and me making more money can help the environment and help people with less by channelling money to microfinance projects or some such other.” That is a very good point. Unless I’m missing something, that leads me to believe that you, on some level at least, do see that it would be OK for you to have more money if you decided it was in fact right for you at this time in your life. Finally, you wrote: “Its my ongoing balancing act of opposing thoughts or beliefs. I am not trying to attack your beliefs, I am really looking for some insights. I have asked a few LoA coaches, and have not found any answers especially in relation to pollution through more consumption.” I appreciate and respect your sincere search for truth. And I do not take anything you’ve written as an attack on my beliefs; instead, I take it all as you expressing your concerns regarding these issues in hopes of clarifying your thinking and beliefs on these issues. You say you have not found any answers from any Law of Attraction coaches regarding the pollution/more consumption issue. Well, the way I see it, increased consumption does–generally speaking and for the most part–in fact lead to more pollution. But money is not consumption. Money creates the opportunity for consumption; it creates the opportunity for consumption in both environmentally-helpful and environmentally-harmful ways. I am not an advocate of over consumption or conspicuous consumption or mindless, irresponsible, consumption. But I am an advocate of having enough. I always have enough, and I consume very little. As an example, I’ve not worn one piece of jewelry–not a ring or a necklace or whatever–in decades. As another example, I could pay cash for the new car of my choice tomorrow if I wanted to. Yet, I still drive my 1997 four-cylinder Geo Metro hatchback that has 144,000 miles on it. It gets me where I’m going. It uses little gas. I love how it looks and drives. Would buying that new car be wrong? I don’t think so. It would help to feed the families of the car maker’s employees and many other families as well, since so many other industries and businesses are directly financially dependant upon the auto industry. But, still, the new car is not the right choice for me at this time. In closing, what you decide is right for you in all of this will likely be what is right for you; money is not the culprit in any of our woes, it is the ways people get and use money that creates our problems. Having more money can be either a good or bad thing. Depends on the person. Depends on who you ask.

  • Sarah Diggins (March 18, 2010 at 8:52 pm): Yes, indeed we already have it. For one thing, there’s no time, so it’s ours now. For another thing, there’s no space, so it’s here now. Knowing that we already have it is the mental/emotional act which causes our vibration to match what it would be if we “really” had it. When we get the vibrational match, then we DO really have it, whether or not we can see it at the moment. What can be seen is only one level of reality. Things first are, then they are seen. Some people think and teach that if we desire a thing it can only be because we don’t have it. Other people think and teach that if we don’t desire a thing we won’t get it. Think about it. Each of us (in the unseen energy/consciousness realm) already has everything which is possible for us to have. But, we won’t “have”/see it here, in the material world, until we WANT it and/or ATTRACT it. We are creators. We create our own reality. But how can we create something if we don’t know what it is? What we draw into existence is what we think about. What we think about is a combination of things we desire to attract/experience/have, and things we desire to repel and avoid experiencing and having. And all the time, we are making and remaking our worlds. Look around you. You see before you things you once wanted and now have. The money, the job, the home, the vehicle, the relationships… You wanted them, now they are yours. Can that be bad? Is the universe flawed in the fact that there is a mechanism in place which apparently draws to us, and propels us towards, those things we think about and desire? I like to think the universe knows what it’s doing. If you want something (strongly enough), the universe will let you have it. If you decide it’s not what you thought it would be and that you don’t want it any longer, the universe will let you once again not have it. I think practically every person on the planet wants SOME money. Some want more than others. I think it’s part of how we learn about who we are and what we are capable of. You wrote: “My understanding is also that if we desire something, then it’s because we haven’t got it, so by creating that emotion of desire, we are effectively sending out a vibration of lack, because if we already had that which we desired, we would no longer desire it!” In reply and by way of example I would say that I desire health. And I am in fact very healthy. So I am not desiring a thing I don’t have, I am desiring a thing I do have. And in fact, if I did not desire health, then I would lose the good health that I now have becuase I would not have the motivation or desire to push myself to get enough exercise and sleep and to resist the many tempatations–such as food that tastes good but is bad for my health–which I have each day. In this one example you can see that not only do I ALREADY HAVE the thing I desire, but that it is my desire itself which ALLOWS me to have what I have and to in fact increase (greater health) what I have. I could give so many examples illustrating why I don’t subscribe to the theory that if we desire a thing that means we must not have it. For instance, I desire fresh, healthful, food. And my kithen is always full of it. Again, I’m desiring something I already have and, again, if I didn’t desire it I wouldn’t have it. You wrote: “I have found a better way of manifesting is simply to ‘know’ that I have the thing I cannot access yet – to feel excited, grateful and appreciative that it is finally in my life.” But is this really a BETTER WAY? Or, is it in fact the SAME WAY? Perhaps we’re saying the same thing only in different ways. Think about this: Why would you choose to “know” you have a thing if you didn’t desire to have that thing? I’d bet, well, MONEY, that you would not choose to do that. Think about this: You say the hypothetical thing that you want to know you have is something that you “cannot access yet.” Now most would agree, I think, that if you say you have not been able to access it YET, that you in fact have been desiring to access it. You say you feel excited, grateful and appreciative for these things you have not been able to access yet (which I believe are things you do in fact desire) and that is a good thing. In my book I write about just these same things. Again, I think we are closer in our thinking than one may at first have imagined, though we may be using different words. Of this/these hypothetical thing/things you used these words: “it is finally in my life.” Again, “it” is apparently something you have wanted to “FINALLY” be in your life. Does that not mean that you in fact wanted it to be in your life? Is wanting something not DESIRING it? You wrote: “All the time I focused on desire, I simply became more aware that I’did not have’ the thing which I desired, because if I already had it, I would not desire it!” That would in fact be true if you desired from a place of lacking a thing, and not from a place of having a thing. Think about this: If it were not for desire, we wouldn’t even get out of bed. We wouldn’t even eat. We wouldn’t even drink water. If it were not for desire, we would in fact not survive as individuals or as a species. It takes many points of view to make the world go ’round. My point of view on the subject of desire is that it’s a good thing. My point of view on the subject of money is that it’s a good thing. My point of view on the subject of attracting the money we desire using mind power is that it is a good thing. I’m not sure I see any gap between our beliefs, only, perhaps, between our interpretations of our beliefs.

