2 Magic words by Jason Mangrum

2 Magic words by Jason Mangrum

Spiritual masters say that enlightenment can happen in an instant or like the blooming of a lotus flower. The same can be said of realizations, and learning.

As you read a book on any subject you will have moments that you stop reading just long enough to say “Ah ha!” or “Wow, that’s how that works” or “that’s why that happens!”

When you first look at a new math equation and it makes no sense, then later after you learn the process, you can look at the same equation again and you not only understand it you can solve it.

The point I am trying to make is this: There is a point where something is gained from any knowledge. First you are ignorant, and then you inquire, next you realize, now you have the power of that knowledge and can apply it to your world.

People will sell you courses and charge you thousands of dollars to beat around the bush and flush out the truth I am about to tell you.

I have used this method that consists of only 2 words to create anything I want usually within 24 hours if not instantly.

I have told these words to very few close friends, accompanied with the warning “Be careful what you wish for…”

There is only one guideline when using these key words and I will get to that immediately after I tell you what these words are.

All you have to do is know what you want to make this work. Then put it in this sentence: I Command – (Then just state whatever you want)

I know it sounds too simple. Your disbelief in this might actually aid in its power. You remain detached from the outcome because it just sounds too easy “This couldn’t possibly work, I’ve tried everything” – your mind will say.

Good. What can it hurt to seriously give this a try?

“I Command” all day, everyday and I have come to realize the power I have over the outcome of my life. So have those I have told these words to through their own experiences with it.

Of course your mind may just dismiss the acquisition of your desires as coincidental. But does it really matter? After all you got what you wanted and never worried about how.

If you honestly begin to use this take into consideration that this command once made is not concerned about the how it will happen. The power will just take the shortest possible path to accomplishment.

All things great and small are possible when you use the words “I Command”, but whatever they are be prepared. Of course you can always change what you want if you realize it’s not what you thought it would be. It is never too late in this world and nothing is final.

The only thing constant in this world is change. You can either be conscious of your creating or dragged along oblivious to it.

There is only one rule.

One limitation and this is important if you truly want to apply this knowledge. “You cannot command something for or concerning someone else.”

Such as: “I command so-and-so to fall in love with me” instead use- “I command my true love to make himself known to me”

That’s it. These words are yet to fail and you can command anything within the realm of your imagination – nothing is impossible. All you have to do is command, and then look for the command to be fulfilled.

Here are some examples from my experience and my close friends -

“I command a good parking spot” Right around the next corner an open parking space right in front of the store.

I went walking through the woods to a beautiful creek with my husband, my brother-in-law Jacob and his girlfriend Katie. All of whom had just learned the power of commands.

It was getting dark and we were all walking back to the car. Suddenly a screeching thunder broke the silence of the night as an enormous rusty train parked on the tracks we had to cross to reach the car.

Katie was frantic. We were trapped, on a trail in the woods, in the dark. The only thing between us and the way home was a massive freight train that stretched as far as we could see in both directions.

Like a scene straight out of a horror movie we stood in the dark staring down our obstacle and trying to think of solutions. “We could climb through the cars” -This idea was quickly shot down.

Fear was setting in as it got darker around us. “We could walk to the back or the front of the train and go around” – Shot down again as fear of the train moving was very real as well as the fact there was no end in sight.

Katie was beginning to have a panic attack.

All of my fear suddenly vanished as i remembered my power of commanding. There are no limitations. I rushed to Katie and took her hands in mine. After reminding her of this fact I asked her to command out loud with me: “I command the train to move out of our way and that we make it back to the car safely,” and as soon as we sat down to wait it out…

Booming and squealing the train immediately sprung to life and made us all jump. All I could do was smile and congratulate Katie for moving the train, as we all walked over the empty tracks and back to the car.

I gave the “I command” speech to my friend Angie in my car outside Wal-Mart. She had just finished explaing her hopeless situation. Everything she owned had been left with a relationship gone badly in Colorado. There was no family or contact that could send her anything. Her ex-boyfriend was long gone and she had fallen out with his family and friends that held her belongings.

I told her that if she really thought there was nothing more she could do to just try commanding it. It couldn’t hurt. She did, and called me the next morning in tears. Her ex-boyfriends brother lived on her block back in Tennessee, and had just returned from visiting his family in Colorado. For some reason he wanted to grab all her things and bring them back with him.

She woke that morning to find all of her belongings from her makeup to her father’s ashes on the floor in her living room and she called me.

All these events happened within 24 hours of the stated words “I Command”.

Now with everything I have noticed there is an evolution that happens after the “I Command” has proven itself to you. More and more all you have to do is clearly know what you want. Soon the verbal commands aren’t even necessary. I hope you have read something here that helps you. If you apply it be prepared to get what you want. Just be ready for the change.

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  • It works guys. I’ve been trying to get this woman’s number for over 2 weeks now with no luck, but I read this last night/ or early in the morning and I said the command, “I command *insert her name here* to give me her number today”, emphasis on today, and that is just what happened. When I said the command I kept picturing/ reenacting how I would feel when she finally gave me her number.

  • How should I command if I want a kitten?
    Should I say ” I command myself to have a kitten by my birthday”
    or ” I command a kitten”
    or maybe something along those lines? Please help.

  • “I COMMAND” i want to be 7 inches taller

    • Did it work

  • I command to have an imaginary friend who loves me and cares about me and is nice.

  • I command to win first prize in Philippine lotto this month of October 2015.

  • I “command” Somebody To Send Me 2million Into My Bank Account

  • I commanded my body to release excess fat I weigh ed myself at 237* I got upset and ate breakfast 3 -biscuits 2 sasauge with syrup went to bed got up to pee 4 hours later and was 230 no bullshit it works I commanded my metabolism to speed up release excess fat.(yeah baby)!! Thank u .Thank u for shared knowledge

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  • I command the next chapter of the crossover fan fiction Justice league of amazons: Dragonborn to come out today.

  • i want huge millions of money in my life starting from today, and every girl or woman to love me.

  • i want huge millions of money in my life starting from today.

  • I command to be rich and get married.

  • I command money to follow me.

  • hi..how can I use these powerful I command magic words to payoff my debts and getting lot of wealth to fulfill my beautiful dreams? pl help me! thanks & regards.. bipin bharati

  • I used it but didn’t work pls help

  • I hope this works, will I say it verbally or in my mind?

  • I had no success. I am very sorry that I do not know how to use. I should be like an officer in the army when in command ?

  • Is it possible to use the words ‘i command ‘ in my mind

  • Let me give it a try

  • “I am so excited Jason.” When i first read the title of this article i tried to guess the two words,but came up with nothing. So i came here to find out what the two words are and was shocked. My reason for being shocked was because once on a trip i used these two words and got immediate results. Let me tell you what happened. After a long day of shopping and having lunch it was time to return home. We had taken our Chihuahua(Dax)with us,it was obviously that he was tired too. My daughter was not returning home with us,she was going to New Youk for a week with her sisters. As we got into each ear Dax began to run frantically from the front seat o the back seat. It was very heart and i was exhausted. Kim told me to take good care of her dog. i said with an attitude “you know i will Kim.” My son said to me that she did not think i would not take care of Dax but i know how much she loves him. By now i had had enough of Dax,i was about to cry. I asked God to please stop Dax. I heard God say to me “You stop him.” I looked at Dax and said “Dax,in the name of Jesus,i command you to go to sleep and not to wake up.” Dax feel in my arms immediately. Five hours later my son reminded me that i had not commanded Dax to wake up,so i did and he woke up as we turned into my drive way. I had forgotten to use these two powerful words Jason but thanks to you i will begin using them again.

    • Barbara, can you please contact me? I am curious to know more about your story and in what tone or feeling did you use when you said those words. You are the only one who has posted that you said “IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I COMMAND….”. Could that be the reason it worked? Please contact me? I have tons of questions and lots of great stuff I learned about manifesting exactly what you desire into your life! Contact me please at NANCYKJ777@GMAIL.COM

    • My car broke down and my what is the best way to manifest a car?

  • I command win millions of dollars from the lottery.

    • Ha! I command that you and me both will win The texas lottery and will find each other some day to verify that we did. I command that the money will be used for fun and wholesome things like building a solar powered house that looks like a tree and uses rainwater for drinking and bathing. I command that the money also be used to help animal habitats around the world.

