Free Law of Attraction Subliminal Mp3s – Attitude of Gratitude

Free Law of Attraction Subliminal Mp3s – Attitude of Gratitude

Over the next few weeks we are giving away some amazing subliminal audio albums, the first of which you can download today.

We have teamed up with Real Subliminal – the leaders in subliminal audio – and we have exclusive rights to GIVE AWAY some of their best selling albums, ones which are not available anywhere else for free, and which they sell on their website for $11.97 for MP3s, (or $17.97 in physical CD format). However, for a limited time only, exclusive to Evolution Ezine you can download them for FREE!

There really is no catch, other than their desire to spread the word about subliminal audio and let as many people try it as possible!

Your First Free Album – Law of Attraction Subliminal MP3s

So why not start with a bang, this week you can download “Attitude of Gratitude”. This album is one of their most popular! Subliminal messaging is actually becoming known as “the missing ingredient in the law of attraction”, and it is because of powerful albums like this one.

Download Attitude of Gratitude Here

This album is a core law of attraction album as it helps you to focus your mind on the things you are grateful for in life, and so helps you to attract more of these good things into your life. Gratitude is often overlooked, and so we think more about the negatives in our life and sadly attract even more of them to us… so changing your pattern of thinking in this simple way can actually have a profound effect on your life, on how your mind works, and ultimately on what you attract into your life.

Like all subliminal audio albums this is not an instant fix. It simply works to align your subconscious mind to your conscious attraction goals. It simply gives you a little subconscious support, and a natural boost towards your goals. It will help you, rather than doing everything for you.

Download Attitude of Gratitude Here

Here is a short story Real Subliminal received from Rebecca Stininger about her experience with this album:

THANK YOU REAL SUBLIMINAL!!!! You have given me the tools to make REAL changes in my thinking and my life. I’m eternally grateful!!I bought your “Law of Attraction” mp3s. I listened everyday religiously, playing silently all day in the background of whatever I was doing for about 3 weeks. I didn’t pay it much attention just kept playing it till one day….. I realized I had given up caffeine, (my Coca-Cola everyday), most of my sweets and was eating better. I was even making better financial decisions without even thinking about it. I was in the grocery store when I came to this BIG epiphany when I was NOT attracted to the junk aisle.

Thank You Real Subliminal!!!! You have given me the tools to make real changes in my thinking and my life. I’m eternally grateful!!
Rebecca Stininger, Woodruff, SC, USA

Download this album in full (exclusively from Evolution Ezine), for FREE!

attitude of gratitudeDownload Attitude of Gratitude Here



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  • I can tell you personally these work I used to use these and put them aside because i thought I didn’t need them anymore. For a long time I reaped the benefits of these and from nowon I will make it a regular exercise especially when I want to achieve certain goals.
    Thanks for the freebies!

  • I don’t understand why I have to subscribe to this website over and over for each mp3 download. I think you’re going to have a problem with multiple memberships. Thx for downloads.

  • I look forward to wonderful moments of serendipity due to listening to these lovely and helpful recordings…Thank you in advance.
    Great days ahead!

  • I truly love receiving your Ezine. The Ezine and material you offer always makes me smile and I look forward to opening the items with a joyous expectancy of great things ahead. Thank you for all you do…for brightening the days and enlightening all fortunate enough to attract your Ezine into their lives. Much appreciated and keep up the great work!
    Your loyal fan…Deanna :^)

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  • [...] are giving away in partnership with Real Subliminal. Previous free albums are still available here; Attitude of Gratitude, and here; Induce Lucid Dreaming [...]

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