  • Ruth Read (March 18, 2010 at 1:26 am): Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. Past feedback on this subject of “desire” tells me there are many who can relate to what you wrote. You will be beautifully blessed by your increased desire… It will stir and focus your own inner resources and the universe at large and help to further bring you and the objects of your desire together. Enjoy the ride!

    min (March 18, 2010 at 3:38 pm): I’m happy to hear that! Yes, feel it! Become even more specific about the objects of your desire–the money, the financial resources. I’ll write about that in a future article in this series. Do you want a higher net worth? A larger income? A big windfall? How big? You can have what you want, once you first know what it is.

    Leila (March 18, 2010 at 4:19 pm): You are very welcome my friend. Well, you say your desire for money is strong because you don’t have any. First of all, do you really not have ANY? Not one dollar? Not one penny? I’m assuming of course that you do. It’s a trap most of us fall into at least from time to time–we focus on and think about what we don’t want or don’t have, and we tell ourselves and others that it is worse than it actually is, which in turn helps to cause it to get worse. If you have a dollar, focus on that. Don’t focus on the hundred dollars you don’t have, focus on the one dollar you do have. What we focus on we attract more of. What we give attention to expands and becomes even more of what it is. So, honestly, no, I don’t think the kind of desire you are talking about is the best way to go. You are, apparently, desiring from lack. You are, it seems to me, affirming to yourself that you don’t have any money. Even if you are ‘broke’ and in debt/in the red, you likely have money. You have access to more money, even if it is more debt. Desire MORE money on top of what you already have and have access to, not SOME money because you don’t have ANY. Even if you don’t have any money, don’t admit it, not even to yourself. Feel it Leila! Feel the financial increase that is yours for the asking. Always desire from a place of abundance, never from a place of lack. These are my thoughts and opinions. I hope some of it will help a bit.

    Laura (March 18, 2010 at 4:47 pm): You are soooo welcome! I am very excited for you!

  • very deep issues. thank you. Matching your feelings (vibration) is where we create-in the present of no time. “Desire for” is always in the future where you cannot create. Attracting money to me is also a state of lack: you do not trust you can create what you dream without using this most controversial concept, money-directly. Your question about the 2 cars and the water relates to the illusory world created by the mind that believes in this “world”. If a person will find his heart perception and give up believing in this world which is all created by the mind, then the injustice and suffering also vanish. Then you only focus on the good things. Also look around your environment and perceive how you live. I have reduced my life to simple proportions and take little part in the “consumer” world. Try reading Anastasia the Ringing Cedars of Russia. The problem is, virtually all of the creative divine energies of man are absorbed by the consumer society and with money goes time. You need lots of time to manifest. Somehow in the gap between “doing”, there exists an eternal moment when you see something. For example, we had a severe winter. I noticed the small birds and decided to get them sunflower seeds. The birds displayed an abundance of joy and came in increasing numbers. What happened there? I received more abundance as a feeling of joy and gratitude and this in turn creates more good things.