  • I command win $1,000 a DAY for LIFE from the lottery.

  • I command became the tonight’s US POWERBALL LOTTERY WINNER.

  • Sounds great … but, I tried the ‘ I Command ‘ technique numerous time and it never, ever, ever worked!
    You should not put down techniques that don’t work….

    • i think that its because you are always thinking about th commands you do, once you’ve commanded just forget what you said remembering weakens the manifestation.

  • hi

    recently i had break up with my bf we were in relationship been 7 years..i want to get him back. does this method will help me to get him back, how to apply this..can u tell me the procedure????

  • I command to found a bag full of money on my way to school tomorrow morning.

    • you want a bag full of money? let me sell you a spiritual money box. just open it every morning and see the wonders….

  • “I COMMAND” the IMMEDIATE release of my true love from prison and we be MARRIED in HOLY MATRIMONY on the beach before this year 2015 is complete! “I COMMAND” that we live an ABUNDANT long life together along with our children and lack for NO THING!


  • If you say it in a different language, will it still work?

  • fantastic i had my washing machine breakdown i used i command it worked amazing Ths a lot Dear

  • This is the second time I’ve been able to control the weather by command. It’s absolutely outstanding the power and authority we have. 2 years ago on an incredibly hot and humid summer Orlando day at Disney, I was exasperated by the heat. It was raining periodically so that made it even worst. I was so at a loss that I remembered this blog and commanded there be a great wind to cool everyone off and stay that way the rest of the day. NO Freaking kidding you – prob 15 to 20 min later – with no wind in sight – a short breeze started. Then it turned into gust!! Shocked out of my mind I tell you! And it stayed that way the whole day!!

    Then today here in texas, it’s been raining and overcast for over a week. No one has seen the sun in that time and that’s abnormal for us. It’s gotten everyone depressed and down. And it’s annoying. I finally commanded today that the sun WILL come out. We had no forecast for the sun anytime today! And around noon, it finally came out and dried every and is super shiny and even the blue sky and clouds are out!! This from a completely grey and dark day! Amazing!!!

  • As usual your information is on point and valid. I AM always elated to connect with your Powerful, Loving, Positive examples of attracting what you want! I look forward to many more Loving and Positive exchanges with you in the future! Continued Love, Light, Peace and Blessings!

  • I’ve just found this article, very interesting indeed. My main goal is to attract my ex back using LOA but I want to start small, so I wish to manifest a text from her. However, this bit confuses me:

    “One limitation and this is important if you truly want to apply this knowledge. “You cannot command something for or concerning someone else.”

    Such as: “I command so-and-so to fall in love with me” instead use- “I command my true love to make himself known to me”

    Does this mean that I cannot use ‘I command’ to manifest a text message from my ex? I can’t say ‘I command [insert ex's name here] to message me either on SMS, Facebook or WhatsApp’ because I can’t command something concerning someone else? Clarification would be appreciated, thanks.

    • Gia

      Hi Liam; Unfortunately, yes, it does mean that you cannot command someone else to take action. You can ask that your true love be made known to you though.

  • I command all fluids that make me ill to get out of my inner ear!

    • It would be better and more positive to say something like this. I command my ears are clear and I can hear perfectly.

      I had this same issue some yrs back and its clear now. Actually I hear better than before sometimes things are a bit too loud.

      Jusy remember when commanding stay positive. no negative things like when you said the fluid makes you ill this is you giving the illness power to continue to make you ill. use positive words. Be blessed.

  • I want to be a famous film and television actress in two years or sooner. Will that command work?

    • i command that my HOD should call me to go home that I have no F

  • Fine way of explaining, and nice post to take information about my presentation subject,
    which i am going to present in academy.

  • Im trying to grow hair long i command to grow my hair longer does this work

    • Try this. I command to have long beautiful hair all down my back. or.. I command that my hair is growing long and strong every day. It will happen just keep at it. Be blessed

  • Thank you for posting a such wonderful tool ! Thank you for being there for us !

    • I want lots of money to fulfill all my needs and fulfill all my beautiful dreams

  • this is wonderful!

    Can I use this with my torn ligament in my knee and make it regrow?

  • Dear Cyndi,
    “I command” this tool how to use or how many times I have to say only one time or I have to chant? I want some one to call me? How to use this tool? Please help me.


    • Cyndi

      Hi Resshmi;

      My best advice to you is to play with the “I command” tool in different ways until you discover how best to make it work for you. The key here is to play with it and to not struggle with making it work.

      Keep smiling


  • what do i do to make people help me in life and if some one owns you money what do i do ,people mostly secretly destroy me and gossip about me what do i do to stop them

    • Stay positive, stay help other people in need, try not to bcome like they who hurt u. They just haven’t seen ur path. Everyone is bornt into this world to learn. At the end, all acts, good or bad will have its’ results. What u planted, u’ll get it. Cheers & smile :)

  • I’m seeing a few comments that say it doesn’t work. I’d just like to point out that if your command doesn’t have a way to be made so, then it’s probably not going to happen, no matter how much you may wish it. This is especially true for time based commands. The universe has rules, and no amount of kicking and screaming “I command” is going to change those rules.

    The examples in the article all had possible causes to allow the command to be made so. For example, the train had people in it, so it was entirely possible for it to move. The brother had the ability to get the girl’s stuff to her.

    I like to say anything is possible… within reason.

  • i kNow that the word “I COMMAND” works, but their also has to be that desire in your gut (fire alchemy) to manifest, but the problem for me is that i forget,,,, about these tools and i get swallowed up by ignorance…

    my quest now is to seek a teacher of high majik

    i enjoyed your site

  • I used the “I command” phrase and gave it a specific time frame, but it didnt happen.

  • I need a career ill enjoy now so here goes
    I command this world to give me a career ill enjoy now

  • i want to make any girl fall in my love how will i use i command option

    • I command pickup skill and charm to be irresistible. should do it i think. i command u to try it! :D
      have fun :)

  • I just read it an hour ago & i command for a parking space during rush hour at one of the mall. And lo and behold, i got a parking space right in front of the door! Amazing!

  • very nice

  • Does this work with becoming someone else? I want to become a totally different person with my consciousness. Is that possible?

  • Can one command to be older?

    • YES i want to try this 2 words for my problems i have been trying every things could possble in every way to work out for my finencial problem no job no money in my pocket to pay my bills i am so desspret to do any thing in the world my luck is so bad nothing i can get eselly so i will try should i say i need money so it will be come through the mail because people make me fool and took my money i gave lots of money who ever told me u will get soon this much chick but never happend so i will commond it and i strongly belive it will work for me too, thank you,very much,

  • Hi
    I am unemployed from the last 4 years ,how do i say this I COMMAND to get job

    • Hi , i have something to ask about i am not a very good inEnglish language so sometime i don’t understand very well so i just i want to ask to you about the 2 magic words should i have to do before i said i command so and so should i have to do madetation or any thing else , because i keep doing this but it don’t work for me i am so confused about it when i read people commens i get very happy and i beilve its going to work for me too, i am very desprete to get money to pay my bills but nothing seems posseble i traied so hard to get a job but no luck i have a only 150 in my account i don’t know what to do now i always looking all site on computer lost of site just make money from needy people but not work but this site i am so cofedent going to work for every one so please help me and send me e- mail so i can get my wish come true and God bless you for helping others , thank you thank you and thank you,

  • The restriction on ‘commanding’ with regard to other people isn’t true: it’ll work. But you should always have in mind that what you want is a situation where the other people are happy too, otherwise it’s not going to work out. (You might well get you and your girlfriend/boyfriend back together, but it won’t work out if she/he doesn’t want that really. Or you might ‘command’ that this happens and then you’ll be happy: you’ll get together, break up again, and then both find separate, new, happy relationships elsewhere.)

    Minor things are best and work out – e.g. the shop assistant doesn’t have sneakers in your size and can’t be bothered to look, you command that he become really interested in getting you the right size, and that happens. (Because, what harm does that do?)

  • Have been stuck in a a situation …..this webpage opens just in time. I shall definately use “I COMMAND………..” and get back to you. Thank You dear Angel :-)

  • thanks for pragmatic method

  • I’ve given certain commands and I have to say I do feel it coming :) I’m pretty excited about this and strongly believe it will work so fingers crossed !

  • I’ve “commanded” people to fall in love with me.. not with these words but it works. Everything outside of you is just a mirror so it’s very interesting to say “absolutely everything is possible BUT this”.. :) If you become more aware you will see that every person out there is acting on your assumptions of him/her.. they just reflect your inner world. :)

    • Hi milla could you give me advice on how you have done this? Thank you

    • I command and no results what am I doing wrong.
      Please help. Thank you

    • What did you do to make people fall in love with you ?

  • must we say the ‘ I COMMAND’ aloud or in our mind??

  • I realy like this! Thank you! I tend to work with prayers and affirmations but I thought it would be fun to give this a shot. So, when I started getting symptoms of a migraine, instead of using healing affirmations, I commanded my eyesight to clear up and the headache to dissolve and it happened very quickly. Result!

    After reading this article, it occurred to me that in the Bibles, Jesus worked wirh commands in his ministry. He commanded spirits to come out of people who were possessed; he commanded the dead to arise; he commanded the wind to be still…and more. I believe “The Lord’s Prayer” is a set of commands to help meet our daily needs.

    Have you noticed how young kids use commands a lot? They are then programmed out of that mentality as commands are regarded as rude unless it’s part of your job to give or receive commands.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience.

  • I love magic very. I never believe that there will be a word that can turn someone life around. I want to be supernatural strong.

  • So say someone with OCD and a wild imagination says “I command my own death lulz”, is he going to die the next day?

    • Try it first and see.

  • quick question, are there any rules about how frequently you use these words? For example, I just recently used them for something big, that really can’t manifest until later in August, so, in the meantime, if I start useing the words for everything else, will I lose power for the first command? Should I wait until the first command is fulfilled before issueing another one? I have used magic of all different kinds off and on now for about 8 years, and one thing I have noticed is they all have their little catches and nuances and exceptions and just their own little rules about useing them. Elemental magic for example, it involves sometimes, a bit of groveling. And they often times won’t help you out if they don’t think you deserve it or need it. Or if you have asked for the same thing over and over and over again, it’s like they get tired of granting the same wish repeatedly and they want you to try something else. So, to get back to my original question, with this type of magic, are there any rules about how often you use it?

    • Please I need more magic. Help me please! Cus I’m feeling so weak now. I wanna be spiritually strong. Pls contact me through my email : prestigeaustin@gmail.com
      Please help me…

    • There is no rule on how many times you can use it…. it’s like shopping online. When you want something you select it, send in your order then pay. ( you command ) after that you wait for its arrival. You don’t go back and order it again and again til it arrives. So the same with your command…. order what you want clearly and wait for it to surface. Asking for it over and over again show a lack of belief and faith. While you are waiting if you want something else move onto that and command it. Like shopping once again, if you want to visit another website to buy something you don’t have to wait until the first item comes…. you go and order then wait.

      Hope that helps

  • quick question, are there any rules about how frequently you use these words? For example, I just recently used them for something big, that really can’t manifest until later in August, so, in the meantime, if I start useing the words for everything else, will I lose power for the first command? Should I wait until the first command is fulfilled before issueing another one? I have used magic of all different kinds off and on now for about 8 years, and one thing I have noticed is they all have their little catches and nuances and exceptions and just their own little rules about useing them. Elemental magic for example, it involves sometimes, a bit of groveling. And they often times won’t help you out if they don’t think you deserve it or need it. Or if you have asked for the same thing over and over and over again, it’s like they get tired of granting the same wish repeatedly and they want you to try something else. So, to get back to my original question, with this type of magic, are there any rules about how often you use it?

  • I want to.get old boyfriend back.I need job.money, car. Is there something I should say with I command to.get what I want.I want him to call me.help..need job.not working right now.and money.I want to get to him.what do I need to say??

    • This is in the article.- “You cannot command something for or concerning someone else.”

    • You could technically. What I did was ask for the one I wanted by name but I also left it open and said and if he isn’t the right one then let the right one in. Some months later I found one just like that one I asked for by name but better in other ways and didn’t even miss the first one at all. I didn’t use “I command” statement but did New Thinking concepts as taught my Neville Goddard and this “command” thing is right on track with it.

  • I do believe, totally. More so than I can explain here. I can see what I commanded with my eyes open. I never had to search for spiritual things. They’ve always been a part of me. I just can’t seem to make this work. Add to that, I have complete faith. I have seen true miracles. I have no doubts. There is nothing in my apartment to stop this. There is nothing in my heart or soul or soul to stop it. Maybe I just need a little help.

  • I have just started my “creation”, i`ll post here the results ! Fath to everyone <3

  • Thank you for your straight to the point information.
    every ‘I Command…’ I wrote out last night, ALOT small and extreme! have happened instantly, happened today and I can see them and sense them unfolding now! love this! thank you soooo much J!
    Extremely powerful and I am extremely overwhelmed with excitement and loving my knew happy feelings and awesome life!
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    appreciative, thankful and respectful
    god bless you J
    love and light with many blessings.

    • I try it always but it didn’ t work
      so pls help me


  • You say that we cannot use this command where another person is involved… but I wonder if it can be used to reconcile or heal a rift between two people. That’s my present situation and why I am here. I am in a situation where another person, who has genuine feelings for me (and I for her) but a recent incident has driven a wedge between us. Not a betrayal or anything like that, just a bad reaction to an unfortunate event. My command would be for the rift to be healed and for us to start talking again.

    Is that an appropriate use?

  • yes it work for me too

  • Is it possible to use this to become pregnant with my boyfriend?

    • Ya i wud like to know too :). This command has wrked me a couple of times earlier. Keeping my fingures crossed.

    • Just a suggestion –

      ~ Schumann Resonance – Connect To Earth Rhythm ~ 7.83hz Theta Binaural Beats | Healing Nature Music
      Do this affirmations when you are at alpha level. you will achieve what you want.
      Blessings and Namaste

  • The ‘I Command’ has worked for me in relation to things that revolve around me, and not other people. I commanded my dryer to work (to dry through the whole cycle). My dryer would normally stop half way through. I also commanded that “I have a great and fun day at work” – which I did. These are only small things, but starting small is the key to success for much larger things.

  • Been trying this for ten years and nothing. So it is BS. Unless you got anything else to add.

  • Hi. I tried this I command yesterday and wished for a pen would make anything written with it come true. Is this somehow an invalid commands because it didn’t work even though I was very specific. I honestly have tried every website I can find and writing the universe letters, and I really need help. I used to n believe anything could happen (in only eleven) but when I tried a website that didn’t work it might have ruined me. How do I believe? How do I let go. I just can’t figure anything out. If you looked at my life, you would probably think it is perfect, but that couldn’t be farther from truth. Please email me and tell me how to believe, how to trust, how to let go, and whatever else I’m missing. Thank you.
    P.s. I would live to buy your book, but I can’t.

    • The magic words the magic thoughts.U r the thoughts u think.Let go and let god ,An ex.You want a car.First command it.As you let go you will see the magic of the i command come true.Jus like a gardener plants trees.He has done hundreds of times.He knows from experience that once he has done planting quite naturally they grow with minimal care.kApply this same technique. to anything you desire and watch the effects and make miracles happen.



    • i read what you wrote wow wow i have being studying,reading and writing affirmation and reading reading do you get the picture for about 3yr. O.K. i know their is infinite abundant source the universe provide O.K i feel that the infinite intelligence within me guided me to the site……i was talking to myself in medation state very calm and relaxed afterward i got on the computer needed to finish write out more affirmation when the infinite led me to this site i really just need to talk about the abundant source THE INFINTE and you say that is our nature…….Thank you,Thank you,Thank you

  • How do you use it to bring money into your life??? Health or anything else that you want or need??? Thank you!!! (((Hugs)))


  • I always believe but you have thought me something that I’ll never forget ever in my life. I needed someone like you all while and I believe I’ve found it. Prior to that, please all that I want to do in my lifetime is to build a city called JAH PARADISE and to be one of the worlds best famers.
    And to all visitors and YOU JASON, -please advise me how to comand or
    call for physical money for what I’ve
    always been dreaming about.


    I’m Benjamin, the man who leaves with tendering, loving and caring. (T, L,

  • I have tried it for a while and it doesn’t work. Do you have any more tips or anything to help me.