  • Hi Sarah
    Thanks for your thoughts. I can see and feel and believe how the more happy and peaceful we are, the better the world will be, but I find it hard to extend that to abundance. If we have 2 cars instead of one, how is that going to help someone in rural Africa or India get access to clean water or enough food? I just find it hard to accept, (and I have struggled with this since I was a child) that we can so easily turn a blind eye to those millions of people suffering in the world, or to the extent of pollution in our earth water air, and feel so justified in wanting more for us. Where does the notion of greed fit into tall of this? Justice? Fairness?

    Whilst being rich does not mean you consume more, I think I would if I earnt more. I’d probably buy more new clothes and less from the op shop, but then again, I might seek out organic cotton and be doing some good with my dollars.

    I understand the notion of taking our attention away from the problem and focussing on the solution or the best outcome, but I am also concerned that that is just what the big corps that are doing so much damage in the world want, ignorant complacent consumers. We have been letting them get away with it for so long do we continue? Should those who are able to respond not be responsible to ask for better?

    I guess it comes down to a matter of faith in the LoA (does it really work?), will focussing on clean waterways really lead to MOnsanto selling less chemicals?

    I have been noticing a lot of coaches or LoA “experts” talking about how many people they talk to who have tried using the LoA to their advantage and report its not working for them (doing everything ‘right”), but then here is the missing link, buy my product. Sometimes I wonder if its like a pyramid scheme, the ones reporting success (who have the secret behind the secret)get others to invest, so there is apparent success. But would they have had success without convincing other people they can have success too? Oh dear I realise how cynical and negative I sound!! I have been wanting to really test LoA out, but have never really followed through enough to know for sure. Have you?

  • Jane, I believe the more abundant we are, the more abundant everyone is because we are all one. Likewise, the happier we are, the more peaceful, the more the world is.

    Being rich or abundant does not mean you have to consume more and I believe that you are able to make more environmentally friendly choices because you can afford solar heating, electric cars (if you want one), better insulation, organic food, etc.

    Remember, by giving attention to that which you do not want, you are allowing these things to grow, so rather than worrying about pollution, why not focus your attention on our clean world that is in balance already? Why not visualise and give thanks for the fact that everyone has enough, clean water, organic food, a wonderful home to live in, a peaceful, happy and abundant life, etc.

    That’s how you can contribute.

    And by starting with being happy with what you already have is a wonderful first step, since then your vibration is one of grattitude and your thoughts are that you have enough, so the universe will always supply that physical outcome of sufficiency for you.

  • I understand what you are saying, but I know for myself, running alongside my desires for more success as an artist, are concerns for the environment, concerns about the amount of resources I might use, the amount of pollution I might create, and further “buy in to” the imbalance of wealth in the world (do I really deserve more when I already have enough food to eat, peace and security, a loving family, and so many are hungry and without what we consider to be essentials????) etc. And I wonder if I am better to learn to be happy with what I have.
    I often wonder if all this LoA stuff is just a last ditch attempt for the already wealthy west to keep everyone consuming and supporting a system which is crumbling, rather than focussing on ending poverty in the world, or working for the environment, or growing spiritually so we don’t need all that external “stuff” to be satisfied. I know these are not mutually exclusive, and me making more money can help the environment and help people with less by channelling money to microfinance projects or some such other.
    Its my ongoing balancing act of opposing thoughts or beliefs. I am not trying to attack your beliefs, I am really looking for some insights. I have asked a few LoA coaches, and have not found any answers especially in relation to pollution through more consumption.

  • I understood that we already have everything we wanted (ie the All That Is) and in order to experience this, we simply need to enable our vibration to match what we wish to “have” (remembering we already have it!)

    My understanding is also that if we desire something, then it’s because we haven’t got it, so by creating that emotion of desire, we are effectively sending out a vibration of lack, because if we already had that which we desired, we would no longer desire it!

    I have found a better way of manifesting is simply to “know” that I have the thing I cannot access yet – to feel excited, grateful and appreciative that it is finally in my life.

    All the time I focused on desire, I simply became more aware that I “did not have” the thing which I desired, because if I already had it, I would not desire it!

  • Thank you sooo much, this first step made my energy go high and got me into a positive vibration. I cannot wait for the next steps!!! :)

  • Thanks James for this bit of advice. At the moment my desire for money is strong because I don’t have any. Is that kind of desire OK?

  • I always had the strong desire. Now I will try to feel it more.

  • James,

    I know you know what you are talking about. I learned something already. Now I know to put more feeling in my wants. I think that could drive my mind to figure out the how. I have heard this before. But, after reading this article I can feel a differance in me.

    I am looking foreward to your next article.

  • Thank you Daria! I appreciate your kind words… :)

  • James is a great teacher and writer and I’m always interested in what he has to share.

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