    • You must “BELIEVE” in what you command. That is the KEY.

  • To God:
    Grant us what you command, and command what you wish

  • Can it help me be the girl I always wanted to be?

  • I am expection a stuff xxx from someone and i have tried every thing but don’t work . I even watched secrate movie 7 times but don’t work .hope thish will work sems so simple and effective pls help me

  • Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this blog.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s tough to get that
    “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appearance.

    I must say that you’ve done a amazing job with this.
    Additionally, the blog loads super quick for me on Chrome.
    Excellent Blog!

  • I’m here to see if there is a magical way to turn my imaginary future boyfriend into reality.

    • Of course. Just command it to happen, then keep your eyes open for the opportunity.

  • Strong intention and use of the magic words has the force to get a wish fulfilled . Thanks for sharing the secret with us.

  • I came here because I was looking for a magical way to attack my boss who I felt had humiliated me even though the reason was my mistake. I was filled with anger and hate and yet this website led me to something that has interested me for years and appears to work to a certain extent – the law of attraction and also to websites concerned with forgiveness and love.
    Though I am still quite angry. I realise that the negativity comes from me and my ego and the hate especially seems to have abated.The coincidence regarding the laws of attraction has strengthened my faith in the ‘I command’ words and I shall try it because I am aware of the effects of positive thinking.

  • Thank you so much for these magical words. It sounds so simple yet is so powerful

  • How do I use those words to grant me my wishes!

  • And also what are the two magic words!

    • Gia

      Hi Daniel; the two magic words are ‘I Command’ and there is no maximum amount of time. Everyone is different and has a different experience. :)

  • ples tell me the two words and to use them

  • Why isn’t this working for me?

    • The reason it isn’t working for you, is that you’re putting TOO much effort in it. State what you want and then let it go – consider it done (all in due course).

      Good luck!

  • So can you say it out loud or in your head? I tried it in my head but nothin happened is that why?


  • Spot on with this write-up, I seriously think
    this website needs much more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read more, thanks for the

    • Hi , i tried 2 magic word but nothing worked i don’t know if i am doing wrong or what i need help to under stand how its work i am trying to be think posetive so something i am doing wrong other wise its work for every one but not me , please let me know if i am doing wrong , because i tried every thing this is my last resort to try i really need job and some cash to pay my bills and food also i hope some day it will work for me too, thank you, and God bless you,

  • I used to have a bad habit of saying ‘So Be It’. It was a bad habit because I used it in a non-chalant way. One night, many years ago, I was lazy and didn’t feel like washing my face and brushing my teeth before bed (bad, I know). So I said to my boyfriend “Ah, if I wake up with acne and a broken tooth so be it”. STUPID. The next morning I woke up and saw that my face had broken out and I felt a split in my tooth! This also proves we can break habits immediatly! I never said it again!
    While this isn’t the same wording as “I Command”, I think it works on the same principle. While I have thought of using it in the positve sense, theres that part of me that goes “Hmm, what repurcussions can’t I see from wanting this?”. But yes, I believe it works.

  • Wow that’s amazing! I have probably given up with everything else so I will give this a try! Thanks xx

  • Hi Cyndi, Matthew here. Just like to say that the ” I Command”. has useful for me. If you say have a sore back or a sore part of your body, you can say “I command” for the pain you have in your back for example or shoulders. I wonder if you can you the “I command” to have say millions of dollars in your bank account, something like that?

    “I command” is very useful for everything.

    LIke to hear from you Cyndi

    Matthew Scott

    • Cyndi

      Hi Matthew;

      I expect if you could command for the millions of dollars “cleanly” – that is without your mind chatter/subconscious mind immediately putting up resistance and essentially commanding for lack and limitation/etc – then it would be possible/yes.

      It would also be required that you stay open and act on the opportunities that are presented to you.

      It is my intention to move into the space that will allow for this in my life – and when I do I will let you know how it happened. At the moment my internal programmed expectations are standing in the way

      Still – I am enjoying the experience :-)

  • Thanks you wow.

  • i have just started saying this i hope it works :-)

  • I posted here before, but have been using this word indiscriminately all the time for good things to happen and they do. Recently, I had a trapped nerve in my leg which affected my knee. The trapped never sorted out by the knee hurts all the time. I commanded the knee pain to stop and healing to take place, went to sleep and when I woke up the pain was so low that enabled me to talk properly and by the evening it was gone. I can now walk properly, unaided. I also tried it on my throat as I tend to cough a lot if I talk for more than 30 mins continuously, and commanded by throat to heal and the ability to speak clearly for 2-3 hours a time. It has worked and I am smiling all the time with happiness as the coughing is gone. These two words are amazing and their results are only limited by a person’s understanding or misunderstanding how to use them. Thanks Jason for this and for your wonderful book. It really is an amazing piece of work.

  • Inspiring !!!

  • this is actually spooky……….
    pls trust me on this………..
    this method really works man,it really does……..

    thank you Jason

    • what was it you got

  • Hi Cyndi,
    I have been using the I Command since I first read Jason Mangrum’s article to find a great parking space, for the lights to turn green, and on Friday I used it to get to our Utility Company to pay my gas and electric bills which were due the day before. and they close at 5 pm. It was rush hour and so it would normally take me over 40 mins. to drive there. I left my house at 4:30 pm. When I walked in the door of the Utility company – as I was at the window paying my bill, I looked up at the clock on the wall and to my amazement it was ten to 5!!!!! Thank you so much for printing Jason’s article … also reading everyone’s experience is very helpful!!!!! I was saying the I Command the whole time I was driving there. Now I am using it on my finances and my bills as I was laid off in 2008 and my goal is to manifest my financial freedom. Thanks so much for your excellent website … and the wonderful help and inspiration you and Iain are giving to all of us.


  • Thanks Jason for the great article. Really inspiring.

    • ” I COMMAND” is like having the Genie on your side. i felt a different excitement when i read about this new manifestation technique. can’t help to use it to command what i want to happen.


  • Hi there,

    Are there limits to the things that you can command in your own personal life? I understand that most information I read on LOA usually states that in order to see results manifest in your life you need to ACT on them. Your explanation and rules seem so refreshing and make a lot of sense. I was just wondering what things are not attainable? i.e. If someone commands $1000 for themselves, but have no job, would that work? Or if someone commands that a scar be removed from their own face, or that something physical, like hair grows on their head? are those things you can command, and see results form?

  • Hi there,

    It was really refreshing to read your article. I love information on LOA

  • Contact me jason i would love to chat briefly bless u :)

  • I have learnt alot from this note,I do hope 2 start manifestin the power of I command for the betterment of me and the people around me.Thanks alot for thos knowledge that you have exposed.

  • Thanks Jason, i have learnt something new , after so many trails with different websites for something like this. Thanks again for sharing with us. I command really does work. I could not hear anything that was not immediate to me. I had to repeatedly ask people to constantly repeat themselves so I could hear. But within a month of I command , my ears suddenly opened and now I can hear the most distant sounds…In short I can hear……..

    Thanks again……


    • Way to go Oz. Nothing done by halves. “The magic of thinking big” must be on your bookshelf. But I would watch out for this one…. I COMMAND ACCESS TO ALL SPACE, DIMENSIONS, TIME, AND REALITIES!! That could mean that you become God and therefore nullify your need for an indestructible exo-skeleton. I think all your commands should be in harmony for them to come to fruition. Still, no harm in asking.

  • Do it till the point you are a firm believer it comes true.
    After that let it go in trust. Don’t worry about it.
    Everytime it comes up just give it a positive glimp (expect and believe your command comes true) till the point it manifests.

  • well i just tried it really relly really hope it works i mean what i want i really need most people just want it i need what i just manifested. It’s really cool to be able to do this stuff with your mind i just hope my mine actually manifest it’s self. Oh! i have a question.Can you command it a certain time of so does it acually work?

  • Hi. I need some advice on how to use the “I COMMAND” method to manifest. Eg. Do I just say “I command one hundred dollars” and leave it at that. Please I really need help. I’ve even purchased your book “UBERMAN”. And how often can I use this method in a day.
    Tx. Please reply

  • I already noticed that repeatedly. One evening I was watching an interesting film on TV when thunder and lightning came up. I told them to move to a different place, where they could not do any harm, and it stopped almost immediately. It also works with parking spaces etc. Great – I love it :-)

  • Tonight I commanded love in my house, and what happened:
    Two hedgehogs came and made love and I was able to observe their wedding!
    It works :-)

    • Hi Hildegard, Absolutely loved your successful Command. We all need more love in the world, whatever way it happens. You made me smile!! xx

  • “I command” is one part of a very large puzzle. I began researching things like this 3 years ago and it has lead me to believe that all of the rituals we try, all the meditation techniques, all of the affirmations, all the vision boards and spiritual teachings we adopt are just diffrent versions of the same thing. If we look at the success of placebos and no placebos. Experiments in parapsychology. Super string theroy. Instant healings. Non- locality. It goes on and on and on. We start to see a constant factor reocccuring in every form of successful life transformation. The major key is EXPECTATION! Not what we consiously expect. If that were the case we would all have enough money and love because we all consiously want those things. It’s the expectations of your subconsious mind. Ask yourself a few questions and the answers will surprise you. Have you ever felt guilt for winning something? Do you constantly under sell your services? Do you constantly put yourself last and convince yourself it’s because you’re a good person?
    Most people here will have this in common. Why? Because subconsiously we were taught that we shouldn’t expect too much and good things and lucky breaks are for other people. We don’t have to consiously think these things. We don’t act from our conscious mind we act all day long from our subconsious mind. I believe we truly do create our own reality. The problem for most of us is we say one thing but feel the total opposite. Feeling is the key. Thats why it’s so hard to make change. We think we are reacting to our feeling because of our current situation and envirinment but instead we are creating the circumstances and environments to match how we think we should feel. This information is as old as time and has been recorded in most religious and mystic writings. If we can change how we feel then we change our world.

    • Very wise words, you have researched into the greatness of the human mind and have found the truth of the creative force within every human being.
      It is such a pity that we live under such cruel, egotistical, material, money driven, corrupt evil people who fear losing control of us…
      We need things to change and only through these people changing can we break the cycle of destruction and evil on the planet…

      I say to people to think about the bigger pictures and heal the planet by love and kindness …plant love in the hearts of evil men and make them run or face themselves…the i command and the other manifesting systems are a tool to us expanding our belief and faith in a greater force that resides within each and every one if us, we are after all just pure energy, everything is..
      Bless you :)

  • How do I get done with all my debts by using this command. The more I have been trying to get out f the cycle, the more I am getting into the quicksand.

  • i want power of i can breath underwater,i can put fire,i can fly,i can change in to animal,i will not dead,ican have eletric power

    • I see a lot of people wanting super powers, but being realistic in the dimension that we live in we are human beings and being human is part of a super experience if you make it that way…
      to all who wish super powers… try to learn Astral Projection / Astral Dreaming, it is like the closest thing to having super powers and being able to fly and go and do anything your heart desires…
      or simply use the “i command method to be able to get amazingly astral dreams”..

      Be super to others and you will have the greatest power of all returned…

    • yes, dosetai. Agreed. That’s what like i heard before. A story of 2 Kings, the big King and the little King. The big King lies on the thinking/desire of wanting bcome super, who got it, mostly trapped into the proudness of bcome Mighty God. The little King lies on the feeling of low self/non – existency. Both’re just the traps for our spiritual growth.

  • This is a serious MAGIC.I have been using the I COMMAND stuff to turn Red light to Green-while in traffic lights,and so many miracles.
    Wow,I’m privileged.

    Thanks a million.

  • Guys, it’s the only technique which doesn’t need all sorts of demands, it works. And I was one of those who had used all sorts of techniques. My first and recent success is this one:
    I am on a holiday and was wishing for a longer stay. It appeared in the best possible way, I now have successfully prolonged my vacation with two weeks and will be enjoying the christmas holidays here in this sunny lovely county, to be honest the manifestation was so precise it was like a solution without any faux.
    I am grateful for the two words. “I COMMAND”

  • OMG!

    I have tried so many different things in my life and never really knew what worked and what didn’t. I was struggling to get my main computer hard drive started that has all my latest video projects on it. After restarting it about 10 times and seeing no signs of life, I used “I Command this drive to work normally”. I plugged it in again and it popped to life. Thank you, Jason, this phrase REALLY does work and you’re talking to a complete cynic. Thank you for a clear, easy way to manifest good in my life, you’re amazing.

  • Wow, how easily people misunderstand something amazes me sometimes. “I Command” is based on your faith to believe in yourself and the power of your mind. Unfortunately people want a miracle without conviction and a result without deed and that is not going to happen for anyone. There is always a price to pay for everything and no I am not talking about money. The price is to do all you can to get yourself to that place in your heart/soul that you KNOW this will work and clearly most of you are NOT there (yet). Sorry, just telling it like it is.

    This is about one thing… Getting to that place where doubt is non-existent and faith is an everyday experience. That takes time and when you are ready, the LOA will help bring something your way to grow your faith each step of the way. There is NO miracle, there are NO “two words” that will make that suddenly appear without the power of believe. Keep reading, studying and wanting to know more and you will get there. But please stop fooling yourself into thinking that you can be lazy and stumble into a miracle “key” that makes all this happen “easily”. Never gonna happen!

    The words “I Command” used properly will only come about after much time and effort to BELIEVE in yourself, the power of you and your mind, the truth of the universe and your ability to erase limiting thoughts that block your desires. Paradigms can be deadly and certainly destructive to your dreams. If we could only just simply “ERASE” our pre-conceived thoughts and open up to the possibilities… well that’s when knowledge starts to make sense and things begin to happen that will help you to understand this concept… and THEN those 2 simple words “I COMMAND” will really work for you.

    I totally disagree with this line “Your disbelief in this might actually aid in its power. ” that Jason used here. Disbelief in anything will block it from ever happening and I have way too many years experience at that to discount it. Making a “Command” and then letting it go because you “BELIEVE” will happen makes total sense… just remember to be open to the possibilities because the universe does not always work like you think it might… your answers could be staring at you right now and you just don’t see them, let your mind be open to every possibility except failure.

    • VERY TRUE…





    • I think what Jason really meant was that the command be stated and then forgotten. There is an unwritten law in Occult that once you put a spell/thought out into the Universe, that it be considered ‘DONE’ and then forgotten. Any intense feeling of ‘want’ will block it. So LET IT GO, and let the Universe or God Consiousness take care of it.

  • Can you use this to manifest something more personal-such as a marriage? & If so, how would you word it?

    • The answer is YES. But the problem is that you cannot impose your will on another person without consequences. REMEMBER, IF YOU TAKE then you must be prepared to GET whatever you put out. So make sure that you NEVER wish harm to anyone. State it in such a way that Justice be done unto you, not the other way round. That will be taken care of, in its own time.

  • I think I understand why this command works for some and not others. Try this. When you command something, wait a moment and see what reaction your body has to that command. I get a chill through my body, just like when God has heard me. If you don’t get that feeling, that
    usually indicates that something is standing in your way..and that is
    YOUR belief system. If you don’t believe what you are saying, your body will not respond, and the energy involved in bringing your command to fruition will not generate. Choose smaller things to start, like “I command the phone to ring with good news from a friend”. If it’s too big for your current belief system (I want to win $600 million dollars by tomorrow), then the energy needed to make this possible will not generate.

    That’s my theory. By the way, this has command has worked for me, more often than not. Also try to leave “NEED” out of your thoughts, it will only bring more “needs” and shortages to your life.

  • Do I have to say the words ‘I command” verbally out loud or mentally??

  • I first read this article in December 2010. Now it’s August 2011.

    Yesterday I was sorting through some old papers and found a little note I had written myself that said “I command that I will get pregnant in March 2011 and will have one or more healthy babies born before Christmas 2011.” I had forgotten all about the note until yesterday.

    I am currently 6 months pregnant. I fell pregnant in March 2010 after 7 unsuccessful IVF attempts. I am carrying a very healthy, active little girl who is due in early December (ie “before Christmas 2011″.)

    The “I command” statement works! Thankyou for sharing this amazing article.


  • There is something really powerful about those two words because even just *saying* them out loud makes me feel better immediately-and somehow more in control and relaxed. It also gives me the feeling that what I want definitely *will* happen. Does anybody else get that feeling? That’s a really great feeling lol. I think I will combine this with creative visualization (something that definitely works well for me and gets results) and see…Regardless, even just saying those words out loud makes me feel good, and that’s a huge plus.

  • I love this article too. And already the comments show how it is being misused. The article clearly states “You cannot command something for or concerning someone else.” Yet here are people asking for others to come back into their lives, or love them, have better relationships with them… Same goes for business. Instead of commanding to get 20 new people for your business, command that revenues increase by x% (in y time frame), or that memberships increase, that a sale or a new project is as successful as your projections. I have used this, and it is hit and miss. The big lotto win may not be there, but other necessities have been met that way. The keys are focus and conviction. Focus means one command for one issue. Another command for another issue, but first things first and one thing a time.

  • how many times can the I COMMAND be used in one day because surely there must be a limit, i cannot for every minute in one day use the I COMMAND, or can i ?

    Peace and light James

    • why not?


  • I command my one true love to come to me (I feel you Dee, as I´m in the same way right now. I wish you to get what you deserve).
    Thank you to who wrote this. I needed to read this. Thanks. I´ll keep practicing it.

  • It is sad that people want to use these beautiful techniques to always attract money. Get a mansion, a sportscar, million dollars etc using the Law of Attraction and manifestation….geez!

    • I totally agree. I have been using this since I read Uberman and it is important to remember the thing about not asking for others, but yourself only. This has worked for me time and time again, and I am absolutely flabbergasted. If we ask for our immediate needs to be met and consider it a blessing that our lives are easier, surely we do not need thousands of wins on the lottery etc. Besides, most of us would not know how to deal with such a surge of incoming money, if we had it, and would squander it on the most stupid things. It is better to ask for harmony and good luck or blessings in your life than a large chunk of money, as it may pay your bills but you will still be miserable as it truly cannot buy you happiness, as the kind of happiness that comes from deep inside a person is something else.

    • I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting lots of money ^=^ It’s a vehicle to facilitate freedom ^=^ Certainly, you can have zillions of dollars and still be unhappy, but having the money doesn’t hurt at all, heee ^=^ It’s ALWAYS good to know you’re entirely secure and free financially. Of course, it’s never quite as satisfying to have lots of money as it is to have wonderful family and true love, good health, etc, but it feels FANTASTIC! ^=^ There is only EVERYTHING GOOD about having lots of money, it’s fun! :D

  • Maureen…My thoughts are with you sweetheart. I hope you got what you deserved.
    I need £10k I command it and want it by midnight tomorrow. It`s mine`s and I need to pay those bills. I`m tired now of being without my soul-mate. I command the Universe to bring him to me. I command calm in my life…

  • Hi Jason,

    I need a miracle like yesterday.
    I am using the law of attraction ask,visualise, belive.
    Every morning and evenning i meditate for 30minutes or so ask my guardian angel to manifest my abundance.
    Does I COMMAND apply to money Like I command to win the lotto or I command such and such account to be paid or I command miracle of paying such and such account.
    Personal respond will be appreciated I have been asking for a miracle from september please help.I KNOW THE UNIVERS HAS HEARD MY REQUEST AND IS WORKING ON IT IS JUST THAT i have few days left.
    MAUREENthe manifest

  • I command to win 330 million in the January 4, 2011 megamillion jackpot. I am a powerful being and a cocreator of my life. I have the ability to bring my dreams into fruition. There is an all and powerful being that reside in me and we are one(GOD). I know that it already exists in the realm of posibilities, I need to bring it from the 5 dimension into the 3 dimension. SO IT IS!!!!!! Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change. Knowing and understanding are two entirely differnt things. Understanding is conscience but to know is subconscience. I know!!!! Nameste

    • whoaaa that’s big money, what’s that for?

  • I Command the Universe to give me the house I saw for sale today. It is already mine. Once I move in I will come back here and let people know that it worked!

  • I have started implementing after finishing reading. Will write if work or not. Thanks Jason.

  • i know that is from a great book “Life’s Recipe for a rich souL”

    “Start with a positive thought, mix with a positive emotion, add belief and remove all doubt, have confidence and a bit of faith, then mix over time and cook with a burning dizzier”

  • I command my new Zumba classes to have at least 20 or more people in each time and I command new referral clients to contact me

  • We forget that we’re making our reality every second. There is little difference between the dream realm and “this” realm.

  • Believe it or not i tried this on my sales in my company where there never was any walk in sales but suprisingly I got one customer walk in for a fresh purchase.Its a miracle for me.
    Also a person owed me some money one year back.I tried the above I Command on him and he deposited the cash in my account.
    It really works.
    Thanks Jason

  • what if someone said: i command the “i command” thing to not work?

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  • I can echo practically word for word what Sophie said on 10/21 in her post. I agree and want to thank Jason Mangrum for the interesting article and relating his experiences. Whether or not the ‘I COMMAND______ thing actually works a little or a lot is secondary to me. The article was food for thought and didn’t cost anything but a couple minutes to read. I want to manifest success and money currently, not only because I want to drastically raise my standard of living, but because I really want to be in a good position to help others and causes I believe in. There is obviously great need out there today and I’d like to be part of the solution. I can easily see contributing a minimum of 10% of whatever comes my way. I’d think of it as a way of doing the Biblical principle of tithing. It’s always good karma to help others and when doing so in the past on different occasions I was blessed soon after without fail. Yes, the idea of speaking I COMMAND____ seems too simple. But there is the power of the tongue and mind over matter at play here! In my life I have always been amazed at how often solutions to difficult situations were much simpler than I ever thought they would be, at times even ‘stupidly simple’ -as you might say in the current vernacular. If I COMMAND_____doesn’t work instantly, well give it a little time. Have a little faith, and most of all practice, practice, practice! Most good things take a minute or three! Maybe the human mind has some peculiar inborn need to complicate matters. Maybe we just naturally believe solutions to most problems must usually be these big complex, time consuming ordeals, almost like long mathematical equations. We tend to forget what was easy and simple to accomplish but yet seem to retain memories of hard won victories and bad experiences. The challenges left a much greater impact on us. Here in the so-called ‘information age’ some yearn for and harken back to the good old days when life supposedly wasn’t so complicated. Funny thing is all the generations prior to yours did that too! Remember, our various modern labor saving devices, computers, cars, etc, etc were mere science fiction, and the stuff dreams were made of not so many years ago! I personally have little desire to escape to the world of say 75 or 100 years or more ago. No matter where you go you’d be trading your present day crisis for those of another time and place. Although ‘information overload’ can seem daunting and trying to multi-task can be a bit overwhelming, it’s not so bad at all measured against the problems faced by people of earlier eras. It’s up to us to simplify and streamline things as much as we can to keep it practical and lower the stress levels. I do hope I didn’t get too off topic there. Einstein himself said something to the effect of ‘make things as simple possible, but not more’

    • I like the bit about complicating the matter of using the I COMMAND,i often use it and then the thoughts of yeah how is that gonna work or I would love that house but where is the money coming from. I just have to learn to say my command and just let it go.Traffic lights and parking spaces just mean we are in the right place at the right time.

  • I command that my exbf AB will be penitent with deep conviction and will not only want a loving and healthy relationship with me but also and foremost with God.

  • well..no concrete results till now ;O(

  • i command that my commanding have some result already

    • this does not work

  • saw no result…
    same old bullshit
    but hey i command results as i have commanded many times before to finally be as i have commanded them to be already

  • Hi everybody,

    did anyone of you guys “see” any concrete results after tryin the “I command..” way?

    Best regards

    • Hey Bader,

      Yep, I have had results regularly. The trick is not to ask for big things, as the universe will meet your request for help. I have asked for someone not to ever ring me again, even though they used to call me every day and stopped completely. I have asked for a bill to be paid and the Bank gave me an ex-gratia payment for call charges when I had to ring them due to no fault of my own in the sum of £60 which paid my bill straightaway; I have asked for my day to go well and have found everyone I came into contact with was amenable and wanted to help me in every way. I have to remember to keep it about me and it works each time, every day or as necessary. The longest I have had to wait is three days, when I asked for an invoice to be paid post-haste, as the person did not have the money in their account but when they got paid, they paid me immediately, but it worked three days later. I have never had an incident of it not working, but I guess it is because I choose my words carefully. I ask for everyday things, good luck, blessings, my own body to heal a part of me that is hurting, and they all work. When you have such blessings coming in every day, you do not need to have large lottery wins as (i) they will not work and (ii) if they did they would take their sweet time in happening and it still mean that other areas of your life need fixing. Blessings tend to fix most areas of your life and bring harmony, peace, good luck and so on. I find this is the best way for me personally, as I get every single request answered. I hope this helps.

  • I take notice that in the Bible, it states to do such. The more I learn, the more I see how Christ’s teachings are above and beyond what churches teach. I tell my friends, it is so simple…Have Faith as if it is already yours….Command, law of attraction, visualization, manifestation are all given to us as part of our nature. Though, I am not religious, my journey began with study of scripture and each day I am amazed at how much truly coincides in ways that are truly miraculous…just as it should be!

  • Thanks immensely for these words; “I COMMAND”. Its life changing. Now i have it on my wall at home. I read it on impulse. There is this caatching sentence in the letter which is but i paraphrase. “whether you disbelief the 2 words or not it will still work”.
    I think you are right.

    May God bless you for discovering a 2 magic word.

  • It’s amazing that just what I need to see falls right in front of me. I’m going to try this today. I expect some amazing things. Thanks Jason.

  • This is the third time I read the article. I have to refresh my mind when things are not going my way.

  • This is amazing. I just did the first step of commanding. I have a strong believe this will simply work. Thank you Jason for this powerful mantra.

  • This is great info. TY so much. I was on the edge of finding this and it is here exactly when I am ready for it. WOW! It kinda pulls together what Napoleon Hill states in Think & Grow Rich and makes it better understood for me than before. I can not wait to see results this next weekend as a slowly learn to practice on this focus and finally do it now.

  • Gerald, see how quickly this commanding works :). Go to http://www.whyagain.com. Click on the link to watch the video Coin of the Realm. Then download the free book. Then do some of the worksheets. The rest will fall in place automatically.

  • “I Command” a close relationship with my father

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  • Can I command to become invisible?

  • I command that i will bag a high value, high volume , high margin business for a minimum period of five years continuos contract immediately . I got the same–High volume– 25000 per month. High value–Rs 50000 per unit. High margin–Rs 20000 per unit. Contract for a period of five years with immediate effect. I command Chairman to invite me and congratulate me for my out-standing achievement. I commad that I will become No 1 in the organisation immediately.I command that my salary is tribled immediately.

  • Monday April 27, 2009 Furthering my library of Law Of Attraction and
    Manifesting downloads, I was led by Spirit to your website: getpaidby god.com and blow away by the simplicity of the method. Immediately after printing out the Method, I went to: themoneymanifestor.com and printed out the four pages. I’m intellectually curious about LOA, am working on involving emotion in my visualizations, and use dozens of affirmations almost daily. Yet I sense I am fighting subconscious resistance to manifesting my good, and even EFT hasn’t helped. Frankly, I’m stumped. (The concept of focussing on material things rather than huge amounts of money is very helpful, however.) I’ve been
    moving forward with my songwriting, with wonderful “meaningful coincidences”, but as I am temporarily homeless, manifesting my bank account has been a challenge. But I won’t ever give up!! Namaste.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience!! I will apply it today.

  • Can i say “i command to stop the time”

  • Do you have to say it aloud or can you say it mentally ?

    • Hi Lexi;

      Either way can be powerful. It’s fun to say it out loud – but there are certain circumstances where that may not be appropriate. Either way, the intention is key – and have fun with it.

  • It sounds very easy, but I wonder if you say “thank you” afterwards it’s more powerful, isn’t it?
    Thanky you so much for sharing this wonderful technique with us.

  • Ludmila, you just gave yourself a command by saying “I am nervous”.
    It is the same thing as saying “I COMMAND I AM NERVOUS”. Start saying “I AM A GREAT ORATOR”. Then next believe it. If you start wanting to be that orator and focus that you are, then you just convinced yourself by that thought and commanded yourself “TO BE”. Remember people “THE UNIVERSE GIVES YOU WHAT YOU WANT ALL THE TIME EVEN WITH THE I COMMAND.
    And I do mean the I don’t want as well. Because the Universe is a positive place to live and it only knows, YES AND I(THE UNIVERSE) WILL GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT. So if you don’t want your debt you are in, you are actually saying YES, I WANT THE DEBT I AM IN. Remember be careful what you say when you say I DON’T WANT. As a matter of fact get rid of it in your day to day living and FOCUS, FOCUS, FOCUS on what you truly want.

    • I heard that before. Said to be true. It’s a FACT!!

    • please help me out, i dont know how to use the word. Can i say Wow before i say I Command what i want? Please reply me.

  • I was wandering if this command is working to help change ourselves, our feelings, caracter. For example, if I am nervous when talking in front of an audience, the I command could help me? “I command myself to be calm in every situation of my life”
    thank you, great site, great articles

  • Back 2 Iain:
    Ask, Seek and Knock….thanks 4 the instructions and the link.
    Faith in the Natural Laws of the Universe are amazing!
    I will let you know how I get on with my Quest !
    It’s great to experience positive results, and know the negative ones are beneficial too!!!
    Take Care >>> Peace
    p.s. I went to that website (http://www.getpaidbygod.com) earlier in the day, by chance…(Law of attraction) and then read your response.
    What a coincidence! lol

  • @GrandSmithWizard

    Ask and you shall receive! I just posted the link to further instructions for I command – http://www.getpaidbygod.com (this link wasn’t working earlier).

    I’d just like to add to the instructions at the link above -

    …you gotta have faith!

    I’m not talking about religion, but faith in yourself and the power you possess.

    You tend to get what you expect, therefore if you don’t think this will work at a subconscious level, it won’t. You must KNOW it will work…

    …so follow the instructions and start on something small (…not the lottery), and let us know how you get on.



  • Hello to All !
    response for Iain reply: A few people have talked about winning the lottery. The problem is…..
    Yes, we all want to Win or better health, but what I Command is just Ours? Once again, the problems or rules are always interfering and Our I Command doesn’t manifest. It appears that I Command is a roll of the dice or maybe a 50/50 chance. The Win/Win/Win concept is the same thing. We could all benefit if I win the $100 million dollar lottery ! right
    So how can you accomplish anything when nothing seems to work? or you don’t know what the problems / rules are?
    Seems like the wheels are turning but not going anywhere…
    If there are instructions for I Command, what are they? What are the problems / rules to know about? Why are there more questions than answers, instead of more answers / solutions than question.
    This is like having a fish than learning how to fish.
    nothing negative nothing positive, it just is…
    Be still and know, I AM > God

  • i am already using this together with a lot of spirituality and eeriely things are manifesting…negative thoughts are replaced quickly and i remind myself again and again the goal i want to see so i command and i am receiving…it is an excersie that one has to do everyday…its knowing what you want and how much and have the loving and good feeling at heart..being thankful always and reading article like yours to remind you again and again..!!!!

  • hello everone, hey i really would like to know the website you are all talking about. i’m new to this manifestation stuff and could use all the help that i can get!! you can contact me at oneguns@hotmail.com thank you and GOD bless you all sincerely BOB SCHREINER

    • Hi Bob;

      There are many great places to learn the skills necessary for Conscious Manifestation. For the last three months I have been an active participant in the Super Mind Academy and as a result have watched my ability to create joy and prosperity in my life skyrocket. I highly recommend you take a look.

      You can also keep visiting the site. We will be continuously offering articles and trainings from many different people – all with the common goal to improve our ability to live our “Best Life”.

      Keep Smiling, Keep Breathing and Get Ready to be Amazed and Delighted by what you are going to be able to accomplish.

      Life is Good


  • What if we all got together and said ” I command the world return to better financial times ” – wouldn’t that be a wonderful win/win place for us all to be. I am saying it – how about you.

    • Hi Susan;

      I second that…

      I command that my life and the lives of everyone I touch, and everyone I think about, and everyone I read about, is filled with Joy and Prosperity

  • I have been using “I choose” , but didn’t have 24 hour results like you did. Perhaps your mental state was clearer than mine. Anyway, I beleive you have always commanded good, and things that help people. This is to be celebrated and congratulated. You are a wonderful person as well as your intent.

  • This also did ‘click’ with me as I read it, I’ve read things in similar ways but almost none of them were this simple – I love this simple approach and will be trying this out for sure.

    Thank you so much for sharing the story with us the readers.

    …Now I just need to get clear about what it is that I want ;).

    That ‘I command …’ line seems to me to be basically accepting that there is a part of the Universal Creator within us, which means we do have the power of co-creation, this seems a very simple way of taking back our own power, and I loved the part of the story about the train moving out of the way – not giving into fear and focusing on the results that were needed moved things along. Great Stuff!

    Best Regards to all here.
    Susan x

  • I’m excited about using “I command.” I will put it to use immediately and expect positive results. Thanks for the information.

  • I command wealth, happyness and freedom to return to my life


  • Well, thanks for the shortcut (smile).

    I have notice that the time between my questions and requests and the answers have gotten shorter and shorter. Now when I ask a question or request something it actually occurs within 24 – 72 hours. Or it could always be 24 but sometimes I am distracted. Now you have given me the words to make my asks more confident.

    I agree with the your assessment of those who would charge exorbitant sums of money to teach us their ‘secrets’. I spent quite a bit last year on mind entrainment and magical e-books and DVD’s – all told about $400-$500 perhaps. And what did I get? Bubkus! Actually, instead of things working out for me as they had been before – NOTHING I tried worked out! Three business attempts all lost money! That was from January – July. In August I asked and landed the job I wanted. In December I was laid off – thanks! I really didn’t like the job and had started writing a plan to start my own business but didn’t have the time or mental clarity (as the boss was going through whatever he was going through). Within a month I had my first client, who called ME after I thought about him a day or two before.

    My oldest son moved in for a while. Started getting on my nerves. I said aloud that I wanted things back the way they were with just me and my 12 and 14 y/o. Now he only comes and goes. His clothes are still there but he stays elsewhere.

    So I resist ordering all the “stuff” and I went back to my old standby’s of reading relevant material, (nothing overly mystical, mysterious or fantastic)- discerning – and asking the source directly. I had already learned to look for and receive the answers.

    Saturday I asked my guides for their assistance. And today another tool arrived in my e-mail. (or was it last night that I asked …?)Now I can command with confidence.

    Thank you again.

    You are blessed!


    P.S. My webpage is coming soon! http://www.greatestlovellc.com

  • It seems to me, if you run it through the “win win win” criteria, then that’s a good way to bypass your “self-limiting” beliefs. In other words, you are “convincing” yourself that it’s ok to have. Or maybe, I’m the only one who needs such convincing. Great website Thank you!

  • Nope, not this past Saturday but I still command it for Wednesday! Now it’s $78M and not just a piddly $65M.

  • A few people have talked about winning the lottery. The problem you have to remember is that millions of other people are also commanding, visualizing …dreaming of that big win – ie you have lots of competition. And as Cyndi just said, manifestation works best when it is win/win/win for everyone – “the highest good of all”.

    To be honest, playing the lottery can also be very disempowering if you are not careful. People believe their only chance of wealth (or even happiness) is if they win.

    So start to feel like a lottery winner now and good things will start to happen…


  • OMG I just finished reading this and I commanded my business to get busy. I was startled by a knock on the door and in walks a new client wanting Acupuncture. Appointment set!
    I had just gone to the top of the web page when it happened.
    Wow Thanks for the clarity of words “I Command”.

    Leslie Gray
    The Acupuncture Healing Center
    Plymouth, MA

  • I’ve just given my command. I will keep you posted. Plan to use the validation thing to. You guys are fantastic and so is your website!!!!! SMILE!!!!!!!!!

  • This only works for parking spots, because I Command to win the Lottery (winning in the millions) every day, and I haven’t won in over 10 years… :(

    I guess the Law of Attraction has a sense of humor too !

    How do we know how to align our intention(s) with our purpose?

    and you have to play by the Rules…? What’s that all about ?

    Some of the Rules:
    If you are manifesting something that is out of alignment with your destiny…
    If you want something and it doesn’t line up with you purpose…

    Come on, it can’t be that hard. or is it?

    Maybe I’m trying too hard, but it really doesn’t matter, because:
    1. I’m the only one who can really help me;
    2. No one will respond to this Blog that can really make any difference to justify the I Command stuff…

    There’s no positive, no negative, it just is, right?

    remember: Be still and know, I AM >>> God

    • What I have experienced is that when I pass all my intentions through the “win win win” criteria (win for me, win for you, win for the world) I find a much larger percentage of my goals realized in a big way. That, coupled with the realization that it’s not so much the money(I used to dream of winning it big too), but the sense of freedom I thought it could buy, that I really wanted – helped me to understand – on a pretty deep level – that I was already free to feel however I wanted to feel – in any given moment. Once I hit on that realization – well – I decided to start feeling better, now. And, you guessed it, once I started feeling better, better things started coming my way to help me feel even better. It’s a beautiful kind of cycle – and it works for anyone at anytime. You just have to build up a little momentum in the beginning to get those good feelings going.

      Enjoy the Day


    • Has anyone tried using this for selfish needs like money

  • Hi, its a wonderful piece will use the magic words & give a feedback. I have shared them with my friends see how it works…..om shanti….peace to all n its a cool website

  • Have just given my command. Will keep you posted on the outcome.


  • I’ve been doing the carpark thing for a while. It started as a joke but I always get the spot I want.
    I’ll let you know if I get my command.

  • I just want to Thank You for paying it forward.Peace,Love,Blessings to All who read this.1 Love

  • i will use i command and give you my report tomorrow

  • I use similar words with the same results.
    “Great Mother of God, grant me……”
    I’m also concious of remembering to thank this power for all the gifts and blessings I have received.
    “Great Mother of God, Thank You for……”
    I use it every day for safe passage and Godspeed to work, for watching over my children while we are absent from one another, and yes, for parking spots, etc.
    That is my secret, now it’s yours, never use it with ill feelings and always be thankful.

  • Wow! It feels like I wanna go to where the Red Sea is and command it to part! If I do so, I wish it won’t! Just kidding. Thanks for this information, can’t wait to try it.

  • WOW…I just got an email about this website and am truly amazed. I’m going to give the ‘command” a try and will let you know my results.

    • Can you say it in your head? Or must it be aloud?

  • Tonight I command the sixty-five million dollar PowerBall jackpot to come to me. Tonight I command the PowerBall numbers to match either one or the other set of numbers on my ticket.

    By the way, you may not believe me but I started saying I command in some of my visualizations and affirmations a few weeks ago, prior to coming to this letter, but I appreciate the reinforcement of what I had already started using on my own.

    February 7th, 2009

    I will let you know tomorrow if I win :)

  • I am enlightened as i read this article.Its so amazing how people like you can have such a great positive impact in our lives.Thank you very much.

  • Thank you for inspiring newsletter. I shall be using your I command to make improvements in my life. I shall keep you posted. Love Health and Happiness to you. x

  • H, I have tried this out and will give feedback on how things turn out!

    Make the best of it !


  • Hi!
    I remember reading all this stuff some time ago. I was excited, as (almost) everyone is. What can I say, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t… I don’t know!
    Anyway, I still use it sometimes.


  • This really clicked for me and I will definitely try it. Thanks so much for sharing. I love the website and will be meeting a colleague for lunch today and will share the two words and your site with her. Thanks so much. Jan

  • Hi, Cyndi! I know you from the SMA and I think a HUGE congratulations are in order. This is an amazing website, and I love it.

    I will be using this method to smooth out my financial situation in the easiest way possible. I feel a great appreciation for you. I wish much luck and success in this and all your endevours.

    I’ll let you know how it turns out!


    • Hi Dusty;

      I believe I did just recently mention on the SMA Forum a fabulous opportunity I couldn’t resist. To think, only 3 months with the Super Mind Academy and already my goals are being achieved in ways I would never have imagined. Thanks for the congrats – and let me know how you make out with “I command…”.

      Enjoy the Day


  • Thanks Herwig

    We are very interested in learning about your experience with this method. Since reading the article I have begun to “command” and it definitely has brought more smiles to my face.

    Enjoy and keep us updated


    • Does I command work if u say it in your mind

  • I am going to use this method & will give you my feedback.

  • I felt something in my head as I read this. This maybe be what I need to get through to my awaking. Thanks Neil


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